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What WORLDS Skins are the T1 Players likely to pick?

What WORLDS Skins are the T1 Players likely to pick?

League of Legends
20 Nov
Foo Zen-Wen

As the excitement from T1’s victory slowly wears down, the biggest pressing question for the vast majority centers around one of the prizes the winners receive. The Worlds skin, custom designed by Riot and the players for the year of their victory.

Typically the skin involves the winning organization’s colors, their logo (usually reflected in the recall or one of the abilities), mementos personal to the individual player, and design inputs from the player as well.

Rules for Worlds Skins

Since 2018, Riot has placed forth the following conditions for player’s eligibility for selecting a Worlds skin:

  1. Have to be a member of the winning team (shocked gasps)
  2. Participated in at least 2 play-in stage games (replaced by Swiss Stage now) that had an impact on the team’s advancement to the Knockout Stage. (i.e. the games had to matter for seeding or advancement.)
  3. Participated in at least 1 Knockout Stage game (Quarters, Semis, or Finals).
  4. Maximum number of World Championship skins is limited to six per year.

Conditions for champion eligibility:

  1. The player must have played at least one game on that champion during Worlds.
  2. If the team already has a skin for that champion from a previous win, Riot may ask the player to pick another champion.
  3. If Riot already has a specific skin in development for a champion, this will be taken into account in determining what a player could choose. (This is likely done to avoid the release of multiple new skins for a single champion close together, driving down skin sales)

Source for conditions laid down by Riot here

What Skins Did T1 Hint that They Would Like?

While this is not concrete, Ashley Kang did interview the players shortly after their victory. In the immediate aftermath, she tweeted what each player desired in their Worlds skin.

  • Zeus - Jayce or Yone.
  • Oner - Probably Lee Sin.
  • Faker - Hasn’t thought about it. Wants to make a skin people would like. Ahri is hinted though, as the likeliest choice (He’s wanted it for years).
  • Keria - Originally, it was Lux or nothing, but he could not pick Lux (Champion Eligibility Rule 1). So, he is deciding between Bard or Renata.

T1’s Worlds skins will likely be released mid of 2024. Because he earned the MVP for his performance in the finals, Zeus will also likely receive the Prestige version as well for his skin. For now, fans eagerly await the end result. The question now is, if you won Worlds tomorrow, which champion skin would you want? Leave a comment below with your choice of pixel.

Credit: League of Legends // Riot Games

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