A Handy Guide to CSGO Handicap Betting

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In this article we’ll breakdown the complexities of betting on Counter Strike: Global Assault with handicaps, also referred to as CSGO Spread betting or CSGO Handicap betting. We’ll show you CSGO betting tips and tricks to interpret their odds and bet confidently.

Spread betting is a challenging means of betting often favoured by punters that are confident in their ability to predict end-game score lines. That said, due to their challenging demeanour, betting against handicaps can be very lucrative, but first we must learn to apply your bookmaker’s proposed handicap and assess their odds before we can gauge whether participation is viable.

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What is CSGO Handicap and Spread Betting

When you bet on competitive eSports, depending on your chosen bookmaker, you may encounter handicap betting. Handicap betting, commonly referred to as “spread betting” or “spreads”, is an engaging way to bet on matches where simple Win or Loss outcomes seem determined or present unfavourable odds.

Spreads refer to the handicap designated, by your chosen bookies, to competitors. These are usually displayed on betting cards for the match as follows:

  • Red Team -50 / +1
  • Blue Team +100 / -1

CSGO betting handicaps usually translate to giving or taking round wins from competitors prior to the game starting. In your standard CSGO tournament, a match will usually consist of thirty rounds, and the team with the highest amount of round wins will take the match.

How Handicap Betting Works

Essentially, according to the above spread Red Team is favourite to win, displayed by less favourable odds, however in this scenario he must win by a two point lead in order for the bet payout. This is because you are betting on the difference, or “spread”, of the proposed handicaps.

For confirmation, a regular handicap bet involves your bookmaker giving or taking a competitor’s advantage. This is to ensure betting is still competitive, even on matches with seemingly predictable outcomes. That said, competitive CSGO has tremendous room for unprecedented outcomes, or “upset”, so ensure you’ve researched the tournament and competitors appropriately as many variables arise with Spreads.

How to capitalise on CSGO Handicap Bets

With some bookmakers, you will be able to adjust the proposed handicap and its corresponding odds by selecting the (+) or (-) according to which competitor you believe will win.

For example, if we adjust our above bet, because we believe the Red Team will win by a landslide, our adjustments may change our bookmakers' proposed odds.

  • Red Team +50 / +1.5
  • Blue Team +150 / -1.5

In this example, the Red Team now must win by three points. Because this outcome is less likely, we have received more favourable odds. However, in order to justify our faith in the Red Team we would commit to relevant research, such as recent form and head-to-head history, and break down the odds in order to ensure the bet is worthwhile.

Pay Attention to the teams

When it comes to CSGO Handicap Betting, something to bear in mind, is the composition of the competitive teams in play and their respective skill levels. Different teams at different tiers of tournament play, will favour differing strategies and tactics, and you’re essentially trying to assess which strengths and weaknesses different teams will extort. Prior to a match seeing play, or ideally in preparation for the tournament, pay close attention to competitors recent form, keep informed about last-minute line-up changes, and study head-to-head records extensively.

CSGO Handicap Betting Breakdown

It is not uncommon in CSGO match-ups, for low odds to occur when a landslide is expected. This can be especially problematic if pre-match Singles are your preferred means of participating.

In the above example, we have listed our spread information beside Moneyline odds which are commonplace among specialised eSports bookies. If we believe that the Red Team will win the match-in-play by at least three points, we may wish to proceed with our example bet:

  • Red Team +50 / +1.5
  • Blue Team +150 / -1.5

In this instance, if we are betting on the Red Team to win with a three map lead, we will receive moneyline odds of +50. Moneyline odds are best interpreted as how much money you will need to stake in order to receive a £/€/$100 payout. For example, a bet of £/€/$10 on the Red Team with the current handicap, would pay out £/€/$15, of which £/€/$5 would be profit.

However, if you are unfamiliar with moneyline odds, or alternatives such as decimal and fractional odds, chances are that you will encounter them all at some point and we recommend reviewing our CSGO betting guide for a further breakdown:

Picking Good CSGO Handicaps

Being successful with CSGO handicaps can require surprising dedication. This is because you have to trial and employ strategies that enable you to accurately depict the scoreline of a match-up. This can require an intensive study of competitors, and when first starting out, it is generally recommended that you follow a singular team. For example, maybe follow a team  that is favoured to win the overarching tournament - someone that you believe can handle a major disadvantage.

Study Recent Form

To be able to get this information, you should study recent form, accolades and head-to-head history, and be following the broader eSports scene. As with sports betting, you should be up to date with the latest news, tournament rules, and any competition your favorite is up against. You have to know which competitors are more likely to win at a bigger score margin and which of those teams are considered underdogs. Pay close attention. This betting style is most lucrative when betting on teams at the broadest disadvantage.

Mitigate Risk

You should also aim to mitigate risk. The more drastic your chosen handicap, the higher the risk. Keeping track of your bets and knowing where to draw the line is optimal if you want to make money. Not to mention that identifying and following an underdog can sometimes be preferable to sticking to favourites. Latching on to poor competitors and betting at zero handicaps and advantages can sometimes win you more money than betting on a dominant team with a severe handicap. Sure, the rewards are less cumbersome, but the overall risk is lower too.

Tips and Tricks for CSGO Betting Handicaps

If you intend to participate with a broker that offers or specialises in CSGO handicaps and spreads, we recommend reading through these quick tips and tricks to strengthen your strategies and play-style.

