/ Best Gaming Chair Brands 2024

Best Gaming Chair Brands 2024

Last Updated on 23/05/2024

Picking out the best gaming chair is something you should consider as a gamer, especially when you play for a long time. This means you’re deliberate about your comfort while you play your games. We get carried away while playing our favorite video games, which makes us lose track of time.

This is where a gaming chair comes in. It helps you relax no matter how long you play. We'll be showing you the best gaming chair brands that have their products tested and trusted. After this review, you can choose the product of the brands you are interested in.

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Gaming Chair Companies

Thinking of which brand of best gaming chair to go for can be tiring, but don't you worry, we have got you covered. We'll be showing you our list of top gaming chair companies that are consistent, whose product you can choose from based on your preference.

The following are the best gaming chair brands you should look forward to.

Brazen Gaming Chairs

Brazen is one of the top gaming chair brands, and it is based in the United Kingdom. They are known to be one of the largest brands that produce excellent gaming chairs.

One thing about Brazen's gaming chair that will surely get you excited is that their gaming chairs have appeared in several eSports competitions. That's great, right?

Brazen has many amazing designs of gaming chairs that you won't be able to take your eyes off due to their aesthetic value. It's a very good gaming chair company that is highly exceptional, and they have a way of combining style and comfort in one mind-blowing piece.

Brazen has a knack for gaming chairs with built-in speakers, which gives you all the effects that make you feel present in the game.

This is the list of top Brazen gaming chairs

  • Brazen Panther Elite 2.1 Bluetooth
  • Brazen Phantom Elite PC chair
  • Brazen Puma PC chair
  • Brazen Python 2.0 Bluetooth
  • Brazen Pride 2.1 Bluetooth
  • Brazen Sentinel Elite PC Gaming Chair

SecretLab Gaming Chairs

SecretLab is an amazing brand that falls among the top gaming chair brands, and it is highly recognized in the eSports world. They are known for their high-quality gaming chairs with high-quality materials as well as making them long-lasting. It is not surprising that they are on the expensive side.

SecretLab is a multi award-winning company popularly known for producing the most well-made gaming chairs you would ever come across.

This brand produces gaming chairs with relaxation in mind. Their gaming chairs are specially designed to reduce fatigue and relax the spine muscles.

If you've been experiencing back pain or discomfort due to long hours of playing video games, you should look forward to comfort during your gaming experience, as this is one of the brands that produce the best gaming chair for comfort.

With SecretLab, it doesn't matter how long you sit. You will remain comfortable, as it is the best when it comes to comfort.

SecretLab has various gaming chairs. Here is a list of the popular ones.

  • SecretLab Titan Evo 2022 series.
  • SecretLab Omega series.
  • SecretLab Titan series.
  • SecretLab Titan XL series.


This is another top gaming chair brand, which is known for providing ultimate comfort, and support. OP SEAT is made for people who experience back pain a lot when gaming.

It is one of the best gaming chairs for back pain as it reduces your chance of getting back pain during your gaming session. The sad thing about this brand is that they are no longer in production.

OP SEAT is easily recognized because of the two racing stripes along the seat's side and the extremely visible OP SEAT logo at the headrest.

This gaming chair is a high-back gaming chair with a contoured armrest. It is easy to assemble. It's made of breathable leather and has a detachable headrest pillow to support your head when playing games and a lumbar pillow for your lower back.

This brand focuses on giving the ultimate comfort and at the same time making you look like a professional. It is designed so that you can easily adjust it to your body size, making it perfect for you.

Every box of a brand-new OP gaming chair always comes with instructions for easy assembling, seat back, seat base, armrest, starbase, tilt mechanism, nylon wheels, hardware, interchangeable color tips, side covers, gas lift, and ergonomic pillows.

It weighs 53 pounds and has a product dimension of 30 × 30 × 53 inches, which is broken down into square footage of 30 × 30 inches and a height of 53 inches.

It has an 18 inches depth and a 15 - 21 inches width, depending on the type of product of the brand.

OP SEAT gaming chair product line:

  • OP SEAT master series.
  • OP SEAT grandmaster series.


