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TheScore Promo Codes 2021 | Bonus Code & Welcome Bonus

Looking to get your hands on theScore’s bonus offers? Are you unsure on what their sign up offer involves? Well, you’re in the right place – welcome to our page dedicated to theScore’s sign up offer!

Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting your hands on the risk-free first bet of up to $500! Not only that, but we’ll also give you some handy tips for you to take advantage of, as well as an FAQs guide to help you with any potential problems you may have.

Bonus Offers - A Brief Introduction

‘What even are bonus offers?’ we hear you ask? Well, they are extremely popular nowadays, with the majority of bookmakers offering some form of bonus offer to entice new customers. This way, the bonus offers act as an incentive to bettors to sign up to a new betting site and place wagers with a certain bookmaker.

How to Use theScore Bonus Offer

As we have already mentioned, new theScore customers will be able to get their hands on a risk-free bet with a value of up to $500! What’s even better is the fact that you’ll be able to use your risk-free bet in next to no time – it’s a super simple process! It’s made even easier with theScore’s modern app, which is easy to use and accessible for many.

As well as a risk-free bet, your first deposit made with theScore will be matched by the bookmaker, up to an extremely generous $1,000! For example, if you were to create a new theScore account and your first deposit was a value of $100, the bookie will match you pound for pound, meaning you will have a total of $200 to bet with!

There’s no theScore promo code needed or anything like that – just place your funds into your betting account using theScore app, and you will be greeted with a match from the bookmaker. There is a minimum deposit required of $10, but the maximum is $1,000, so the choice is yours!

Of course, there are criteria required to be met in order to redeem these winnings, including a 60-day time period for the deposit bonus funds to be used in wagers to then be redeemed as cash. But, that’s all there is to it! As long as you keep track of what’s needed to make the most of those bonus funds and risk-free bet, you can enjoy them almost immediately!

Top Five Expert Tips for theScore’s Welcome Bonus

You may be bored of hearing this, but we think it’s incredibly vital that you take a couple minutes out of your day to read over the specific details regarding any bookie’s sign up offer – that includes theScore’s welcome bonus. Plus, as you read all of the information, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of what you need to do to fulfil the potential of this generous welcome bonus offer. With this knowledge, you’ll have the confidence and ability to use the bonus accurately.

No pressure – it’s risk-free!

It’s easy to get carried away with a bonus offer such as a risk-free bet, but some bettors can often feel overwhelmed, especially when betting for the first time. Here, we recommend reiterating to yourself that it is a risk-free bet, and therefore you have the option to do as you wish, without the added pressure of trying to bet successfully straight away. With the risk-free bet, you have the freedom to place a wager on whichever betting market on theScore’s app, and have the opportunity to use the funds again if you are unsuccessful.

Keep track of wagering requirements

As we mentioned earlier, this is a key tip for any welcome bonus or sign up offer, and can sometimes be the difference between yourself withdrawing successfully and losing out on the bonus funds. Thankfully, with theScore, the wagering requirements for both the deposit match and risk-free bet aren’t extremely complex. Depending on how experienced you are with betting, there should be minimal issues with keeping on top of the wagers, and knowing what you need to do to ensure you can receive the winnings as cash.

Stick to what you know

It’s much easier placing a wager on a sport/esport/casino game that you are familiar with, and there is definitely much more chance of betting successfully. Therefore, we highly recommend doing just this when you’re making the most of theScore’s welcome bonus. Otherwise, if you use your first risk-free bet on something that you don’t know anything about, then what’s the point? Use it wisely, as well as the deposit bonus funds also provided by the bookie. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be successful when betting on sports and esports, and by betting on what you know, you will be much more likely to achieve this.

Build a betting strategy

When it comes to building a betting strategy, you’ll have a much clearer understanding of what you are looking to do with your deposit bonus funds as well as your first ever bet with theScore. As you have created a strategy that includes all of the knowledge and details needed, then you’ll find it much easier going through the motions of playing a bet. This is because you’ll understand the process of what you’re going to do, and how you’re going to make the most of the generous bonuses given by the bookie.

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There are always some common questions asked by bettors that follow similar themes when it comes to a bookmaker’s sign up offer. Well, theScore’s welcome bonus is no different. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions for the enticing bonus offer:

If I already have a theScore account, can I get my bonus?

Only new customers can access the welcome bonus, as it is exclusive to those new theScore customers that are looking to receive a generous, appealing bonus to get them started. So, unfortunately, if you have had your theScore betting account for a while, then you will not be eligible for the sign up offer given to new customers.

What happens if I lose the bet after my risk-free bet?

If you lose your first ever bet with theScore, then they will refund you with the same value of funds to be used again on a betting market. However, if these are unsuccessful, then like with any other funds, they will be not available to the punter anymore. If a wager is unsuccessful using the bonus funds, then it acts the same as funds put in by the individual, and will disappear as a losing bet.

