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Vitality eliminate G2 from BLAST Premier Spring Final

Vitality eliminate G2 from BLAST Premier Spring Final

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
14 Jun

Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov's visit to London got cut short, following G2 Esports' exit from the BLAST Premier Spring Final at the hands of Team Vitality.

The Russian star barely had time to settle before the series began, skipping warm-up despite needing it, as his shaky performance on the first map revealed. Despite a slight recovery in later maps, it wasn't enough.

Vitality vs. G2 final score Image source: BLAST

G2 drop their best map

G2, banking on their record on Inferno, were blindsided by Vitality's dominance.

Rasmus "HooXi" Nielsen hit the ground running with a pistol round and a conversion on their T side, before Vitality swept them away with five consecutive rounds.

Since then, it took G2 seven rounds to get back on the scoreboard, ending the half at 8-4. Unfortunately for the Samurais, they struggled to find their footing, managing only four rounds in the first half. Despite a brief resurgence, they couldn't match Vitality's relentless offense.

By the end of it, the yellow flash was at the bottom of the scoreboard with five kills and a mere 37.5 ADR. (Maybe he did need the warm up after all)

Anu Map Who Bis

G2 put Inferno behind their backs, and struck with an iron fist on Anubis, running with a 9-0 lead. At this point, the passive style from Dan "apEX" Madesclaire’s squad was ineffectual. Luckily, they clinched the last three rounds of the half, giving them a ray of hope on T side.

Indeed, after Vitality secured six rounds and closed the gap to only one round difference, it became evident that Anubis favored the terrorists. That was until G2 put a stop to their comeback and finished the map at 13-9.

Mirage, an unexpected decider given G2's usual ban, favored Vitality from the start. Despite G2's efforts to claw back, Vitality maintained control, with Dan "apEX" Madesclaire delivering a standout performance, sealing the series with a dominant 3K hold.

After that, Hooxi’s team crumbled down like a house of cards with a single round on the defense.

Leading by example

To no one’s expectations, “apEX” was one of the standout players in the series with a 90.8 ADR, and 84.2%, a good shake up in performance for the in-game leader.

With their victory, the bees secured a spot in the quarter finals, where they will face off against FaZe Clan on Friday.

Featured Image source: BLAST

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