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Gaming Chairs for Back Support

Last Updated on 23/05/2024

If you want to spend hours playing modern games in 2021, you surely need to find the best gaming chair for back pain. Back pain is a common issue that all players experience sooner or later with everyday gaming.

This time around, we are here for you to help you get the gaming chair with lumbar support for a fair price. As the gaming equipment is getting more and more expensive, it is fairly easy to fall for an overpriced chair with insufficient support.So, make sure to stay tuned as we present our recommended gaming chairs for 2021!

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The Main Traits to Look for in a Gaming Chair for Back Pain

To find the best gaming chair for back support, you need to have several key points in mind. Not all of the gaming chairs offer matching comfort, back support, and armrest adjustment.

Our experts have dedicated themselves to find the chairs that will fulfill all of the necessary components for pleasurable gaming. Also, we have made additional efforts to find the chairs that come at a moderate price level.

With this in mind, here are the top features of gaming chairs to look at in 2021:

  • Customizable armrest
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Customizable seat height level
  • Specifically-designed lower back pillow
  • Headrest pillow with adjustable position
  • Ergonomic chair properties and shape

Sticking with these pieces of advice will surely get you to your final point of finding the best gaming chairs in 2021. Having a decent gaming chair is one thing that can greatly improve your gaming experience in the most unexpected ways.

Not only will it help you play longer, but it will also steer you on the right track concerning your health while gaming!

Best Gaming Chairs to Pursue in 2021 – Our Top Choice

Finally, we reach our top selection of the best gaming chairs for lower back pain for gaming in 2021. In the making of this list, we took all the key features listed in mind, as well as the price tags and overall usability.

Hopefully, you will find at least some of these solutions beneficial when it comes to choosing the best gaming chair for your back!

Each chair has specific features which brought it to be represented by our experts, so pay close attention. Because of their general appeal and comfort, you can even use the following chairs for working from home!

Experience the comfort of the fabric in gaming – Corsair T3 Rush

If you are a frequent gamer, there is one question you have probably heard before – are gaming chairs bad for your back? Well, they are not exactly beneficial if you use a chair made of the wrong material and without proper support.

So, the Corsair T3 Rush chair could be the solution to all your difficulties. This chair is made out of fabric, which is highly unusual with the gaming chairs in 2021 that are mostly made of leather. However, this chair turned out to be one of the best gaming chairs for lower back pain.

It has a nice and supportive racing shape with two armrests that you can adjust. You can choose from 4 different positions of armrests with this chair, while the chair height is also adjustable.

Also, the Corsair T3 Rush is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs on the current market. The fabric material does not make it any less convenient for players that will use it for hours. Rather yet, the material is one of the most pleasant aspects of this chair as it makes it soft and eye-catching.

Another trait is that the chair will not cool down if you leave your windows open on winter gaming days. The headrest pillow is also included in the package and the chair overall provides great use, considering its moderate price.

Razer Iskur Chair for a cloud-sitting sensation

It is widely known that Razer makes some of the best gaming equipment in the world of online gaming. Still, rare are those that are familiar with their gaming chairs and the convenience that comes with them.

First off, the chair is not among the ones that fit into the cheaper category, but it is not the most expensive solution either. It comes with a darker coloring and you can find it in several editions, out of which the Razer Iskur Black series is the most eye-catching.

Those looking for the best gaming chair for back pain will surely be satisfied with this one as it has a deep pillow-sitting sensation. Even if you are a larger player in need of a robust chair, this one will suit your use.

It is made out of two compartments that each resemble a pillow-like form with one being for the back and the other one for sitting. The first pillow is set for back support and it makes a change so vast that you won't even look for another chair.

The ergonomic shape of this pillow and its adjustment levels make Razer Iskur a gaming chair with lumbar support to remember. You can set the levels of adjustment to suit your back and provide perfect lumbar support.

On the other hand, you can just leave it in place to have a regular-looking gaming chair. All in all, the Razer Iskur is a superb choice for players looking for a chair with lumbar support, armrest adjustment, and a large head pillow!

For an Affordable solution – the GTRACING Chair

If you are a gamer on the lookout for the best gaming chairs on a budget, the GTRACING chair may be a perfect option. Perhaps the lower price is what makes this chair so popular with gamers, but it doesn’t mean it has nothing more to offer.

Essentially, this chair does everything for a player that the other premium gaming chairs do, only without as much adjustability. For instance, there are two support pillows included in this chair – one for the lower back and one for your head.

You could say that this aspect makes it one of the best gaming chairs for lower back pain, but the pillow lacks customization. Still, the straps make it fixed to the single position and it does more than a decent job supporting your back.

