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Gaimin Gladiators are the BetBoom Dacha Champions!!

Gaimin Gladiators are the BetBoom Dacha Champions!!

Dota 2
17 Sep
Ryan Antony Bernard

Gaimin Gladiators won the BetBoom Dacha, making it their sixth Dota2 tournament victory in 2023. There has been little to no difference in their dominating performance, and other teams are still struggling to break them. The only exception was Riyadh Masters, which only made the team hungrier for more. The Gladiators beat TSM in the Grand Finals 3-1 and took $150,000, while TSM took home $62,500. Let's break down the series and see how GG secured their win.

Gaimin Gladiators vs. TSM

Game 1

Gaimin secured their laning stage in Game 1 with a strong draft, which enabled them to get kills early on. TSM could only kill Razor a few times before the laning stage ended. Quinn, on his Pangolier, won his lane and set out to gank TSM. 12 minutes into the game, Dyrachyo had already got a 5-kill streak and went into farm mode while GG kept TSM busy. The Gladiators' advantage showed in their damage output, forcing TSM to call 'gg' 25 minutes in.

Game 2

In Game 2, TSM picked strong laning stage heroes like Death Prophet and Bloodseeker. But TSM decided to farm instead of creating an advantage over GG. This decision favored the Gladiators as they had Lifestealer and Lone Druid. Dyrachyo built a Hand of Midas into Armlet and Radiance, which helped him gain a network advantage. TSM could not stop him from destroying their buildings even though the game was at an equal pace before. The game ended at 41 minutes with 14 kills on Lifestealer.

GG's Achievements

Game 3

Game 3 went the way of TSM, but not without GG putting up a fight. Gaimin Gladiators went for Bristleback on Dyrachyo. Even though BB is an aggressive hero, some forced moves resulted in GG giving up kills. Ace, on the other hand, maintained his net-worth advantage, but that would slowly drop as the game went on. The heavy push from TSM's Lycan and Agility stacks increasing on Slark helped TSM get Mega creeps. TSM closed the game at 51 minutes with an equal score of 43 kills.

Game 4

This was the fastest game in the series. TSM went for the mid and late-game draft, and GG countered it with their classic IO & Leshrac duo. Quinn did not hesitate, destroying TSM's buildings one after the other while his team kept him safe and healthy. The only reply TSM had to this pace was to call 'gg' 24 minutes into the game.

Highlights of BetBoom Dacha

Gaimin Gladiators showcased their undoubtable strength once again. Dyrachyo played Lifestealer twice in the Grand Finals, even though it is an unpopular hero in this patch.

Some other teams to note were TSM and Team Secret. Secret is recovering from a bad year, and BetBoom Dacha was a great way to show that. TSM also performed better than expected, though their coach was absent from the tournament. TSM and Nigma Galaxy were the only teams who stole a game from GG.

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Featured Image: @GaiminGladiator

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