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Online Poker New Jersey: The Best Online Poker Sites in NJ With Real Money 2024

Last Updated on 28/05/2024
Fact checked by: James Leeland

There’s nothing more fun than online poker. We at know it, and we’re certain all you online poker lovers know it too. Finding the right online poker New Jersey platform can be hard because there are so many out there.

In this piece, we’re going to cover all things online poker New Jersey. The best platforms, the best live games, how to make the most of your online poker New Jersey experience. All of this will be covered here, so you’ve come to the right place to find the New Jersey online poker sites that suit you.

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Compare the best online poker sites in NJ

Who should make use of this comparison? – The passion for poker

Simply put, this section is for all players that are passionate about poker. It doesn’t matter your experience level, or how good you believe you are at the game.

All of the online poker New Jersey players are welcome to make use of this comparison, as we believe you will find it useful in finding some value in our opinion.

Who are we? is a site that excels in delivering all the best gambling comparisons, reviews and advice you’ll find anywhere in New Jersey. Casinos, sportsbooks, eSports platforms: you name it, we cover it. But, we know you’re here for online poker NJ with real money.

The best online poker sites in NJ – what to expect and what we provide

Real money online poker is one of the most thrilling and skilled games you can find on any online casino.

You’re taking risks with every hand you make. We’d even venture to say you’re taking risks by choosing an online poker New Jersey platform to play with. It’s hard to know which operator will suit you, and that’s understandable.

But, we can promise you that the best NJ online casinos have poker platforms that are well worth checking out. They’re suited for people of all levels of experience and can cater to anybody’s needs.

But, another thing to remember is that you’re living at the forefront of online gambling. New Jersey is a pioneer in online gambling in the US. After all, online gambling to all extents has been legal since 2013. So, you should know that you’ll get the absolute best online poker New Jersey experience, and you should expect only the best. However, some operators will offer some more features than others, and some are just a little different.

That’s why we’re here. We’ll only offer up the most valuable and worthwhile online poker New Jersey websites, but each of them will be different in what we present.

We simply aim to provide you with the options and educate you as much as we can on online poker New Jersey. Then, we’ll leave all the power in your hands: it’ll be up to you to decide what platform suits your poker tastes.

Operator checklist: 5 things we look for when reviewing operators – Quality first and foremost


Before we start sizing up what the website has to offer, we have to make sure they’re legit first. This is a critical part of using any operator, so it’s the best place to start.

It’s so important you take that first step and ensure that an operator follows all the necessary security measures that every legit online poker New Jersey platform should.

First off, make sure the poker platform is regulated by the right bodies. Most online poker New Jersey websites should be regulated by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement, so look for their banner at the bottom of the website.

The next step is to check the website itself: make sure it is encrypted, and properly certified. Once you see ‘HTTPS:’, or a lock sign, you know the site is secure. Just click the lock if you want to see who issued the website certificate.

Another security measure you can check is to see what awards or certificates the online poker New Jersey site has won.

So, for example, some common certificates include GamCare, BeGambleAware, and Responsible Gaming. It also helps if the poker platform has won an award like the Global Poker Award of the year.


The yardstick of any great poker platform is the deposit and withdrawal methods it offers to its customers. It’s something that makes a huge difference in how a player interacts with their operator; choice matters.

We believe all online poker New Jersey players should have a good variety of payment methods, and all of these payment methods should be relatively quick transfer times.

For example, BetMGM poker provides its players with a debit card, PayPal, Paynearme, Skrill, bank transfer, and their Play+ prepaid card. This is a good variety of different payment methods, both traditional and more modern.

They’re also payment methods that are fairly quick in terms of withdrawals. It’ll usually take under 24 hours for the modern payment methods like PayPal and Skrill, and 1-3 working days for the likes of a debit card.

Bonus offers

The first thing a player sees when they log onto an online poker New Jersey platform is the bonus offers that are up for grabs.

The bonus offers are such an important part of the overall package that an operator provides, so they should be valuable and achievable to make a great first impression.

A great variety of bonuses will always be welcome too. Match deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, and no deposit bonuses are only some of the better bonuses you can find, especially on an online poker New Jersey website.

Any operator that has a great signup bonus, and delivers consistent bonuses to their loyal customers will always get a thumbs up on our end.

Customer service

A player should always be able to get in touch with an operator easily. Issues happen when you gamble online, even in online poker, and having a reliable source that can resolve those issues is so important to any online platform. Great customer service needs to be multifaceted.

A reliable operator should be able to provide a variety of contact methods. The most popular methods offer instant, direct contact via a live chat function and a phone line. Email is another reliable one if you want a detailed response, but just keep in mind this takes a little longer than other contact methods.

Bonus points go to any online poker New Jersey site that has a 24-hour live chat. The responsiveness, and of course, the effectiveness is also something we take into account. The customer service has to be competent and able to resolve the issue!

User reviews

We know this method doesn’t sound the most reliable. When it comes to the internet and comment sections, we know better than most how strange things can get!

