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League of Legends Americas Challengers Unveiled

League of Legends Americas Challengers Unveiled

League of Legends
22 Jun
Adham Kharouf

Riot has just unveiled the highly anticipated League of Legends Americas Challengers, a significant and thrilling addition to its roster of tier-two events.

Teams and Schedule

The selection process for the Americas Challengers is not for the faint-hearted. The top two teams from the fiercely competitive NACL Summer Playoffs in North America, the top two teams from the CBLOL Academy Split 2 Playoffs in Brazil, and the top team from both the Latin America Southern Regional League (LRS) and the Latin America Northern Regional League (LRN) in Latin America will battle it out in a week-long tournament.

The competition will be fierce. Groups will kick off on September 14 and wrap up on September 16, followed by intense knockouts on September 18 and 20. The grand finals will take place on September 21.

The Americas Challengers will be decided by the winning teams in several regional playoffs. This is where the best teams from each of the following leagues will face off in their first international match.

  • CBLOL Academy Split 2 Playoffs
  • North American Challengers League Summer Playoffs
  • Latin America Northern Regional League
  • Latin America Southern Regional League

Six teams will make it through—two from each of the NACL and CBLOL Academy divisions and one from each of the LRN and LRS divisions. The Americas Challengers seek to increase the stakes for those elite teams and foster cross-regional Tier 2 rivalry.

Americas Challengers Image Source: Riot Games.

Format and Prize Pool

The Americas Challengers will have a double-elimination playoff structure with a substantial $75,000 prize pool. The prize pool will be distributed among the top-performing teams, with the winners taking home the lion's share. This, along with a round-robin group stage, adds to the excitement and competitiveness of the event.

The Americas Challengers will feature a single round-robin best-of-one group stage, where each team will face off against the others in their group. Subsequently, the top four teams will advance to the finals via a double-elimination Knockout Stage.

This means that a team will have to lose twice to be eliminated, adding a thrilling element of comeback potential. Overall, responses to the format have been overwhelmingly positive. Supporters are also excited about the potential rivalry it could spark among North American teams, notably in Brazil.

Supporters likened the new model to the wildly popular EMEA Masters competition. Riot probably expects the American competition to live up to the hype.

Exciting Prospects for the Americas Region

The Americas Challenger competition stands unique even among the slew of tournaments Riot has announced for 2025. Unlike the recently revealed planned 3rd League of Legends international tournament, the Americas Challengers is solely focused on the Americas and features famous teams from the region.

This regional focus not only seeks to showcase the talent and diversity of the Americas but also to foster a sense of community and shared excitement among the fans.

In conclusion, the League of Legends Americas Challengers is set to elevate the competitiveness and excitement in the Americas region. With its robust selection process, intense competition, and substantial prize pool, this event is poised to showcase the talent and diversity of the Americas while sparking thrilling cross-regional rivalries. Fans and players can look forward to an exhilarating display of skill and teamwork as the top teams compete for victory.

The Broadcast channels, according to Riot, will be as follows:

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