The head pillow is also designed in the same manner, but you can use the straps to move it up a bit if you prefer. When it comes to other aspects, this chair is a masterpiece for its price. It has an integrated height adjustability system combined with two armrests with the same ability.

Some players just know what their focus is set at and this type of player can use this chair to save on other gaming components. Nevertheless, your health and back will be in place even with this budget option, as the chair is ergonomically designed to prevent pain.

DXRacer Tank Series for as a Premium Option

Many chairs are suitable for larger gamers, but the DXRacer Tank Series can fit even the most robust of players. It is not a shame to admit that smaller chairs just don’t suit you enough and if that’s the case – DXRacer has a solution!

From the first moment of looking at the chair, you can easily conclude that it was designed to last. The standard racing-style layout makes it a great option as the whole back support is included. Even the side-pillows will make a difference and you will sense the change.

These are the main benefits that this chair has to offer to fellow gamers:

  • Several sitting modes
  • Adjustability in lumbar and sitting levels
  • Shape-shifting to suit every player individually
  • Powerful head support

You can also optimize this chair to your preference regarding the armrests that can be customized in 3 levels. Perhaps the best trait of this chair is the thick layer of supportive pillows installed throughout the sitting area.

Lower-back issues are highly unlikely with this option as it makes gaming much more comfortable. The reclining positions make it even more astonishing, therefore righteously confirming the higher chair price.

Overall, the DXRacer Tank Series is a valuable solution for all gamers looking for the best gaming chair for back pain.

RSP 110 Offers a Complete Support

Why just settle for a gaming chair with lumbar support only when you can get the full package? The RESPAWN 110 utilizes the thrill of having a chair specifically designed for gaming.

This chair once more proves that the options with the most cushions for the whole body are unprecedented. In the gaming world, it is important to have a chair that can withstand long hours of play and preserve the original shape.

That is just what this chair does, making it the best gaming chair for back pain in its budget class. At an affordable price, your comfort in gaming is ensured for years to come. The RSP 110 is a fully optimized computer gaming chair with a footrest, which makes it a unique solution.

You may think that this addition is unnecessary, but wait until you try it while playing games for hours. It truly helps your legs and prevents any unwanted blood circulation issues. The pillow can also be adjusted to fit individual players.

Besides being optimized for full leg support, this solution is also great for a gaming chair for back pain. It has a firm supportive pillow for the lower back that makes it pleasant for sitting in the long run. Additionally, the RSP 110 is a chair with adjustable height levels for head support, lumbar support, and armrests.

Armrests can be adjusted in 4 levels, making this chair more than a decent choice for on-the-budget options! You can find it in many colors to suit different backgrounds but every choice will be a good one considering the sharp look.

Ultimate Gaming Solution – Secretlab Titan EVO

Now we reach one of the most compelling picks for the best gaming chair for back support – the Secretlab Titan EVO. Previously, the company has released smaller versions of this chair, but the Titan EVO makes an all-around choice.

No matter if you are a larger player, you will surely be able to fit into this chair and still have some comfort in it. This gaming chair with lumbar support makes a bit more expensive choice, but it is worth it.

Going in for a few extra bucks can make all the difference as you have no clue how comfortable this chair is! It provides a sitting sensation like no other in the gaming world, hence its price and premium category.

The Titan is a superb solution that features the following aspects:

  • Secretlab head pillow
  • 4D armrests
  • Lumbar support adjustment
  • Spacious sitting compartment
  • Customizable recline mechanism

The seriousness of this gaming chair is displayed through its materials that can be ordered in 2021. From genuine Napa leather to PU leather and fabric, this chair has it all for you to select your favorite.

Nevertheless, the Napa Leather variant comes in at a higher price, which is to be expected of this material. Either way, the material does affect the gaming comfort, but the biggest difference is made with the controls.

You can adjust the lumbar support of the chair by using the stick on the right side of the chair. It has an in-built pillow that can grow bigger for greater support and suit your back perfectly. On the other hand, you can also completely remove it in the seat for intense game moments.

Armrests can be directed in 4 levels as well, while the memory foam provides more than enough cushions for premium back support. Every aspect of the chair indicates that it was built to last and that it offers premium quality.

The budget version of the Titan EVO – Secretlab Omega

During the search for the best gaming chair for back pain at a reasonable price, it is highly likely to come across the Secretlab Omega. As we have already reviewed the Titan EVO chair, here is one chance to get almost equal quality at a competitive price.

It is possibly the best gaming chair for your back if your price range for a gaming chair is under $400. The premium build quality guarantees a long-lasting chair with some impressive features. Namely, you can rely on the memory foam in the lower back and head compartments for pleasant gaming.

