APAC North - Season 1 Stage #1

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APAC North - Season 1 Stage #1

The Asia-Pacific League is the is the highest level of competitive Rainbow Six Siege in the Asian Pacific. The league will run in parallel with NA, LATAM, and EU. The season is broken down into 3 round-robin stages, but due to the format change happening in the middle of the year, stage 3 won't be played this season. Once stage #1 finishes, the top six teams will qualify for the Six Major, where they will face top teams from the other regions. After each stage, the league points are reset. At the end of the 2 stages, these points are combined to form the final rankings of the whole season. The top six teams from the region will then compete in the APAC League finals to determine the regional champion.
23 Jun – 23 Jul 2020
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