Can I use any payment method to get the bonus?

On theScore’s betting app, there are a number of payment methods available to be used. The most common and popular payment methods – including debit/credit cards, ApplePay and e-wallets (such as PayPal) – are all eligible to both deposit and withdraw funds into your betting account. You can also check out our theScore review to find all of the payment methods available on their site.

Is there a time limit on the bonus funds?

For the risk-free bet, there is no specified time limit. However, with that said, we recommend using it as it is only eligible on your first ever bet with theScore. If you sign up to their betting app, then it’s likely that you are wanting to place wagers straight away. Meanwhile, there is a 60-day time limit on the deposit match bonus funds, which is fair in comparison to the industry standard. After the 60 days have finished, any unused funds will be removed from the customer’s account.

Any Other theScore Rewards?

When it comes to theScore, there is a specific section on their betting app that lists all of the available rewards for their existing customers. We could tell you everything that is listed there, but we do think that it’s much easier for you to see for yourself. Alternatively, if you’re after even more bookmaker rewards, or perhaps a loyalty program, then we recommend checking out the William Hill promo codes and 888 promo codes.

The Score Sports Bonus

theScore Sports Bonus Code

When it comes to theScore’s sportsbook, we think that there are a plethora of opportunities for you to enjoy for all of your sports betting needs. As well as live sports betting markets, there are many outright and pre-match betting options available, and there’s a wide variety of sports to choose from. However, the promotions offered by theScore for their sports odds are where it really gets interesting. There are daily odds boosts on all of the major US sports, meaning it is a great sportsbook to try if you’re a regular sports punter. So, if you’re looking to bet on NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB – as well as esports – then you may want to see how you can get your hands on the generous boosts.

Reality Test - Is the Bonus Worth It?

Just like the welcome bonus, getting your hands on the sports bonus offers are super simple. First off, you can find all of theScore’s available offers under their dedicated ‘Promos’ section – easily located, and you’ll have all of the bonus offers available almost immediately. Then, by selecting the bonuses you wish to use, you will then be directed to all of theScore’s available markets for that particular sport and the respective league. Odds boosts will be shown automatically when adding selections to your betslip, and this is a great opportunity to benefit your sports betting experience with theScore.

Sports Bonus Withdrawal

With theScore’s sports bonus, the process of withdrawing any winnings is the same process as any other withdrawal you complete with your own betting funds. If your bet is successful, then the returns will appear in your betting account and will be eligible for withdrawal. From here, the process is the same as any other time, with the time of withdrawals as the industry standard. For all of the available payment methods that theScore customers can use, then head to our theScore review to find everything you need to know.

theScore - Pitfalls

Thanks to theScore’s easy to use betting app, there’s not much to worry about in terms of things to avoid. Once you locate the sports promotions, you should find that placing your sports bets with enhanced is a simple and enjoyable process. As long as you read everything you need to build a greater understanding about the odds, and ensure that they are eligible for the specific betting market you’re looking at, then you’ll be good to go. We also recommend double checking the terms & conditions – they really are useful when it comes to bookmaker bonus offers.

Sports Bonus Conclusion

If we were to sum up theScore’s sports bonus offers, then we would say that the betting site has a number of great opportunities to introduce yourself to sports betting. With boosted odds on select sports markets, we think it is much more enticing for favourable markets to have better returns, making many customers more inclined to place a bet or two. With the major US sports covered by theScore, then we think it’s a great chance to get involved with sports wagers.

Take a look at the Watch & Wager promo codes if you’re an avid sports punter – especially horse racing bettors.

The Score Esports Bonus

theScore Esports Bonus

From our theScore review, you may have seen that there is an extensive selection of esports markets available on theScore’s betting app. There’s plenty to choose from, and therefore many opportunities to use your theScore welcome bonus funds on all of the esports odds available on the app. Both the risk-free bet and deposit bonus funds can be used – great news for us avid esports punters. Here, we’re taking a look at just how easy, accessible and simple it is to use the bonus on the esports markets – our betting experts went through the process, and this is what was found.

Reality Test

Using theScore’s bonus for esports markets follows an extremely simple process, and you’ll be gaining the benefits of using the bonus funds in next to no time. As you sign up to the site, and you opt to claim the welcome deposit bonus, then from here on it’s very simple. You’ll be able to add your first ever selection to your betslip - and if it fits the criteria required - you can select to use your risk-free bet straight away. As well as that, using the deposit bonus funds can be done by a tick of the box when going to place your wager.

