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Websweeps Bonus Code 2024

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  • Exclusive 5% Rakeback bonus with code: STFSOCIAL
  • Social casino with Stake Originals!
  • Play with Stake Cash for prizes!
$55 Stake Cash + 260K Gold Coins + 5% Rakeback
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WebSweeps Social Casino
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There are lots of social casinos out there online. Many of these social casinos offer interesting hooks to bring in new players, but have you ever heard of one that hides its best features behind a mysterious interface?

Websweeps offers a bonus to newcomers, but to claim that reward and use it properly, you might need some help. Here at, we had a challenging time putting together this information that you’ll need to take full advantage of Websweeps’ platform. But our hard work has paid off for you, so read on for more about this enigmatic operator.

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Christopher Smith
Good bonus with no code
"I love the bonuses i got and i can claim more of them multiple times without any codes or stress, love it"
Doug Collins
Great bonus
"overall good app and great games, plus the bonuses are really good and have no conditions"
User Rating
10 User Reviews
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Last Updated on 19/05/2024
Fact checked by: James Leeland

What’s the deal with Websweeps’ bonus?

Before we dig into what Websweeps has to offer, let's give you a little background. The top social casinos offer bonuses for multiple reasons. Some of these prizes aim to bring customers into the door, while others reward users for playing regularly.

In some cases, you’ll have to enter a promo code to collect a certain prize from a casino. For example, if you use our exclusive promo code STFSOCIAL on, you’ll get a 5% rakeback bonus.

In Websweeps case, they offer new users $100 in their house currency to get them started on the site. You can try out their variety of games without putting in any money of your own.

How to use Websweeps’ bonus

This promo is pretty straightforward. As soon as you visit the website, you can start playing as a guest immediately. Each credit is worth 0.01cents of the FUN currency, so you’ll see you have 10,000 credits when you start betting. Websweeps offers a vast selection of slots, keno, card, and even arcade games.

Just pick a game of your choosing and start playing. Strangely enough, there’s no limit to the amount of times you can just leave the site and come back for the exact same bonus. Which is good, because it’s hard to tell the method, if one exists, to purchase more FUN currency to extend your play.

Plus, there’s a strange number pad system for creating an account and logging in. It doesn’t seem to actually create an account, and they don’t have a way to verify your identity. But this anonymity works for you! Without the burden of creating an account and gaming away all of your coins, if you want some no stakes gaming fun, this site works for you.

Five expert tips on getting the most from Websweeps’ bonus

Though it may seem odd, there are a few things you can do to enhance your fun on Websweeps. We’ve compiled a few tips to help you squeeze out the best that this operator has to offer.

Fun is top priority

Don’t expect to win any prizes or sweepstakes on this site. But they do have a nice selection of games that you can play. There are dozens of different ways to play on the site, and Websweeps’ free coins let you explore everything they have to offer.

Use the bonus to explore

There are so many games on this site, that it’d be in your best interest to play as many as possible. Don’t just stick to games that initially catch your eye, try everything on offer to see if there’s something new to sink your teeth into.

Download the app

Even though there isn’t much to Websweeps’ site, you can still claim an interesting extra bonus. If you download the app, you get 100 free spins. There are a few other bonuses on the site, but they’re locked behind the account creation process.

Strategize carefully

The slot games are up to chance, but the card and arcade games have a good amount of skill involved. It’s best to learn the rules and strategy behind the games you like so you can maximize your fun. 

Experiment with the site

Because you can constantly replenish your coins just by leaving and returning, you can test multiple different strategies and take notes over time. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play Deuces Wild video poker, then you can practice on Websweeps with no stakes at all.

Prepare for your fun with our Websweeps FAQ

We’re sure you have some questions about this mysterious site and what it has to offer. The good news is, we have answers!

Is there anyone I can talk to about this site?

There isn’t any contact information on the site. If you do have questions about anything the site offers, but our other Websweeps reviews on cover more aspects of this operator.

Is the mobile app available on Android and iOS?

The mobile app is only available on Android. You can download the APK from Websweeps’ website, but there’s nothing from them on the App Store at this moment.

Is Websweeps a trustworthy site?

Websweeps doesn’t have a way to buy anything on the site with real money. The site is secure, and it follows the https protocol, so everything should be good to go.

Does Websweeps offer any loyalty programs?

Websweeps doesn’t offer any loyalty program. You can enjoy playing on the site as much as you want, but you won’t gather many extras as you do. So just keep playing and treat the fun as its own reward.

