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PSG Quest Ends Gorgc's Aspirations for The International 2024

PSG Quest Ends Gorgc's Aspirations for The International 2024

Dota 2
21 Jun
Ahmed Alghanim

The road to The International is filled with intriguing moments and unexpected turns. Today, popular streamer Janne "Gorgc" Stefanovski and his team, Team Bald, faced a 2-0 defeat against PSG.Quest, ending their road to The International 2024.

Team Bald Faces Western Europe Giants

Gorgc wins open qualifiers for The International 2024 Team Bald's Quest Ends Too Soon. (Credit: WESG)

Team Bald entered the open qualifier with confidence, showcasing skill and potential that hinted at a promising run. However, fate had other plans. From the start, their challenge came in the form of PSG.Quest, one of the strongest teams in the MENA region, second only to Team Falcons.

PSG.Quest had previously lost to Entity 2-1 in the upper bracket, which dropped them into the lower bracket to face Team Bald. Despite Team Bald's collective talent, success in professional Dota 2 demands more than individual skill. Factors such as team synergy, mental fortitude, drafting strategy, and matchup preparation play crucial roles, which are less critical in regular pub games.

For Team Bald, time was a significant constraint. Competing in the Western Europe region, which is famous for its highly skilled and experienced teams, added an extra layer of difficulty.

"We Were So Close..." SabeRLight- Reflects on the Journey

SabeRLight leaves Shopify Rebellion Seems Like SabeRLight- Won't Go Bald After All. (Credit: Valve)

Jonáš "SabeRLight-" Volek, a player on Team Bald, has had a challenging year. His time with Shopify Rebellion ended due to escalating issues, leading to a dramatic departure.

Seeking a fresh start, SabeRLight- joined Team Bald and helped them go undefeated in the Western Europe open qualifiers. However, the closed qualifiers proved to be a different beast. To challenge himself further, SabeRLight- tweeted, "People didn’t believe me when I said it on stream, so I'll officially announce it here. I will go BALD if we qualify for TI."

Reflecting on their journey to The International 2024 and their loss to PSG.Quest, Saberlight said, "We were so close... Such is the nature of competing! Next TI for sure!" Despite the setback, Saberlight clarified that his journey is far from over and that he is determined to continue his professional career despite the tough year.

Whether SabeRLight- will remain with Team Bald to develop their synergy further remains uncertain. The team displayed great potential during the qualifiers, yet time was against them. Only time will tell if they decide to continue together or if each will take their own path.

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