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Best Gaming PC on a Budget 2024

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Last Updated on 20/05/2024

It may seem shocking to some gamers that a quality gaming PC can still be found at a reasonable price. It’s no wonder that the prices went so high after so many PCs were published by famous companies.

However, it’s much easier to find a good gaming PC at high costs than looking for the best gaming PC on a budget. If you are lucky enough, you can  find the best gaming PCs under $1000 and save a lot on other  components. Don't worry, and let us guide you to finding the best gaming PC on a budget!

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ABS Master Gaming PC
ABS Master Gaming PC Highlights
  • Runs every AAA game
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060
  • 16GB RAM
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IBUYPOWER Slate 5MR Highlights
  • ‎241i Intel Core i5 11th Gen 11400F (2.60GHz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4 GB
  • 1 TB HDD & 480 GB SSD
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MSI Codex ZS
MSI Codex ZS Highlights
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
  • MSI’s LED Button
  • AMD Ryzen™ 5 3600 processor
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ABS Gladiator Gaming PC
ABS Gladiator Gaming PC Highlights
  • Ryzen 7 5000 Series 5800X (3.80 GHz)
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • 1 TB PCIe SSD
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What Makes Quality Gaming PCs on a Budget in 2021?

In 2021, the prices for PCs that were once considered great gaming assets have significantly dropped. Of course, this goes in a package with the modern new games that are more demanding than ever. So, in 2021 you will need a powerful machine to play some of the best games.

Overall, the best PC for gamers in 2021 consists of a quality GPU, at least an i5 CPU, and a powerful operative memory. While some solutions even include the best budget gaming PC prebuilt, it is safe to say that this is better than assembling the PC yourself.

Individual gaming-performance components for your PC may come at much higher costs than prebuilt versions. With this and the other key features of great gaming PCs in 2021, we have mentioned, it's time to take a look into some of the best solutions!

Affordable Gaming Solution – HP Pavilion Gaming Desk

One surprisingly good option for the best gaming PC on a budget is HP Pavilion Gaming Desk. This PC comes prebuilt with all the gaming factors you need in a device. The name of the series includes several prebuilt PC options that all come with affordable price ranges.

Although it is one of the best cheap gaming PCs, it comes with a splendid and high-quality CPU. The AMD Ryzen 5 Series truly gives you a lot of processing power on the budget. This CPU even beats some of the direct rivals from the Intel lineup.

The GPU works incredibly in combination with another AMD product – the AMD RX 580. It doesn’t come with pre-integrated expandable storage which can be considered a fault. However, with the affordable prices and great range of available SSDs these days, you will have no difficulty finding the one for this PC.

Among the additional gaming accessories, the HP Pavilion Gaming Desk comes with integrated USB ports. Versatile options include the USB 3.1 Type-C and plenty of other port variations for all the gaming attachments. It has 8 GB of RAM and a DDR4 configuration combined with 1TB of storage.

To sum it all up, this PC is perhaps the best gaming PC under $800 considering its CPU and GPU as well as the upgrade potential.

Great Power in a Small Package – the Intel Ghost Canyon NUC

Here we have a perfect instance of the on-budget PC that still has the power to process the diversity of latest and modern games. In a nutshell, the Ghost Canyon is a regular PC with the core power to support various games.

Of course, the CPU is designed in-house and Intel did a great job here with the top-notch i5 and i7 processors on offer. The Ghost Canyon NUC processors can even range up to i9 at higher prices. One noticeable thing about this PC is that it comes with a pre-integrated SSD.

The storage is significantly improved with 128 GB of memory, while it can be prolonged to up to 2TB! The best thing about this PC is its easily upgradable system that could support even the highest quality of games.

When it comes to the graphics, Intel also included its GPU – the UHD Graphics 630. It also has a miniature form factor which adds up to customization and upgradability of the PC. It is fairly smaller than even some gaming consoles, which truly gives out the best gaming impression.

Only the specific parts can be upgraded on this PC because of the form factor and the top level of its performance is splendid.

When compared to the previously designed Hades Canyon, this PC offers a much better gaming solution. It now comes with 8GB RAM and storage that can be further improved.

Compelling AMD Performance in a Budget PC – SkyTech Archangel

If you are on the lookout for the best gaming PC under $1500, SkyTech Archangel is a great solution. It's perhaps the best cheap gaming computer, thanks to its moderate price and high-performance ratio.

SkyTech never disappoints in delivering the premium gaming aspects in their gaming PCs. Although there are far more renowned names in the field, this company will please you with the final result. Considering the value for your money on today’s market, the Archangel provides a pleasant gaming experience.

One of the highlights of this PC is that it comes with an integrated AMD Ryzen Series 3 CPU. Also, when it comes to performance, it is important to mention the Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4GB capacity. The PC comes with integrated storage of 1TB and can easily fit many of the best modern games!

You can also easily upgrade the processing power on this PC, making it one of the best budget gaming PC prebuilt options. With a CPU upgrade and other aftermarket performance options, SkyTech Archangel could be the best PC to build for gaming in 2021.

Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme as an Exclusive Option

If you are looking for the best gaming PC on a budget, the Cyberpower Gamer Xtreme can be a pricey, yet available option. It fits in the group of best gaming PCs under $1500 and features some eye-catching gaming details.

Captivating glass design also makes the PC very attractive for gamers that wish to get something more out of everyday play. It is a great choice if you want to get the best deal on a gaming computer in 2021, thanks to the Intel Core i5 8400.

