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Is theScore legit?

Welcome to our review of theScore, where we dive deep into what this popular US gambling site has to offer — including their incredible $100 welcome offer.

theScore: Pros & Cons
  • No membership fees, subscription fees, or hardware costs
  • It has many categories to choose from
  • You can customize your account based on what continuously interests you.
  • You can follow articles and journalists who constantly publish content for bettors.
  • Being an lesser known site there is less info available

While there are several theScore reviews in 2021 that provide a thorough analysis of the brand’s developments in esports gambling sites, forget about them, because here at Strafe we’ve got everything theScore related covered right here.

theScore Bonus Offers

theScore Bet is the best betting site for beginners. It rivals Unibet promo codes in terms of their offer.  As a new player, they offer two bonuses to get you started: 100% deposit grants you $100 and you can get risk-free bets worth as much as $500. Not bad at all!

Also, offers a referral program that pays you for each new member you refer to the site who then clicks an advertisement. There are no minimum or daily quotas & the organization reserves the right to discontinue this program at any time without notice.

All payments will be in U.S. Dollars. You should expect all rewards to reach your account between 90-365 days from when the recruit signed up with your referral code or clicked on an advertisement.

theScore Review: Usability, Look & Feel

This website is pretty good-looking. It has an accessible design with a dark color scheme, which makes it simple and easy to use. You’ll be able to find everything you need on the homepage without any problems whatsoever. You’ll need to download the app in order to place your bet.

They have many articles that are made enjoyable with lots of pictures about some hot topics in different fields from world news to entertainment trends or simply some trending websites and how they work for different platforms like Android, iOS, etc.

There are lots of ways you can watch live sports games while waiting for the scores and classifieds for jobs near your location (you may need an account first to see them). The backend looks super cool when loading too!

theScore Ratings on Payments

It’s common to see questions about the legitimacy of eSports gambling sites. You may have seen questions in other sites like “Is William Hill legit?”. And you may have the same question for theScore.

Well, theScore payments are legit. They pay their bettors on time and do this through secure payment channels.

Are you looking for a way to deposit funds into your theScore Bet Wallet? First, visit our “My Account” page by tapping on the icon at the top right of your screen. Next, select “Deposit”. You will see that it is easy and intuitive as they made sure there’s always an option available when you want to cash out or add more money!

There is a $10 minimum for all deposit options, with at least one confirmation required before you can deposit any money. You can only deposit more than $2.500 with a government-issued ID.

To withdraw funds from your theScore Bet Wallet, you’ll need to access it by going into “My Account” and selecting “Wallet”. Once there, select the amount of money you wish to take out. Keep in mind that a $10 minimum will apply for all withdrawal options.

You can only make outgoing transactions from theScore Bet Wallet through select withdrawal methods.

If you choose to withdraw funds, make sure your government-issued ID is uploaded onto the site beforehand and that there are no pending deposits or withdrawals in progress before requesting a withdrawal.

The minimum amount allowed per transaction is $10 with an outgoing deposit fee of 3%.

theScore has a plethora of deposit and withdrawal methods, including Visa or Mastercard, ACH payments, cash at the cage at Monmouth Park Racetrack, amongst others like Neteller, PayNearMe, and Skrill. Wire transfers are also an option for those looking to risk more money on the odds without depositing any funds upfront.

Currently, theScore Bet app is only available in Colorado, Iowa, Indiana and New Jersey but they plan to expand soon.

theScore Ratings on Customer Support

theScore is a business with headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. General inquiries can be sent by emailing or calling 416-479-8812, and sales inquiries are best handled by emailing

They also have a help desk center if you have other questions. The only thing missing is the live chat option, but they overcome that with an email support system.

theScore Reviews: License & Security

theScore’s new mobile app offers secure connections and safe banking transactions to provide an excellent experience for online sports betting.

The company has been operating in Canada, New Jersey, Colorado, Indiana and Iowa since launching the service with its first license from the Division of Gaming Enforcement (NJDGE).

theScore is a company that has been around for more than two decades. The founder, John Levy, started the business in 1991 as he grew his cable TV and media empire to include sports betting within its website where Americans can place bets on their favorite teams.

Today, it meets all regulatory requirements across America because of the GLI-33 certification, which was recently awarded by Colorado regulators proving that this site offers entertainment and an opportunity to bet real money.

theScore Ratings on its Rewards & Loyalty Program

TheScore currently doesn’t have a loyalty program, but it does have a fan experience program.

The company has a long-standing commitment to creating an excellent experience for sports fans. And so, theScore Fan Experience Program was born.

The program is designed to help those who love sports to connect with their favorite teams and athletes. They do this through live chats, live text commenting during games, Monday coverage of league meetings, awards ceremonies and special offers from their partners.

Families can also take advantage of this offer by using it as a family time activity, moms often say that teaching children about sports builds character and self-esteem.

