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Shoot For the Stars with our PokerStars Reviews 2021

PokerStars Reviews 2021

Welcome to our PokerStars reviews! Being a relatively new sector in the betting industry, the eSports betting scene is currently witnessing a lot of changes, development, and innovations. One of the pertinent changes witnessed in the industry is the influx of new betting sites.

PokerStars is an example of these new bookmakers. The bookmaker comes with different offerings, such as huge winnings, fast payouts, and all other enticing benefits. Despite all of these promised offerings, the question on the mind of many punters is “Is PokerStars legit?” We will discuss the operator in this article while answering the question.

PokerStars Pros & Cons
  • A large variety of games to choose from.
  • Fast deposits and pay outs.
  • Licensed and regulated by UKGC.
  • There is no live chat feature for customer support.


  • You get two free bets worth 10 Euros each.
  • There are no promo codes.
  • Wagering conditions include a minimum combined odds of 2.00.

When it comes to gambling of any form, one of the most important things that affects your level of success as a punter is the bonuses and promotions made available. Bonuses have a way of increasing your bankroll and increasing your chances of winning. Thus, it is very important to consider the bonus and promotions offered by an eSports betting site.

eSports betting sites offer different types of bonuses and promotions. These bonuses have different wagering conditions, terms, and withdrawal policies. However, the most popular and common type of bonus that most eSports betting sites offer their punter is the welcome bonus.

Welcome bonuses are designed to ‘welcome’ punters when they sign up to a new eSports betting site. This bonus comes into effect after the new signee must have created an account or made their first deposit.

Either way, the bonus is usually in percentages (of the initial deposit) or a fixed amount. These bonuses help punters get started on their eSports betting journey with the new betting site.

It is important to state that many of these welcome bonuses come with wagering conditions. Wagering conditions are some set of terms that must be fulfilled before the punter can lay claim and withdraw to the winnings made with these bonuses. The wagering conditions differ from one bookmaker to another.

While some conditions are really stringent and a bit hard to fulfill, others are really easy. Regardless, you must fulfill the wagering conditions of the bonuses if you are to withdraw the winnings made with it.

PokerStars don’t disappoint when it comes to bonuses. The eSports bookmaker offers two free bets of 10 Euros each when you make an initial deposit of at least 20 Euros. This means that you get another 20 Euros to place bets on two games, each at 10 Euros each. While this is not a very big or special welcome bonus, it does allow you to get started on your favorite eSports titles.

What’s more, its wagering conditions are not as stringent as that of many eSports bookmakers. All you need to do is ensure that you make an initial deposit of 20 odds, the combined bets are up to 2 odds and you do not make your initial deposit with Skrill or Neteller.

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User Experience

  • The website is easy to navigate.
  • It uses a guide to explain the betting process.
  • Sections and pages are easily indicated.

With the digitalization of eSports betting, punters around the world have been able to access their favorite games and bookmakers through websites and applications. Almost all eSports bookmakers now have mobile applications through which punters can access their favorite games and wager on them. The bookmakers without mobile applications rely on their websites to allow punter access to their offerings.

While the use of these mobile platforms is innovative and trendy, it would remain unbeneficial to punters if they find it difficult to navigate and use the platform. This is why it is important to consider the user experience and its user-friendliness of the platform. The better the user experience, the easier it is for punters to use the platform. We understand how important a clear layout is, check out the Borgata reviews for even more info!

The design of the PokerStars website makes it very easy for punters to use. It opens with a well-lit background, featuring a backdrop of a floodlight-lit football pitch. Each section and page on the website is well-indicated and easily accessible. Regardless of the age and exposure of the punter, you will find it very easy to navigate the website.

What’s more, there is a guide on the website that directs you on the use of the website and how to place your bets.

Available Payment Methods

  • Provides a fast deposit and payout process
  • Accepts MasterCard and Maestro
  • You can also use e-wallets options and bank transfers.
  • There is a deposit limit feature

As we have pointed out earlier, betting is as much of a business and it is a form of entertainment. So as expected, you will need to send money to your betting account and withdraw money from it. To enable the efficient transfer of funds from the two ends, you need fast and reliable payment options.

eSports betting sites, over the years, have adopted a lot of payment methods for their financial transactions. This is one of the developments and innovations that have come to stay in the eSports betting scene. Apart from the days of bank transfer, there are now numerous payment channels through which punters can make deposits to the betting site and withdraw their winnings from the site.

The most popular of these payment options include credit and debit cards (depending on the location), bank and wire transfers, e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill, and Revolut, and many more. Each of these payment options has its advantages and disadvantages. The ideal eSports bookmaker would offer as many payment options as possible. This will ensure that punters can make deposits and withdrawal easily regardless of their location and preferred options.