But, the fact is, that you can get a pretty good sense of what an online poker New Jersey platform is like based on user reviews. We always take the majority rules and place them into effect here.

Your best bet is to check out comments on the platform here on, but you can also check on the operator platform itself for comments about the platform.

So, if the majority of customers praise the platform and say they enjoy it, chances are it’s worth the time checking it out. However, if a large proportion of users go the other way and criticize the platform, citing specific, common details, then you should tread carefully and may want to consider avoiding the platform altogether.

Editor’s recommendation – the best operator – BetMGM Poker takes the crown

It’s well known that BetMGM is one of the premier gambling platforms out there, period. Whether you’re using their casino or sportsbook, they’ve become a go-to in the New Jersey gambling scene because they’ve mastered quality and great content.

The BetMGM Poker brand is right up there with the best in all areas. For one, do you want to talk about great bonuses? BetMGM Poker has just that with their free $25 no deposit bonus, which you can use on any poker game immediately.

It’s one of the better NJ online casino bonus offers we’ve seen. Their poker platform is extensive. Laid out in that beautiful white website of theirs, downloading their poker game is as easy as can be.

Along with some fantastic gameplay that flows seamlessly, and absorbs you into it, we can’t think of many online poker New Jersey platforms that can top it.

We also have to bring up the tournaments BetMGM has on offer. They have Sit and Go tournaments, Network Sunday tournaments that have $35,000 pots weekly, their daily $10,000 tournament, and far more depending on your experience level and the season.

The BetMGM poker platform is always evolving and changing, and we believe this is the dream operator for anyone who is truly passionate about poker.

That’s the great thing about BetMGM. Many other poker platforms are just a sidebar of the casino. They may have a separate vertical for poker, but it’s very lazily done, and just something else to look at when you’re taking a break from their online casino.

That’s not the case at all when it comes to their online poker section. The BetMGM online poker New Jersey platform is its unique brand and is so well developed that it’s arguably outgrown the BetMGM casino. Especially for your New Jersey customers, you will certainly get the most of the great poker play that BetMGM Poker has to offer.

Finding the right operator for you – take your time and look around

We recommend BetMGM poker because we believe it is fantastic. But, BetMGM may not be to your tastes. That’s completely ok. There are plenty of great poker platforms available in New Jersey, sometimes you just have to browse through the catalogue and see what works for you.

BetMGM has a more modern feel, but maybe you’d prefer the vintage poker tables. Or, maybe you’d just prefer to stick straight to tournaments, and want to avoid casual play. Maybe, you are just playing casually, and want to keep your stakes low while you play.

We can tell you that when it comes to New Jersey, there’s a different online poker New Jersey platform for every one of those different tastes. You just have to know where to find them.

What we would recommend is to visit our website and take a look at things yourself. We’ve done plenty of reviews on the best online poker New Jersey websites, and it will give you a summarized rundown of what to expect from each platform. Here are some of our favorite reviews, and what these platforms offer differently from the rest.


888Poker was once just a side vertical of the massive 888Casino platform. Now, it has risen to huge prominence, becoming one of the most popular casino platforms in the state, for good reason. 888Poker excels at delivering excellent bonus offers, such as their amazing $88 no deposit bonus.

Imagine having a free $88 bonus to wager with straight away! It’s also gained a reputation of being one of the looser platforms in terms of competition.

So, if you’re in to make quick work of the competition, 888Poker might be the platform for you. Undoubtedly, though, 888Poker is one of the best online poker sites in NJ.

User reviews have raved about how great the site is, and if you look at the web traffic the platform gets frequently, it is the most popular of the 888 verticals. So, we think any online poker player of any experience level should pop into 888Poker, and see what it has to offer them.

Unibet poker

We’ll say it outright: this is the platform that all beginners or casual poker players should use. There’s a great casual feel when you’re playing Unibet poker. Even the NJ online poker tournaments feel a lot more relaxed than they do on other sites.

We certainly think that works in Unibets favor. The $20 no deposit bonus allows players to get a good feel of what Unibet poker plays like. The no download option is a real unique feature as well, allowing you to play poker straight from your browser on the Unibet site.

One thing we have to mention is that player traffic can be very low for Unibet poker, so if you’re looking to up the ante and start playing more seriously, you should try to find another online poker New Jersey platform.


One of the oldest online poker platforms, 888poker is an online poker New Jersey website that values the tradition of poker.

It’s also the most layered – not many other platforms have the same amount of different poker games, as well as the quick payouts that 888poker offers its customers regularly.

Their games are great because there is someone for everyone in each one of their markets. There are low-stakes tables designed for beginners and inexperienced players. There are the higher stakes tables designed for the experienced. 

There are big NJ online poker tournaments regularly, which feature 90% guarantees in a bit of old-school flair.

There are no bells and whistles when it comes to 888poker, and with a low rake attached to each of the tournaments, it’s hard to resist the potential winnings that could come with playing some of these NJ online poker tournaments with 888poker.