The Score Sports Betting

Sports Betting and Live Betting

theScore is a great place to go for would-be gamblers. They have a history going back many years and offer up several odds and betting propositions that will suit the needs of any gambler.

For those who want a good, reputable sportsbook but are not sure where to start, they can’t do better than theScore.

All one has to do is browse their website for a while and then pick out their favorites and deposit money to open an account with theScore Sportsbook.

theScore combines the two most popular online sports betting sites out there – Bet365 and Skybet. It has pretty good odds, excellent customer service and swift payouts.

If you have read some Bet365 reviews, you can tell that their service is quite similar. You can take a look at its sports betting vertical here.

Betting markets 

theScore’s sports betting market is pretty robust. It offers a betting exchange, and with bets taking place in real-time at any time, there’s plenty of opportunity for action on whatever sporting event captures your interest.

You can also create your lineups to challenge other people and bet against them. Who doesn’t love a bit of competition?

If you play an underdog well before the game starts, that lineup style might make some cash if the game goes to overtime or beyond.

Live Betting

Live betting and streaming are great options for predicting the outcomes of sporting events. It is helpful if you’re not located near a TV or if the game is happening in a different time zone in the future.

It’s also a great way to learn about how games work so that you can better predict who will win or lose when you eventually get round to watching.

Whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, soccer, hockey – any sport with different teams- there are many bettors on this social platform who look forward to predicting what will happen next.


One of the things you’ll love about theScore is the live odds feature – it updates as soon as stats are available from different sports events worldwide. It helps you to figure out exactly how likely it is for a team or athlete to win over another will be easier than ever before.

Of course, ALL sports betting is a gamble, but at least with theScore, you can rack up points in the process and redeem them for cash rewards like free drinks from theScore app.


Your Eligible Balance is the amount of money they have on their account. You cannot make a bet if it would bring your balance below zero or go over any limit set by SDSVI.

The betting limits for anyone are determined, in part, by what type of consumer you are, your gambling background, and how much time you spend playing games online.

This means that while one person may only make bets up to £5 per selection, others might be allowed wagers as high as £50 at once.


Innovation is all the rage nowadays. theScore Sports Betting has been at it for over 20 years, and they’re not slowing down any time soon!

theScore’s betting site offers various sports to bet on with odds updated live by professional analysts, who are always looking out for your best interest.

They have information about games that you can’t find anywhere else. With this information, users no longer need to worry if an event falls or isn’t available in-play. Even if there’s no score update during the game, theScore will still make sure that the customer knows what happened within minutes.

It is all thanks to their 24/7 coverage across TV screens around the world as well as their social media streaming platforms like Facebook Live and Instagram Stories.

The Score ESports


theScore has been in the eSports business for over ten years. They have grown to be one of the most prominent players in the field today, broadcasting more than 20 major events per year, including ESL and ELEAGUE.

theScore eSports also employs some of the best commentators, such as Henry Greer, who has worked at CBS Sports Network since 2008, and James Gannon from ESPN2/ESPNU.

Their app informs readers on the latest developments in competitive gaming such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and CS:GO. It also provides statistics about your favorite streaming platforms including YouTube Live, Twitch TV, Hitbox TV and Azubu Streaming. You can also find tournament standings there or view recent interviews with various professionals and personalities within the industry.

There are two type of bonuses for new players. The first is a 100% deposit match up to $100, and the second bonus is an offer of $500 worth of free bets.

They’ve covered many eSports events such as:

  • Intel Extreme Masters World Championship for League of Legends;
  • The International for DOTA2;
  • Northern Arena Finals for CS:GO


theScore has been hosting tournaments for years. Some of the more popular ones have included League Of Legends, FIFA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

They are known in the gaming community as one of the best tournament organizers because they always provide a fair playing field. And that’s not all!

They also have professional commentators to call games live on air. They can make you feel like you’re right at home watching your favorite players compete!

theScore eSports games are organized in a ranking system as follows:

  • Rivals Championship – No Tier
  • Become Legend – Masters
  • Global Battle-Grounds Circuit – Legends
  • Collegiate Conquest Tournament Series – Diamond to Platinum
  • Random Battles Only Free Entry
  • CTF Tournament for Qualifying Play of TF2 and CSGO with Rank Restrictions


The odds of betting in eSports at theScore are the same as any other sport. It takes money to make money, so players should never bet on anything they cannot afford to lose.

eSports are changing daily and new ones are popping up regularly, which means game-specific information can change just as quickly.

Still, 67% of people that bet on CSGO make a profit every year, according to PDO PROOF research. That’s leaps and bounds higher than those who do not get into eSports at all!

Live Betting and Streaming

Did you know that theScore has updated information on all significant eSports teams, with team profiles, stats and reviews?

Get second-by-second updates from your favorite games, follow players and tournaments feeds. Check out the posts for each team to find stats and records for every professional team in the competitive scene. You can watch or place a bet on any game live on theScore eSports.

