Latest and Most Legendary Overwatch Betting Tips 2022

Don't Overlook Our Overwatch Betting Tips

Once you’ve settled into the world of online betting, the next step is to get better and better. “But it’s not that easy”, you say? Well with our betting tips you don't have to worry.

On this page you'll find the latest Overwatch betting tips to help you take your first leap into proper online gambling. We'll also inform you of beginner’s mistakes to avoid, expert ideas to put the finishing touches on your strategies, and everything you could ever need to level up your Overwatch betting skills.

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A Short and Snappy Guide to Overwatch Betting

What should you pay attention to while betting on Overwatch online? What areas are most important to pay attention to? What’s the bread and butter of the latest Overwatch betting tips? Here’s the basics:

Know the game

One of the absolutely most important aspects of online esports gambling - and specifically online Overwatch gambling - is knowing the intricacies of the game as well as possible. You need to know the characters, the maps and the game modes like the back of your hand to be truly successful.

Learn how to use handicap betting

One of the key differences between esports betting and traditional gambling, is how effective Overwatch handicap betting is. More so than on traditional markets, Overwatch games tend to go the way of the favorite. This makes handicap betting a fantastic way to earn value and well worth learning if you’re a relatively new punter.

Keep an eye on the Overwatch League

Being the biggest tournament in the Overwatch esports world, Overwatch League is an amazing opportunity for bettors to get some value out of their online betting. Keeping an eye on this tournament and learning the ropes is a must-do for anyone looking to bet on Overwatch online regularly.

Most important factors when using Overwatch betting tips

As with any online betting, there are certain factors every punter must look for when trying to take advantage of the best Overwatch betting odds. Here are some of the most important things to look for when you’re thinking about placing an online Overwatch bet:

Who’s playing?

It may seem obvious, but noticing who’s playing that particular game of Overwatch and knowing how skilled that particular team is in relation to the opposing team is one of the most important things to watch for initially. The worst thing that would possibly happen is that you accidentally put money on the worst esports team ever to beat the best esports team ever. Know the players, and you’ll automatically improve your chances of winning an Overwatch bet.

Which heroes have been picked?

For those not in the know, Overwatch is a game that features a sort of soft version of the rock-paper-scissors game mechanic, where certain playable characters (heroes) have specific abilities that counter other heroes. This means that, as long as you know your stuff, you can make a pretty solid prediction of how the match will go before you even think about betting on it. Look at the heroes and you should be able to easily pick the players that you think will perform the best. This can really enhance your Overwatch betting predictions.

How’s it going?

In esports betting, if you’re looking to correctly identify the overall winning team, you’re probably going to have an easy job. Momentum carries over in a different way in video games, so much so that it’s relatively easy to pick who you think will be the overall winner of the match after just a couple of rounds. Overwatch betting predictions arem in our opinion, slightly easier than most other esports betting predictions because of this.

Why trust our betting tips?

When you take one of our betting tips, you know you’re getting the very best information possible. This is because we use a multi-step process for deciding which tips we promote and because we look at all aspects of the online gambling world to analyse which tips will help you win as much as possible.

Our key to success: the tools we use to analyze the daily market

There are many different aspects of online Overwatch gambling that our experts analyze to decide what our tips will be.. Some of these are to do with the gameplay, some are just common gambling sense.


This is one of the most important things we look at when deciding our tips. Just like with traditional sports, the form of the teams or players taking part in a match makes a massive impact on our tips. Extreme swings in form can be very telling - and something we pay attention to very closely.


Are our tips worth taking us up on? Damn right they are. It’s one thing for us to provide you with a reliable tip, but you can be sure that with our latest Overwatch betting tips you’re betting both value and reliability.

Is the bookmaker legit?

You can be sure that when we recommend a bookmaker in our tips, that bookmaker is legit and safe. Our experts run extensive tests to ensure that all the operators we feature are kosher, meaning you’re completely safe when using our tips.

Things you should think about before placing an Overwatch bet

Before acting on your Overwatch betting predictions and actually making a wager, there are a few things you’ll want to think about. First off, you want to make sure you’re getting the best odds possible. This involves either spending eons searching through every market on every operator, or using an odds comparison service like ours. Make sure you’re getting as good Overwatch odds as you possibly can to avoid missing out on value.

Another thing you’ll need to consider is when you’ll be placing your bet. Are you planning on placing bets live with the event, meaning you’ll probably want to choose an operator with a proper esports live streaming survive for you to tune into? Or are you looking to put a pre-match bet on, in order to take advantage of early odds?

Finally, what type of bet are you planning on placing? You may wish to go for a handicap bet, for example, should the competition seem lopsided to you (this is a great way to get value out of a match that seems like a landslide) or are you looking to place money on one of the regular markets? Overall match winner, total kills and number of objectives won are all examples of Overwatch bets you might want to place, but decide for yourself.

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Our Top5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for Overwatch

It isn’t easy to find the bookmaker that’s absolutely perfect for your needs, not with all the choice out there anyway. Fact is though, you’ll get the best value out of the latest Overwatch betting tips if you have a regular bookmaker to go to. Here’s some things to consider when trying to decide if they’re “the one”:


Getting competitive odds is one of the most important aspects of a regular bookmaker. It’s one thing to be taking advantage of Overwatch promo codes, but if you’re getting shoddy prices then it’s no good whatsoever. If you’re going to make a bookmaker your regular haunt, make sure the odds they’re offering are at least good enough to warrant your time and effort. It’s not just about the big names either, some of the smaller, lesser known operators are just as generous with their odds, so make sure you shop around extensively before deciding for sure.

