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Ceb on Being a Dad: ‘I like that baby more than the others.’

Ceb on Being a Dad: ‘I like that baby more than the others.’

Dota 2
11 Jul

The first day of Riyadh Masters is over and OG Esports took two draws, one of them against favorites Team Spirit.  The opening game was a one-sided affair in favor of Spirit but OG hit hard in game two, ending it in 29 minutes.

After the game ended, Sébastien "Ceb" Debs had a quick interview to discuss the series, the meta between teams, and how it feels to be a dad.

OG took down Team Spirit in less than 30 minutes

OG at ESL One Birmingham OG's lineup for ESL One Birmingham 2024. (Source: ESL One).

Due to how quickly the interview took place after the series, OG's captain wasn't certain why the two games were one-sided for each team. When asked what happened, Ceb shared that for now, they have to check the replays to better understand the series.

"We're not actually sure ourselves, it felt harder to play than usual for us, so I think we have replay analysis to do. I was trying to figure out if players didn't play aggressively enough on the map, cause it felt like there was a lot of pressure on the map more than it should be. I'm actually not sure whether it was misplay or mis-theory."

One thing that OG changed up was how aggressively they played in the second game. With 39 kills in 29 minutes, OG was out for blood.

Ceb explained that they tried to do the same tactic in both games, but somehow it didn't pan out in game one and game two was still difficult despite the kill difference between the two teams.

"I think in game one we had the tools to do the same but for some reason, it didn't come to that point. Honestly, they're a very strong team, they fought back pretty well in game 2, I don't know how it felt watching it but some moments were pretty tense and it could have gone both ways. That game we had enough opening to snowball."

Ceb on his baby: "It's amazing!"

OG Ceb at ESL One Birmingham A last-second invite to Birmingham got OG into Riyadh. (Credit: ESL).

Riyadh Masters features three stages for the tournament. Qualifying teams start at Play-ins, while the invited teams wait for them in the Group Stage. The best 12 teams will advance to duke it out in the playoffs.

When asked if the qualified and invited teams have different approaches to the game, Ceb was implicit that there is a big difference between the two groups.

"I think the teams that came in through this group stage compared to the play-in teams have completely different views on the meta. We were playing scrims against each other and they were playing play-ins at the same time, 100% the meta is quite quite different."

Ceb recently celebrated a major milestone in his personal life, becoming a father. The 32-year-old took some time away from Dota 2 to be there for his family. When probed on the new addition to his life, the new dad hilariously shared that it's a lot easier than raising mid-laners.

"I mean it's amazing, it's a baby that doesn't bother me about runes and last hits and denies. It's the best baby I've had so far. I like that baby more than the others."

OG will continue their journey in Riyadh until the end of the group stage on July 14th. Be sure to catch all the action live on Twitch.

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