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When a new eSports betting operator kicks off its business, one of the ways of creating awareness and gaining popularity among punters is through the use of promotions and bonuses. This has been the tradition of the gambling industry over time.

It is very unlikely that we will see the end of this tradition any time soon. PokerStars, one of the relatively new additions to the eSports betting world, has also applied the approach. This article will discuss the concept of promo codes and bonus codes on a general note. We will also explain how promo codes work with PokerStars and how you can make the best out of it.

What are PokerStars Promo Codes?

You may be forgiven if you do not know much about PokerStars (read up on our review of PokerStars to rectify that). The bookmaker is relatively a newcomer to the gambling industry, especially the eSports betting section. This betting operator is an offshoot of the Amaya group.

Amaya Group is a popular gambling company, behind the popular poker brand, Pokerstars and its casino branch. The group is seeking to break into the eSports and sports betting business, having achieved great success in the casino and poker betting sector.

One of the strategies utilized to entice punters about the introduction of this brand is promotions and bonuses. Promotions and bonuses offered by a bookmaker are as important as the betting experience provided.

Punters all around the world are now accustomed to a form of bonus or another from betting operators. Apart from creating awareness about a betting operator and its offerings, bonuses also help punters create a viable cash flow to finance their gambling activities with a bookmaker.

Therefore, you will agree that the provision of bonuses and promotions is a win-win for both punters and betting operators.

We believe that this is the same opinion held by the operators of PokerStars, as the bookmaker provides an impressive array of bonuses and promotions for both new and old punters using the betting site. From sign-up bonuses to loyalty programs, there are a lot of things to enjoy when you pitch your tent with PokerStars.

As it is with other betting operators, you will only get these bonuses after performing some tasks. One of the essential tasks that you need to perform to get your bonus from many betting operators is to use the promo codes.

Promo codes are almost as important as bonuses in many eSports betting sites. As far as some bookmakers are concerned, you cannot access your bonus if you don’t use the promo codes. This goes to show the importance of promo codes concerning betting bonuses and promotions.

PokerStars Bonuses and Their Promo Codes

Seeing as PokerStars are seeking to break into the  competitive sports betting and eSports betting industry, we expected the bookmaker to come with a massive and impressive eSports betting bonus for punters. However, it was a bit surprising that the betting operator only offered one type of bonus.

While the bonus is quite exciting, it is not as big as the bonus offered by other eSports and sports betting brands. Let’s take a more detailed look into the PokerStars bonus offers.

PokerStars Deposit Bonus

The sole bonus offered by PokerStars is the deposit bonus. This bonus is open to new signees alone. The bonus allows you to get two free $10 bets. All you need to do is deposit and wager $20 or the equivalent in other currencies on any game with about 2.00 odds.

While it doesn’t seem like much, this bonus is a great way for you to start your gambling journey with PokerStars. You can wager the two free $10 bets on any game or sports of your choice.

However, there are certain things you should note about the bonus. The first point is that you don’t need a promo code to access the bonus. As important as promo codes are to betting bonuses, PokerStars decided to do away with the concept.

This means that you don’t need to memorize any promo code, nor would you lose out on the bonus if you refuse to use the promo code. The refusal to use promo codes for the PokerStars deposit bonus makes it easier for you to access and enjoy the bonus with little or no stress.

The second point that you must remember is the deadline for the bonus. As it is with other eSports betting operators, every bonus or promotion comes with an expiry date, after which you won’t be able to access and enjoy the bonus anymore.

The expiry date attached to each bonus differs and is dependent on the size of the bonus and the whims of the bookmaker. However, the expiry time for the PokerStars deposit bonus is seven days.

This means that if you do not use the free two $10 bets bonus within seven days, you may not be able to use it anymore.

Lastly, the qualifying odds for the bonus is 2.00. What this implies is that it is not enough to sign up and deposit $20 in your eSports betting account. In fact, you will not get the bonus by simply wagering on any game. The odds of the game you are wagering on must be up to 2.00 before you can qualify for the bonus.

Once you keep all of these points in mind, there is no doubt that you will get this bonus.

PokerStars Deposit Methods

Because the bonus available on PokerStars is a deposit bonus, it makes sense to do a brief explanation of the deposit options available on the eSports betting site. The betting operator allows you to deposit funds into your PokerStars betting account through numerous channels and methods.

Be it credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro Card), e-wallets, and online payment platforms (such as Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, EntroPay, Neosurf, and PaySafeCard), you can use any of the popular payment methods with PokerStars.

However, you cannot deposit funds into your PokerStars eSports betting account through direct bank transfers and wire cashouts. Instead of these options, you can use the local bank transfer or the rapid transfer option.

Whenever you want to deposit money to your PokerStars account, go to the “Real Money” option and click on it. The option will lead you to a page where you can use your preferred payment options and input the amount of money you want to deposit.