This is another gaming chair company that has existed for a very long time. They are known to produce gaming chairs for enthusiasts to redefine their gaming experience.

Maingear has a five-year warranty on most of their products, and they also make it possible for you to get a warranty replacement in any micro center store, which is amazing!

The Maingear gaming chair is made up of memory foam microfiber and a very firm but soft leather material, which gives you all the comfort you deserve. Its leather is water-resistant and very easy to clean, making maintenance easy.

This brand has put together a gaming chair with a full tilting ability, with 160-degree reclining capability. It has ultra-quiet nylon wheels for smooth movement.

Its armrest is also very much adjustable. Adjusting the chair is no problem because it has class 4 hydraulic pistons for accurate adjustment. You won’t be surprised to know Maingear gaming chairs are also on the more expensive end of the scale.

The most popular Maingear product is the Forma gaming chair. Forma is a product mainly for super active gamers. It is designed for maximum comfort. It is also very flexible, making it easy for you to change the position in your interest.

The Maingear Forma product is designed to fit all gamers. It has a standard size, the Forma R, and the larger size Forma GT.

Other Maingear Forma products include:

  • Forma R Nero.
  • Forma R Aspen.


Corsair is one of the top high-performance technology developers and manufacturers for gamers especially. They've designed different award-winning PC accessories, smart, bright lighting and streaming equipment, etc.

They sell fully integrated gaming accessories like PC, mice, keyboards, headsets, and other PC components. Corsair made sure they designed and manufactured related products.

This allows everyone to make use of Corsair products to attain their very best performance. This is also one of their strategies to make you, as their customer, maintain a particular brand.

This brand is famous for making popular and amazing PC gaming accessories, one of which, the gaming chairs, are no exception.

They are known to produce one of the best gaming chairs that are quite affordable, which is produced based on the comfort of everyone using their product.

Corsair gaming chairs are comfortable and made up of quality materials to have a great gaming experience.

Corsair gaming chairs have a strong steel skeleton with a solid foam cushion providing comfort, and durability that last for a long time. Its 4D movement armrests with 3D texture provide additional comfort to your arms.

It has nylon caster rollerblade wheels that provide smooth movement on hard surfaces and protects your floor from scratches.

These are some Corsair gaming chairs.

  • T1 Race chair
  • T2 road warrior chair
  • T3 rush gaming chair
  • Tc 70 fabric gaming chair


Maxnomic is a company located in Germany, and it is known for selling eSports chairs and office chairs. They are designed for anyone that sits for a long time, of which gamers are included. Their major product line is the Dominator series.

This brand designed its gaming chair to encourage proper posture and, most importantly, give comfort while giving you an appealing look with unique colors and patterns.

Maxnomic is a very transparent manufacturing company that offers friendly and durable support and a warranty of 2 years on each product. A typical Maxnomic chair costs about $300 - $400, which is budget-friendly compared to other brands.

Maxnomic gaming chairs are manufactured by NEEDforSEAT, a subset of the brand that focuses on producing gaming accessories like gaming clothes, controllers, and many more.

This brand of gaming chair has 4 major designs:

  • The casual sport (Small) - This design is the basic Maxnomic gaming chair, which is the most affordable. It gives you all the comfort you need for an awesome gaming experience while giving you a sporty feel.
  • Pro Gaming and Office (Medium) - This is more enhanced than the casual sport design, and of course, gives you a more comfortable and sporty feel than the casual sport design.

This particular design is the most preferred of all when it comes to gaming and eSports. It is a very comfortable gaming chair built with quality materials, which gives you the best seating experience while gaming.

  • Office comfort (Large) - This is a classy form of an executive chair with thicker and firm foam padding. This design has a more extended seat base and adjustable lumbar support to give your lower back the needed comfort, which is why it is the best for long periods of use.
  • XL Series (Extra large) - This is the largest design of the gaming chairs. It is built with big and tall players in mind so that they won't be left out when it comes to gaming and give them all the comfort they need when gaming.

All the designs mentioned above have a 4D armrest, reclining capability, and a metallic base.

Maxnomic is one of the best brands for gaming chairs, and this is because they have everyone in mind when they produce their chairs, so you can easily choose any design of the brand that works for you.