With PokerStars, you get to enjoy almost all the available payment options. You can use credit cards such as MasterCard and Visa. You can also use e-wallets options such as Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, Maestro, PaySafeCard, and many more. There is also a bank transfer option available on the eSports betting site.

PokerStars handles all your withdrawal and deposit transactions as fast and possible with little or no delay. In case of any delay, you can reach out to the customer support service to help out.

What’s more, PokerStars allows you to set a deposit limit. This feature is a way of helping gamblers control the amount of money they spend on their gambling activities. Once the limit for a month is reached, you will not be able to deposit any funds into your PokerStars account until the next month.

Customer Service

  • Customer service is always available.
  • It uses a useful FAQs section on its website.
  • Allows email and phone support.
  • Doesn’t allow a live chat feature.

Regardless of how you see it, betting is as much of a business as it is a form of entertainment. This fact becomes even more relevant when you realize that eSports betting sites are into the business of pleasing punters and offering them an impressive gambling experience.

Therefore, eSports bookmakers must treat their offerings as a business. One of the ways of doing this is to provide an efficient and responsive customer support service.

In the competitive nature of the eSports betting industry, one of the ways eSports betting sites are optimizing their offerings to punters is through a responsive and efficient customer support service.

The need for a responsive customer support service is very obvious.

You may run into some difficulties while accessing the eSports bookmaker’s services and offerings. And because these offerings are offered online, you need a system that allows you to make these difficulties known online.

eSports betting sites have adopted different channels for their customer support service. The most popular of these channels is the email and telephone number. You can reach almost all eSports bookmakers through an email address dedicated to receiving complaints and inquiries from punters.

It usually takes between a few hours and a few days to get a response when you make your complaint through emails. Again, the rate of response depends on the eSports bookmaker.

Many eSports bookmakers also provide a phone number for punters to make their cases through a phone call. This channel is usually faster and more efficient (depends on the bookmaker). However, many punters have complained about the failure of customer support agents to pick calls made to the phone numbers provided.

Another popular channel for reaching the customer support service of any eSports bookmaker is through its social media accounts. With the important role played by social media platforms in communications nowadays, it is not surprising that many eSports betting sites allow you to reach them through their social media handles.

Popular social media platforms where you can reach eSports bookmakers include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and many more.

In this area, PokerStars performs excellently well by providing numerous channels for punters to reach its customer support agents. These channels include emails, support forms, and many more. The impressive feature is that these channels are available 24/7 and elicit fast, useful, and reliable responses every time you make an inquiry or complaint.

However, the eSports bookmaker doesn’t offer a live chat feature which is also very fast and reliable. One would expect that a bookmaker like PokerStars that prides itself on its innovative features would provide this type of customer support feature. If you’re looking for a bookmaker with more customer service options, check out our Caesars Casino reviews!

Security and Licensing

  • Licensed and regulated by the UKGC.
  • Protected punters’ funds through the alliance with Rational Group.
  • Uses latest security protocols for its websites.

Some of the major questions that punters around the world have about this eSports bookmaker is “Is PokerStars safe?” and “Is PokerStars legit?” These questions show that there is an increase in the awareness of the importance of regulation and security provided by eSports bookmakers.

Because most eSports bookmakers operate online with scanty physical offices, it is important to ensure that their operations are not to the detriment of punters. This is the reason why we need regulations in the eSports betting scene.

It is important to state here that there is a clear distinction between security and regulation when it comes to eSports betting sites.

Regulation of eSports betting sites means that the bookmaker is registered with a regulatory body that scrutinizes its operations and ensures that there is no foul play involved.

There are different regulatory bodies in the eSports betting industry. They include the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Curacao, Malta Gambling Commission, and many others. Of these bodies, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) is the best. Any bookmaker regulated by this commission is safe and legit.

The security of eSports betting sites usually revolves around the availability of secure protocols and mechanisms aimed at ensuring that the eSports betting site is safe from hackers and other cybercriminals.

eSports betting sites usually hold the details of punters, including their personal information, financial details, and many more. As a result, an ideal eSports betting site must take proactive steps to protect these details from third parties and cybercriminals.

PokerStars, being a modern-day bookmaker, utilizes technology to its advantage when it comes to providing security for its website. The bookmaker uses the latest security apparatus to secure its website from cyberattacks.

It also protects the funds of punters through its alliance with Rational Group, a company that provides special trusts in equal amounts with the liabilities owed to the customers.

With regards to regulation, PokerStars is regulated by one of the best regulatory bodies in the world, the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. With the UKGC regulation, it is clear that PokerStars are safe for punters around the world. And that’s what we like to hear!

