/ Best Mouse for Gamers 2024

Best Mouse for Gamers 2024

Last Updated on 19/05/2024

There's a gaming mouse for every occasion. Just like a well-stocked walk-in closet, we sifted through them all to find the ideal match for you in any gaming setting you might encounter while getting started with your much-awaited gameplay.

An ideal gaming mouse gulps frenetic movements with precise in-game motion. It's one of the important ways to interact with your games, and an absolutely good mouse for gaming is a must-have for maximizing your in-game performance as much as it suits your preferences. As a result, we bring to you the best mouse for gamers available in the market.

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Top Mouse for Gaming:
razer-mamba-chroma-tournament-edition-banner More Info
Logitech Pro 910-005940
Logitech Pro 910-005940 Highlights
  • 5 Buttons 1 x Wheel
  • RF Lightspeed Wireless
  • Optical
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Logitech G305
Logitech G305 Highlights
  • 6 Buttons 1 x Wheel
  • Lightspeed Wireless
  • Gaming Mouse
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Corsair Sabre RGB
Corsair Sabre RGB Highlights
  • 26,000 DPI Optical Sensor
  • Two Ways to Connect
  • Built for Champions
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SteelSeries Rival 650
SteelSeries Rival 650 Highlights
  • 7 Buttons 1 x Wheel
  • USB & Bluetooth RF Wireless
  • Optical
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1STPLAYER Highlights
  • 65g Lightweight Gaming Mouse
  • Ultralight Weave Cable
  • Pixart PMW3325 optical
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Top Mice for Gaming Reviewed

We know that you have some questions in your thoughts like “what is the best mouse for gaming” or “what is the best mouse for gamers” when you first glance at this page.

We would answer those questions in an explanatory manner through each mouse review, and you have the freedom to choose from our list.

The following mice are mostly wireless mice for gaming. We believe wireless mice are more convenient for gamers nowadays as compared to non-wireless ones.

Razer Naga Pro

Many refer to this mouse as the best mouse for gamers (both mobile and PC), while others refer to it as just the best mouse for PC gaming.

The Naga mouse from Razer has come a long way in terms of both form and function over the years, but it has long been the best MMO mouse for the money.

And the current iteration of the Razer Naga Pro is one of the greatest yet: a tiny, ergonomic mouse with a high-quality sensor and three replaceable thumb grips, as well as button arrays that are excellent for MOBAs, MMOs, and general gaming.

The MOBA array is literally one of the best we have encountered in all our years of gaming mouse reviews. It has six buttons laid out in two rows, giving you enough buttons to map several skills without becoming an overpowering samey blob.

The Naga this year has a longer battery life and is compatible with the Razer Mouse Dock (not included, sadly). For larger hands, the Razer Naga Pro is a little on the tiny side, having a squatter form than some gaming mice.

If this fantastic piece doesn't answer the question: "what is the best-wired gaming mouse?" We don't know what will.

It's comfortable in a relaxed grip, that's ideal for Massively Multiplayer Online games. It'll also work in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games, shooters, and other busy games, making its kind one of the best for gaming.

Corsair Dark Core RGB Pro SE

When the Dark Core RGB Pro SE was released, it quickly became one of our favorite wireless gaming mice. The Dark Core RGB Pro SE is backed with a Vengeance, thanks to numerous tiny enhancements such as 18,000 DPI, Qi wireless charging compatibility, and 2,000Hz Hyper-Polling technology.

The Dark Core RGB Pro SE also works great when combined with your favorite Qi wireless charging mouse pad; that's the 'special edition' part of the name.

We discovered that you could use the mouse for around 4-5 days before the battery is entirely depleted. The Dark Core is an excellent future-proof mouse because Qi wireless charging mouse pads are becoming increasingly popular.

The Dark Core RGB SE is of incredible value with a middle-class expense for a lightning-fast and accurate wireless gaming mouse.

It's worth noting that if you're not used to a palm grip style mouse or if you have smaller hands, the textured grip on this heavy mouse may feel unusual at first, but it's worth sticking with as it's regarded as one of the best mice for gamers.

Corsair Iron Claw RGB

For gamers with larger hands, the Iron claw is the best mouse we've tried. While the design features an unusual mix of materials, from smooth matte plastic on the buttons to diamond print, gripped rubber sides to the distinctive, wavy rubber on the scroll wheel, each performs well.

