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FURIA Signs Skullz to Bolster CS2 Roster Ahead of Esports World Cup

FURIA Signs Skullz to Bolster CS2 Roster Ahead of Esports World Cup

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
9 Jul
Kaustavmani Choudhury

FURIA has officially confirmed the signing of Felipe "skullz" Medeiros to their CS2 roster. The announcement, made on social media platform X, comes just hours after skullz was registered on the official team for the Esports World Cup.

Felipe "skullz" Medeiros, who previously played for Team Liquid, will be replacing academy stand-in Kayke "kye" Bertolucci. FURIA initially brought in Kye to fill the gap left by Andrei "arT" Piovezan after the latter had moved to Fluxo.

But the team has now opted for a more permanent solution with the addition of skullz. This decision reflects FURIA's intent to strengthen their lineup with experienced players as they prepare for upcoming major competitions.

Skullz’s Journey: From Liquid to FURIA

Skullz’s journey to FURIA follows a challenging seven-month stint with Team Liquid. He joined Liquid from paiN Gaming in December 2023 for a hefty buyout believed to be around $600,000. Despite the high expectations, skullz struggled to make a significant impact.

Liquid’s disappointing season, which saw them miss out on a Major spot and fail to challenge for trophies, led to a major roster overhaul. As part of this rebuild, Liquid also benched in-game leader Casper "cadiaN" Møller and parted ways with head coach Wilton "zews" Prado.

Coaching Changes and Old Faces

Alongside skullz’s arrival, Nicholas "guerri" Nogueira has transitioned to a Head of Esports role within FURIA. This move allows assistant coach Sid "sidde" Macedo to take over as head coach.

To further bolster the team’s strategic capabilities, FURIA has brought on former FaZe analysts Hunter "Lucid" Tucker and Viacheslav "innersh1ne" Britvin. Innersh1ne, who has also coached Aurora and BetBoom, brings a wealth of experience to the team’s coaching staff.

In addition to the changes in the coaching staff, FURIA has secured long-term commitments from key players. Kaike "KSCERATO" Cerato and Yuri "yuurih" Santos have re-signed with the team for three years, ending speculation about potential moves to other organizations upon the expiry of their contracts.

These re-signings ensure that FURIA retains its core talent as they build towards future success.

Preparing for the Esports World Cup

Skullz and an enhanced coaching staff will lead the new-look FURIA as they debut at the upcoming Esports World Cup. Their first match will be a formidable challenge against the defending Major Champions, Natus Vincere. This will be an opportunity for the team to showcase their new strategies and prove the effectiveness of their recent changes.

FURIA founder Jaime Padua expressed his satisfaction with the team’s new direction and the solid foundation being laid for the future.

As FURIA gears up for the Esports World Cup, fans and analysts alike will be watching closely. They are eager to see how these changes translate into performance on the global stage.

For the complete information on the EWC, check out our all-inclusive guide. Stay tuned to Strafe Esports for upcoming information on the upcoming Esports World Cup.

Featured Image Source: FURIA/@FURIA on X

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