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KOI vs G2 Esports: 2023-03-18 - League of Legends, Regular Season - Regular Season

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LEC Spring 2023 Regular Season

March 18, 2023
9:00 PM
Regular Season - Regular Season
Berlin, Germany
Best of 1

KOI vs G2 Esports LoL match ended 1 - 0 in favour of KOI and was played on Mar 18, 2023 at 9:00 PM. The match was a Best of 1 series and part of the LEC Spring 2023 Regular Season Regular Season - Regular Season.

Breakdown of the match

  • KOI won Game 1 with 17 -  10

Key player statistics

  • Most kills for the match was made by Comp with 7 kills.
  • Top creep scorer for the match was Hans sama with a CS of 296.
  • Top kill participation for the match was made by Mikyx with a KP of 90%.

Head-to-head stats

KOI and G2 Esports had previously played each other 2 times. KOI had won 0 times, G2 Esports had won 2 times and 0 matches were tied.

The prior match between them was played on Feb 20, 2023 at 5:00 PM in LEC Spring 2023 Regular Season where G2 Esports won 3 - 1.

Match prediction

Strafe users had an overwhelming favorite in this match, and predicted G2 Esports to win with 94.4% of the votes in their favor and 5.6% of the votes for KOI.

Where to watch

Watch KOI vs G2 Esports live match on, Twitch and Youtube. To watch more matches like this, visit the LoL match calendar.

Follow the rest of the action from LEC Spring 2023 Regular Season, as well as VODs, highlights and livestreams, all on Strafe.


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