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CSGO betting tips can be found in abundance, but most articles struggle to present information in a digestible manner. Today we’re going to break down simple strategies to CSGO betting  + provide you with some tips of our own.

We’ll breakdown the best approaches to bet on tournament play with a conservative strategies that prioritise calculated play. Whether you’re new to the eSports scene, or a seasoned pro, we believe that today's article has something for every eSports enthusiast. Read on for the latest CSGO betting tips.

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The Basics: A brief guide to CSGO betting 

When Counter Strike sees competitive tournament play, there are plenty of opportunities for punters to bet on their predictions. Regardless of the type of bet you’re making, or whether you’re betting live or pre-match, markets generally revolve around picking winners and predicting scores. Check out our CSGO betting guide below:

Do Your Research

It’s recommended that you keep a spreadsheet to monitor your bets and collate your research. This will make it easier for you to monitor your chosen market and the bets you choose to make.

When a tournament is underway, you should be looking to capitalise on your game and team knowledge. However, it is important that you incorporate your expertise into a broader strategy to ensure success.

In the weeks leading up to a tournament, be sure to engage with the broader eSports community by studying competitors, viewing their streams, and aiming to stay more informed than your chosen bookmaker.

Plan Your Strategy

Collate your research and develop a strategy to ensure that your CSGO game betting predictions are as accurate as possible. Recent form and head-to-head records are a great place to start. However, your strategy should transcend your study of statistics, and involve pragmatic decision making to safeguard your bank roll.

For example, seasoned enthusiasts often embrace the Arb Strategy, which involves researching odds and taking bets on both outcomes of a game with different bookmakers. The aim is to balance your bets to ensure, regardless of which team wins, that you make a small low-risk profit which usually equates to less than 5% of your total stake.

What To Consider Before Using Our CSGO betting tips 

Game Knowledge

As stated, studying recent form and head-to-head records is a great place to start, however the standard of your overall game knowledge will determine your ability to compete with bookmaker’s databases.

When studying competitors, either before or during a tournament, play close attention to the tactics that they employ regarding positioning and gun choice. Additionally, you should try and identify any particular strengths or vulnerabilities that a team carries. Being able to observe and read the game at hand will strengthen your live-betting ability.

Betting Expertise

Before setting out, you should take the time to learn how to read odds. It’s a relatively simple practice, however the presentation of online odds may differ to the interpretations you are used to. Depending on the locality of your chosen bookmaker, there are three ways odds may be presented: Fraction Odds (2/1), Decimal Odds (1.50), and American Odds (+100).

Ensure you know what type of bet you would like to make, how much to stake, and how many bets you will need to win in order to achieve your desired return. There are a variety of methods that punters employ to monitor their spend, such as percentage staking, in which a chosen percentage of your total deposit is allocated to each bet, for example £10 would equate to ten £1 bets in order to avoid losing everything on one poor decision.

Why trust our Betting tips?

Bookmakers terms can often seem complicated, but our articles aim to educate users to ensure they can bet with confidence. Our goal is to break down the jargon and give every punter a fighting chance.

When researching the latest CSGO betting tips, we ensure that the advice on offer is informative and educational in tone. We explore favoured strategies and approaches in a digestible manner. However, our articles should only be the tip of the iceberg, there is no shortcut. In order to cultivate informed CSGO betting predictions, you should dedicate a proportionate amount of free time to your studies.

Our key to success: The CSGO Tips and Tools We Use

The eSports betting market, among others, has attracted a lot of attention from economists because they provide a particularly appealing environment to test particular strategies and theories. There are an array of resources and academic papers widely available on the subject for consumption online. If you have the time, we recommend searching for research relevant to your strategies in order to strengthen them. However, we understand that the average punter has a day job, so we aim to take their guidance and share their wisdom in a more relevant bite-sized fashion.

Our experts are concerned about analysing these databases in order to create tips and provide data-driven strategies that allow enthusiasts to participate in an informed and calculated fashion. Prior to recommending a bookmaker or strategy, we use a range of tools, such as historical market data, in order to fulfil this ambition and analyse their daily betting market.

Things you should think about before placing a CSGO bet 

We previously talked about monitoring your bets in a spreadsheet. This should serve the function of a tournament table. Beside the lineups, you should list your bets, daily return and total bank. It can be useful to record your chosen bookmaker’s odds and to take note of the types of bet you are placing too - like CSGO handicap betting.

If you are short on time, or new to the scene, it is generally recommended that you bet pre-match on conventional win/loss outcomes. However, every tournament you monitor, whether you place a bet or not, may yield useful information for your future strategies. With this in mind, ensure your spreadsheets are neat and readable for your future self.

