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Best Monitor Brands for Gaming 2024

Gaming Monitor Companies

Last Updated on 23/05/2024

At, we know how important a brand name can be. Your gaming monitor decides everything for your gaming experience – the visuals, the sound and the overall feel of the game. We know you gamers want the best monitor brands for gaming.

That’s where we come in. We want to give you all the tools to decide which brand is for you – by doing all the research, and organizing all the information so you don’t have to. The brands we’ve laid out in this article are the absolute best, and we plan on showing you exactly why.

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Top screen choice for gamers:
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ASUS Tuf Gaming
ASUS Tuf Gaming Highlights
  • AMD FreeSync Technology
  • 1ms MPRT Response Time
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
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Gigabyte G27Q
Gigabyte G27Q Highlights
  • 27 inch, 2560 x 1440 IPS Display
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • 1ms (MPRT) Response Time
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Acer E1272UR
Acer E1272UR Highlights
  • 2560 x 1440 WQHD 2K Resolution
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • Built-in 2 Watt Speakers
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MSI Optix G42C
MSI Optix G42C Highlights
  • 1920 x 1080 Full HD Resolution
  • 144Hz Refresh Rate
  • AMD FreeSync Premium Technology
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Gigabyte G27FC
Gigabyte G27FC Highlights
  • 27 inch, 1920 x 1080 FHD VA Display
  • 165Hz Refresh Rate (OC 170Hz)
  • AMD FreeSync Premium
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Best brands for gaming monitors – what are the best gaming monitor brands?

Searching for the best monitor brands for gaming means looking at the best monitors. We’re going to cover three of the absolute best top gaming monitor brands, and their best works to date.

  1. LG UltraGear 38GN950– Fast, Responsive, Killer

The LG UltraGear is an example of absolute quality that is produced solely for the intent of great gaming. Where do we even start? First of all – Speed.

A responsive time of 1 ms, a refresh rate of a baffling 160 Hz and razor sharp 8K image quality, it’s like looking into a portal into another world.

This monitor is easily the best monitor for next gen consoles as well, due to its ultra wide aspect ratio that would fit right in with a PS5. If this doesn’t prove LG as one of the best monitor brands for gaming, then how about its sleek G-Sync technology?

The G-Sync is a graphic card that really bumps up the overall playability of your game, meaning you won’t have any screen tearing, nor lagging in your gameplay.

Trust us when we say that this LG UltraGear is absolutely unmatched in terms of sheer quality. And, only one of the best gaming monitor companies could create such a masterpiece.

It comes in at a hefty price of $2000, but don’t let that discourage you from how great it is. If you’re really looking to invest in the absolute best, you don’t have to look any further.

This, by far and away, is the best gaming monitor on the market.

  1. Dell S3220DGF -The Vin Diesel of gaming markets

You may think Dell is only one of the good gaming monitor brands. We’re here to promise you, they’re far more than just another of the ‘good gaming monitor brands’.

This Dell model is a compatible monster. It will completely adapt to any of your needs – with a brilliant response rate of 4ms, and a great refresh rate of 165Hz, you won’t miss a beat of any gameplay.

It hits that sweet spot in graphics of 1440p – which perfectly balances great quality images, with playable gaming performance. Take into account the great FreeSync Premium Pro that’s available – which guarantees to prevent any kind of screen tearing. You’re sorted with this beast that is capable of doing anything.

And, we firmly believe this model alone cements Dell as one of the best monitor company for gaming. And, wait until you see the price. For all of this quality, you only have to pay $490 dollars for all of this.

Yeah, you heard that right – one of the top gaming monitor brands is selling one of the best monitors for just under $500. That’s a good budget gaming monitor if I’ve ever seen one.

This is the gaming monitor that is built for absolutely anyone – it’s available to the everyman, and that just shows that Dell is one of the best gaming monitor companies.

  1. Samsung Odyssey G7 – Master of Quality and Uniqueness

We know all your gamers love a good curved monitor. There’s nothing better than a monitor that stretches around, and immerses you into a gaming experience even more. Well, what if we told you that this top gaming monitor company developed the best curved monitor out there?

The Odyssey G7 excels at compatibility. As we cover in detail in our curved gaming monitor review, they manage to strike that perfect balance between high quality graphics and top level game performance.

Any monitor that can strike up that balance must have been crafted by one of the best monitor brands for gaming.

It also has a great HDR feature, which will help your premium monitor handle a bit more variety if you like to play lots of different genres of games. It also prevents any screen tearing, which trust us, can really help if you play different games.

Going from playing Rainbow Six to playing Among Us with some screen tearing can be really jarring! And, the bow on top is that it all comes to around $500. A curved screen for only $500 sounds like utter madness, but Samsung do provide that for its gamers.

All in all, Samsung really proves their worth as one of the best monitor brands for gaming with this Odyssey G7 alone. We believe it is the best 4K gaming monitor, and you’d really be hard pressed to find any curved monitor that could possibly match it.

Best Gaming Monitor Brands – Who is the best brand of gaming monitors?

Now, you have an idea of their best work. But, does that really make these companies the best monitor brands for gaming? Well, we’ll explain individually what makes them more than just good gaming monitor brands, and how they really excel in everything they do in regards to gaming monitors.