Playseat Puma Active Gaming Chair

Puma is a Germany-based brand that has its roots all over the world. It is popularly known for designing and producing sporty wear such as clothing and footwear.

However, Puma is also one of the brands that produced a gaming chair known as the Playseat Puma Active gaming chair.

They first unveiled this brand in public at Europe's leading digital gaming trade fair, Gamescom in Cologne. It was unveiled to show the gamers how the gaming chair works.

The Playseat Puma active gaming chair results from the partnership between Puma and Playseat, another big brand that produces chairs.

This gaming chair is purposely made for gamers that can't stay in a particular position for long. It is a comfortable, lightweight, and saddle-like gaming chair that gives you the perfect amount of freedom you want while you play your favorite games.

It has a useful mesh pocket, where you can keep your remotes, gaming controller, and sometimes your water bottles.

The Playseat Puma gaming chair might not be like other typical wheeled gaming chairs, and it provides just as much comfort as other gaming chairs.

It is very easy to arrange when compared to other brands of gaming chairs. You might want to give it a shot.

After you've fully arranged the gaming chair, you will be left with a chair that weighs about 15 pounds. It is 33 inches tall, 22 inches wide, and 31 inches deep.

It's small and light enough to easily pick up and move out of the way when you want to sit on the couch.


This is an amazing brand that is highly recommended for professionals. It is a tilting gaming chair that is very much adjustable and weighs about 330 pounds.

Cougar gaming chairs come with a full steel frame and high back, making it easier for you to lean back while playing games. It's made of breathable and waterproof leather material, which makes it easy to clean.

It has a head and lumbar pillow to support your head and lower back, respectively. Furthermore, it has a gas lift height adjustment and reclines at a degree of 180°.

A typical Cougar gaming chair costs about $250 or more, but it gives you all the comfort and support you need, which makes it worth your money.

Cougar Armour is one of the popular Cougar gaming chairs that gives you unparalleled comfort. Cougar Armor gives you the comfort you need to enjoy long gaming sessions to the maximum.

It has a total weight of 47 pounds. It is adjustable and made of quality materials, and this gaming chair has the same features as the typical Cougar gaming chair design.

Likewise, it has a tilting function that allows you to adjust it and control the resistance level by turning a knob located right under the chair when you tilt it.

These are some other Cougar gaming chair product lines:

  • Armor Titan
  • Outrider
  • Outrider S
  • Argo
  • Ranger series
  • Fusion
  • Explore S Royal


If you need an extremely comfortable gaming chair, then this brand is for you. This brand produces gaming chairs that are made up of a strong metal frame and comfortable materials. This helps you relax and sit for a long time without the chair collapsing under you.

Smax gaming chairs have a locking mechanism that makes them stand upright, which helps in relieving stress and back pain. It has a reclining power of 90 - 160 degrees. It also has an adjustable armrest that is 3 - 4 inches tall.

Its removable headrest and lumbar cushion are excellent, in addition to its rocking effect that soothes your back perfectly and provides excellent support to your waist, neck, upper shoulder, and your legs during a long gaming period.

Another exciting thing about Smax is that some of their gaming chairs come with a footrest and are known to be one of the best gaming chairs with footrests.

The footrest is located right under the gaming seat. This footrest gives you the comfort you need, and at the same time helps you to maintain a good posture while playing games. An average Smax gaming chair with a footrest will cost about $210 or more.


This is a top gaming chair brand that is highly trusted by many eSport teams. They are a good gaming chair company that makes an adequately manufactured gaming chair. You can sit on it for long hours with no back pain.

They build their gaming chair with aesthetic, comfort, functionality, and quality in mind.

Vertagear is the type of brand that goes through thorough research before bringing its products to life. This makes them produce sleek gaming chairs to soothe their customers.

A typical Vertagear has the following features:

  • Adjustable seat height.
  • Adjustable tilt with locking system.
  • Adjust the backrest to soothe your back.
  • Firm seat cushion made from premium foam.
  • A star-like aluminum base.
  • Adjustable 2D armrests.