Instead of using a single material for all the panels, Corsair has chosen one for each, which adds to the mouse's outstanding overall fit and makes it feel incredibly snug sliding over your mouse pad.

It's domed and curved to fit right-handed gamers' palms precisely, and it's one of the best-feeling mice we've ever tested.

Logitech G Pro Wireless

When it comes to cordless pointers, the G Pro Wireless is unrivaled, with Logitech's superb 16,000 DPI HERO sensor and the kind of latency-free performance you'd expect from a cabled mouse.

It's exceedingly light, weighing a little over 80g, yet it doesn't feel cheap or throwaway, unlike some lighter mice. Instead, it's made from high-quality materials and performs admirably.

Every component of the G Pro Wireless was engineered to be as light and sturdy as possible, including the chassis' sidewalls, which are shaved down in thickness without losing composition or density.

The G Pro has survived many heavy falls from our desk, indicating a very durable piece of equipment. It also has a long battery life of 40 hours and is adjustable, with buttons on the side panels that can be removed and replaced with smooth inserts if you like.

You might also use Logitech's Powerplay charging mat to ensure that the G Pro never runs out of power. The G Pro's only true flaw is its price: at roughly $120, it's not cheap, but the quality more than makes up for it.

Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless

The Razer Viper Ultimate Wireless is equipped with Razer's new Focus+ optical sensor, boosting the DPI to 20,000. That's the same as the Death adder V2, but it's a lot higher than the rest of the mice.

Its previous predecessor, The Viper, is a very precise mouse with a 650 IPS rating, which is a very high bar for tracking fast movements and, aside from the Death adder V2, higher than anything else on this list.

The battery lasts roughly 70 hours before requiring recharging on the charming small charging dock, making it ideal for extended gaming sessions.

Despite having a decent overall weight and feel, the buttons themselves feel a little fragile when pressed, which keeps this mouse from being higher on the list.

On the other hand, the Viper Ultimate wireless is a great-feeling ambidextrous gaming mouse that's amazingly accurate and has long battery life. This is undoubtedly a top mouse for gaming.

SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless

Gaming mice are becoming lightweight, and SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless is the best wireless alternative. It has a True Move Air sensor, a novel twist on SteelSeries' incredibly precise sensor lineup, and a latency-free wireless connection.

You also have the option of connecting via Bluetooth. And, if the battery runs out, which is unlikely given the mouse's 80-hour battery life, you can recharge it in just 15 minutes for another 40 hours of use.

All the features of the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless are packed into a 66-gram design. A cut-out design on the palm and main mouse buttons helps to achieve this.

You don't have to worry about the innards being exposed because SteelSeries has engineered the essential components to be water and dust-resistant. Instead, concentrate on the amount of light that passes through the three RGB lighting zones.

We assure you that you will have a wonderful gaming sensation with the SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless when combined with the best PC for gamers that comes with the best CPU for gaming or one set up by you.

SteelSeries Rival 650

In our review of the finest gaming mice, the SteelSeries Rival 600 came out in the top 7 listed, making it a pretty decent pick.

The SteelSeries Rival 650 has the same dual True Move 3 Optical sensor system, enabling accurate tracking even when the mouse is lifted off the desk.

If you enjoy a truly hefty gaming mouse as we do, you may remove the two sides up to 16g in weights, just like the original Rival 600.

The 24 hours of battery life provided isn't as long as some other mice on this list, but a 15-minute charge will give you 10 hours of playtime. This wireless gaming mouse also has one of the unique RGB lighting systems if you don't mind plugging in more often.

HP Omen Vector Wireless

The HP Omen Vector Wireless may be a middleweight gaming mouse at 104 grams, but it's a heavyweight when it comes to gaming battery life.

That's because of the device's 180-hour battery life, which you can get without switching to any fancy low-power mode. This gaming mouse can play for longer than any person can in a week.

That'll be 180 hours of solid gaming performance with a Pixart PAW3335 sensor and Warp wireless networking. Omron mechanical switches are also used for uniformity and long-term reliability.

There's also some RGB lighting to add some color to the mix. Even if the battery runs out, you can plug it in (through USB-C) and get an hour of charge in 30 seconds, two hours of charge in one minute, and six hours of charge in three minutes.

It's pretty neat, isn't it? What's left for you now is to get the best gaming headsets combined with this bad boy to maximize your gaming session.

Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless

The liberating sensation of a mouse free of the tether of a USB cord isn't limited to those with deep pockets. For an affordable mouse, the Corsair's Harpoon RGB Wireless brings a challenger to the table, and it doesn't disappoint.

This is a fantastic performer, especially for the price. It will work with just about any device you want to use it with because it has a wired USB connection (great for charging and playing simultaneously), a Bluetooth connection, and the crucial 2.4GHz Slipstream Wireless connection with a 1ms input latency for responsive gaming.

The mouse features a PixArt PMW3325 optical sensor with a sensitivity of up to 10,000 DPI and the traditional six mouse buttons.

One of the drawbacks of wireless devices is the need to recharge them constantly, but you won't have to worry about that with the Harpoon RGB Wireless, which can play for 45 hours on a single charge or even 60 hours of Bluetooth. This stands it out as one of the best mice for PC gaming.

Roccat Kone Pro Air

2.4GHz wireless connectivity remains reliable during our time with the Kone Pro Air, and it was an excellent gaming partner. Titan optical switches have a pleasing click, and the force necessary to click and the bounce-back effect are well-balanced.

The scroll wheel on the G502 Light speed is difficult to beat, but Roccat's replica comes close - at least in terms of feel. It's an aluminum scroll wheel with a good grip and a very tactile sensation to each step it takes, making it one of the best mice for FPS gaming that we've reviewed.

Roccat asserts that the Kone Pro Air has a battery life of over 100 hours, and we've gone weeks without needing to recharge it for work and pleasure.

The mouse's Rapid Charge capability through USB-C also lives up to the company's claim that it can charge for a few hours after just 10 minutes of being plugged in.

The Kone Pro, a wired version of this mouse from Roccat, has the same sensor and switches as the Pro Air, but at $80, we recommend investing a little more for the Pro Air if you want to go wireless. This is undoubtedly a top mouse for gaming.

Razer Basilisk Ultimate

Razer's Basilisk Ultimate is one of the most comfortable and accurate ergonomic wireless gaming mice we've ever used. It's precisely shaped for right-handed gamers, with an arc cut into the left side for your thumb and a gentle slope on the right side for your ring finger and pinky to hang off.

The Razer Basilisk Ultimate also boasts one of the best-placed sniper buttons (or DPI toggles), which functions similarly to a racing wheel's paddle clutch.

The Basilisk Ultimate is not only easy to use, but it's also one of the most accurate gaming mice available. All of this is possible because of the Razer's optical mouse switches, which are a fraction faster than typical gaming mouse buttons.

Of course, there's a lot of RGB on this peripheral, which illuminates not only the scroll wheel and logo but also two long side strips.

Logitech G502 Light-speed Wireless Gaming Mouse

The Logitech G502 is the type of mouse which comes from a good gaming mouse brand, the Logitech brand.

Even though it doesn't dominate its successors in the Logitech lineage, The Logitech G502 Light-speed gaming mouse is ideal for gamers who don't want to sacrifice anything — or for casual users who want a decent, robust mouse.


We are sure that this mouse has got you thinking, "what is the best-wired gaming mouse that could beat this piece. But It's comfortable and feature-rich, and despite being wireless, it's a quick and accurate performer that doesn't feel limited compared to a wired mouse.

This mouse also has a quick-release button similar to that found on other Logitech consumer and gaming mice. The scroll wheel, by default, staggers down a single website with each movement, which is how you'd expect it to work.

The mechanism that grips the wheel is released when the button is pressed, allowing the wheel to float to the bottom of a long page freely. It's a minor function, but it provides the mouse greater flexibility in some scenarios, such as scrolling through your inventory rapidly while playing a game.

Another helpful feature is the availability of 16-gram weights that you can insert inside the mouse to increase resistance. The weight of a mouse is a matter of personal preference, which varies from every game.

This is one of the few current wireless mice that allows you to adjust the weight. Just this function unravels its kind as one of the best mice for gaming.

Razer Death Adder V2

The Razer Death adder has an excellent all-around design for all kinds of grips and hand sizes. Despite years of modifications, Razer never changes the form of the Death adder. There isn't any need to do so.

The Death adder V2 has a 20,000 DPI Razer Focus+ optical sensor. Although not often synonymous with excellence in this case, even if you move the mouse as quickly as humanly possible, Razer's latest technology provides faultless tracking, making it an excellent wired mouse for gaming.

Logitech G203 Light Sync

There are several budget gaming mice worth your money in the market today, but few are as reliable as the Logitech G203 Light sync.