  1. LG

LG have become one of the biggest TV, and monitor companies in the entire world. And, for good reason too.

LG was formed in 1983 (originally Lucky-Goldstar) in South Korea, and has become an international conglomerate ever since. They have many different sub departments that have gone into displays, electronics and even chemicals!

But, we’re not here to talk about anything but the gaming monitors. LG was a little late to the party when it came to gaming monitors, but they’re still absolutely one of the best gaming monitor companies.

Their gaming monitor products are all labelled ‘Ultragears’, and every one of them really delivers in the quality that LG has become associated with. Their tagline is ‘when every millisecond counts, you can count on immersive picture quality to put you on top’.

And, that’s it. LG have hit the nail on the head. That’s what makes LG one of the best monitor brands for gaming  - their excellent image quality and performance. You can look across the entire Ultragear library – from the UHD, to the QHD, and the 34GK950F – and many more.

Each of them have this stunning, sharp image quality that will make you forget – for even a moment – that you are  playing a game. As far as these gaming monitors are concerned, you are in the game.

If you want to prioritize beautiful imagery along with great performance, you should always visit the LG Ultragear series above all else. That’s what the top gaming monitor brands do.

  1. Dell – Compatibility, Adaptability

It’s safe to say at this point that Dell has become synonymous with computers themselves. Formed in 1984, it didn’t take long for Dell to become one of the biggest PC providers in the entire world.

Starting with creating some of the first ever ‘home personal computers’, Dell really started to establish their dominance in the PC world when the internet became popularized.

From the late 90s to today, they exponentially grew to be one of the biggest software companies in the world. But, when did they become one of the best gaming monitor companies in the world?

They really came into their own once they started developing gaming monitors in the 2010s. They immediately became known as the leaders of the best gaming monitors for PC. All their monitors didn’t just provide quality, they provided a great all round experience for any game.

Dell really learned to excel at sheer adaptability – any of their models could adapt to any game, and easily process it with their high quality performance rate. Whether it’s their regular top notch Dell gaming monitors, or their specialized Alienware models – they all can adapt amazingly. For many years, Dell was simply known as one of the ‘good gaming monitor brands.’

We’re here to tell you this is completely false – we have yet to find a gaming monitor brand that can adapt, and has the compatibility rate as any of Dell's gaming monitors can.

  1. Samsung

Just as well known for their Smart TVS, or their great smartphones, Samsung is a juggernaut in the tech world. Formed in 1938 in South Korea, Samsung originally began as a grocer that sold dried fish and noodles. That smartphone in your hand comes from a lineage of noodles!

They began to excel in technology in the 1960s, and from there, the rest is history. They branched out into all kinds of electronics: from TVs, to computers, to mobile phones – until they became the largest mobile phone developer in the world.

So, it was only a matter of time until they got their hands into the world of gaming monitor development.

If anything, Samsung has become a beacon for durability. All of their products are made from tough stuff, inevitably from the unique way they are developed.

Well, their venture into gaming monitors really shows how durable the best gaming monitors can be. Whether it’s their Odyssey series, or their G series, each of the monitors provides something unique that no other gaming monitor does.

Take, for example, the Odyssey G3 -that has a 4000:1 contrast ratio. Or, the G7 T1 Faker Edition has an iconic red covering.

Little features in each of their monitors that really add the cherry on top – because, of course, all their gaming monitors already have some of the best quality you’ll find anywhere.

So, we know it’s not common when someone asks the question: ‘What are the best gaming monitor brands?’, that someone answers with ‘Samsung’. Well, it’s the truth – Samsung is here to stay. And, that just shows their absolute quality in software development.

Conclusion – Three stallions among ponies

To wrap up, the three brands we’ve mentioned are undoubtedly the best monitor brands for gaming. All three of them offer something different and unique that will appeal to different people, as evidenced by the three great monitors we reviewed. We believe LG has the best brand of gaming monitors, but that’s just our opinion.

Maybe, you’re more of a PC gamer – then, Dell will be your number 1 choice. Or, maybe you’re a loyal Samsung user, who wants to invest in a great gaming monitor. We guarantee any of these three will make your gaming experience immersive and enjoyable.

Best monitor brands for gaming FAQ

Does the gaming monitor brand really make a difference?

It’s important to remember there’s more than name value that goes into a quality monitor. Take, for example, a curved gaming monitor. There are many curved gaming monitors out there that don’t really capture

the experience that a curved monitor should – often times the visual seems stretched, and all the quality went into the whole ‘curved’ aspect. Samsung has a curved monitor that really ticks all the boxes in quality and performance.

How should the specs look for one of the best gaming monitors?

It really depends on the gaming monitor you’re focusing on, and the brand you have chosen. There are some brands that will focus on different aspects of a gaming monitor, and many of those monitors are tailor made to fit a certain kind of gamers need. A Dell monitor, for example, will be much different from a LG monitor in terms of how it presents itself, and what it has to offer from both a technical and a visual standpoint.

What is the best monitor brand for gaming?

Simply put, that’s difficult to answer. There are many different great gaming monitor brands out there, and they all offer some great features to make some amazing monitors for gamers. All of them should follow the same prerequisites to be considered great. They should have great graphics, a smooth performance and be able to adapt to whatever other technology you would be gaming with.

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