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Stay on Track! SportingIndex Reviews 2021

Is SportingIndex Legit or a Scam?

SportingIndex was founded in London all the way back in 1992, and you’d assume that a company with nearly 30 years’ history would not be a scam. But is SportingIndex legit? We tried it out to find out.

Of all the sports betting companies out there, SportingIndex gets a lot of people talking. Plus, they now run casino games on their site, so you can enjoy the full gambling package there. But do they do it well, and are they still one of the top names in sports betting? Read our SportingIndex review to find out.

SportingIndex Bonus Offer: Free cash for UK players

  • A huge range of markets across many different levels of a variety of sports to bet on.
  • 24/7 customer service on the phone, plus several other communication methods available such as a live chat.
  • Interesting no-deposit bonus and relatively easy wagering requirements to claim bonus funds.
  • Top security measures.
  • No live streaming.
  • No eSports offering.

A strong bonus offer is a sure-fire way to bring in new customers, almost regardless of how good the site actually is. Because SportingIndex is not currently licensed to operate in the USA, we’re going to be taking a look at its UK offer while referring to currency in GBP for the remainder of this article (and quietly hoping that it comes to the US as soon as possible!)

New customers in the UK will get £25 free bonus cash just for signing up on its spread betting site. That’s right, no deposit is required whatsoever - you just need to sign up and start playing. This bonus is a lot more generous than the STS one, for example. You can read about that when we deciphered the answer of ‘Is STS legit?

If you prefer to opt for fixed odds betting, you can opt for the second choice of SportingIndex welcome bonus, and that is a free £10 bet when you place 4 x £5 bets after you register for an account.

As you can see, the second option is nowhere near as generous as the first, as SportingIndex specializes in spread betting and wants its customers to get involved with that as opposed to fixed odds. We’ll explain a little more about that later on in this article.

As far as we can tell, there is no specific bonus for the SportingIndex casino, and it does not look like you can use your other bonuses to play casino games. This is a little annoying, and definitely leaves a small bad mark on our SportingIndex review. Casino players may wish to look elsewhere.

Usability, Look & Feel: Should I use the website or mobile app?

The SportingBet website isn’t the most visually appealing in the world, especially when compared to the awesome website designs of some of its competitors, but on the plus side, it is super easy to use thanks to a sensible layout and solid organization overall.

The site itself looks as if it has not been given a makeover for a few years, and could probably do with one before it starts to look seriously dated. However, SportingIndex does have a mobile app that you can download on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store, and it’s pretty good to use!

If you’d like to see a website and app that really stands out from the crowd in terms of its quality, take a look at our Bethard rating.

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Payments: The options on the table

Just like all good casinos and sportsbooks, SportingIndex offers fast payments. The cashout time for the likes of is as quick as it can be, and any funds returned to your account should be with you in under 7 days.

Unfortunately, there are limited options when it comes to depositing and withdrawing at SportingIndex. Effectively, you can only deposit with a debit card as credit cards, Skrill, Neteller and the rest are not an option.

This might be frustrating for some players. So, if you were thinking of using a different deposit method, you’re going to have to re-evaluate this or look elsewhere.

Another point worth noting is that there is a blanket £10 minimum deposit of £10 across all of the books at SportingIndex. Again, this might not bother some punters out there but if you are looking to place very small bets then you might have to deposit tactically.

Most bookies will allow you to bet from as little as £5. Some even have no minimum deposits at all! If that sounds like the sort of thing you would find interesting, we recommend taking a look at our Spreadex review.

Customer Support: Help when it counts

One of the highlights of SportingIndex review, and something that proves that there is certainly no SportingIndex scam, is the fact that the team offers 24/7 customer support over the phone. So, if you have any issues from the moment you try to sign up through to when you are betting or withdrawing, you can pick up the phone and give them a call.

If you prefer the live chat option, you can reach out to SportingIndex for most hours of the day, but it does close overnight. On top of this, you can even write to SportingIndex if you prefer the more old-fashioned means of communication. Top marks for customer support here.

License & Security: where can I play?

Perhaps the worst thing in our SportingIndex review is simply the fact that this organization does not currently have the correct licenses to be able to operate in the US! This will come as sad news for all our USA-based readers out there.

Hopefully, this will change in the future. Until then, you might have to head to somewhere like the UK to play. Sporting Index is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission so British players can use the site to their hearts’ content.

Rewards & Loyalty Programme: free stuff just for signing up

Where do you go when you have played through your welcome bonus at SportingIndex? Ongoing rewards are pretty essential business for a sportsbook, as they ensure that customers stick around instead of signing up for another betting site elsewhere.