You’ll find that it fares better than its competitors.


theScore has excellent resources for coverage in each competitive game. Plus, they set some cool content aside on timelines next to articles and reviews on specific teams or players.

theScore has been hosting eSports events for several years now. They have a long history of success with their coverage on the international level, but they are also looking to expand further into North America soon!

The Score Casino

Highlights & Software

theScore has been a public company on the Toronto Stock Exchange for over ten years.

In that time, they’ve grown their digital content to meet changing media consumption habits and created innovative ways of bringing sports news into people’s lives by expanding beyond traditional broadcasting, they’ve branched out into web-based platforms and social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Their mobile app is Canada’s most popular, with more than 55 million downloads across all major smartphone operating systems in North America.

The key metric used when assessing betting organizations’ success is handling the total amount wagered at any given point during an event – ranging from individual bets placed down to a millions bet between two rival gambling houses.

theScore Casino is the best place to play your favorite games and win big! You’ll find that it rivals 888 ratings with its wide variety of games.

Whether it’s in a casino or on our website, you won’t want to go anywhere else. Our professional customer service team members are always available for questions about promos, deposits, slots tournaments, and much more.


The theScore Live Casino app is a game-changer. The last thing you want to do when playing casino games, whether online or off, is to be interrupted by an ad every few minutes of gameplay.

With theScore’s mobile apps for iOS and Android devices, players can enjoy uninterrupted play while still getting their fix on breaking news in sports with up-to-date scores from all major leagues, including NBA, MLB and NHL.

Game Portfolio

theScore Live Casino games are the most expensive and modern casino online. With a wide variety of tables, slot machines, video poker, and other live dealer games to choose from, there’s something for every taste!

Live Casino

theScore has created an interactive live casino experience where you can play roulette, blackjack, poker or baccarat against other players for real money!

You’ll play with some of the best card sharks from across North America, like card-counting geniuses such as Vegas’ own Jimmy Fuhrman (who’s won almost $2 million) or expert game theorists like the Bostonian John Catucci Jr.


You will need to be aware of how SDSVI may limit your access. Know that they can impose limits on the number of bank accounts you associate with your account, as well as limiting the amount you can spend at any given time.

They also use know-your-customer procedures and perform anti-money laundering checks when depositing or withdrawing funds from an account to ensure a safe environment for trading cryptocurrency.


theScore Casino is the best place to play your favorite games and win great prizes.

A fantastic casino, theScore has everything you could ever want:

  • Top-notch security measures that keep both players and their personal information safe.
  • Generous bonuses for new members who sign up right away.
  • A variety of table games such as roulette or blackjack, which can be played against dealers using live video streamed straight from Vegas casinos!

It’s all here at this beautiful establishment where time flies by so fast that it feels like just yesterday when we started our first game.

theScoreBet Casino has been in operation since 2014, with more than 10 million customer visits recorded so far this year alone.

Members can enjoy playing at their leisure without fear because they are backed by one of Canada’s top online casino administrators – Playtech Casinos UK Limited and its affiliate company Primetime Gaming Incorporated.

“The operators have a long track record in the online sports betting arena – trading under the name Sporting Index since 1997.” It’s nice to know that theScore is run by qualified individuals who know what they’re doing!

In conclusion, it will be worth your time to at least try it.

Is theScore Legit?

theScore is a mobile app that delivers sports news and scores in real-time, giving users the ability to customize their preferences for specific teams. The app has been downloaded by millions of people across North America and Europe since its release last year.

You can also get live updates on injuries or trades in the league they follow most closely. For those who don’t have time to watch all the games, theScore will keep you updated without having to do any research yourself! If you love sports but hate watching it because of commercials, you can give theScore a try.


✅Is theScore Legit?

It’s legit. theScore has been reviewed by H2 Gambling Capital which rated them an A+, so you can see for yourself and decide if they are worth your time or not!

💲How Can I View All My Transactions?

If you want even more detailed stats about your funds, tap “Account History,” which will give a complete history of every transaction in chronological order, detailing each deposit or withdrawal with individual amounts listed for easy reference and review.

🚀How to Deposit Money in theScore?

To deposit funds into your theScore Bet Wallet, visit the “My Account”, tap “Deposit” and select the dollar amount you would like to deposit. Next, tap “Continue” until you get to the next window. There will be more instructions about how you can complete your verification.

✨How to Withdraw Funds?

To withdraw money from your theScore Bet Wallet, visit “My Account” and select “Wallet.” There, you can choose how much to take out. Keep in mind a minimum of $10 will apply for all withdrawal methods.

🌈How to Check Your Account Balance?

You can access your account information by tapping the profile icon at the top-right of any page. You’ll be able to see all transactions, deposits, and withdrawals from that point forward on one convenient screen.

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