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Best CPU for Gaming 2024

Last Updated on 24/05/2024

Technological advances in 2021 provide more than enough space for the selection of the best CPU for gaming. Games with high-end graphical and reproduction requirements can be best experienced with quality CPUs.

If you happen to be in pursuit of the most complete and high-quality CPU, you can rely on our guidance in the selection! Naturally, CPUs make one of the crucial gaming components and we strive to recommend the best. We will discuss an array of gaming processors through fps rates. You will also learn all about the core designations and overclocking to have all the aspects in mind!

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Top CPUs for Gamers:
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AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - Zen 3, 3.7 GHZ
AMD Ryzen 9 5900X - Zen 3, 3.7 GHZ Highlights
  • 7nm Vermeer (Zen 3) 105W
  • 64MB L3 Cache
  • 6MB L2 Cache
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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - Zen 3, 6.7 GHZ
AMD Ryzen 5 5600X - Zen 3, 6.7 GHZ Highlights
  • 7nm Vermeer (Zen 3) 65W
  • 32MB L3 Cache
  • 3MB L2 Cache
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AMD Ryzen 5 5800X - Zen 3, 8-core, AM4
AMD Ryzen 5 5800X - Zen 3, 8-core, AM4 Highlights
  • 7nm Vermeer (Zen 3) 105W
  • 32MB L3 Cache
  • 4MB L2 Cache
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Intel Core i7,12th Gen, 3.6 GHZ
Intel Core i7,12th Gen, 3.6 GHZ Highlights
  • Intel 7 Alder Lake Processor Base Power
  • Maximum Turbo Power: 190W
  • 25MB L3 Cache
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AMD Ryzen 5, 5600G, Zen 3, 6-core
AMD Ryzen 5, 5600G, Zen 3, 6-core Highlights
  • AMD Radeon Graphics
  • 16MB L3 Cache
  • 3MB L2 Cache
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What Makes the Best Gaming CPUs?

Among the many things that are specific for gaming CPUs, some traits are related to all the best processors. To help you out with the choice, we have assembled a list of items you should take into consideration:

  • Over 4GHz of clock speed.
  • Single thread performance capability.
  • Frequency per core.
  • Integrated graphics.
  • Processor generation.

Usually, the minimum number of CPU cores for gaming in 2021 is 6, but there are much more efficient solutions. The cost and efficiency of the CPU can also make a difference here, depending on your budget and needs.

Finally, the generation of your gaming CPU in 2021 is crucial as these days you can fall behind with CPUs older than two generations. With all these aspects in mind, we offer you our list of recommended gaming CPUs for gaming in 2021.

Significance of CPU as a Gaming Component

Many variables lead towards having a quality gaming experience and finding the best CPU for gaming is surely crucial. Besides this component, other gaming components like GPU and gaming hardware can boost the thrill.

It's therefore of utmost importance to find a good CPU for gaming while also covering other factors. Besides the graphics affected by the GPU, the aligned motherboard and best gaming headsets make a real difference.

With all the gaming components mentioned combined with a quality CPU, you can get pleasant and swift gameplay. As you now know the essential properties of the best CPU for gaming on PC, let's jump into some of the best CPUs for gaming choices!

Perfect Mixture of Price and Quality – Intel Core i5 11600K

If you are looking for a budget solution for the best CPU for gaming, top-notch Intel i5 processors are an obvious choice. One of the best instances of this type of CPU is the Intel Core i5 11600K. It provides a nice blend of a moderate price and gaming sharpness that all players need.

If you have good gaming equipment or the best gaming controller of the modern generation, this processor will endure. It is also one of the best CPUs for gaming and streaming options on the market considering the overall gaming value.

One of the best aspects of this processor is that it offers fairly generous performance when compared with higher-class CPUs. If you didn’t know which processor is used while playing games with this one, you probably wouldn’t guess it.

Thanks to the processing power that is even compelling for competitive gaming, Intel Core i5 11600K is one of the best bargains. It works on the rocket lake architecture developed by Intel experts and with the LGA socket.

And now for the fun part – the Intel Core i5 11600K works with 6 cores and 12 treads for immersive gaming. The frequency range is between 3.9 GHz and 4.9 GHz which is rather convenient for gaming overall.

You can also boost the processing power of this CPU with an additional after-market cooler. Also, when paired with a quality mid-range GPU alongside the mentioned hardware components, it makes an excellent option.

Overall, the bank for a buck ratio that Intel Core i5 11600K provides is on the top heights of gaming CPUs.

