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Sophie McCarthy
Since The International 11 wrapped up at the end of October and Tundra lifted the Aegis, fans have been eagerly awaiting the balancing Dota 2 patch that always follows. As a result of the TI meta, there are usually quite a few nerfs and buffs to heroes and items alike.

However, as we’re in unprecedented times with a battle pass that is extending far beyond the reach of TI, fans are still awaiting the major patch. While it’s not 100% clear what can be expected from the inevitable patch whenever it does arrive, taking a look back can shed some light on the subject.

New Dota hero Muerta is due to be released in early 2023

Why hasn’t the Dota 2 patch been released yet?

In iterations of The International gone by, the battle pass finished at around the same time as the tournament. But this year is a little different. Valve confirmed that their 19-week battle pass comes as a result of so many new players joining the game during the tournament. After all, the biggest tournament in esports is pretty good advertising for the game!

The end of the battle pass won’t come until mid January so there are those online who have speculated that this is when fans can expect the balancing patch. There have been no official statements from Valve about when the patch will be out, however.

Despite a minor patch being released in mid November, fans will have to deal with a completely broken Wraith Pact for a little longer.

Previous post TI patches - changes from TI meta

There is no doubt that the hero of The International 10 was Magnus. But there was only so many times an enemy could be tossed directly into the fountain before he was nerfed into the ground. So it goes without saying that the top heroes of TI11 can expect at least a small nerf too.

It’s not all about making heroes a little less broken though. Some heroes that struggle also receive buffs. This is with the aim to bring them further into the pool and increase the frequency of their picks.

The Dota 2 patch immediately following TI also often includes a new hero. In fact, Marci was only released a year ago, which is a little difficult to believe given how popular she is in the scene at the moment. It seems like almost every game has a Marci either picked or banned.

What’s to come from this patch?

One of the most exciting announcements at TI this year was a brand new hero, Muerta. With the tradition of adding a new hero to the game with the post-TI Dota 2 patch, it seems pretty safe to say that both the patch and Muerta are coming in early 2023. This also adds fuel to the fire that the patch will arrive after the battle pass ends.

With the announcement of the patch, fans will also be hoping that there will be some good news about roster shuffles too. After what seems like a huge number of released rosters and players leaving, some new additions will be more than welcome.

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