Complete LED lighting makes the PC look stunning while the remaining gaming aspects don't fall behind. Nvidia GTX 1060 3GB makes the graphics compelling even on higher resolutions. In regards to the RAM, this PC has an integrated 8GB DDR4 which helps smooth game running.

Storage is also one of the most convenient aspects of this PC for gaming solution with an SSD of 120GB and 1TB of expandable storage. The PC also comes with an exceptional cooler and you overall get great value for your money.

Of course, after-market parts can be added after the assembly to further boost the gaming sensation, but with this PC it is not a top priority.

Acer Aspire Series Gaming Desktop

It wouldn't be right to leave the Acer Aspire Gaming Desk out of this list. Especially for those looking for the best cheap gaming PCs, this option is the one to certainly check out. One thing that all the gamers will be pleased with on this PC is the AMD Ryzen Series 5 processor.

When it comes to graphics, Nvidia Geforce 1050 with 2GB and 8GB of RAM will make the visuals smooth. Internal memory is perfectly optimized for having at least a couple of premium games in 2021 on this desktop.

Up to 1TB of storage will allow the installation of various games, while the versatile USB ports make a real difference. You will be able to customize the PC as you please, making it one of the best gaming PCs under $1000.

The PC also looks stunning thanks to the armored shape design and simple, yet appealing LED lines. It is possibly one of the best cheap gaming computer solutions to go for in 2021 and the specs confirm it. It is also a good beginner gaming PC, considering the total price and what novice players get for it.

How do We evaluate the Best Gaming PC on Budget Options?

You may initially think that finding the best gaming PC on a budget is easy, but let our experts prove this theory wrong. In reality, it can be extremely difficult to find a good gaming solution for the best gaming PC under $800.

That's why we have reviewed all the affordable options with a price range up to $1500. Sometimes, the key factors that will affect the durability and usability of your device fit in this price gap. So, paying a few more bucks right at the start can save you from having to invest in the PC afterward.

Besides the price tag, there are many more important evaluation points that we use. For instance, one of such factors is PC upgradability. Although we always strive to recommend the PC solutions for gaming that are among the best budget gaming PC prebuilt ones, some upgrades are required.

With PCs that offer a complete package, yet lack one of the important gaming components, upgrades can save the day. Another factor is having enough data to make the final judgment. So, stick with our reviews, but also pay attention to the best gaming PC on Amazon ratings.

This way, you will be able to find the best gaming PC on a budget without having to be a real expert. Of course, it is important not to make the wrong choice with such a PC as some options lack a lot of gaming features.

We also consider the versatility of the PC in terms of ports and possible adjustments. Even if the prime goal is to use the PC for gaming alone, you still need to attach all of your gaming components. Finally, we review the overall performance and storage of the prebuilt PCs that should at least be sufficient for a few games.

Main Aspects of the Budget PCs for Gaming

Besides the things we review in our selection of the best budget PC options, there are general aspects that you should consider. So, here are the main aspects of the best cheap gaming computer options available in 2021:

  • CPU of at least Intel i5 series or AMD Ryzen series 5.
  • Graphic properties in line with at least Nvidia GTX 1070.
  • Integrated SSD.
  • Internal storage up to 1TB.
  • Random-access memory of at least 8GB.

Having in mind all of these factors in budget PCs, players can’t help but wonder, are best buy gaming PCs good? Well, we can help you with the answer if you take a few seconds to review all the main aspects of our best budget PCs.

You will easily see that the differences between budget PCs and best-buy solutions don’t necessarily have to be obvious. Some budget PCs even include a matching performance to the more expensive solutions.

It is, therefore, best to find the best budget gaming PCs pre-built and think about upgrading afterward. If you take into consideration our list of recommended budget PCs, you will surely find the best cheap gaming computer!

Why stick with the best Budget PCs reviews?

Going with one of the recommended options found in quality reviews like this one can save you both time and money. An expert opinion is required when thinking of buying the best cheap gaming PCs. So, you need to find the aspects suited for your type of gaming and see what makes such a PC.

Great budget PC options can support your gaming for years to come and you might not even have to go for best-buy options. Listening to our advice can help you find the best budget gaming PC prebuilt, so you don’t have to bother with additions.

Either way, it is a good idea to go through several reviews to find out what makes your preferred budget gaming PC. That being said, hopefully, this review can help you find the best cheap gaming PCs without having to waste any more time!

Final Thoughts

Don’t let yourself be misguided by the complexity of the gaming PCs at first. There are very specific factors that limit the gaming power of each PC available in 2021 for a budget solution. So, you can rest assured with our help in pursuit of the best gaming PC on a budget!

We sure hope to have helped at least a tiny bit with the selection and going for one of our recommendations won’t disappoint you. Expert pieces of advice in this guide will lead the way as you look for your perfect gaming PC.


What is the best way to choose a Budget Gaming PC in 2021?

This year, the budget PC for gaming solutions is various and the choice of available PCs is splendid. There is something for every player in the current offering and the best way to make the ultimate decision is to stick with our complete guide.

What are the key features of quality on Budget Gaming PCs?

If you wish to get the most out of the Budget Gaming PC experience, there are several key factors to observe. PC upgradability, processing power, and visual properties are mostly the ones to focus on in 2021.

Which Brands offer the Top Quality Budget PCs for Gaming in 2021?

In our ultimate decision, we take several famous brands into consideration of the best budget PC options. Some of the most renowned brands to go with in 2021 are Acer, Intel, HP, and SkyTech.



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