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Best Steelseries Keyboard 2024

Last Updated on 23/05/2024

At, we know how valuable Steelseries gaming keyboards can be. Steelseries are a trusted brand for all gamers, because when you use their products, you are guaranteed quality. When it comes to the best Steelseries gaming keyboard, you can expect nothing less.

We’ve written up this review to tell all of you about the best Steelseries keyboards that are available right now. Steelseries are renowned for their quality and performance, but knowing which board is right for you can be tricky. Our Steelseries keyboard reviews will find the best keyboard for your gaming habits.

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Steelseries gaming keyboards – Premier performance and top quality

  1. Steelseries Apex Pro – The best of the best
  • Price - $230
  • Size – Full Size
  • Backlights – Per key RGB
  • Switches – OmniPoint Adjustable and Gateron Red
  • Media Controls – Fully customizable
  • Connectivity – Wired

If you’re looking for a keyboard that does it all, look no further than the Apex Pro. It has the absolute best in customization features across all Steelseries gaming keyboards.

We mentioned in our Logitech gaming keyboards review how great customization can be difficult to find. Well, not for Steelseries.

The Apex Pro allows you to customize the actuation of every single key – so every key can be highly customized to whatever tactile feel you’d like.

The RGB backlighting is also so beautiful, in how you can customize it. Each of the colors you choose for all the keys really pop out, and stand out against the grey background of the Steelseries gaming keyboard.

You also have completely full customizable macro keys and the ability to give keys multiple functions is always on the ready. So, every key can mean something different depending on the game you’re playing.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Steelseries keyboard review without mentioning the OLED screen. The popular addition to the keyboard returns in spectacular fashion, with the ability to put any picture or GIF in the background as you play.

This is the best Steelseries keyboard because of the amount of flexibility it gives you. You can do whatever you need to make this keyboard your own, and this means it is suited to both beginner and veteran gamers.

And, for that, it tops our list in our Steelseries keyboard reviews.

  1. Steelseries Apex 7 – Best value, brilliant performance
  • Price - $150
  • Size – Full Size
  • Backlights – Per key RGB
  • Switches - SteelSeries QX2 Mechanical RGB Switches
  • Media Controls – Macro key customization
  • Connectivity – Wired

One thing you can always trust Steelseries gaming keyboards to excel in is features. And, the Steelseries Apex 7 is one of the good gaming keyboards that provides a whole new host of features.

But, the best part about all of these features, is how much you can make all of these many features your own.

First of all, just look at the great design. Produced from full Series 5000 grade aircraft-grade aluminium, you know you have a sturdy gaming keyboard for all the rough gamers.

Add the brilliant wrist rest that comes with the Apex 7, and your wrists are secure. It will make sure to minimize hand fatigue when you’re in the middle of the most intense gameplay. In all our Steelseries keyboard reviews, we always find build quality is always the first thing we notice.

However, don’t let the manufacturing quality overshadow the sheer brilliant software on this Steelseries gaming keyboard. The macro keys are among some of the best we’ve ever seen on any keyboard. The companion software gives you full reign when it comes to these keys. It’s not just macro keys you can set up, you can change the software on the other keys, alter the settings on your screen and put whatever image or screen you want on your OLED screen.

Like the Apex Pro, this Steelseries gaming keyboard allows you per key RGB lighting that you can customize to whatever color scheme you would like. And, like we expect from the best Steelseries gaming keyboards, the switches are excellent.

Steelseries’ own twist on the Cherry MX Red switches, the Steelseries brown switches serve their function to perfection. They are easy to press, have a great responsive rate and have that great tactile feedback to provide that brilliant clicky noise we all strive for.

Without a doubt, the Apex 7 is among the best of the good cheap gaming keyboards. Providing everything you’d expect from a high range gaming keyboard, it just ticks all the boxes, and throws in an extra few features.

All for well under $200 – which is hard to find these days. There’s many reasons why we consider the Apex 7 among the top 5 mechanical gaming keyboards, not the least of which is their stellar price.

Steelseries – A pioneer of excellence

When it comes to sturdy quality and top tier performance, most gamers always bring Steelseries to mind.

Steelseries was founded in 2001, by Jacob Wolff-Peterson. It’s a Danish electronics company that has always specialized in peripherals. Mouses, keyboards and mouse mats were their initial products.

So, like we mention in our best Razer keyboards,Steelseries is one of those brands that has been crafting gaming equipment their entire existence.

Originally, it was called Soft Trading until, in 2008, where it acquired another gaming peripherals manufacturer, Ideazon.

Since then, Steelseries has turned into a gaming peripherals juggernaut. It developed the Steelseries Engine platform, its own gaming software, and it continued to add partnerships across the entire gaming sphere.

Over this time, it has developed partnerships with other massive gaming organizations like Valve, EA (Electronic Arts), and Gunnar Optiks.

But, enough about the company itself. It’s time to dive into their gaming keyboards, and how exactly they were able to develop such great keyboards on a consistent basis.

Steelseries were one of the first brands that really pushed forward the importance of mechanical gaming keyboards as a brand.

Membrane keyboards had become relied upon due to their electronic nature, and how they were used on a widespread nature. But, gamers soon found that membrane keyboards can be easily worn out, and aren’t truly suited for a great gaming experience.

And, as you can see throughout our Steelseries gaming keyboard reviews, you’ll see Steelseries will hardly develop any membrane keyboards.

