Pick 3 Esports Betting Strategy

One of the popular bet types that you will find on many esports sites is the Pick 3 bet. The bet is popular because it offers punters the chance to win big with a relatively small wager.

However, as easy and lucrative as the bet type is, many punters lose money on Pick 3 bets. This can be attributed to the lack of an effective Pick 3 esports betting strategy. This is what this article seeks to do. You will find an effective Pick 3 esports betting strategy explained in this article.

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What is Pick 3 Bet?

Pick 3 bets involve predicting the winner of three rows of esports games. These esports games are usually consecutive, and the winner of this type of bet gets to win a lot in terms of winnings. It is important to note that Pick 3 bet is not particular to esports betting.

The bet type gained popularity in horse racing and some other forms of gambling. For many years in the UK and other parts of the world, Pick 3 is a bet type known only to the racetracks. However, with the evolution of esports betting and the redefinition of the online betting scene, the Pick 3 gets introduced into esports betting and has been one of the favorite betting markets for a lot of punters.

How Does It Work?

The idea of Pick 3 bets in esports betting is similar to that of other forms of gambling. In Pick 3 esports bets, the punter gets to predict the outcome and winner of three consecutive esports games. This means that for punters to win a Pick 3 bet, the team or player they wagered on must win the three games consecutively.

Before we get stuck in, and tell you everything there is to know about the pick 3 betting strategy, be sure to take a look at the other available esports betting strategies. There's the 1.01 betting strategy, as well as the over-under betting strategy - both of which could be used for all your esports wagering needs.

The odds attached to a pick 3 bet are usually high and with a small wager, punters can win a lot of money. However, while this bet type is easy and straightforward to win, many punters have failed to take advantage of its simplicity and high returns. The reason for this is the lack of a strong and effective pick 3 esports betting strategy, which is what we treat in the next section.

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Pick 3 Esports Betting Strategy Explained

Generally, any punter hoping to have fun and rake in winnings from esports betting needs to have a strong esports betting strategy. A strategy helps you plan your game, gives you clarity when going into a betting market, and helps you know when to cash in your winnings. While a betting strategy doesn’t guarantee that you will not lose some bets, it does guarantee that you will learn from every lost bet and thus making you a better esports bettor. Not only will you have fun while betting on esports titles with a strategy, but you will also win more as your bets will be better than the last, having learned from the mistakes made.

Thus, this section provides a detailed and comprehensive explanation of the betting strategies involved in Pick 3 esports bets.

Combine your games

The first and most important pick 3 esports betting strategy is the combination. It makes sense to combine your games, to increase your chances of winning. What does combination mean in this case? Remember that in a puck 3 bet, you get to predict the winners of three consecutive games. Your predictions for each of the games must be correct if you are to win the bet. Some punters may find it difficult to correctly predict the outcome of three consecutive games, and this is the reason for the concept of boxing multiple bets.

This system of betting involves selecting a series of probable winners from each game and combining them on different betting tickets. This is against the normal process of picking a winner for each of the three games and playing the prediction on a single ticket. While the boxing multiple bet system is naturally expensive, it increases your chances of winning as it is guaranteed that one of your combinations will pay off.  For instance, if you have four players or teams in an esports game, using a boxing multiple bet would mean that you have about 64 different combinations.

Pick and Choose System

This pick 3 esports betting strategy is based on the strategy discussed above. Having pointed out that using a combination of boxing multiple betting systems can be a bit expensive, there is a way to cut down on the expenses while keeping your chances of winning alive and strong. This method is the pick and chooses system.

In the betting strategy, what you need to do is pick the favorite team or player in each of these combinations, and place the bet on the team or player. This means that you get to reduce the wager amount while ensuring that your chances of winning are still as strong as ever (remember that you choose the favorite in each combination).

Back to the example mentioned above, if you have four contending teams in an esports title, which gives you 64 different combinations, choosing a favorite team or player to win in each of the combinations will reduce the number of bets to 16 from 64. Thus, you can thus save more, and increase your betting size.

Pick Favorites Wisely

Seeing as the success of the second strategy strongly hinges on your ability to pick the favorites and probable winner of each game correctly, you need to be careful while picking the favorite to win. It is important to do away with sentiments and emotions while picking the probable winner of each game. Every seasoned punter knows that the moment you start using emotions or sentiments to make betting decisions, you stand a huge chance of losing that bet.

While picking your favorite for each of the games, you don’t need to pick the people’s favorite. Forget the hype around a particular player or team because the popularity of a player or team doesn’t translate to the automatic success of the team. Rather than follow the crowd, do your research and look particularly at the teams and players nobody is talking about. Remember the odds and eventual payout are usually high when the underdogs win. So it may be worth the stress to consider them.