This type of material is not something that you will constantly see in budget gaming chairs. Also, the Omega makes a great instance of a gaming chair with lumbar support because of the soft lumbar pillow.

It can be adjusted to suit several types of players, but it is fairly smaller than the Titan EVO. This makes the carrying power of the chair smaller as well, but nothing that will turn down the larger players. The armrests can also move as the players please, while the adjustable chair height makes it great for gaming.

The truth is, this chair will not blow your mind if you are used to premium gaming chairs. Still, the comfort and features it offers at a competitive price make it so special and unique in the gaming world.

The design also confirms this thought as the chair is a blend between the office-style chair and a regular gaming seat.

The Future of Gaming Chairs through X Rocker Pro H3

Of course, gaming chairs do improve your gaming experience, but there is little you can do when it comes to modernizing them. Still, for the players that enjoy having a glimpse at the future, the X Rocker Pro H3 fills all the conditions.

For a price tag of just under $300, this chair will rock your world as the best gaming chair for back pain with modern features. It is perhaps the best gaming chair with speakers that are integrated into the original version.

The unusual design makes the chair stand out in terms of sitting comfort and modern additions. It somewhat looks like a dorm room bean bag chair, but don't let yourself be fooled by its looks. This chair has everything you need to ensure the best gaming experience in 2021.

The design may not make it the best gaming chair for back support, but it serves the gaming purpose splendidly. It has wireless connectivity and a subwoofer for an incredible in-game sound that will boost your gaming!

Another exciting thing about this chair is the leg support and the vibration that will occur for in-game effects. The shape of the chair alone adds up to it being the best gaming chair for your back or at least one of the candidates.

Overall, with all the features and traits that this chair has to offer, it is safe to say that it is one of the best options in 2021.

AndaSeat Kaiser 2 Gaming Chair

If you are in pursuit of the best gaming chair for back support, wait until you discover the AndaSeat Kaiser 2! This amazing chair comes at an affordable price, while also maintaining stability and sturdiness.

Made out of PVC leather, this chair includes cushions ensured by supportive pillows. You have one for your head and one for the lower back area to provide the perfect support. As a gaming chair with lumbar support, the pillow can be moved as you please throughout the game.

The form of a racing seat makes the AndaSeat Kaiser 2 one of the best chairs for larger players. It surely makes the best gaming chair for back pain in its price range in 2021. Other premium aspects of this chair include 4D armrests and adjustable height.

Moreover, the chair includes side pillows for leg and lower back support to serve something different to the market.

Are gaming chairs bad for your back in general?

In essence, the gaming chairs can be quite inconvenient for your health if you use them frequently for several hours. It is therefore of utmost significance to find the best gaming chair for back pain to ensure higher comfort.

Gaming can be challenging sometimes, especially for the long runs in 2021. So, a quality gaming chair for back pain can reduce the stress and painful playing which could even lead up to bad sleep. If you don’t have quality support for your back while in-play, gaming chairs can be quite bad for the back.

You can, either way, rely on our advice as we paid additional attention to the gaming chairs with maximum support. Frequently, you can find chairs with speakers or other in-built equipment or modern features.

However, if you don’t find the best gaming chair for back support, none of these features will matter and you will have a poor experience. So, even the kid’s gaming chair should be the appropriate choice from the list to prevent back pain in gaming from the early stages.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we come to an end to our pursuit of the best gaming chair for back support in 2021. We hope that now you will have a more detailed overview of the best solutions for a gaming chair with proper support.

This item may often be overlooked in the online gaming industry, but the truth is that it can save your health. Experiencing back difficulties can be troublesome, especially for younger generations of players. Therefore, this list will guide you through the on-budget solutions and some of the more expensive gaming chairs!

Best Gaming Chair for Back Pain FAQ:

How do Strafe experts find the best gaming chairs with lumbar support?

If you are not that much familiar with the gaming chairs that utilize back support, our team of experts will aid your quest. We take into consideration several important factors with such chairs. Usually, to get on our list, a chair has to come with in-built lumbar pillows that can be adjusted in-play.

Which Gaming Brands offer the best chairs for back support?

In 2021, there are many brands with the quality offering of gaming chairs for back support. Some of the most valuable ones are Secretlab, Razer, GTRacing, and RESPAWN.

Which Gaming Chairs are Overall the Best among back support gaming seats?

It is difficult to decide on the exact instances of best gaming chairs for lumbar support. One important factor is the price tag as not all players are willing to go with higher amounts for a gaming seat. So, we would recommend the Secretlab Omega, GTRacing chair, and RSP 110.

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