If you do make time for a CSGO event, such as the upcoming Intel Extreme Masters, then CSGO live betting can yield some fantastic odds. Additionally, because CSGO has such varied metagame tactics, with regards to map positioning, arsenal, and player skill, there is a lot of room for unexpected gameplay results, better known as “upset”.

Our Top5 tips for finding the best CSGO bookie for you 

There are plenty of places online where you can bet on major eSports tournaments. However conventional bookmakers often lack markets and game coverage, especially if you’re looking to bet on live spreads. Start off by looking for an online bookmaker that offers you markets that you feel comfortable with, for example Moneyline or Spreads. Before depositing ensure they are licensed by a government body and deal in your local currency with secure payment.

Alongside tournaments, specialised bookmakers ordinarily run promotional offers which some punters utilise to test strategies or offset the initial risk of their planned strategy. This is referred to as “matched” betting, but generally works best if going between bookmakers, as in the “Arb Strategy”. Either way, keep your eyes peeled for promotional offers. They can sometimes serve as a lifeline or be used to double down.

Consider ease of use too. For example, Strafe, in conjunction with it’s betting module, presents lineups, recent form, game statistics and head-to-head records (H2H). The information your bookmaker reveals should be added to your spreadsheet appropriately for future reference.

Our Top5 tips for CSGO wagering

First things first. Consult your spreadsheet. If you take one thing away from this article let it be this. It will help you keep tabs on your finances and allow for monitored practice play to develop your own strategies. Get one. It’s easy. Google docs will do.

Connect with the broader eSports community by following teams and individual players. Often, professional players Stream for additional income. This is a great way to study specific play styles and observe their preferred tactics. With the room for potential upset in your standard Counter Strike match, knowing how a player performs in certain circumstances could be the difference between you winning or losing a bet.

Review Your Strategy

That said, review your strategy and make sure you are making informed bets. In order for efficient play risk minimisation is key. Look into conservative staking methods, such as the percentage staking strategy.

If you intend to bet with ‘game money’ received in conjunction with a CSGO promo code offer consult your ‘wagered terms’ first! In order to withdraw game money it will often need to exceed an agreed amount, usually presented as a multiplier. It is not uncommon for game money received in conjunction with tournament offers to need to succeed 10x the matched deposit. This can be very challenging and will require careful planning as the odds will already be stacked against you. Plan ahead and take care.

Useful CSGO betting tip vocabulary

Today, our key tip is to understand in-game vocabulary as we’ve covered a lot of betting terminology in other articles. These terms are popular with commentators and popular eSports players and relate to the tactics in play.

Buy Out

In game kills in CSGO matches are rewarded with hundreds of dollars in-game which can be used to purchase more powerful weaponry. $16,000 is the maximum amount of money a player can hold between rounds, so numbers upwards $7500 will usually result in the purchase of advantageous weapons. Whichever team has earned the most money will technically be better equipped. “Buying out” refers to spending all of your in-game currency because the game is nearing its end. As in, “It’s time to buy out.”


Boosting refers to an in-game tactic in which one player crouches and another uses them to jump to an otherwise inaccessible vantage. As in, “Boost me up there!” This is a common play used in limited locations on a variety of maps.


Baiting somebody refers to the act of drawing fire so that enemies give chase and expose themselves to your other team members. As in, “Run past that opening and bait him out.”


When a player shoots preemptively wherever they expect an opponent to appear, even through walls.


To aggressively approach a location in an attempt to overwhelm opponents. The idea is to cover as much ground as possible from the beginning of a match and attain ground and vantages that the opposing team will not anticipate.


Killing a player through a penetrable wall is commonly referred to as a “wallbang”. These are harder or easier to achieve with different weapons, and some players are more competent than others using this style of play, but knowing when there is room for this style of play could influence your expectations for a game's outcome.

Summarising Our CSGO Tips and Tricks 

If you have never played CSGO, it’s available to download online. It’s the best place to grow familiar with in-game vocabulary and gameplay mechanics prior to betting on game outcomes. Reading the game and making live bets is the easiest strategy for securing excellent CSGO betting odds, so the more knowledgeable you are about gameplay and meta strategies, the more equipped you will be to digest competitive play.

If you are looking for a new bookmaker, ensure they are licensed and regulated by official government bodies. You should keep your eyes peeled for promotional offers that run in conjunction with your chosen tournament. This can help off-set some of your strategies initial risk or be used to double down.

Good luck and stay tuned for the latest CSGO betting tips.

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