Websweeps social casino vertical

Bonus intro - learn about the Websweeps welcome bonus

Looking for a fun way to enjoy casino games without the risk of losing money? Websweeps might be just the platform for you. With a variety of games to choose from and a $100 welcome bonus in their proprietary currency every time you return, Websweeps offers an entertaining gaming experience. But there’s limited information available on the platform beyond its games. So, if you're interested in learning more about Websweeps and what it has to offer, keep reading.

Reality test - how did we like Websweeps’ platform?

We’re always looking for new platforms to test out, and Websweeps’ $100 bonus made it easy for us to give it a shot. We were pleasantly surprised by the range of games on offer, which included everything from classic slots to popular table games like blackjack and poker. The graphics and sound effects were top-notch, creating a truly immersive gaming experience that was both fun and engaging. The experience felt a bit disjointed with the platform’s focus on games, but because we were just there for fun, we had a pretty good time!

Bonus redemption - can you redeem the bonus from Websweeps?

It's important to note that Websweeps is a social casino site that offers casino-style games without the risk of losing real money. While you can use their proprietary currency to play games and compete with other players, it's not possible to redeem money from the platform. This is because the currency used on Websweeps is solely intended for entertainment purposes and cannot be converted to real money or used outside of the platform.

Pitfalls to avoid when using Websweeps’ bonus

There’s not much to look out for when it comes to this offer from Websweeps. You won’t purchase any real money or anything, and the bonus is practically infinite. Just have fun and don’t expect to gain any real money, and you should be fine.

Overall conclusion - should you try out Websweeps?

Websweeps can be a great option for those looking to enjoy casino-style games without the risk of losing real money. Their $100 welcome bonus in their proprietary currency allows you to explore the platform and compete with other players. However, keep in mind that the currency used on Websweeps cannot be withdrawn or converted to real money. Overall, whether or not you should try out Websweeps depends on your personal preferences and goals, but it can be an excellent option for a fun and immersive gaming experience.

Overall conclusion - is Websweeps worth your time?

Websweeps offers a range of casino-style games without the risk of losing real money. We love that you start with $100 in their proprietary currency every time you visit. However, the lack of information on anything besides their games can be frustrating for users who want to know more about the platform or have questions about its policies.

Overall, Websweeps can be a good option for those who want to enjoy the entertainment value of casino games without financial risk, but users should be aware of the limited information available on the platform.

Websweeps bonus FAQ

🚪Does Websweeps offer a welcome bonus?

If you visit Websweeps, you’ll love what you see in your account every time. Our Websweeps review has all the info you need to know.

🧧How can I claim a bonus from Websweeps?

Websweeps’ bonus is easy to claim, so you’ll be playing on their site in no time. Read our Websweeps review for more details!

🤑Can you play for real money on Websweeps?

Websweeps has an interesting relationship with real money. Our Websweeps reviews cover everything you should know.

User Reviews for WebSweeps Bonus

3.7/5 – 10 User Reviews
  1. OK

    Not bad. Looks ok

    not loving the welcome offer here!
  2. Time

    I tend to jump into a social casino when I need to switch off a little. So far, I have found the site really good. Really engaging and relaxing. The welcome offer did not go a miss!

  3. Fun

    A really good fun site. Quality games and quality welcome offer.

    No brainer here. Sign up!

  4. Valuable

    A very valuable welcome bonus is on offer here. I got mine and am still working my way through it. Really helps you get stuck in and explore the site without having to worry about credits

  5. Nice

    Nice social casino! They have a good amount of quality games to try out here. So far so good for me anyway. Free $100 worth of credit as a welcome bonus.....NICE!!

  6. not the most competitive bonus
    James McKernan

    the bonus is fine - not as competitive as other places though

  7. slow customer service
    Randall Curry

    The platform is cool and a fun distraction to while away time for me

    it was hard to contact customer service, they were pretty slow
  8. average bonus and app

    I love the site and their app is great too, but I just think it is just okay. their bonuses are exciting and can be claimed without an account too and there's more when you use the app instead of the site, but overall fair services.

  9. Great bonus
    Doug Collins

    overall good app and great games, plus the bonuses are really good and have no conditions

    But there are no rewards program or VIP clubs, would have been perfect if they did
  10. Good bonus with no code
    Christopher Smith

    I love the bonuses i got and i can claim more of them multiple times without any codes or stress, love it


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