Learn to read odds

Odds, as you know them, may take on a variety of unfamiliar forms when it comes to online CSGO Betting. According to the locality of your chosen bookmaker and your betting preferences, you will likely encounter Fractional, Decimal, and Moneyline Odds. Make sure you’re confident translating these odds on a risk/reward basis.

Research competitors

Spread betting demands you stay informed regarding competitors and the CSGO promo codes they offer. As always, recent form and head-to-head records are a great place to start, but studying long-term performance across a variety of similar match-ups is the best way to predict accurate score lines. Remember, that when it comes to handicaps, you must consider the feasibility of the outcome relative to your competitor’s broader skill bracket and racial match-ups.

Identify Team Strengths and Weaknesses

Ultimately, when it comes to spread betting, your greatest advantage is understanding the strategies and tactics in-play by either team. Reading their decisions and analysing their abilities will inform your understanding of their likelihood to win certain rounds or achieve a certain score. As well as researching your competitors, you should take the time to learn CSGO’s metagame and common strategies employed by teams. The best way to do so is to watch competitive streams or play the game first hand.

Consider using “Value betting”

This strategy includes identifying opportunities that you believe are statistically more likely to happen than your bookmaker proposes. This approach can be especially useful in conjunction with handicaps due to the room for potential upset in your average CSGO match.

Bookmakers for CSGO Handicap Betting

When it comes to finding a bookmaker that offers CSGO Handicap and Spread betting types, it is generally recommended to choose a specialised eSports bookmaker such as Strafe due to their well-optimised design and the variety of betting types on offer. By contrast, when it comes to CSGO betting, local establishments generally offer poor coverage and badly optimised online betting slips.

Does the Site Look and Feel Good?

Begin by testing the site’s functionality concerning their handicapped betting types. Some bookmakers may only offer special handicap bets that propose a set spread difference and cannot be altered, however others will enable you to adjust the handicap yourself and their proposed odds should adjust accordingly. This can be especially fun, however, in this case, user-interface and design is especially important.


As well as strong design and good CSGO odds, ensure that your chosen bookmaker is licensed by your relevant authorities and deals in your local country. In recent years Brits, Canadians, and Europeans have struggled to find well-balanced establishments, however Strafe took the crown in a recent CSGO odds comparison.

Additionally, when locating Spread betting online, it is most commonly participated in pre-match, as once live-betting begins certain betting types will be restricted. This will vary bookmaker to bookmaker, but once the game begins, odds concerning scoreline betting may not be favourable.

What are Asian Handicaps in CSGO Betting?

Asian handicaps are also increasing in popularity across online bookmakers. With Asian handicaps, there can never be a tied game, which can make for a more exciting bet.

What makes the Asian handicap so unique is that, when you give the favorites a deficit, their opponents get an equal sufficient, which means that, within the context of the bet, the game is pretty even. In order to achieve this, the underdog is generally favoured.

The underdog will start the game with a fraction of a round in their favour already. For example, if Blue Team is expected to lose against Red Team, Blue Team may start with a +1.5 map count in a thirty round match. This would mean that Blue Team would have to win 10 maps to win the +1.5 bet.

However, there are various incarnations of the asian handicaps:

Asian Handicap 0

The Asian handicap 0 is used when teams are deemed even and you would like to remove a flat draw from the equation. With a handicap of 0, you would simply bet on your favorite team to win and wait until the end of the match. Nothing fancy.

Asian Handicap -0.5

This means that the favorite team to win will start the game with a deficit of -0.5 round wins while the underdog team starts with a sufficit of +0.5 round wins. If you bet on favorites, they will need to win by 1 in order for you to win your bet.

Asian Handicap -1

Following the same principle, if you bet on your team with a -1 handicap, they need to win by at least two rounds for you to win your bet. That’s right, two rounds, because you gave them a -1 round before the beginning. This works similar to the “difference” between spreads.

Bear in mind that Asian handicaps can also be found in CSGO live betting too, again depending on your bookmakers preferences.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, your decision to participate in Handicap or Spread betting types should be determined by your ability to accurately predict individual map outcomes according to your competitor’s playstyles and recent form. This style of play is generally favoured by more advanced punters as it demands formidable game knowledge in order to be lucrative.

That said, if you’re considering live-betting, but feel that you currently lack the expertise or confidence for such fast paced play, handicap betting can pose a more comfortable pace. Just ensure that you study competitors extensively, are comfortable with the proposed odds, and believe that your chosen handicap is feasible.

CSGO Handicap Betting FAQ

🏆 Which online gambling site is the best for CSGO betting handicaps?

When it comes to finding a bookmaker that offers CSGO Handicap and Spread betting types, it is generally recommended to choose a specialised eSports bookmaker. You can find a ranked list of esports bookmakers here at Strafe.com.

🤔 How do Betting Handicaps work in CSGO?

Handicaps in betting (both esports and regular sports) are used to make bets more valuable when they would otherwise be more one sided. Find a detailed explination of how CSGO betting handicaps work here.

🗺️ What are the best CSGO betting strategies?

Here at Strafe our team of veteran punters and gambling experts have assembled and curated a collection of professional eSports betting tips and strategies. We aim to break down the jargon into quick, easy steps that will improve your play style and deepen your understanding!

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