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VALORANT Premier Stage Episode 9 Act 1: All you need to know

VALORANT Premier Stage Episode 9 Act 1: All you need to know

20 Jun
Kaustavmani Choudhury

VALORANT is set to launch Premier Stage Episode 9 Act 1 on June 27th. This season of Premier brings significant changes, including the much-anticipated Invite Division, which marks the pinnacle of in-game competition.

The New ‘Invite Division’

The Invite Division is now the highest level of competition within VALORANT's Premier mode. Teams that emerge victorious in this division have the opportunity to qualify for one of the VCT Challenger Leagues worldwide. This new tier represents the final step in Riot Games' vision for Path to Pro, offering a direct route for upcoming players to enter professional leagues.

With the introduction of the Invite Division, Riot Games completes its long-term vision for Path to Pro. Aspiring players can now form teams, compete in tournaments, and climb the ranks directly through the in-game Premier mode. This streamlined process provides a clear and accessible path for amateur players to advance to the professional level.

Learn more about the new Invite Division HERE.

Roster Restrictions

To ensure competitive integrity, players must be Contender Eligible to join a team in either the Contender Division or the Invite Division. This restriction maintains a high standard of play and ensures that only the best players can compete at the highest levels.

Weekly Matches and Playoffs

Teams will participate in two matches per week. Match queues open 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. If a team cannot find a match, they will be awarded a Bye. Teams that lose will receive zero points.

The top teams in each division will advance to the Playoffs, culminating in a Best-of-3 Finals. This format ensures that the most consistent and skilled teams have a chance to prove themselves in high-stakes matches.

Premier Season Schedule

The new Premier Season kicks off on June 27th. Queue timings will vary by region, with detailed information available in-game. Below is the weekly map pool for the season:

  • June 27 to June 30: Lotus
  • July 3 to July 7: Bind
  • July 10 to July 14: Haven
  • July 17 to July 21: Icebox
  • July 24 to July 28: Sunset
  • July 31 to August 4: Abyss
  • August 7 to August 10: Ascent
  • August 11: Playoffs

Premier Stage Episode 9 Act 1 is set to elevate VALORANT’s competitive scene, offering players a clear path to professional play through the new Invite Division. The upcoming season promises to be an exciting chapter in the world of competitive VALORANT.

Featured Image Source: Riot Games

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