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[UPDATED] Rainbow Six Siege 2024 Mid-Season Rostermania: Transfer Updates

[UPDATED] Rainbow Six Siege 2024 Mid-Season Rostermania: Transfer Updates

Rainbow Six Siege
21 Jun
Kaustavmani Choudhury

The summer off-season has officially begun following the conclusion of the BLAST R6 Major Manchester and the announcement of Operation New Blood. While the nine top-flight leagues are temporarily on hold, teams will be competing in various off-season regional competitions and striving to qualify for the Esports World Cup.

The end of the first Major of Year 9 also signals the start of the mid-season transfer window, which opened on May 27 and will close on August 21 at 9 AM CET. In this article, we compile all the roster changes in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege esports' top-tier teams.


G2 Esports

  • June 13: G2 Esports parts ways with Jack "Virtue" Grannan. The Australian player leaves the team after more than four years, having joined in March 2019.
  • June 14: G2 Esports releases coach William "Titan" Davie. Titan, who previously coached Team Secret and Gaimin Gladiators, was part of the team that won the Six Invitational 2023.
  • June 15: G2 Esports announces the departure of Benjamin "Benjamaster" Dereli. The Danish player joined in January 2023 and was named MVP of the Six Invitational 2023. He helped G2 qualify for three BLAST R6 Majors and secured a fourth-place finish at the Six Invitational 2024.
  • June 17: Roberto "Loira" Camargo and Alexandre "BlaZ" Thomas are brought in to replace Virtue and Benjamaster.


  • May 30: WYLDE parts ways with Peter "Pacbull" Bull. Pacbull had joined the team in September 2022 but struggled in the first stage of the Europe League 2024, with the team finishing last.
  • June 2: Former Six Invitational winner Juhani "Kantoraketti" Toivonen parts ways with WYLDE.
  • June 18: WYLDE sign new Head Coach Leon "neLo" Pesić. A former player for WYLDE, the Finn has now transitioned to coaching, where his skills and game-sense as a player are bound to help him succeed.


  • May 27: ENCE releases Théo "Frenchy" Leguay and Baptiste "JaKs" Dedienne. Following a seventh-place finish in the Europe League 2024 Stage 1, ENCE decided to make roster changes. JaKs competed in the Last Chance Qualifiers, while Frenchy was benched.
  • June 19: ENCE manage to secure the services of French legend and Major Champion Bryan "Elemzje" Tebessi. He brings with him a treasure trove of experience, and a Championship winning mentality from BDS, which is bound to be useful in any lineup.

Wolves Esports

  • May 28: Wolves Esports allows Bastien "BiBooAF" Dulac to explore other options. BiBooAF, who joined Wolves Esports from Supremacy and Team Vitality, has competed in multiple Six Majors and two Six Invitationals.

Team Secret

  • June 19: Team Secret confirm that they have signed Jack "Virtue" Grannan. After being in G2 for four years, it is time for the Aussie to bring his skills to another team.


E1 Sports

  • May 30: E1 Sports parts ways with coaching staff members Kizi and Lenda. Despite a strong performance in the Brazil League 2024 Stage 1, reaching the grand final, E1 Sports decided to make changes after a Top 16 finish at the BLAST R6 Major Manchester.
  • June 19: E1 Sports get three birds with one stone, as they announce the signings of Vinícius "live" dos Santos and Alison "N1LL" Santos to their starting roster. This is accompanied by Guilherme "Bassetto" Bassetto joining as Head Coach for the team.

Ninjas in Pyjamas

  • May 28: Ninjas in Pyjamas releases Murilo "Muzi" Moscatelli. Muzi, who joined in March 2019, won the Six Invitational 2021 with the team.
  • May 15: Ninjas in Pyjamas parts ways with Gustavo "Wizard" Gomes. Wizard, who joined in June 2022, leaves after an underwhelming first split.
  • June 19: Diogo "Fntzy" Lima and Gabriel "Hatez" Kobuszewski sign for NIP from w7m Academy and Keyd Stars respectively.

Black Dragons

  • June 15: Roberto "Loira" Camargo departs from Black Dragons. The player was sold to another team after being under contract until the end of the season.
  • June 18: Victor "Hornetao" Lopes joins the starting roster from Keyd Stars.

