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PSG Quest Crushes Nigma Galaxy's Hopes for The International

PSG Quest Crushes Nigma Galaxy's Hopes for The International

Dota 2
21 Jun
Ahmed Alghanim

As the Western Europe closed qualifiers near its conclusion, another team’s road to The International 2024 has ended. In a nail-biting series, Nigma Galaxy lost to PSG Quest 2-1.

The team's loss marks the fourth time Nigma has missed out on The International. Their last appearance was at TI9, where the team took second place.

Déjà Vu: PSG Quest Eliminates Nigma Galaxy Once More

Nigma Galaxy at DreamHack Another Heartbreak for Nigma Galaxy (Credit: DreamHack)

Despite their efforts, nothing seems to go as planned for Nigma Galaxy. Constant roster changes have not yielded the desired results. Earlier, they failed to qualify for the Riyadh Masters, losing to PSG Quest in the grand finals 3-1. They've missed out on The International 2024, again falling to PSG Quest in a decisive 2-0 series. These back-to-back defeats in two of the most prestigious Dota 2 events highlight the team's ongoing struggles.

Nigma Galaxy, a team with a storied past in Dota 2, has faced significant challenges in recent years, particularly in their quest to qualify for The International. The last time they successfully made it to TI was in 2019 under the banner of Team Liquid, where they secured a second-place finish. Since then, the road has been rocky.

In 2021, Nigma Galaxy did not qualify for The International 10. Despite a strong effort in the Western Europe qualifiers, they fell short and missed the event. The trend continued into 2022, 2023, and now 2024, where they were eliminated in the WEU qualifiers, failing to secure a spot in the main tournament.

PSG Quest is on a Special Quest

Quest Esports qualifies to TI12 Lower Bracket Dominance Continues (Credit: Valve)

PSG Quest is tearing through the lower bracket and eliminating teams one by one. After knocking out Team Bald, they set their sights on Nigma Galaxy and came out on top. Next up, they face Team Secret, who were sent to the lower bracket by Tundra Esports.

This matchup is particularly exciting, as Team Secret's captain, Clement "Puppey" Ivanov,  missed The International for the first time last year and is now determined to avoid a repeat of that disappointment. PSG Quest has a shot at preventing the Dota 2 veteran from making it to The International 2024, adding more intensity to the clash.

It's worth noting that PSG Quest and Team Secret have a history, having battled in the closed Western Europe qualifiers for The International 2023. In a gripping series, PSG Quest emerged victorious, eliminating Team Secret with a 2-1 win.

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