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China Open Qualifiers: Team Zero Heads to TI 2024

China Open Qualifiers: Team Zero Heads to TI 2024

Dota 2
12 Jun
Ahmed Alghanim

The International 2024 is just around the corner, and the excitement is building as the open qualifiers have wrapped up, setting the stage for the next big challenge. Leading the pack is Team Zero, who clinched their spot in the most prestigious Dota 2 event by defeating Azure Ray in a thrilling 2-1 showdown during the China Open Qualifiers.

This victory not only secures their place but also highlights their potential to be a worthy contender.

Team Zero Secures a Spot in the International 2024

7e, Huya Dota2 Winter Invitational 2020 Team Zero: A Force to Be Reckoned With. (Credit: Huya)

Closed regional qualifiers are a great test of skill and resilience, where there's no room for slip-ups. They push players to their limits and give fans an exciting preview of what to anticipate in the major event.

Relatively new on the scene, Team Zero features a talented roster including Yang "Erika" Shaohan, Huang "7e" Heming, Xiang "Beyond" Zhenghong, Remus "ponlo" Goh, and Zhang "zzq" Ziqiang. Their journey through the closed qualifiers was anything but easy. They faced top contenders like G2 x iG and Azure Ray in the upper bracket. After a hard-fought 2-1 victory over Spiky Gaming, they moved on to defeat G2 x iG with the same scoreline and ultimately triumphed over Azure Ray in the finals.

The second spot for China will be decided in the lower bracket, where Azure Ray awaits the winner of the TEAM TURTLE versus G2 x iG matchup. As the stakes rise, the anticipation for The International 2024 continues to build.

Ponlo: “None of us felt stressed because we had no expectations to win”

Ponlo - Team Zero Ponlo Finally Made it to The International after 14 years.

After 14 years of dedication to Dota 2, Ponlo has finally achieved his dream of making it to The International. In a post-match interview, Ponlo revealed that he didn't initially feel the pressure. However, the reality hit hard after their victory against G2 x iG, knowing they were just one Bo3 away from TI. Reflecting on the moment, Ponlo shared,

“Before winning against G2 x iG, none of us felt stressed because we had no expectations to win. We’ve been training hard and just wanted to play as we practiced. But honestly, after winning G2 x iG yesterday, the stress started to build. I’ve never been this close to TI before, and suddenly I was like, ‘the f*ck.’”

Team Zero has now secured their well-deserved spot and can focus on preparing, studying, and strategizing for the most prestigious tournament in Dota 2, where they will compete against the elite of the elite.

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