Battle for SEA Dominance: Skyesports SEA Championship Preview

Ganesh Jadhav
After intense regional qualifiers, we finally get ready for the clash of SEA and SA regions in the Skyesports SEA Championship Playoffs. The playoffs will kick off tomorrow and feature the region's top teams battling it for $15,000.

Skyesports SEA Championship Preview:

Tournament Structure:

The Skyesports SEA Championship is an online Valorant tournament featuring the SEA and SA regions of Valorant. The tournament can be briefly divided into three stages: Playoffs, SEA Qualifiers, and India qualifiers. Two teams from each qualifier qualified for the playoffs. A total of four teams will play in the double-elimination playoffs to crown the champion.

SEA Qualifiers:

Starting on 8th November, ten teams played in the SEA Qualifiers. Divided into two groups of five, the teams played a round-robin B01 series against every other team in the group to qualify for stage 2 of the SEA qualifiers.

Stage two featured Bleed, Made in Thailand, South Built Esports and Naos Esports battling it out in a BO3 double-elimination bracket.

The two teams qualifying were Bleed and Made in Thailand. Made in Thailand had a strong run, where the team defeated Bleed 2-1 in the first round and South Build Esports 2-0 to qualify. Bleed defeated NAOS and South Built Esports in the lower bracket to become the second qualifying team.

India Qualifiers:

A total of four teams were invited for the India Qualifiers viz. Velocity Gaming, God Squad, Enigma Gaming, Revenant Esports. These teams played against each other in a round-robin BO3 tournament.

Velocity Gaming and God Squad qualified for the playoffs after losing just one game out of the three played.


The four teams, Bleed, Made in Thailand, God Squad and Velocity Gaming, are now in the playoff bracket, with the SEA team taking on the SA team. The double-elimination BO3 bracket will start with Made In Thailand taking on Velocity Gaming and Bleed taking on the God Squad.

Skyesports SEA Championship Playoff Bracket Image Credit: Skyesports

Skyesports SEA Championship Playoff Schedule:

The action will kick off tomorrow starting at 03:30 PM SGT. The complete schedule for the tournament is as follows:

  • 03:30 PM SGT 23rd November - Made in Thailand vs. Velocity Gaming

  • 06:30 PM SGT 23rd November - Bleed vs. God Squad

  • 03:30 PM SGT 24th November - Upper Finals

  • 06:30 PM SGT 24th November - Lower Round 1

  • 03:30 PM SGT 25th November - Lower Finals

  • 06:30 PM SGT 25th November - Grand Finals

Skyesports will stream the matches in English and Hindi on Twitch and Youtube. With only Valorant Challenger teams participating (except God Squad), Skyesports SEA Championship will test the teams for the upcoming VCT Challengers season.

Image Credit: Skyesports

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