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DRX Flashback after 13-0'ing ZETA Division "This is the new DRX"

DRX Flashback after 13-0'ing ZETA Division "This is the new DRX"

17 Jun
Kaustavmani Choudhury

DRX has recently reintroduced Cho "Flashback" Min-hyuk to their roster. This move follows the departure of former in-game leader Kim "stax" Gu-taek to T1, creating a leadership vacuum that has now been filled by Kim "MaKo" Myeong-kwan.

Flashback, who previously played with DRX during the VCT Pacific Kickoff, returns after a period of inactivity, during which he took an indefinite leave for personal reasons.

In this exclusive interview, conducted post-match after DRX's 2-1 victory over ZETA DIVISION, Flashback shares his insights on his return to competitive play and how the team has adapted to the changes brought about by stax's exit and MaKo's new role as IGL.

[Interviewer] It was a great win from you guys. I'd like to know how you feel coming back into the team after a break? You played during the beginning of the season and now you're back in the team. So, how do you feel about that? 

“I'm just happy to be back on the stage with my brothers here at DRX, and I look forward to more big matches in the future.”

New Team Dynamic

With previous IGL Stax moving to T1, DRX has decided to promote Mako to the existing role. As with any team, a change in leadership brings about a change in style. And DRX are no exception.

[Interviewer] Stax is now gone, and Mako has taken up the reins as IGL. So, how do you think his style of leadership differed from when you played with Stax?

“Stax is a little bit more of a textbook player. He’s very on point, very systematic IGL-ing. Whereas, Mako’s a little bit of a free spirit. More freestyle. He lets you have a little more leeway with your own style. So I think that’s the main difference that I could tell."

[Interviewer] Would you say you like this style of play more than when playing with Stax, or is the experience completely different altogether?

“Right now, from my own personal perspective, I definitely like Mako’s style a little bit more as opposed to Stax.”

[Interviewer] Do you think this has any effect on the team philosophy?

“With Stax leaving the team and Mako coming in as the new IGL, I think this is like the new DRX. So it’s very much different for everyone.”

Stage 2

Having won their first match in VCT Pacific Stage 2, DRX have now slowly begun to build their confidence, and their form. With Flashback returning to the stage, he feels very confident to take on a few giants.

[Interviewer] Would you credit this new DRX for your dominant win on Icebox (13-0) and the overall win in the series?

“The new DRX is a bit more aggressive, but it’s also a bit softer than before. We lack a little bit of synergy as compared to the other roster. But that being said, we are much more aggressive, and I think we have much more potential.”

[Interviewer] How is the team's confidence and also the motivation with this new addition coming into Stage 2 and obviously with Champions on the line as well?

“Right now, the entire team is very happy with our first win. Our goal right now is obviously to win Champions, so that’s our ultimate goal. And in terms of me coming back, I’m just very happy to be back on stage. I’m looking forward to more big matches here.”

[Interviewer] Speaking of international tournaments, Gen.G just won Master Shanghai and they became the first team from PAC to do so. Do you have any thoughts or comments on their win, and anything you'd like to add as well?

“Obviously Gen.G is an amazingly talented team. With that being said, I think we can do much better than them in the future.”

[Interviewer] Your next match-up is against PRX, and they've also been a very strong side in this region. Do you have any expectations or plans for that match-up?

“I definitely admit that Paper Rex is a great team. They’re a very talented team. But we’re also trending in the right direction. I don’t think we have to respect them that much. So I’m looking forward to the game.”

Finally, before parting ways, we asked Flashback if he has any expectations from Stage 2, and if he was looking forward to any matchups.

“The team that I want to face the most right now is actually next week against Paper Rex. And overall, I just want to say that playing on stage makes me feel alive. So I’m very happy to be back here.”

[Interviewer] Thank you so much for taking the time to agree to this interview, and all the best for your upcoming match-up.

With flashback oozing confidence, and with the players adapting well to Mako's style of calling, DRX seem like a solid contender in the Pacific region. Although their inability to secure a spot for Masters Shanghai dealt quite a blow, the team is now brimming with confidence to claim a spot for Champions 2024.

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Featured Image Source: VALORANT Pacific/Riot Games

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