Pokerstars Sports Betting

Betting Markets

It might surprise you to learn that sports betting is available at Pokerstars. After all, it’s not exactly in the name. However, they do have an excellent offering when it comes to sports too. There are around 24 different sports to bet on, which is quite exciting from a provider that specializes in other types of betting. Some sports include:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Ice hockey
  • Pesapello
  • Volleyball

Betting Odds

The odds at Pokerstars seem quite reasonable but by far the most exciting thing is the availability of odds boosts. On their site, they make no effort at all to hide which matches have boosted odds. In fact, there is a banner right at the top of the page that scrolls through the various offers each day.

The odds are displayed fractionally, decimally or in the American format so there’s plenty of variety depending on your preference.

They also make it clear as soon as you select your match what the odds will be for a win, draw and loss so there are no hidden surprises.


Pokerstars are one of the biggest names in the world of online betting. It therefore goes without saying that they are serious when it comes to setting limits. They have an extensive page of advice about responsible betting with a number of options catered to different tastes. Some options are:

  • Setting daily play time limits on your account.
  • Registering with Gamstop
  • Setting deposit limits (they have a how to section here if you need help)
  • Restrict what games can be displayed

When it comes to those players looking to place bigger bets, have no fear. The maximum bet will depend on which sport and which match you choose. Simply click the “max” button on your bet slip to find out what the maximum is.


To us at, the most exciting thing about Pokerstars is how committed to fun they are. This is the most important part of betting really. They have a wide range of sports to choose from and lots of offers for if you’re looking to try your luck with a new sport. Their site is inviting and fun to explore. We’d happily give Pokerstars the thumbs up!

Pokerstars ESports

Pokerstars Games

  • It covers top-quality games.
  • You can also enjoy and bet on these games at international leagues and competitions.
  • Examples of games offered include CSGO and LoL.

Another important feature of an ideal eSports betting site is the number and quality of eSports titles offered. When punters check out a bookmaker, they want to play their favorite games and enjoy interesting gaming titles. The more options provided by the bookmaker, the better experience it provides for punters.

Apart from offering a large number of games, the quality of games offered is also of paramount importance. Today in the eSports betting world, there are numerous games offered, and as a result, punters have to take their time to select the best games from a long list.

However, the ability of any bookmaker to curate its games list and offer only the best and most exciting ones, makes it easier for such a bookmaker to win the hearts of punters easily.

Pokerstars understands this concept and utilizes it to the benefit of its punters. While the collection of eSports titles available on the betting site is not the largest, it is enough to keep you entertained and locked down to the betting site. And if this is not enough, these games are of the highest quality.

Examples of games that you can enjoy on the eSports betting site are Counter-Strike Global Offensive and League of Legends. Any punter who is conversant with the eSports betting terrain will agree that these two games are some of the top-rated in the industry.

You do not only get to play these games, but you also get to bet on them and win an exciting amount of money. There are international leagues and competitions where you can wager on these games with huge odds and enjoy the best of eSports titles.

Betting Odds & Markets

  • Offers an impressive range of good odds.
  • There are numerous betting markets to choose from.
  • The odds are in line with the industry standards.

Providing an excellent eSports betting experience is a combination of many features. One of these features is the odds and betting market provided by the eSports betting site.

Many experts argue that the betting odds are the most important aspect of a bookmaker’s offering as it determines how much the punters get to win from their bets. Just as we said in our FanDuel reviews, you need to think about the odds offered by a bookmaker on different games.

The best way to know if a bookmaker is offering good odds on its game is by comparing its odds with that of other bookmakers. If the odds are on par with other bookmakers, that means they are very good odds. However, if the odds are a bit lower than others, you need to change the bookmaker as the odds are not good enough.

Apart from the odds made available, you should also consider the betting markets available on the eSports betting site. Betting markets are as important as the betting odds. This is because the betting market determines how many bets you can place on a game, thus affecting your potential winnings. As a rule, the higher the number of betting markets available, the higher the chances of winning. It is glaring that any eSports bookmaker that hopes to win the hearts of punters needs to get its odds and betting markets right.

PokerStars understands this point and tries to make the best of it. While its odds are not best in the eSports betting scene (as expected of a new bookmaker), it compares favorably with many eSports bookmaker’s odds. The odds provided by PokerStars are favorable enough to ensure that your winnings are as huge as your wagers.

PokerStars also perform well with betting markets. There are numerous markets for punters to choose from when betting on PokerStars. Be it your favorite games such as CS:GO or LoL, you will find popular and interesting markets to choose from, increasing your chances of winning.

