Latest Dota 2 Betting Tips 2022

Our Dota Betting Tips

Oh, so now you want to know our latest Dota betting tips? Go on then. This page will provide you with our latest Dota betting predictions, while also giving you some advice on how to get started with betting on Dota.

We’re going to give you everything you’ve been asking for. Whether it’s some tips on finding the right bookmaker for you, or some more details about the popular esports’ specific vocabulary, you’re in the right place. There’s a lot to know about our Dota betting tips, so let’s dive in.

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A Brief Guide to Dota 2 Betting

Before we get into the in-depth tips and tricks we have available, let’s make sure that we’re all on the same page. Here’s a very brief guide, touching on a couple of things to consider when placing a bet on Dota:

The Basics

There are a number of different bets that can be made on Dota matches. The most common and popular markets include match winner, map winner and first blood options. These are offered by many bookmakers, with Dota being one of the most popular esports titles for punters to bet on. For the full selection, take a look at our Dota betting guide.

The Heroes

Players of each team select their own heroes before every match, who they will control for the entirety of the game. There are 120 heroes for players to choose from, all with different statistics and abilities. There are three different types of heroes: Strength heroes, agility heroes and intelligence heroes.

Do your research

We wish we could tell you everything you need to know, including every tiny, minute detail there is to know. However, we can’t do that. Conducting your own Dota research will be much more beneficial to you to build your understanding of the game by engaging with the esport. This way, your Dota knowledge will improve, which will also help when it comes to betting on Dota.

Main Factors of Importance When Placing Dota 2 Bets

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Dota knowledge

There’s no point in placing a bet on something you don’t know about it. You wouldn’t bet a winner on a random football match in the 14th division of the Belgian football league, right? (unless you were super knowledgeable, but that’s just a crazy example).

The more Dota knowledge you have, and the greater that you understand the game, including players, teams and their strategies, then the easier it will be to make some well-informed decisions about your betting.

Betting skills

Learning about betting and the whole process will also be beneficial when it comes to betting on Dota. For example, reading odds and knowing the process of how to place a bet will all come in handy when you’re betting on your preferred esports matches.

You will also gain more confidence in betting with an increase in betting expertise, which will also help your Dota betting predictions and instinctive decision-making.

Find your favourite bookmaker

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to online bookmakers, and the decision could even be overwhelming for some. Finding the right bookmaker for you is crucial, as you will have a much better Dota betting experience with an operator you are familiar and comfortable with.

For a helping hand, check out our bookmaker reviews, where we look at all of the leading reliable bookies in the industry.

Why Trust Our Dota Betting Tips?

Asking yourself the question ‘why should you trust us’?

Here at Strafe, we are dedicated to providing you with some of the latest Dota betting tips that are around. All we want is to give you all of the accurate information you need when it comes to betting.

We want you to understand Dota betting – and esports betting as a whole – as much as we do, so you can have the opportunity of having an enjoyable esports betting experience. We hope to give you an in-depth look into betting on some of your favourite esports titles, and that’s the same for our Dota betting predictions.

Our Keys to Success

With users spanning over 150 countries, our Strafe database filled with all of the esports information you could think of. Our experts have committed to putting together the best Dota betting tips that there is, along with some very informative articles that will tell you everything you need to know about esports betting.

All of our reviews, tips and recommendations haven’t been plucked from nowhere – our esports betting experts have been working to build a comprehensive Strafe betting section for you to enjoy.

If you’ve never thought about betting on Dota, or any esports for that matter, then you don’t need to look much further outside of

We’ve put together an extensive selection of bookmakers, betting guides and sign up offers all for you to discover in your own time. On top of that, there’s betting guides and tips for all of the major esports titles, including: League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite – to name a few.

Things to Consider When Placing a Bet on Dota 2

Live betting options

With live betting becoming increasingly popular, especially in the esports betting world, then you may want to take a look at all of the available live Dota markets. With some competitive live odds offered by a number of operators, this could be a great way to introduce yourself to Dota betting.

Is it rational?

What we mean by this is, have you placed the bet sensibly? At this point, everyone should know that you must bet responsibly and have a clear mind when betting. If not, you can cloud your judgment and get irrational with your decisions, betting on random markets and odds in a hit-and-hope strategy that won’t work.

Have you compared bookie’s odds?

There’s a lot of bookmakers for you to choose from when you’re looking to bet on some esports action. Therefore, we think you should consider looking at multiple betting sites before making your decision about which one to sign up to. This way, you’ll have options and it will give you a way to find the best bookmaker for you (look further down for more things to look for in a bookie).