Lastly, this tip doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose the popular teams or players while picking favorites for your bet combinations. It means that you should not choose a team because it is popular, rather your selection should be based on whether or not the team has a real chance at winning each of the three games.


We mentioned in the last strategy that it is important to choose your favorite players or teams based on research and not on instincts, premonition, or sentiments. An important part of a betting strategy is research and this betting strategy will not be complete without mentioning research. Almost every successful esports bet is a brainchild of an effective research process. Experienced punters know the importance of research in esports betting and thus, it forms the core of their betting strategy.

For Pick 3 esports betting strategy, research is also important. You get to know the teams and players that are in form. Through research, you will also get information on players and teams. These pieces of information help you predict the performance of each player or team and that makes the process of selecting winners for the three games easy and straightforward.

When researching the games or winners to pick, you may want to consider the following details

Recent Roster Changes: This simply refers to the reshuffling of players on an esports team. Most esports teams can perform well due to the coordination and synergy in the team, and the roaster change in the team greatly affects this synergy and coordination.

It is therefore important that you understand this roaster change and how it affects the performance of the team. For instance, teams that participate in Dota 2 and CS: GO tournaments are more prone to roaster changes because of the open nature of their esports circuits.

Recent Match Performance: Another metrics that you may want to check before placing your Pick 3 esports bet is the recent run of the team’s performance. The primary indicator of the team’s probability of winning each of the three games is its performance in the last three games. There are different resources and forums where you can check up on different team’s performance. For instance, there is Liquipedia where you can check for the form on Dota 2 teams and HTLV where you can check for the recent performance of CS: GO teams.

Team Rankings: Another stats that gives insight into the team's form or performance over a series of games is the team ranking. This metric shows the position of a team after several games. The performance of these teams over the games determines their rank. Therefore, a team with a high ranking score is in form and has had a great run of performance.

Team News: While team ranking and the result of recent matches provide insights into the team’s performance in the past few games, the most potent indicator of the team’s likely performance in an upcoming game is the team news. News from the camp of the team helps you to know the player that’s off the team and the stand-in that replaces the player. The presence of a stand-in can affect the performance of even a good team adversely. Thus, it is important to follow your teams on social media and have access to their news.

Tournament Format: Away from the intrinsic factors, esports teams are affected by some external factors, prominent among them is the tournament format. The style and format taken by a tournament also affect the chances and performance of the team. Most tournaments come with different match formats, and the ability of the teams to navigate through the match format determines a lot in the outcome of the match.

These details are important in research for any esports game, and with Pick e esports bet, they are even more vital, as they help you make an informed decision on the favorites to win each of the three games.

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Pick 3 esports bet is one of the most popular betting markets that you will ever find on esports betting sites. There are many reasons for its popularity. The first one is the ease and simplicity with which the betting type operates. All you need to do is predict and wager on the winner of three esports games or matches in a stretch.

Apart from the simplicity, the bet type also allows punters to win a lot with a meager wager. Because the wager runs through three successive three games, the odds attached to the bet are usually high. The odds also increase sporadically when you wager on underdogs or unpopular teams to win the three games.

However, with the simplicity and high returns involved in the Pick 3 bet system, many punters still fail to make the best out of the bet type. As a result, many bettors lose money while betting on pick 3 bets. This unfortunate trend is the reason for this article.

This article seeks to correct this trend by explaining the effective Pick 3 esports betting strategy and tips to help punters make informed Pick 3 bets and win as much as possible while having fun at it. Punters will understand the Pick 3 bet system, how it works in esports, and the tips for placing good Pick 3 bets.

Pick 3 Betting Strategy FAQs

🎮 How Does Pick 3 Bet Works in Esports?

In similarity with other esports betting markets, the Pick 3 esports bet requires that punters understand the betting system, be patient and also practice very well. You need to understand that Pick 3 betting is not peculiar to esports betting as other forms of gambling also allows this type of bet. The details on how to go about this process are in our comprehensive Pick 3 esports betting strategy. Click here to read more about it.

What is the best pick 3 esports betting strategy?

There are many strategies suitable for esports Pick 3 betting and it is a bit difficult to choose one as the best. This is because each of the strategies is intertwined with the other and it is almost impossible to pick one strategy and not utilize the other ones. Strafe.com’s pick 3 esports betting strategy explained each of these strategies in detail. Click here to read about the betting strategy.

🎉 Why Do I Need a Pick 3 esports betting strategy?

Generally, any punter hoping to have fun and rake in winnings from esports betting needs to have a strong esports betting strategy. A strategy helps you plan your game, gives you clarity when going into a betting market, and helps you know when to cash in your winnings. Click here to get more esports betting strategies from strafe.com.

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