That’s why their keyboard designs are always so durable. Created from aircraft-grade aluminium, gamers often rely on their keyboards if they have a temper. Because, they know no matter how frustrating the game can get, their keyboard can withstand the losses!

As is the pattern across their entire range of keyboards, you will associate one word with it all: customization.

With their OmniPoint adjustable mechanical switches, and their full ability to provide customizable RGB lighting per key, Steelseries always excelled among their competition with the great customization features.

And, you can always count on each keyboard to provide a new feature for your gamers. For example, The Apex 3 would provide whisper quiet gaming switches.

The Apex 5 had the OLED Smart Display. The Apex 7 had more durable mechanical switches. And, finally, the Apex Pro had per key actuation, so you could completely customize every single key to have a different feel.

And, we have no doubt the customizability will only grow better and better with time. That’s the thing about Steelseries. They are always innovating, and their ingenuity when it comes to Steelseries gaming keyboards is fantastic.

That’s exactly why we consider it top of our list of the best gaming keyboard brands.

How do we review Steelseries gaming keyboards?

We approached our Steelseries gaming keyboard reviews a little differently than we did in other reviews.

You see, every gaming keyboard brand is different. Our Razer keyboard review will be different from Logitech, and Logitech different from Steelseries.

But, we always try to keep the foundation of all our reviews to be the same. We all know what Steelseries provide in their keyboards: durability, customization and great gaming performance. So, we had to get far more particular when it came to the best Steelseries gaming keyboards.

We needed to look past what you would find in your everyday Steelseries gaming keyboard, look for what makes certain keyboards stand out more than the others.

There’s a variety of factors that had to be really narrowed down, and with that in mind, here’s the process we would follow for reviewing these gaming keyboards.

Step 1 - Research

Research is the first vital step to take. Like we have mentioned previously, the first thing we did was to figure out what made Steelseries gaming keyboards so special.

We looked through them all, tried them all – and we found all the common factors in play. The durable hardware, the great mechanical keys, the lighting and the customization features.

With that research, we had to ask ourselves the most important question. ‘Why exactly are these the best Steelseries keyboards?’ With that, we had a question that fit with all our criteria – and, that allowed us to use our research to cycle through all the Steelseries keyboard, and approve some for the next stage.

Step 2 - Quality Assurance

This is the stage where we get far more ruthless, and practical when we are testing these products.

That’s the issue with focusing on one brand – even a great brand like in our Steelseries gaming keyboard reviews. You need to really search deep, and test out the product thoroughly to find out where certain keyboards just don’t cut the mustard.

We look at how it works in practice, rather than the stats that are displayed on the box – we want all round functionality for any kind of gamer, whether you’re the beginner or the veteran.

Once the keyboard meets our strict criteria, then we know they’re through. And, that’s when we move onto the final step.

Step 3 - Writing it up

At this point, our experts have done all the research – and that's where we come in. We’re the writers, and it’s our job to take all their work, and articulate it to you. With that, we understand it comes at a great responsibility.

We strive to be honest, yet accurate at That means not allowing bias to cloud our judgement, but also not allowing ourselves to be too undeservingly harsh on a product.

But, that’s exactly why we believe Steelseries gaming keyboards to be the best. We have very little to say about them that is negative. But, with our review, we don’t want to come across as if we’re shilling. We are simply here to give you a foundation of Steelseries gaming keyboards.

We like to live by the motto ‘teach a man to fish on We’ll give you what you need to know so you are educated, then it is up to you to do your own research, and learn about the gaming keyboard that suits you. Whatever gaming keyboard you choose, you know that Steelseries will be well worth the investment.

Conclusion – all the customization in the world

To wrap up, we’ve covered plenty in our Steelseries gaming keyboard reviews. You see why the Apex Pro and Apex 7 are such great keyboards – they are great all round keyboards for any gamer.

Steelseries are renowned for their great customization features. And these features really become clear in our Steelseries gaming keyboard reviews.

You also now have a better idea of how we approached these Steelseries gaming keyboard reviews. We were thorough, and held no punches when deciding what the best Steelseries gaming keyboards were. And, that’s why you know you're in good hands with a Steelseries keyboard.

Steelseries gaming keyboard FAQ

Are Steelseries keyboards good for gaming?

Steelseries are among some of the best game peripherals developers out there. When it comes to quality, durability and customization, you know you can rely on Steelseries. However, what really makes Steelseries stand out for their affordability. All of their keyboards, even their high end ones are great prices for what you get as an overall package. Trust us, it’s well worth the investment.

Is a TKL keyboard better for gaming than a full size?

Simply put, that depends. There are a variety of factors that a TKL keyboard offers that a full size keyboard does not. Factors such as more space, better positioning for the wrist and fingers, and portability means the TKL is always a reliable addition. However, there are some facets a TKL keyboard does not have. It doesn’t have a number pad, and is often missing many macro keys due to its size. It ultimately depends on what you want from a gaming keyboard.

Is mechanical or membrane keyboard better for gaming?

That’s a tough question to answer. It’s important you know the difference between the two before we get into this. A membrane keyboard is a fully electronic keyboard. It’s the type of keyboard you would often be found on many computers, and laptops. Mechanical keyboards, however, are completely trigger based. The keys are usually easier to press and are more responsive, because the responsiveness of the mechanical trigger are quicker than the electronic membrane. However, the membrane keyboard is often easier to get used to initially. Ultimately, which you prefer is up to what you’re used to.

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