Intel Core i7 11700K for higher performance

Although the i5 processor we mentioned previously offers surprisingly good results for gaming, more demanding games require better CPUs. As the pioneers in the field, Intel develops a wide range of such processors.

One of the beneficial instances would be the Intel Core i7 11700K which also operates on rocket lake architecture. It offers higher performance for a price than the 11600K and works with 8 cores and 16 threads.

It covers a higher workload percentage than most of the competition with a moderate price tag in mind. Also, the professional tests proved that this processor can even stand right next to some i9 processors developed by Intel.

Surely, some of the high-end games that require outstanding processing speed may not be eligible to play with this option. However, for the players on the lookout for an affordable gaming CPU option, 11700K is a quality choice.

There is also a solution to go with less integrated graphics and use your knowledge of graphics to boost the chip. When it comes to the processing frequency, Intel Core i7 11700K covers frequencies from 3.6 GHz to 5 GHz.

Still, there are a few things to have in mind with this processor. With the all-core peak boost, it relates to the 4.8GHz frequency. With a dual-core however, the frequency relates to the highest designated value.

In the complete rocket lake lineup of Intel CPUs for gaming, this one offers the best ratio of power and applicability. Although it requires high power to fully operate, this processor is the best from the 11th generation of Intel CPUs for gaming.

It uses the same socket as the previously mentioned 11600K with 14 nm lithography. All in all, with Ultra HD, integrated graphics, 11700K is suitable for competitive gaming.

Extreme Gaming Power with the Intel Core i9 11900K

If your focus is to find a gaming processor without too many budget-related worries, the 11900K is a true gem. Of course, it comes with a higher price tag than the other Intel processors we have mentioned so far, but for a good reason.

Gaming enthusiasts could be a bit suspicious because it comes with 8 cores rather than the 16 that some CPUs of its class offer. However, it holds an outstanding processing power and frequency range like no other in this lineup.

It also works based on the signature 14nm architecture which is a specific Intel technology. All the processors of this range enable quality gaming, but this i9 CPU is by far the best option. It was intended for 16 cores but the Intel engineers made it with modern technology.

The original idea was to place the new architecture within the 10nm lithography. However, because it couldn't support this ice lake architecture, the number of cores had to be reduced back to 8. Also, this is the reason why this CPU is working with the 14nm option.

As it is one of the most valuable pieces of information for gamers, let’s now discuss the frequency rates. So, the base frequency supported with this processor is 3.5 GHz. Still, the peak boost relates to a much higher rate of 5.3 GHz.

Naturally, because of the class of this CPU and its mark, integrated graphics also come with the chip. Combined with other top-notch gaming components like the best gaming monitors, premium quality motherboard, and cooler, your gaming skills will come to expression!

The Reaction to the mid-class Intel CPUs – AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

When it comes to the gaming CPU comparison, the rivalry between Intel and AMD is widely recognized. While the Intel processors rely on the tradition and renowned name, AMD threatens to take the throne.

AMD CPUs for gaming come with much lower starting prices in an attempt to tackle Intel as the world leader. Truly, some of the best CPU for gaming variants can be found in AMD's offering and 5600X is one of the best bargains.

It, either way, tops the performance of all the other CPUs in its price range, but that is not all that makes it great. Splendid performance altogether makes it a complete package in the world of best CPUs for gaming on PC.

Here are some of the main highlights and features of AMD Ryzen 5 5600X:

  • 6 operative cores.
  • 12 threads.
  • Great value for the price.
  • Works on the Zen 3 architecture.
  • Signature AMD technology.
  • AM4 socket developed by AMD.

For the most important part – the AMD 5 5600X has a frequency range between 4.1 and 4.8 at the peak. The thermal design power rating for this CPU is 65w and it provides smooth processing speed and power.

It is one of the best options in its class as it outperforms the Intel gaming CPU lineup in the approximately $300-$400 range. If you are one of the players looking for great CPUs for gaming at a reasonable price, this is by far the most beneficial option.

With all the aspects listed, it is easy to conclude that AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is the best budget CPU for gaming currently.

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X for a greater processing power

As much as the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is a quality budget option, the AMD lineup also contains a higher-value option. A perfect instance of such a high-power processor is the AMD Ryzen 7 5800X as an entry to the premium class of best CPUs for gaming.

It certainly fits into the group of the best CPU for gaming and streaming options combined with quality graphical support. One of its main highlights is the 8-core operability with 16 threads and the prominent architecture.

As the signature CPU architecture of AMD, the Zen 3 platform takes the most out of this CPU. This CPU reaches the golden middle between normal usage and high-performance gaming. It covers a wide range of operative frequencies from 3.8 GHz to 4.7 GHz as a boost limit.