Keyd Stars

  • June 18: Keyd Stars sign Luiz "Miracle" Abrantes and mr6otlaw to replace Hatez  and Hornetao.


  • June 20: Arthur "Ar7hr" Arantes and Gustavo "Wizard" Gomes join from E1 Sports and Ninjas in Pyjamas respectively.

North America

beastcoast (now Cloud9 beastcoast)

  • June 12: The entire beastcoast roster, consisting of dfuzr, Gaveni, Gunnar, Hotancold and SpiriTz has been acquired by Cloud9. They are joined by Head Coach Eric "Fettuccine" Tong.

Oxygen Esports

  • May 30: Oxygen Esports releases Mitch "Dream" Malson. Dream joined in March 2022 and helped the team to a third-place finish at the Six Invitational 2023.
  • June 17: Oxygen Esports signs James "Hat" Hatfield from Luminosity Gaming.
  • June 26: Brazilian coach Luiz "Kizi" Sirico joins the team as Head Coach. He will bring his experience in coaching Brazilian sides like E1 Sports and Furia to the North American stage.

Spacestation Gaming

  • June 15: Spacestation Gaming parts ways with David "iconic" Ifidon. Iconic leaves the team three months after joining.
  • June 18: SSG manage to secure the services of SI MVP Benjamin "Benjamaster" Dereli. The Dane played a vital role in revitalizing G2 and bringing them back to the upper echelons of R6 Esports. And he is expected to do the same at SSG.



  • June 19: Peter "Pacbull" Bull joins as the new In-Game Leader after his brief stint and exit from WYLDE.

Team Cruelty

  • June 20: IGL Oscar "Toski" Sepúlveda leaves the team, as Dante "Dante7" Italiani is brought into the roster.

South Korea


  • June 11: FearX signs Baptiste "JaKs" Dedienne, a former ENCE player. JaKs becomes the first imported player in the South Korea League and joins another foreign player, César "Dark" Adriano.

PSG Talon

  • June 10: PSG Talon adds Yoo "yass" Sang-hoon to the roster, replacing Kim "JLT" Sang-woo. The team, coached by Fabian "Fabian" Hällsten, finished among the top 12 in Manchester.
  • June 18:The team brings in Kim "RuMaTick" Jang-wook from Beyond Stratos Gaming.


  • May 31: DPlus KIA signs Dyjair "Mity" Soares, former Ninjas in Pyjamas coach and Six Invitational 2021 champion. This move follows a trend of other South Korean teams of signing international coaches.
  • June 13: Jang "dmaly" Hyun-jun and Im "saeyeora" Seung-hwan leave the team, as Kim "JLT" Sang-woo is brought in as an entry-fragger from PSG Talon.

Mir Gaming

  • June 18: Mir Gaming sign two Brits Byron "Blurr" Murray and Jake "Sloth" Brown to replace Namgung "Honey" Heon and Lee "LeeDaeMin" Dae-min.

Beyond Stratos Gaming


Crest Gaming LST

  • June 1: Yushi "Vbort" Arai parts ways with the team.


  • June 13: KINOTROPE signs Daigo "liddel" Motoki as a coach from Onyx Ravens.


  • June 24: Ryota "Window" Hirata changes roles from player to Assistant Coach. In his place, the team has brought in Sylvia, a former player for NORTHEPTION.


Bleed Esports

  • June 26: Bleed Esports parts ways with Jay "Asphy" Wan and coach Zhang "BruceZz" Jinghe. In their place, the team has signed Jake "Leadr" Fortunato and Lucas "Lenda" Diniz joining as an analyst.


Team Bliss

  • June 15: William "Titan" Davie is brought up to take the mantle of Head Coach, after spending a year and a half at G2 Esports as an analyst.


  • June 19: Saeved, Coma and BigMiloo, and Pinku join the roster.


Geekay Esports

  • June 17: Alexandre "BlaZ" Thomas has moved to G2 Esports. To fill this gap, Geekay have signed Théo "Frenchy" Leguay, a French player who previously played for ENCE.

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