While SportingIndex does not offer a loyalty programme as such, there are a number of different, exciting bonuses on the go at any one time to keep players entertained. At the moment, SportingIndex players can make the most of the following:

  • 2UP Early Payout: if the soccer team that you have bet on goes two goals up at any time, SportingIndex will pay out as if it is a win in the form of an early payout. Even if the opposing team comes back to equalize or even to win. This is true for both single match bets and accumulators!
  • Enhanced Odds: SportingIndex will choose a selection of things from every English Premier League soccer weekend that they think will be likely to happen and offer enhanced odds on that in the form of a package. At the time of writing, this is three teams to win, and the odds have been lifted from 9/2 to 6/1 - a bettering of 50%.

Player specials: it also appears to be the case that SportingIndex will choose one match from an English Premier League weekend to offer enhanced odds for a particular market for a selection of players. Right now, you can get better odds on the number of completed passes from a particular selection of players.

SportingIndex Sports Betting

SportingIndex Sports Betting

It’s clear to see that SportingIndex’s speciality is in its sports betting. This is how the company was founded, and it's what makes SportingIndex legit. Let’s take a closer look at SportingIndex sports betting.

Betting Markets

SportingIndex offers two types of betting: fixed odds and spread betting. Fixed odds is the type of sports betting you would be used to seeing, but SportingIndex actually specializes in spread betting, which works a little differently.

Here, you will need to ‘buy’ and ‘sell’ your bets, based on a constantly fluctuating market that is based on what the bookmaker believes the outcome of the bet is going to be. It sounds a little confusing, and it might take some getting used to, but it can actually be a lot of fun!

SportingIndex accounts for over 80% of the market share for spread betting. This goes to show how spread betting is rated by other bookmakers, or maybe it’s simply the case that other bookmakers do not feel like they would stand a chance in comparison to a company that is clearly dominating the business!

Either way, the markets that are on offer are good. There is a decent amount of things to bet on at SportingIndex, and this is made all the more exciting by the random enhanced odds that we talked about earlier on.

Players can bet on US sports, too. SportingIndex offers a wide range of markets on football and baseball, but no hockey or basketball, interestingly.


There isn’t much to compare SportingIndex too in terms of its odds, simply because spread betting is quite rare, but from the limited comparisons out there, it’s safe to say that SportingIndex offers reasonable odds.

We have established this by comparing some like-for-like odds from other spread betting sites, and the overall result is that SportingIndex offers pretty good odds. As for its fixed price odds, SportingIndex comes in fairly average.

And once again, those random enhanced odds that SportingIndex offers specials on are very strong. We recommend taking a look at those if you are into your soccer betting.

Live Betting & Streaming

At this stage in time, it appears to be the case that SportingIndex does not offer live streaming of any of its in-play sports. This is a little disappointing, as it can be a lot of fun to actually watch the games or matches that you are betting on, and we know that some of the SportingIndex competitors do offer some live streams.

What SportingIndex does offer, however, is live graphics for a lot of its games. This means you can see the stats update in real time, and in some cases, even see who has the ball in a soccer match or who is about to take the next shot (and what the outcome of that shot was) in a game of golf, for example.

This is a cool way to help players feel more involved in the gameplay, and definitely delivers a more satisfying betting experience. The way that these live graphics are presented looks great, too. In fact, it’s probably the most visually pleasing part of both the website and the mobile app.


Is there a cap on how much cash you can win in one go or on a single day at SportingIndex? Actually, this does not appear to be the case. As far as we can tell, there is no win limit or withdrawal limit at SportingIndex.

So, if you were to put down a massive stake on an unlikely market, you could, in theory, win a tonne of money! Lots of online sportsbooks have some kind of win or withdrawal limit (even if it is in the millions) so that they can avoid handing over too much cash in a single transaction, and we are happy to see that this is not the case with SportingIndex.

A tick in the box for our SportingIndex review here, for sure. Especially for the high rollers out there!

Product Summary & Conclusion

We love the fact that SportingIndex brings something a little different to the table with its spread betting, and that it does spread betting well with some decent odds. We’re also big fans of how you can find yourself more immersed with your betting thanks to some awesome live graphics.

One area that SportingIndex could do better on would be to add more sports to its portfolio of markets. We were already disappointed to see that it is not possible to bet on eSports at SportingIndex, and it is even more disappointing still that we cannot bet on the likes of basketball or hockey.

Still, SportingIndex does appeal more to British people, and you can tell from the sports that are available. Who knows? Maybe one day SportingIndex will open its doors to US customers and add some more sports to its lineup as it does so!