Pokerstars Casino


Pokerstars is one of the most famous online casino in many countries. It goes without saying what we were looking for something pretty special here to see what made it stand out and it’s safe to say that we found it! They employ a number of software providers to keep their site up to date with the most fun games:

  • Net Entertainment
  • NYX
  • Microgaming
  • Play Tech
  • Leander


As those of us who are familiar with online casinos will know, the amount of choice is often extremely overwhelming. At Pokerstars, the same is true with thousands of slot games and table games ready to play. However, they have several features that will help you to narrow it down. For example, there is a daily featured game. The featured game seems to be one that is currently popular, with a good chance of winning.

They also break down the vast amount of games into categories that include those exclusive to Pokerstars and brand new games. It seems like you will literally never run out of games to play!

Live Casino

We were expecting an excellent live casino from Pokerstars considering their reputation and we were not disappointed. Not only to they have the bread and butter of live casinos (blackjack, roulette and baccarat), but they also have some exciting less common options such as Monopoly, Football Studio and Super Sic Bo.

When playing these games, you’ll also be taken to a lobby with the option to communicate with your fellow players as well as the dealer through a live chat option.


At Pokerstars, the limits can be set on individual games instead of just on your entire account. This means that if blackjack has stopped being as fun, but you fancy trying your hand at a little roulette, you can!

One slightly frustrating part here is that the deposit limits are no longer displayed. However, if you try to deposit an amount that exceeds Pokerstar’s limit, they will instantly send you a message about it. This may feel a bit like stabbing in the dark for those who prefer big bets, but Pokerstars are on it when it comes to resolving the issue quickly.


Overall, as we expected, the Pokerstars casino impressed us. The number of games, the variety of providers, the helpful categories, they’ve got it all. We would have liked to see information about limits being more readily available but in the grand scheme of things, this isn’t such a problem. Happy betting!

Overall Conclusion

What is PokerStars?

Pokerstars is a relatively new bookmaker making its entry into the eSports betting scene. Launched in 2016 as one of its new sportsbook offerings, PokerStars comes with innovative and special offerings for punters that set it aside from its competitors.

Having made waves in the poker betting scene for years, PokerStars aims to provide the same quality gambling experience for eSports punters through PokerStars. Some of the things you will enjoy with this eSports bookmaker are an impressive array of eSports titles, betting promos and bonuses, and many more.

While PokerStars is a newcomer in the eSports betting world, punters can come to expect an awesome and impressive gambling experience from the bookmaker, as you will find out in this review of PokerStars.

The review of PokerStars eSports betting answers the question “Is PokerStars legit?” Starting with the game’s array of the eSports betting site, the review shows that PokerStars offers numerous eSports titles, numbering up to 25. PokerStars also allows you to deposit and withdraw funds easily by providing multiple payment and withdrawal options. Part of these options includes internet banking systems, credit and debit cards, and many more. There are also other enticing features such as live streaming or in-play service, among others.

Having provided an overview of the eSports bookmaker and its offerings, we are going to take a deep dive into these offerings, explaining how they work and how you can enjoy them as an eSports punter. To do this, we will examine and review seven different features and offerings provided by PokerStars.

There are many eSports betting sites in the industry today. The difference between these eSports betting sites resides within the offerings and experiences they provide punters. While some of these eSports bookmakers have spent quite some time in the industry, mastering the workings of the industry, newcomers are trying to find their feet in the eSports betting scene.

An example of these newcomers is PokerStars. PokerStars is a relatively new eSports betting site breaking into the eSports betting world. As a result, most of its offerings are innovative and appealing to many punters. This article reviews many of their offerings and concludes that the eSports betting site is one of the best around. While it is a new bookmaker, its offering is up to standard with the industry’s requirements and would compete favorably against many eSports bookmakers in the industry.

It is important to state that the bookmaker offers other types of betting apart from eSports betting. There is poker betting, a sportsbook, and many others.

For more of the best sites for online betting, check out the DraftKings reviews too – you won’t regret it, we promise!

Pokerstars FAQ

🔓Is PokerStars legit?

PokerStars is one of the safest and regulated eSports betting sites in the world. The eSports bookmaker is regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). There is also security for your funds with the special trust provided by Rational Group.

💰Do PokerStars offer bonuses and promotions?

With PokerStars, new signees get to enjoy two free bets when they make their first deposit. These free bets are worth 10 Euros each and punters must deposit a minimum of 20 Euros to qualify for this bonus. There are also other promotions and bonuses for long-standing members. The bookmaker also promises to keep updating and adding more bonuses for its members in the coming days.

📱Does PokerStars support live streaming?

While the bookmaker prides itself as one of the innovative options in the eSports betting scene, it doesn’t offer live streaming features. This is rather unfortunate as live streaming is important for live betting, a form of eSports betting supported by PokerStars.

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