Vertagear has a fantastic product line, and they include:

  • Vertagear S-Line.
  • Vertagear P-Line.
  • Vertagear Triigger Line.
  • Vertagear special edition.
  • RGB LED upgrade kit.


This brand is also known for providing a complete gaming experience to its users all over the world. They do this through their invention of an excellent gaming product line.

Aleavic gaming chair comes with a strong metal frame, with a firm 4.8 inches padded seat cushion made of high-quality foam, which helps promote the right sitting posture. 

It has a full tilting capability of 360 degrees and a reclining degree of 90 - 170 degrees.

Different Aleavic Gaming Chair with footrest has an adjustable high back. It has a comfortable headrest and lumbar support, with a waterproof and racing patterned leather that gives you a sporty feel.


Autofull is an American-based manufacturing company that is popularly known for making high-quality gaming chairs.

This brand is an authorized and credible gaming chair brand for many international top gaming pro leagues and is one of the top gaming chair brands.

The following are features of a typical Autofull gaming chair:

  • High-quality steel seat frame.
  • A high-quality seat cushion.
  • An adjustable seat.
  • A 2D armrest of 7 cm in height.
  • A backrest recline of about 155 degrees.
  • Excellent foam padding.
  • Lumbar support cushion.

What is the Best Gaming Chair Brand?

Before you can label a brand best, they must have done something that is highly exceptional, making them different from other brands.

As a user, you are the only one that can determine what brand is best for you. To consider getting a gaming chair means you're concerned about your well-being, so it is advisable to go for a brand concerned about your well-being.

Your next question will be how I will know which brand is concerned about my well-being, right? The only answer to that question is that you should do thorough research on your top brand list.

You should check if they can meet your requirements or not. You can do this by going through the feedback of other users and also check their online ratings.

Before you pick a brand of gaming chair to buy, you must know how long you play for, so you can decide what brand can serve you for that long without any hitches.

It would help if you also went for a brand that is accountable and will give you value for your money to avoid a situation whereby you buy a gaming chair that won't last for long, which could result from low-quality materials.

Reasons for Getting the Right Brand of Gaming Chair

Getting the right gaming chair brand has many advantages, and the following are the reasons you should get your gaming chair brand right.

  • For accountability, when things go wrong.
  • For the sake of your health and comfort.
  • To boost your morale and vitality
  • To help you maintain the right posture and reduce back pain.


When you want to get a particular brand, make sure you go for the top gaming chair brands. You must be sure of how comfortable it is for you.

It is advisable to visit their showroom to see things yourself, but if you are ordering online, you should do a thorough background check on that brand before making payments.

Don't forget the features to look for when going for a brand of gaming chair. It must be very adjusting and flexible. Its reclining effect should be on point. Also, lookout for a gaming chair with breathable leather and, most importantly, your comfort.

Have fun choosing the gaming chair that meets your standard.

Getting a budget-friendly gaming chair is very understandable, and they are good gaming chairs for cheap prices that will make you very comfortable while gaming.

Best Gaming Chair Brands FAQ

What reclining degree should a good gaming chair have?

Although many gaming chairs have a reclining degree between 160 - 170 degrees, the ideal reclining degree for your gaming chair should be between 100 and 110 degrees. We know you might be worried at this point. All you have to do is get a gaming chair whereby you can easily adjust its reclining degree.

How authentic are these gaming brands?

To know if a brand is authentic, you must check if they are a registered brand or not. Another thing to know is how long they've been in existence, and it can help you know how much you can trust the brands. So it is safe to say that the brands mentioned above are authentic.

What exactly is the function of a gaming chair?

As a gamer, you will appreciate the beauty of a gaming chair if you do away with it for a few hours while you play. What a gaming chair does is that it gives you the comfort you need for your body, especially your back and your neck. So yes, a gaming chair has a pretty significant function.

What brand of gaming chair should I buy?

We will not impose a particular brand on you, but it is advisable to go with an accountable brand. In case things go wrong, budget-friendly and, importantly, very comfortable for you.

Is there a particular age frame for gaming chair?

There's no particular age to a gaming chair, and anyone can make use of a gaming chair. They've been built in such a way that everyone can fit into it. The only exception is height and size, but not age.

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