Payment methods

It might sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget, especially if you’re trying to take a billion things into account when looking through the various bookmakers. With the rise in internet gambling, online operators have spread across the entire world. Not all payment methods are available in every country.

If you do the math, you’ll notice that there are bound to end up being operators that you have access to, but can’t actually use because they lack a payment method that suits you. Again, make sure to check for both deposits and withdrawals before you fall in love.

Live streaming

If you’re looking for a great esports betting website, then the chances are you’re also looking for one that offers great live streaming options - and if you’re not, then you should be. Live streaming while Overwatach live betting  is one of the most fun ways to bet online, so if you’re specifically looking for an esports betting website, we can’t recommend this enough.

Not only does it give you a chance to watch and enjoy the competition - with the knowledge that there are stakes in it for you - but you’ll also have the chance to cash out and/or place live bets based on your in-game Overwatch betting predictions.

Variety of available markets

At the end of the day, you want a bookmaker that offers you a variety of different markets to bet on. If you don’t yet know this, you will after your 17th consecutive “outright winner” wager. Different markets provide different levels of excitement, so the more the better really.

Obviously it’s up to you - all of these tips for finding your favorite operator are subject to your scrutiny - but the very best online esports bookmakers give their punters plenty of chances to wager their money in interesting ways, and we don’t think you should have to settle for any less.

Juicy bonuses

Especially if you’re signing up to a bookmaker for the first time, you want to check out the bonus offers. Many operators offer sign up offers with unique generous gifts for new punters, so it’s something you should definitely check out before committing - seriously, sometimes these bonuses can activate on the sly, so make sure you know what you’re entitled to after registration.

Aside from one-time sign up offers, your perfect bookmaker should regularly be offering exciting bonus promo codes. Sure, you can’t expect everything to be given to you on a plate, but these valuable bonuses are out there.

Our Top5 tips for wagering your Overwatch bonus

So you’ve found your favourite bookie, you’re ready to place your bet. Overwatch betting predictions at the ready, here’s how to make the most of your Overwatch betting bonus:

Minimize the risk

We get it: the temptation to place that one-in-a-million super bet that has almost zero chance of coming in whatsoever but if it does will pay for the holiday home in Cancun can sometimes be too strong. Hey, we all need a release every now and then.

After the dust has settled though, you’ll probably wish you hadn’t gone for the hail mary, so one major piece of advice we can give you is to minimize the risk of your bets failing. Bet smart, try to cover your losses with likely winnings, and focus on steady progress rather than the jackpots.

Use your tips wisely

If you’re the kind of punter who only gets chance to play for a short time everyday, you’re exactly like most other punters out there. The key for us guys is finding value in the short period of time that we’re online. Easy, right?

Our tips go some of the way to increasing the value of your betting sessions, but we can’t do all the work. Once you’ve got your hands on a hot tip or a bulky bonus, it’s up to you to capitalize on that advantage by using your bet wisely. Maybe the hail mary play is the right call today. Maybe not. Unfortunately, we can’t give you the answers straight up - it’s up to you to find the right time to place your bets.

Live stream the results

Yeah yeah, we keep banging on about live streaming, right? Well, you got us there, but the fact is that live streaming the results of your chosen Overwatch esports tournament is the best way to bet on Overwatch online. Not only do you get to enjoy the show, but you also get a chance to cash out or live bet based on how the match is going.

Don’t just dive in

You’re super tempted to cash in on the bonus tips straight away aren’t you? Of course you are, who wouldn't be? But it isn’t so easy. In order to really maximise your chances of cashing in big time on some of our Overwatch betting predictions, we suggest you learn the ropes first.

Even if you just take a short period to become familiar with the basics of Overwatch and online betting, you’ll be increasing your chances of actually winning something with an Overwatch betting bonus many times over.

Learn from your mistakes

Hey, you can’t win em all. When you’re betting on Overwatch online, you have to be ready for the eventuality that you strike out a few times. Not every bet is going to win, it’s just not possible, so as long as you keep it all under control, it doesn’t matter how many times you lose. Just keep learning and getting better, and you’ll start to see the results for yourself.

Useful Overwatch betting tip vocabulary

  • Handicap bet: A wager in which the odds have been altered to meet specific criteria needed to balance the bet - makes a landslide competition into a betting opportunity.
  • Bonus bet/ bet credit: Plays or bets of certain amounts given to punters as rewards from bookmakers.
  • Wagering requirements: A set of predetermined amounts that must be wagered by punters in order to be eligible to claim bonuses and/or winnings.
  • Outright winner: A type of bet where a punter puts money on the player or team that they think will win the overall competition/match.
  • Overwatch League: The biggest Overwatch annual tournament around.
  • Game knowledge: A player’s collective knowledge relating directly to the intricacies of a particular game - or in the case of esports betting, video game.


Overall, we think it’s clear to see how important bonus tips are for punters. They can be the difference between total wins and devastating defeats, and they’re advantages you just can’t afford to pass up.

Luckily though, between our operator comparison method and bonus tip formulation, we think you’ve got everything you need to be successful online gambling right here. Just follow our Overwatch betting guide to finding your favorite operator to start the journey, so you two can bask in the glory of esports betting greatness.

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