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LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs: All First Round Draws and Predictions

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs: All First Round Draws and Predictions

League of Legends
11 Jul
Foo Zen-Wen

As per tradition, Strafe Esports has compiled together a list of predictions for the upcoming LEC Summer Split Playoffs. Set to kick off tomorrow (12th of July), the top 8 teams from the LEC Summer regular season will compete in this grand finale to their Summer Split for a chance to earn a guaranteed spot to Worlds, or at the very least - qualify for the Season Finals later this year.

Without further ado, here are the matchups and our predictions.

LEC 2024 Summer Split Playoffs Matchups (And Predictions)

SK Gaming vs Team Heretics

All in all, SK Gaming has shown immense improvement over their Spring Split. In Spring, SK averaged a 40% winrate with a 4-6 win/loss record. This has improved tremendously to an 8-1 record in Summer, averaging an 89% winrate currently.

While across the board the team is playing individually better, the biggest catalyst can be found in the duo lane personnel changes; over the break, SK swapped out Thomas “Exakick” Foucou and Mads “Doss” Schwartz in favor of Cho “Rahel” Min-seong and Lee “Luon” Hyun-ho, turning their bot lane into a Korean lane kingdom.

On the other side, Heretics seems to have regressed even further in Summer than their Spring form. Going from boasting a 66% winrate (6-3 record) to the inverse of 33% does not bode well for their Playoffs chances.

Artur “Zwyroo” Trojan continues to deliver fairly middling performances, but especially falls off against more mechanically inclined and aggressive mid laners. Moreover, Heretics' previous bout against SK did not play out well, with SK coming away with a 25:08 minute victory despite Heretics securing First Kill.

Judging from the state of both teams, it is unlikely Heretics will come away with a win in the 1st round, especially considering SK’s current form. A case could be made for Heretics's form going into this matchup, as they managed to take down Fnatic before the break, but that could be just a pipe dream.

Prediction: SK 2-1 HRT

Team BDS vs MAD Lions KOI

MAD Lions KOI’s knack for delivering unimpressive regular splits comes back once again with their lowest this year of 4-7 in win/loss record. Considering this team was contending with G2 back in the Winter Playoffs, they are now far off their prime form considering the context.

Team BDS strikes once again with an impressive split, reminiscent of their Winter Split run. While that Playoffs run ended in an unfortunate manner, it reminds that BDS has already displayed the resilience, qualifications, and form to challenge for the top of the LEC.

With all that said, this matchup seems fairly cut and dry. BDS’ current form of 8-1 mirrors SK’s and they are swinging with confidence. Their sole loss this split has been to SK. Thus, BDS is extremely favored to advance to Round 2 via the Upper Bracket.

Prediction: BDS 2-0 MAD

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Fnatic vs GIANTX

GIANTX’s performance this Summer Split has been extremely middling. They are not performing necessarily terribly, but neither have they been particularly impressive.

With a 33% winrate currently, they are performing near the bottom of the LEC pile, and yet, they also boast one of the highest average game durations. This means that despite finding themselves in deficits, the team is still capable of holding out longer than most others, which may indicate that the results are not telling the full story.

Bear in mind as well, GIANTX has swapped out two of their longer-standing members in Andrei “Odoamne” Pascu and Lee “Peach” Min-gyu, replacing them with two of their academy members - Antonio “Th3Antonio” Espinosa Bejarano and Lee “Juhan” Ju-han. Meaning that this iteration of GIANTX, has only had the length of the Summer Split together.

Fnatic for their part are doing fairly well. The troubling point for them, however, is that of the 3 losses they endured this split, all 3 have come from the week before, meaning they are entering the Playoffs with the worst momentum possible.

Given the nature of the format, it is extremely likely that Fnatic takes it, off sheer experience if nothing else. However, if there was a team in this current Playoffs lineup that could contest, it might just be GIANTX. Fnatic will need to really convincingly close out their games when they face in Round 1 (last time they faced, the game went to 37 minutes).

Prediction: FNC 2-0 GX

G2 Esports vs Karmine Corp

G2 wins it. In all seriousness, Karmine Corp has shown some improvement this season after swapping out 3 of their members following disastrous Winter and Spring Split runs.

To recap, Lucas “Cabochard” Simon-Meslet, Zhou “Bo” Yang-Bo, and Lucas “SAKEN” Fayard have all been placed on the bench.

In their stead, Korean legendary veteran Kim “Canna” Chang-dong was brought on, alongside former 100 Thieves jungler Can “Closer” Çelik and Mid Laner Vladimiros “Vladi” Kourtidis.

Since then, Karmine has shown some improvements with regards to the individuals, however, looking at their winrate, they have yet to beat any significant roster this split, despite the improved scoreline.

Hence, their facing of G2 this early, does not bode well for the roster. G2 is unequivocally the best roster in Europe. The only Western team thus far this year, to have taken a Bo3 off an Eastern team. Moreover, G2 is also currently a 4-time winner of the LEC title and will most likely be looking to extend their reign over Europe for the foreseeable future.

Prediction: G2 2-0 KC

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Credit: Michal Konkol/Riot Games

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