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Ahri ban rate soars after players protest Hall of Legends skin

Ahri ban rate soars after players protest Hall of Legends skin

League of Legends
14 Jun
Andre Guaraldo

The League of Legends community is heavily protesting following the release of a new skin for the champion Ahri, leading to a significant increase in her ban rate across ranked games. The "Immortalized Legend Ahri" skin, created to commemorate legendary esports player Faker’s induction into Riot Games' Hall of Legends, comes with an exorbitant price tag of up to $500, sparking widespread backlash and a unique form of in-game protest.

The controversy

The outrage began as soon as the skin was announced, primarily due to its high cost. This commemorative skin is part of a special event to honor Faker, widely regarded as one of the greatest League of Legends players of all time. However, the steep price of the skin bundle has left many players feeling alienated and frustrated, perceiving it as a blatant cash grab by Riot Games.

Player response

In response to the skin's release, League of Legends players have initiated a boycott by banning Ahri in their matches. This form of protest aims to prevent players who purchased the expensive skin from using it, effectively rendering their purchase useless. According to statistics from Lolalytics and OP.GG, Ahri's ban rate has surged dramatically. Before the skin's release, her ban rate hovered around 8-10%, but it has now spiked to between 15% and 23% in various regions, with North America showing the most significant increase.

Impact and developer response

Riot Games has acknowledged the backlash but has shown no intention of reducing the skin's price. Developers defended the pricing strategy, stating that such high-cost items are for a niche market segment willing to pay for exclusive content. Game director Pu ‘PuPuLasers’ Liu remarked that the protest is "kind of justified," but reiterated that these premium products are meant for a small percentage of the player base.

Community reaction

The community's reaction has been swift and vocal, with social media flooded with discussions and criticisms of Riot's pricing strategy. Many players feel that this move by Riot Games prioritizes profit over player satisfaction and accessibility. Additionally, the irony of releasing such an expensive skin in honor of Faker, a player who rarely uses skins, also raised some eyebrows in the community.

Future Implications

While the current spike in Ahri's ban rate is unlikely to last indefinitely, it sends a strong message to Riot Games about the League of Legends community's dissatisfaction with exorbitant pricing. The outcome of this boycott could influence future decisions by game developers regarding pricing and player engagement strategies. It remains to be seen whether this protest will impact the sales of the Immortalized Legend Ahri skin or if Riot will adjust their approach in response to the backlash.

In the meantime, Ahri's current ban rate continues to climb, reflecting a unified stance from players against what they see as an unfair practice. This incident highlights the power of the player community to mobilize and push back against decisions they find detrimental to their gaming experience.

Feature image credits: Riot Games

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