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The Rise of Universal Heroes ft. Doom

The Rise of Universal Heroes ft. Doom

Dota 2
25 May
Harrison Htet

Valve made Medusa the most hated hero in Dota 2,  and as Medusa took the limelight, certain heroes came out of hiding. It is Valve’s tradition to feature some overpowered heroes in every patch. However, oddly enough, most of those heroes coming out of hiding are from the newly attributed group, the Universal Heroes group, exception for some. Although the emerging heroes have a low win rate compared to Medusa, they might be able to dethrone the snake lady. These heroes have lately been shaping up the pro scene and pro-level pubs.


Techies received some rework to his third ability and have been moved to the new group, the Universal Heroes group. Due to this change, Techies have more physical damage as the game progress. The hero is now also a viable option as a physical damage dealer. With his spells offering stuns, disarms and aoe damage, players are starting to explore Techies’s potential in-game. Teams are also starting to pick the hero in official matches. The hero currently has a 22.87% pick rate with a 51.85 % win rate in pro-level pubs.


Windranger is on its way to making a comeback into the meta, as it was moved to the Universal Heroes group in the patch update. As per Universal Heroes stats, the hero gains more damage as the hero level up, making the hero’s ultimate stronger. Windranger has once made a comeback but as a support, not a core hero. On top of being a nuisance for players to deal with, Windranger Aghanims offers the hero invisibility while using its third ability, creating more problems.  The hero is now picked more as a safelane hard carry than a midlane core. Windranger currently has a 31.64% pick rate with a 57.20% win rate in pro-level pubs.


The patch update had not been kind to Doom. The hero had received multiple nerfs to its abilities. However, despite the nerfs it received, players figured out a way to make Doom a viable hero. The hero’s abilities allowed Doom to farm faster than most offlane heroes. Since patch 7.33c is a patch that relies heavily on auras for team fights, Doom is the perfect candidate to build items like Crimson Guard, Guardian Greaves and Pipe Of Insight. By going that item build route, the armour issues Doom faces become negligible. The hero is also a natural Aghanim Scepter buyer, which is perfect for aoe crowd control during team fights. Even though the hero is not contested in pubs, it is one of the most contested heroes in pro-matches. The hero has a win rate of 45.42% in pro-level pubs.

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