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Dota 2 Sleet Fighter is here! Ready for a barroom brawl?

Dota 2 Sleet Fighter is here! Ready for a barroom brawl?

Dota 2
10 Jul
Ryan Antony Bernard

The 11th anniversary of Dota 2 brings along the Crownfall Act III update. We know what Act III is about, or at least we got the general idea from previous iterations - an overworld map of achievements to fulfill Vengeful Spirit's revenge arc. But the fun part was the mini-games that came along with it. Act I was fishing, Act II was sand fishing for the elite, and Act III? SLEET FIGHTER!! Valve's mini version of Street Fighter inside Dota 2.

Sleet Fighter II: Immortal Combat

Dota 2 Sleet Fighter Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat? No, Sleet Fighter II: Immortal Combat (Source: Valve)

Shendelzare (Vengeful Spirit) enters Icewrack, which brings her to the Severed Head tavern. A short surprise awaits you there, but that is for you to explore. This leads to the Sleet Fighter mini-game getting unlocked.

Story Mode

Sleet Fighter - Hero Selection Screen Conquer the Severed Head Tavern! (Source: Valve)

You choose between Tusk, Bristleback, Marci, Dawnbreaker, and Vengeful Spirit to play in a 2D fighting game. You go around the Tavern fighting five AI opponents, with the last one being the hero you chose.

You need to beat an opponent twice to move to the next one. You earn points each round you win, which get carried over to the next opponent. Points are distributed based on:

  • How fast you beat an opponent within a minute
  • Health you have left when the round is over
  • A stylish finish

Sleet Fighter Reward Points Beat all 5 opponents and reap the rewards. (Source: Valve)

Your total points after defeating all five opponents determine your reward. Your rewards are split into three levels:

  • Lvl 1 - 7,000 points - 1 Token
  • Lvl 2 - 21,000 points - 1 Token and a Tusk Decoration
  • Lvl 3 - 35,000 points - 3 Tokens

The reward tokens are different for each player and are a one-time achievement for each level you cross. But don't worry, the game is easy if you spend a few minutes with it.


Have a dispute with your friends? Settle it in Sleet Fighter with the Multiplayer mode. Humiliate them and reign supreme.

Sleet Fighter: Hero Controls

Sleet Fighter Hotkeys Don't button mash! Learn the controls, it only takes a minute. (Source: Valve)

The controls for all the fighters are the same. The basic ones are:

  • W A S D for movement
  • Space to attack
  • ALT uses a unique hero ability.

Here is the fun part: there are simple key combos to use special abilities well.

Explore this fun mini-game with your friends and blow off some steam when you have a bad game of Dota 2.

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Featured Image: Valve

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