When it comes to thermal design power rating, it also stands considerably strong at 105w. It is both beneficial for laptops and especially for PC gaming when combined with the right components. Good CPU for gaming is hard to find these days within the budget options, so this one does not fall behind.

If you are wondering what the best CPU for gaming is, the AMD lineup holds some of the best solutions.

Top-level of AMD CPUs for Gaming – AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

This is one of the best task-oriented CPUs for gaming you can find.

Besides being the best CPU for gaming and streaming, this processor ca also be used for performing various tasks. From video editing to designing and running powerful apps, the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is a perfect fit.

If you are among the players that don’t necessarily use the PC for gaming alone, you will find this CPU extremely convenient. It is also one of the CPUs that feature the highest frames per second coverage and the most powerful processing power for smooth gameplay.

Among the most prominent features of this processor, here are some of the most relevant aspects:

  • 12 core operability.
  • 24 threads combined with core power.
  • Zen 3 architecture.
  • AM4 socket technology.
  • 3.7GHz to 4.8 GHz frequency.
  • TDP of 105w.

Overclocking is enabled with this processor as the processing speed can be maximized even without maximization tools. This series of AMD CPUs is one of the best lineups for gaming processors in 2021. As much as the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X is an impressive solution, the brand offers even better choices.

The Pinnacle of Gaming CPUs – AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Finally, we have come to arguably the best AMD CPU for gaming in the latest lineup of chips – the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X. When looking for the best CPU for gaming and streaming, this is by far the best AMD option to go with.

Its thermal design power rating is set for 105w, while the processor is generated through 16 cores and 32 threads! It is fairly easy to conclude why this CPU is among the best CPU for gaming options in the current market.

The thermal pressure on the processor is slightly relieved by the functionality of its numerous cores. Furthermore, the well-known AMD architecture combined with high processing power makes this CPU great for gaming.

One of the most impressive focus points of the CPU lies in the wide frequency range that it covers. From 3.4GHz as the base frequency value to 4.9GHz as its peak, the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X covers it all. You can easily make use of the mentioned characteristics of the chip to use it not only for gaming but also for other tasks.

From video streaming and editing to more complex processing tasks of demanding apps and games, you will have a full solution. If you are among the players that find buying a more valuable processor beneficial, you won’t regret this decision.

Lower-priced option than Intel 11900K – Intel Core i9 10900K

If you are interested in finding a top-notch processor at a competitive price, you should consider  last year’s flagship. The Intel Core i9 10900K is the best option to go with from the 10th generation of Intel Core chips.

It is perfectly optimized for gaming on both PCs and laptops and it relies on modern Intel technology and its 10 cores. There is one thing particularly interesting regarding this option; the peak frequency stands strong at 5.3 GHz!

Also, the base frequency of the CPU operability is quite considerable as it is set for 3.7GHz. Combined with 20 threads, the Intel Core i9 10900K is one of the best CPUs for gaming bargains. It also enables overclocking as a specifically exciting component.

The overheating issues are prevented by the latest technology used by Intel and the 14nm lithography confirms the modern touch. You can therefore get a sense of the turbo boost on this processor to raise your gaming experience even further.

It is undeniably one of the best Intel cores for gaming and one of the best gaming CPU comparison instances. Altogether, this processor will grant you access to the gaming experience like no other with the i9 power by Intel.

However, you will have to think twice about the price of the core, but in essence, it doesn't stand for the most expensive options.

Intel Core i5 10400F as a cost-efficient option

There are also many more options that perhaps fit in the lower price class than most of the mentioned processors. As one of such options in the selection, the Intel Core i5 10400F is a fairly safe option for gaming.

Whether you use a PC or a laptop for online gaming, the 10400F will support your device with considerable gaming power. Of course, it being a member of the 10th generation of Intel CPUs also helps. This means that the processor is equipped with all the latest technological advances.

It comes with 6 cores and 12 threads and the frequency peak is at 4.3GHz. The base frequency that the processor operates with is set for 2.9 GHz.

Overall, this CPU offers one of the best performances in the market when compared to its market value. For the price of this Intel processor of 10th generation, you can only find some lower-class brands and not exactly top-notch CPUs.

However, there is one major downside to this processor as it doesn't offer overclocking possibility. So, maybe you won't be able to increase the processing speed of the CPU, but you can still use it for most games.

Of course, a good CPU for gaming is not easy to find because of the complexity of today's games. That is why the best CPU for gaming and streaming of your choice should always come from a reliable brand. With the Intel Core i5 10400F, you won't get a premium gaming processor but rather an affordable one.