After depositing and wagering $20 on your favorite sport or game, you get your bonus in the form of two free $10 bets on any game of your choice. However, you should remember that the game you are wagering the $20 on should be at least 2.00 odds.

Another impressive feature of the PokerStars deposit bonus is the fact that you can deposit, wager, and claim your free bets on the move. This is made possible by the mobile PokerStars app. The application allows you to access the betting site while on the move.

With this mobile app, you can perform all sorts of activities on the betting site and this includes depositing funds into your betting account and wagering on your favorite games.

Should you encounter any issue with the PokerStars deposit bonus, you can contact the customer support agent through the bookmaker’s email address. You can also reach out to the bookmaker through a helpline that is available 24/7. You will receive a response to any of your complaints and inquiries within 90 minutes.

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Expert Tips for Making the Best of PokerStars Promo Code and Bonuses

Every seasoned punter knows that there is more to eSports betting bonuses than claiming them. eSports betting bonuses are an integral part of an effective betting strategy. Claiming bonuses is just a step in the whole strategy.

You’ll need to understand how to utilize eSports betting bonuses in a way that helps you make more money. This strategy is more important in this case (PokerStars Deposit Bonus) where the bonus is relatively small and limited.

To make the best out of this bonus, here are five tips that have worked for experienced punters in the past. These tips are part of an effective strategy that allows you to make the best out of the bonus.

1. Take Risks

As a punter, you need to understand that the very essence of the gambling world revolves around risks and the ability to take them. The most successful gamblers are those who take risks.

With your free bets comes the chance to take risks that you wouldn’t take on a normal day. Look out for games with big odds and stake them. For instance, if you wager one of your $10 free bets on a game with 10 odds, you get to win $100.

This is a massive win, and with more games like this, you are on your way to make a lot of money from betting.

However, it is important to state here that there are various facets to the concept of risks in betting. As much as high-risk games come with high returns, you should also remember that you can lose all your wagers on them.

This is why you should be careful when taking risks. In other words, you should make more informed and calculated risks rather than delve into a risky game without any calculation or plan. You should do your due diligence to research the teams you are wagering on or have a strategy.

One of the popular strategies for taking calculated risks with games is combining two or more games on your wager. As an example, rather than look for a single game with 10 odds (which would be very risky), it is better to go for a combination of two or three games with a total odds of 10.

This way, you have reduced the chances of losing out on the wager, as the risk involved in each game is smaller than going for a single game with 10 odds. This approach and many others are ways through which you can mitigate the risk of games with high odds.

2. Follow Up on Games

One of the best ways of making the best out of your eSports betting bonus is winning the games you wager them on. An important aspect of winning your wagers is making an informed decision on the game. And making an informed decision on games becomes very easy when you follow up on games.

Live betting is one of the types of betting available on PokerStars and other betting sites. This type of bet offers you lucrative odds and chances to win big as you get to wager on ongoing games.

Now, how do you intend to make the right decision on a game that is ongoing if you do not watch and follow up on the game? Therefore, following up on games that you have wagered on are planning to wager on is very important.

Thanks to the numerous technological advances that have characterized the betting industry, you can follow up on games through different channels and media. The first one is through the betting app.

Many betting operators have betting apps that allow you to live-stream the game you wagered on. If your bookmaker is one of these betting operators, then  you’re  in luck. All you need to do is simply open the application and enjoy your live games.

The second option for following up on games is through the TV or the internet. If the game you wagered on is showing on TV stations or some websites are offering streaming services for them, you can follow up on the games.

Either way, it is essential that you know what is going on in the game you wager on or plan to wager on.

3. Avoid Betting on Sentiments

As with every other aspect of life, it is very possible to have favorites and preferences when it comes to teams, players, or even betting markets.

There have been instances where some punters, because of their winning records regarding some specific betting markets, have made some markets their favorites and resolved to always wager those betting markets.

While all of these are not harmful or dangerous in themselves it becomes a problem when punters make betting decisions based on these sentiments. As a punter, you must remember that logic and research (more on these two later) are your best friends when it comes to gambling.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is neglecting these two concepts based on sentiments. One of the examples of the way that this could happen is by wagering on your favorite player or team without due research. You could lose your wager on such games.

Also, if you decide to bet on a favorite betting market after research shows that the wager is too risky, you are making betting decisions based on sentiments rather than logic and research. Doing either of these or any of their equivalents is bound to result in loss of your bonus, and if care isn’t taken, your entire betting capital.

Other sentiments affect the success of your wagers. One of them is the need to recoup your losses in gambling. While this isn’t a bad thing in itself, it becomes detrimental when you start to chase losses and place wagers solely for this purpose.

You would likely lose bets that you place to recoup your losses. This is because the need to recoup the loss is the driving factor behind the wager, as such, there is a tendency that you will make mistakes while placing the bets.