Bonus Withdrawal

As you may have guessed by now, withdrawing the winnings and returns is just as easy as the rest of your betting experience with theScore. If you are successful with your esports bets using your bonus funds, then withdrawing winnings is simple. Once you have fulfilled the wagering requirements of the bonus funds, then they will be eligible for withdrawal from your betting account just like any money you have put in yourself. So, you can either withdraw those funds, or you can use them again on any other esports wagers you choose.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid

From our theScore welcome bonus review, the only factor we think that needs consistently considering is the wager requirements to successfully be able to withdraw the returns from your betting account. If you regularly check your betting progress to see the status of your funds, then you should have minimal issues. We recommend double checking that the esports markets you are wishing to bet on are eligible, but we found that they are all available to be used with your bonus funds.

Esports Bonus Conclusion

Overall, we think that theScore has a great selection of esports markets, as well as competitive esports odds, that you can make the most of using theScore’s new customer bonus offer. With the deposit bonus offer giving you the opportunity to obtain a bonus value of up to $1000, then there’s no doubt that you can enjoy your esports betting experience with theScore. There are plenty of opportunities to get involved with esports betting with theScore – check out our theScore review to find out much more!

Alternatively, we recommend checking out our bet365 promo codes page to find a different bonus offer – this time from one of the leading betting sites in the industry.

The Score Casino Bonus

theScore Casino Bonus Code

Now we’re going to look at theScore Casino – a bit of an underdog when it comes to online casinos. Here at Strafe, we think that theScore offers a high-quality casino experience to their customers, with all of the casino classics and favourites. TheScore’s casino is rapidly expanding, and the platform will be a service available in even more US States in the coming months, including New Jersey & Pennsylvania. For the moment, however, the bonus offers are slim in comparison, but we expect this to change as the bookmaker’s casino grows in the near future.

Reality Test

From our theScore review, we found that there are plenty of casino favourites available to play on their betting app. Along with slots, cards and tables, and even a few roulette wheels, theScore offers a number of opportunities to get started in a casino world. The new customer offer can be used for many casino games and markets on their app, which is great news for avid casino goers. Depending on the value of funds you deposit into your theScore account, then this will be matched by the bookie, and you’ll essentially have double the amount to play with!

Bonus Withdrawal

By this point, you probably already know what we’re going to say – the withdrawal process is just as easy as any of the other theScore services. So, as you meet the criteria and the requirements to receive the winnings, then you will be able to withdraw the cash straight away. The withdrawal process will take a maximum of seven days, which is considered the industry standard for US bookmakers.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid

Once again, if you have a good understanding and knowledge of what you need to do to receive the returns successfully, then using theScore’s welcome bonus on their casino markets will be very easy for you to achieve. With a close eye on the wager requirements, and the terms & conditions, we think that many theScore customers will be able to enjoy their casino experience on the betting app.

theScore Casino Bonus Conclusion

In conclusion, we think that theScore does offer an adequate casino service for those who are looking to get involved in a high-standard casino world. There are a number of casino games available, and by using theScore’s bonus offers, we think that many customers will have the chance to enjoy their time using theScore’s betting app. If you’re wanting to look at any other casino bonus codes – head to our bookmaker reviews to see how theScore compares!

theScore Sign Up Offer - Our Conclusion

Overall, we think that theScore is a modern betting app that has a welcome bonus that is there to be taken advantage of. With a risk-free first bet, this appealing sign up offer can be ideal for betting newbies, as the possibility of pressure and being overwhelmed is completely cancelled out.

Instead, new theScore customers have the opportunity to make the most of their first wager, knowing that it is risk-free and completely safe. It can also help regular punters, giving them a chance to try a different form of betting with their first bet on theScore’s app.

Admittedly, theScore’s welcome bonus offer isn’t the leading new customer offer in the industry, but that’s not to say that you should dismiss it altogether. It is also by no means the worst betting site out there – some don’t even offer any form of welcome bonus or promo code to entice new customers. Check out our bookmaker reviews to find which betting sites are leading the way in terms of bonus offers!

theScore Welcome Bonus FAQs

❓ Does theScore have a bonus offer for new customers?

To entice new customers, the majority of bookmakers offer some form of bonus offer, acting as an appealing incentive to those interested in signing up. You can read all about theScore’s welcome bonus on our dedicated page - click here to find out more.

🎮 Are there esports markets on theScore’s betting app?

The esports industry is growing rapidly in popularity, especially in recent times. As a result, more and more betting sites now offer esports markets and odds for punters to place wagers on. You can find out about theScore’s esports selection on our theScore review.

💲 How long does it take to withdraw betting funds with theScore?

TheScore offers a number of payment methods to both deposit and withdraw funds to and from their betting account. In terms of the withdrawal process, the time frame is consistent with the industry standard. Find out everything you need to know about deposits and withdrawals in our theScore review.

🎲 Is there a theScore casino bonus?

The online casino world is now a very popular form of betting, and is rapidly growing in the US as more and more states legalize online gambling. You can read everything about theScore’s casino bonus on our theScore welcome bonus page.

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