Even so, it still fits into the category of great CPUs for gaming in 2021 because of its main specifications.

Don't forget about the 9th Generation of CPUs – Intel Core i7 9700K

Although this processor is two generations old, it is still active with a major group of players in 2021. The good thing about its generation is that it can be found in 2021 for a fairly moderate price. Not only does it fit into the i7 category, but it also does it with the price of a relatively new i5.

You can also easily find this processor for gaming in 2021 with all of its amazing properties. Swift game processing and speed are ensured with this choice considering its 8 cores and 8 threads. Also, the functional base frequency of this chip is 3.6GHz, while the maximum speed is 4.9GHz.

High usage speed provides a vast amount of power for a generation even in modern-day games. Although the processor perhaps won't cope effectively with AMD rivals on running computer tasks, it will do wonders for gaming.

That's what earned its place among the best CPU for gaming in the 2021 list and it surely wasn't for any reason. Extremely high frames per second rate make this CPU particularly effective, especially when combined with a GPU of the same caliber.

Even being older than 2 years doesn’t prevent this processor from successfully coping with demanding new games. The coffee lake architecture proved to be extremely convenient for an online gamer, which adds up to the overall usability.

Also, the single-core processing power of this CPU is at an incredibly high level when compared to the competition.

For the Exquisite Gaming – AMD Ryzen 9 3950X

When looking for great CPUs for gaming options, there are various aspects to take in mind. In all honesty, the CPU price is often crucial for making the right choice for your needs. As much as there are other solutions with superb quality for gaming in AMD’s choice, this one is unprecedented.

The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is one of the overall best CPUs for gaming and streaming, but for other tasks as well. For 64-bit systems, the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X is a quality option that features incredible performance.

Of course, it is also the top of the line of AMD’s CPUs for gaming, but it could be worth your while big time. Not only does it pay off in terms of durability and functionality, but it also delivers unmatchable performance in gaming.

You don't have to pair it with any GPU or coolers to boost its performance as it is already unprecedented in class. To give you a nice overview of all the crucial features, here are the main benefits of this CPU:

  • Great frames per second ratio.
  • 16 cores combined with 32 threads.
  • The thermal design power rating of 105w.
    •  Base boost set for 3.5GHz.
  • Peak frequency value of 4.7GHz.

The processor has 7nm lithography and Zen 2 architecture of the latest designation. Another thing that makes this processor one of the best CPUs for gaming options is the socket. The AM4 socket enables sheer functionality to come to expression.

This is a 64-bit variation of gaming CPU that is perfectly compatible with laptops and PCs especially for Windows 10. You can count on this processor to provide enough power to run most of the modern-gay games.

Ultra HD graphics are also supported and this fact alone means a lot to passionate gamers. By all means, this device can help you run smooth operations and process modern apps with ease. It is for AMD enthusiasts and online gaming lovers that know what to look for.

If you are willing to pay for the play, this is one of the best options on the market you can find. It is not even among the most expensive options as some Intel Core i9s come with a much higher price. This way, you can combine the affordable and functional in a true gaming sense as this CPU does wonders for your experience.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the best CPU for gaming can be found only by expert help in terms of processing power and speed. Like you can see from our detailed guide, most of the solutions are developed by Intel and AMD as main industry names.

There are some lower-valued solutions, but truth being said – even some AMD and Intel choices are not valuable. If you are a true lover of the game and you wish to boost your PC or laptop with a powerful CPU for gaming, we got you covered.

You can rely on products from our list to be the most beneficial both in terms of price and operability. No gamer enjoys overheating or insufficient processing speed brought by some CPUs. So, stick with our guide to find the best CPU for the gaming of your dreams!

Best CPU for Gaming FAQ:

Which CPU for Gaming Lineups are the best solutions?

If you are looking for the best CPU for gaming, there are many variables to take into consideration. Some of the most effective solutions with affordable prices are Intel i7 lineup CPUs or AMD Ryzen 7 or 9 series.

How many cores should a gaming CPU have?

Of course, there is the specific designation of cores necessary for a gaming CPU in 2021. Considering the modern games, any number of CPU cores below 6 is unacceptable. Modern standards require at least 6 or 8 cores.

What CPU generation is the best currently?

Generations are very important for the best CPU for gaming selection. Generations older than 2 years are usually outdated as newer games are more and more demanding. So, you should always go for the latest generation of CPUs for gaming, even at lower processing power.

Is Overclocking Important for gaming CPUs?

In essence, CPU speed is relevant for the gaming experience in 2021. Overclocking can grant you access to higher processing speed, but not all of the available CPUs for gaming support it.

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