These are just a few examples of things to consider when you bet on Dota 2. If you’re trying to think of more, but can’t, then no need to worry. We have gone more in-depth on our Dota betting guide page, so we recommend taking a look there.

Top 5 Tips for Finding Your Favourite Bookmaker

Is the site easy-to-use?

You should only be picking a site that you think is user-friendly and easily accessible. If that is the case, and you can navigate your way around the site with minimal issues, then that will benefit your betting experience.

Payment methods

If you’re wanting to use a specific payment method, such as cryptocurrencies, then you may want to look into which bookmakers offer this method of payment.

Bonus offers

Everyone loves a bonus offer, especially when it’s a very generous bonus offer. If a bonus offer is high on your priorities for signing up to a bookie, then it’s worth looking for the best offers around (side note: we have ranked bookmaker’s sign up offers that you can check out right here).

Safety and security

In order for an operator to be trusted, they must have gained operating licenses, meaning they are fully regulated and are reliable for customers. A secure bookmaker is essential, and all of the bookies listed in our bookmaker reviews are all legit.

Alternative markets

We are here specifically for Dota betting markets as well as esports markets, but is there anything else you’re wanting to bet on? Sportsbooks and casinos are also great betting alternatives, and if you’re looking to introduce yourself to that, then we suggest looking at these options, too.

Top 5 Tips for Wagering Your Dota 2 Bonuses

Consider upcoming tournaments

When you’re claiming a bookmaker’s sign up offer, you may want to look at what Dota tournaments are coming up. As most welcome bonuses offered by operators have a specific time limit, you don’t want to fall in the trap of activating the bonus early, meaning you can’t bet on the Dota matches and/or tournaments with your bonus.

Understand odds

We go into Dota odds on our dedicated Dota betting odds page, but it is an important factor that you’ll need to think about when you’re wagering your bookie sign up offer. Understanding odds could be the difference between winning and losing a Dota bet.

Be conscious of bet amounts

If you’re a complete newbie to Dota betting, you may not want to place large value bets straight away – but that’s OK. It’s beneficial for you to start with lower value bets and build on it as your betting experience increases.

Check wager requirements

Most, if not all, welcome bonuses offered by bookmakers will have some form of wager requirements stated in the bonus’ terms and conditions. Be sure to check what they are specifically, so you have the knowledge of what you need to do with the bonus.

Use your instinct

The more you place wagers on Dota – any betting market for that matter – the more confidence you will have when it comes to using instinctive decision-making to place a bet. Of course, be responsible, but also sometimes remember you have to back yourself.

Useful Dota 2 Betting Vocabulary

As well as vocabulary specific to Dota betting, there are also some betting words that you may want to know before you jump onto a bookie’s site. If you see a lot of betting words you aren’t aware of, then you can lose interest rather quickly as you are confused with what they’re writing about.

  • Pre-match betting: Betting that happens before an event has started.
  • Live betting: Betting that takes place during the event, as it is live.
  • Cash-out: Where a bettor can gain a portion of their return during the event.

Dota Vocabulary

  • Creeps: non-player characters in Dota. Usually neutral, and players aim to kill creeps to gain gold and experience.
  • Dire: The dire side is the one whose base is in the top right of the map.
  • Farming: The process of earning gold or experience by killing creeps.
  • Heroes: Players select heroes to play with for the entirety of the match, 5 out of 120 heroes make up a team.
  • Jungle: The wooded area between the lanes. Creeps can come from this area of the map.
  • Map control: Teams aim to gain map control, meaning they can walk around parts of the map without much fear of getting killed by the enemy.
  • Mid-lane: The lane that runs diagonally across the map, where the creeps meet in the middle of the river.
  • Roshan: The most powerful neutral creep that lives in a pit on the Dire side of the map’s river.
  • Tower: Structures placed by teams along the lanes. Increased damage and vision of surrounding areas.

Our Dota 2 Betting Tips Conclusion

Hopefully we have given you a few things to think about when it comes to betting on Dota. Our latest Dota betting tips will benefit your esports betting experience, giving you multiple factors to consider when you’re placing bets on Dota.

As well as our Dota betting predictions, you can take a look at our full Dota betting guide that gives you much more detailed information about what to do when betting on Dota markets.

By taking our latest Dota betting tips - finding your favourite bookmaker, selecting from your comparisons -  then there’s no doubts that you will have a much better Dota betting experience. You will have an increased chance of betting successfully on the popular esport with the combination of our advice and your Dota knowledge.

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