It's an all-around performer that delivers solid and consistent performance in stylish wired packaging, giving it a chance to be named one of the best gaming mice on a budget available in the market.

To boost your enzymes even more, the Logitech sensor inside is rated at 8,000 DPI, and it has sensitive switches throughout to ensure smooth operation, making it a good mouse for gaming.

SteelSeries Sensei 310

The Sensei 310 is an improved version of this Steel Series favorite, a discreetly redesigned traditional mouse. It was in desperate need of improvements, except for the Sensei's ambidextrous design, which didn't improve, and is precisely the way it should be.

The Sensei is now more graspable and can withstand a sweaty palm thanks to a redesigned plastic cover. Steel Series is also using a modified version of one of the best gaming sensors on the market, ensuring that the Sensei 310 will not have any tracking issues.

The Sensei 310 is a perfect wired form for left- or right-handed gamers searching for a midsized ambidextrous mouse that fits in your hand like the classic Sensei. That is to say, it has two identical thumb buttons on the left and right sides.

When using an ambidextrous mouse, it's all too simple to click the wrong side's buttons with your pinky mistakenly. That hasn't happened once over our hours of testing the Sensei 310.

The thumb buttons have been changed in size and form to make it easier to press them by rocking your thumb upwards while keeping them out of the way of accidental pinky clicks. This should be your first destination if you're seeking a small, light, or ambidextrous mouse.


Mice are incredibly personal devices. In the 2D/3D digital universe, they are your arm. With the rapid advancement of virtual reality, augmented reality, and holograms, the ultimate 3D navigation tool will not be far behind.

Until that day comes, the mouse will be your closest friend when it comes to navigating the digital gaming world. You can better understand how sophisticated they are and how knowledgeable the people who manufacture and design them are, or aren't, by knowing your grip type.

Always remember that the best grip is the one that you are most at ease with.

You can find out more about good gaming mouse brands in our other reviews.

Best Mouse For Gamers FAQ

Why should I get a gaming mouse instead of a regular optical mouse?

Gaming mouse sensors, for example, are engineered to be more responsive and accurate. Your goal will remain accurate with configurable (or no) smoothing and acceleration.

Gaming mice are also meant to feature more accessible, customizable buttons than a standard mouse, so you won't have to fiddle with your keyboard while you're racking up kills.

What characteristics should I look for in a gaming mouse?

The most important factor to consider when choosing a mouse is how comfortable it is for your hand. There are many different sizes, shapes, and weights to think about.

You may have the coolest-looking mouse with the most useful buttons, but if it isn't comfortable for you, you won't be able to use it. If you prefer a wacky stance, there are plenty of ambidextrous gaming mice and gaming mice for lefties on the list.

In recent years, most gaming mice have used very high DPI sensors (or, more precisely, CPI), so even a budget mouse will likely perform well. The majority of these sensors can withstand extremely high temperatures.

Most of these sensors can handle high DPI counts of up to 20,000 DPI, but you'll be playing on a much lower sensitivity—generally under 2,000 DPI.

The general view is that you shouldn't be too concerned about that number. Instead, focus on picking a mouse with the right shape and weight, as well as one that will complement your aesthetic setup.

Pro gamers tend to favor lighter, simpler mice with fewer buttons that get in the way. Lighter mice are easier to use and glide across the mouse pad at fast speeds without tiring your wrist.

Competitive gamers prefer mice weighing less than 100 grams. But there's something to be said for feeling powerful at the helm of a lovely weighty moped.

How did we put gaming mice to the test?

We've used enough gaming mice to know what to look for in terms of build quality, button location, and shape. Our perspectives on mouse design are inevitably subjective, but they are also well-informed.

The difficult aspect of testing gaming mice is figuring out how the other half of the equation influences the experience of using a mouse: tracking performance, jitter, angle snapping, acceleration, and optimal control speed.

Applications like Mouse Tester come in handy for this. We utilized this software to evaluate whether there were any apparent flaws in the mouse we used. Angle snapping and acceleration were, however, present in every gaming mouse we tested.

Should I select a wired or wireless mouse?

Most gamers lay their preferences to a wireless mouse, but you could also make your preference by noting their differences and their pros and cons.

Can a mouse get out of fashion?

Yes. The more advanced technologies, the more the latest and better mice would be discovered, beating their immediate predecessors.

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