When this happens you get trapped in a vicious cycle of trying to recoup your losses and end losing more money.

Apart from losing more money, chasing betting losses tends to ruin the pleasant experience that comes with gambling. Due to the vicious cycle involved, you would stop seeing gambling as fun, but a means to make money. This takes the fun out of the whole thing.

Again, trying to recoup gambling losses is not a bad thing, but when it becomes the driving force and the sole reason why you wager and place bets, you may end up losing more money.

These are some of the effective tips and strategies for making the best out of the PokerStars deposit bonus and any other eSports betting bonus, regardless of the bookmaker and the type of bonus.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bonus

🚀Will I get the bonus regardless of the payment method used?

As popular with most bonuses that have to do with deposits, you need to make the deposit that qualifies you for the bonus through a certain payment method.

If you do not use this payment method, you may not get the bonus. This is why it is important to pay attention to the allowable payment methods for the bonus.

With PokerStars deposit bonuses, there are no payment restrictions. This means that you can use any of the acceptable payment methods to make your first deposit and after wagering $20 on any game of your choice, you qualify for the deposit bonus.

🤩Is there a minimum allowable deposit amount that qualifies me for the bonus?

Again, it is important to know the minimum allowable deposit that qualifies one for the bonus. This is a common feature with the bonuses provided by many bookmakers.

As such, if your initial deposit doesn’t meet up with the minimum allowable deposit, you miss out on the bonus.

However, with regards to the PokerStars deposit bonus, there is no minimum allowable deposit. All you need to do is ensure that your wager is $20 and the game wagered on are at least 2.00 odds.

🥇What happens to the bonus if I don’t use it before the stated time limit?

The time limit attached to a bonus is as important as the bonus itself. If you wish to take advantage of any betting bonus, it is in your best interest to consider the time limit given for the bonus.

With the PokerStars deposit bonus, the same rule applies. If you fail to use the bonus within a stipulated time frame (seven days), you will lose the bonus.

What are the wagering conditions or requirements for the PokerStars Deposit bonus?

It is a tradition in the betting industry to have certain conditions surrounding the usage and withdrawal of betting bonuses.

Even if you get the bonus, as long as you do not comply with these conditions, they will not be able to use or withdraw the bonus. These conditions are known as wagering conditions and are different from one bookmaker to another.

PokerStars also followed this tradition, as it has certain conditions that must be met before you can claim and withdraw the bonus credits and the winnings made from it. For instance, you must wager on games with at least 2.00 odds and you must use the bonus within seven days of getting it.

🌈What are the promo codes for the PokerStars Deposit Bonus?

As important as promo codes are in betting bonuses, the PokerStars deposit bonus doesn’t come with a promo code. This means that all you have to do is deposit, wager, and get your bonus. Simple as ABC!

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Pokerstars Sports Bonus

Betstars Sportsbook Bonus

eSports betting is not the only offering of Betstars. The bookmaker also allows you to place wagers on your favorite sports teams and games.

In the same vein, you get to enjoy the deposit bonus as you get two free $10 bets when you wager as much as $20 bets on any sports game of your choice.

Reality Test

Getting the BetStars Sportsbook deposit bonus is a simple process. It involves two major steps, which are making your initial deposit and wagering on any game with at least 2.00 odds.

To start with the first step, you need to log on to the betting site. Click on the Real Money tab and select your preferred payment method. Make your deposit and move on to the next step.

Bonus withdrawal

Withdrawing the bonus is as easy as getting it in the first place. While you cannot withdraw the bonus alone, you can wager it on any sports game of your choice. If you make any winnings from the wager, you can then withdraw the winnings into your bank account.

Pitfalls & What to Avoid when Claiming Bonus

As easy as it is to claim, use and withdraw winnings made from the Betstars Sports betting deposit bonus, you should avoid a mistake when claiming the bonus.

The mistake that you should avoid is the one with time limits. The bonus lasts for only seven days. This means that you need to use the bonus as fast as you can.

Conclusion/Verdict on bonus

The Betstars Sportsbook Deposit Bonus is an interesting way for new punters to get more when they place a wager on the betting site. It is easy to get and withdraw and helps with the punters’ betting bankroll.

Overall Conclusion/Verdict

Bonuses and promotions are important parts of a bookmaker’s offering. Punters get drawn to a new betting site through its bonus offerings. PokerStars, despite being a newcomer in the eSports betting industry, understands this concept.

Therefore, the bookmaker offers a deposit bonus for its teeming customers. Punters get to win two free $10 bets when they wager $20 on any game of their choice. This game must have a total of at least 2.00 odds before you can qualify for the bonus.

While the bonus is not much, it is impressive, easy to get, and a nice way of helping punters get started on their eSports betting journey. What’s more, there are no promo codes for this bonus.

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