SportingIndex Casino

SportingIndex Casino

The SportingIndex casino may be limited, but it does exist, so it would be rude of us not to check it out and offer some thoughts on it. It’s still an important part of our SportingIndex review! Here’s a look over the brief area of the website that is the SportingIndex casino.


The number of casino games available at SportingIndex is limited, and the reason for this is that there aren’t many game providers signed up to do business with this casino. In fact, it seems to be the case that there is only one game provider for the SportingIndex casino. 

The name of that company is EveryMatrix. Don’t worry, we hadn’t heard of them either until we did some digging to find out more about the SportingIndex casino. This Malta-based company was founded in 2008 and actually has over 120 clients to its name. So, there’s a good chance that we will see this name more often in the future!

Game Portfolio

The actual game selection at the SportingIndex casino is not particularly strong. There are 10 games going at the time of writing, including the following:

  • A pretty basic slot machine called ‘Slots’
  • A game of Texas Hold ‘em Poker
  • A horse racing game called ‘Kennington Park’
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack

There are a few more on the list that might take your eye. However, we’re hoping that SportingIndex and EveryMatrix add a few more games to their roster to keep the casino-minded players out there interested. At this stage in time, SportingIndex is probably not the best site for the players out there that love their casino games.

Experience In-game Challenges with
  • Notifications
  • Highlights
  • Personalized Feed
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Live Casino

As you may have already imagined, none of the 10 casino games in the SportingIndex portfolio are live. With such a small casino section, it’s clear to see that SportingIndex does not consider its casino to be a priority, so it would not make much sense for them to invest in a live casino portfolio.


As there is no win or withdrawal limit at the SportingIndex sportsbook, we believe that it is safe to assume that there is also no win or withdrawal limit at the SportingIndex casino.

If you are so lucky as to win the progressive jackpot at Mega Moolah and find yourself in the millions, you’ll be able to withdraw that cash all at once!

Product Summary & Conclusion

Players at SportingIndex should only really consider the SportingIndex casino to be an accessory to the sportsbook, which is clearly the priority of the brand. The casino here is just something to be used to switch things up if you get a little bored of sports betting.

The SportingIndex casino does not offer an impressive selection of casino games: there’s just one provider with 10 games to its name. Nonetheless, it can be seen to be a way to pass some time as you wait for your results on the sports betting to roll in!

Maybe one day SportingIndex will branch out by bringing in some more casino game suppliers to enhance their casino a little bit. Until then, it’s advisable to take the SportingIndex casino with a pinch of salt.

Is SportingIndex Legit?: Our overall conclusion

Trying to summarize our SportingIndex review in just a few words is difficult. There are a lot of great things about the site, but a lot of frustrating things that we wish would be fixed as well.

On the plus side, there is a generous and easy to use bonus for spread betting at SportingIndex. Plus, that 24/7 live phone support is always a good thing to have.

However, the lack of casino bonus and deposit methods is a pain. While these things are not going to affect many players, they’re certainly worth bearing in mind if you feel like you are going to be playing casino games at SportingIndex. Especially when there are so many awesome casino bonuses out there.

If that’s what you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best sportsbooks and casino sites out there. Some of these certainly have epic casino bonuses that you can enjoy right now. Our eSports betting reviews are right here.

SportingIndex FAQ

Find out what the people are asking about SportingIndex, and the answers to the questions they have, below.

🤩What’s the deal with the SportingIndex bonus?

If you want to grab an account with SportingIndex then we recommend doing so with the spread betting bonus as opposed to the fixed odds bonus as it is far more generous. Here, you will get a £25 free bet just for signing up for an account. No deposit is required!

⚽What does SportingIndex do best?

If you’re not familiar with the concept of spread betting, then we recommend looking it up if you are interested in signing up for an account with SportingIndex. It’s basically a different form of betting to the fixed odds betting that any of our readers may be used to, but Sporting Index does it substantially better than any other sportsbook in the world.

🎰Is the SportingIndex casino worth my time?

If you’re a keen slots player or you love a roll of the roulette wheel then you might be in the wrong place at SportingIndex. The casino here is just a way for players to stay entertained while they wait for their sports betting results to come in. The 10 games on offer are not going to be very impressive to true online casino game fans out there.

🎮Can I bet on eSports at SportingIndex?

Perhaps the most frustrating thing about SportingIndex, at least for us and a fair few of our readers, is the fact that there are currently no markets available to bet on eSports whatsoever. So, if you’re looking to put some cash down on the likes of League of Legends and Dota 2, you’re probably going to want to look elsewhere. At least until SportingIndex sorts this out!

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