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Into the Breach completes roster overhaul with BOROS

Into the Breach completes roster overhaul with BOROS

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
10 Jul
Andre Guaraldo

Into the Breach has just completed a total redesign of its Counter-Strike roster. The new lineup, featuring a mix of international talent and experienced players aims to rejuvenate the team's competitive edge. Here’s a detailed look at all the changes and what to expect of this new roster.

Out with the old, in with the new

The restructuring began in early 2024. After a disappointing run at the Copenhagen RMR, where the team failed to make any headway, a series of benchings marked the start of the renovation. On April, Karol "rallen" Rodowicz, Niels "CRUC1AL" Christiansen, and Aurimas "Bymas" Pipiras, as well as coach Gustavo "Juve" Alexandre said goodbye to ITB's starting roster.

By mid May, Kévin "misutaaa" Rabier and Thomas "Thomas" Utting were also let go to finalize the process of clearing spots for a new roster to be assembled.

1. Granting a proficient AWPer - Smooya

The first addition to the new lineup was the signing of Owen "smooya" Butterfield on June 7, 2024. The AWPer previously had a stint with the team in 2022 and his recent performance as a stand-in for FORZE during the ESL Pro League Season 19 showed eveything ITB needed to convince them on the potential impact on the team’s future.

2. Choosing an appropriate IGL - Sinnopsyy

Just two days after smooya's signing, Dionis "sinnopsyy" Budeci joined the team. Sinnopsyy, a Kosovar player, took on the role of in-game leader. His leadership skills were honed through his time with Bad News Eagles and Guild Eagles, where he led his teams to multiple Major qualifications.

3. Improving the team's firepower - Juanflatroo

Flatron "juanflatroo" Halimi was announced as the third signing on June 13, 2024. Juanflatroo reunited with his former teammate Sinnopsyy, bringing consistency and firepower to the roster. The player, known for his strong fragging capabilities, maintained a solid 1.10 average rating across 98 maps in 2024.

4. Finding that versatile player - Keoz

The following day, June 14, 2024, saw the arrival of Nicolas "Keoz" Dgus. After a notable tenure with GamerLegion, which included a remarkable run at the BLAST Paris Major, Keoz's experience and versatility were vital assets for Into the Breach. His addition was particularly significant as it brought a balanced mix of tactical knowledge and adaptability to the team.

5. Bringing the coaching staff back - Juve & kRYSTAL

On June 16, 2024, Into the Breach announced the return of Gustavo "Juve" Alexandre as the head coach. Known for leading the team to the Paris Major, his strategic insights and experience returns to coach the new roster. Alongside Juve, Kevin "kRYSTAL" Amend was signed on as an assistant coach and analyst, further strengthening the coaching staff.

6. The star player every team needs - BOROS

The final piece of the puzzle fell into place on July 9, 2024, with the signing of Mohammad "BOROS" Malhas. The Jordanian player joined from Falcons, bringing with him a reputation for exceptional mechanical skill. Despite not enjoying the best times at Falcons, his previous success with Monte indicated a high potential for his new team. His addition completed the lineup and now Into the Breach has a lot to work before the Counter-Strike season returns from player break.

With this complete roster rebuild, Into the Breach aims to climb the competitive ladder and achieve top-tier status in the scene. The blend of experience, strategy and fresh talent sets the team for an exciting journey ahead.

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Feature image credits: Into The Breach

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