One thing we’d like to point out is that elements of this site are very dated. The software and layout of 888poker would be dated considering today's standards, but in our opinion, that doesn’t negatively affect the gameplay as a whole.

It’s an online poker New Jersey site designed for people who like that classic feel from their online poker.

5 Ultimate Tips for using the best operators – how to maximize your poker play

Aggression is key

It’s important, especially as a new player, to establish your presence when you feel you need to. Don’t sit on a great hand just because you feel unsure of your opponents. Put in your chips, force people to fold so you can thin out the herd.

Once you get that great hand, play hard. Sometimes, too, if you feel you’re against a weaker player, start playing hard with subpar hands.

That helps cover up your strategy that bit more, and gives you an air of the unpredictable against your opponents. Your strategy can remain simple, as long as you give the illusion that it is more complicated than it is.

Pick your battles

Although, on the contrary to the first point, it’s important you know when to play aggressively. Doing so every single hand is foolish, and many veteran poker players will see through that strategy quickly. Especially when starting, do wait for a better hand to come around.

It may seem conservative to start this way, but it’s all about how you start. That will dictate the pace and the flow of the game to come, so make sure to pick your battles wisely when you’re starting.

If you find yourself getting a long string of bad hands, and nothing seems to be going right, don’t take any risks. You can refrain from folding immediately every time, just to keep the other players on their toes, but don’t commit to bad hands at the start.

You need leverage to bluff, so it’s important to win a few games to have a strong contingency plan to fall back on. After all, bluffs aren’t exactly the most foolproof strategy to rely on as a beginner!

Back up your blinds

It’s tempting to just fold when another player relentlessly keeps meeting your blinds. Lord knows, it can be intimidating! But, remember that folding at a critical point during the blind is often a last resort. You don’t have to raise every time, just checking can do it sometimes.

Read the table, per se. We know this is difficult to do online but check the response rate. If people are reacting to your blinds too quickly or too slowly, you may have just found a bluffer. Now you can strategize how to get them out of the game.

Remember it goes both ways. If you’re tempted to fold on a blind after someone raises it, a more experienced poker player could pick up on that as a weakness.

Next thing you know, you can become the target of their play. Online poker can be a ruthless game, and that’s why composure is so important. Remember when playing a blind is a critical time to stick to your guns unless you see no other option than to fold.


All online poker New Jersey veterans know that your position at the table can play a huge factor in your potential success. The latter the position, the more advantageous a position you have overall. In an early position, you have to place the first bet and make the first call.

This can lead to you having to raise and reraise frequently, which can be frustrating. But, if you’re towards the end of the turns, you have time to analyze players' behavior and get a good general feel of the table.

You have to use every tool to your advantage when playing online poker NJ with real money.

So, if you’re starting, remember to start a little conservative until you get a better idea of who you’re up against. You’re already at a disadvantage, so don’t give anyone further down the table a reason to press another disadvantage against you.

Once you’re confident in your ability, then you can go back to an aggressive strategy, if that is how you prefer to play.

Coaching programs

If you are very serious about making money, or even a living, playing online poker, you should consider investing in a coaching program. Whether it’s on YouTube, Twitch, poker sites, or even a personal trainer, it’s all available online.

It’s well worth looking into, as you can always improve your strategy in this tricky game of online poker.

Conclusion – So much choice to be found

The online poker New Jersey scene has never looked better. Our job is to provide the content for you to make a comparison yourself, and as you can see, we take our job very seriously. Now you know that we hold sites such as BetMGM Poker in such high regard.

We’ve also provided a few tips that we hope can help you on your journey throughout online poker, and help you establish a good presence in the scene. We hope that after reading this you’ve learned when to hold, and when to fold 'em!

Our favorite online bonuses

Online Poker NJ with Real Money FAQ

🤘 What is the best online poker New Jersey bonus offer?

The thing about bonus offers is that there are so many different types of bonuses. From match deposit bonuses to risk-free bets, they all provide value in their unique way. Every player must understand what makes each of these different bonus offers valuable, and what they should do to make the most of these bonuses. For more information, check out our NJ sportsbook bonus article.

🌐 Is Pokerstars available in New Jersey?

There are some fantastic online poker websites available in New Jersey. New Jersey is one of the best states in the US to gamble in, with online sports betting, online casino play, and online poker play all legal. You also get the pick of the absolute best, and you can see in our best NJ online casinos article, that we have some great games available for players.

❗ What is the quickest way to withdraw my bonus winnings online poker New Jersey?

A great online poker platform will provide a great variety of different payment methods. Whether it’s more traditional payments, like bank transfer and debit cards, or more modern methods, like PayPal and Skrill, there should always be a variety. All of the best bonuses will allow you to withdraw across a good range of different payment methods, and you can see in our free bets in New Jersey articles, it’s a great way of gauging the reliability of a platform.

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