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Choosing the top sportsbook to kickstart your online gambling adventure is tough. You tend to go through reviews of various platforms to find the best sign-up offers for eSports and sports.

We have made it our duty to provide you with comprehensive reviews of all major online gambling platforms. Novibet may not have been your first sportsbook of choice, but believe us when we say that once you read our Novibet review, you’ll want to dive right in to find the best Novibet promo code.

Novibet Bonus Code

Novibet is associated with Novigroup Ltd. Alongside this affiliation, Novibet is also licensed with various gambling committees across the globe which ensures its verification. Novibet holds licenses with the United Kingdom Gambling Committee (UKGC), the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), as well as various local licenses from countries like Italy and Greece.

What does this mean? Well, it means that you are in good hands. Having been licensed by various birds and holding an affiliation with Novigroup Ltd allows you to place wagers and play online casino games knowing that you and your money are safe.

The Novibet platform is sleek and elegant with a hint of simplicity, which allows its players to enjoy all promotions, bonuses, and games offered by Novibet visually alongside the thrill which they bring. Furthermore, Novibet hosts over 10,000 different offers and events for you to place a wager on, so you can be sure that this platform will not quickly get old.

Although we would have preferred to start this section with registration efforts, there is no doubt in our minds that one of the first and foremost impressions people look out for when picking their online gambling platform is the welcome bonus.

Let’s face it, a welcome bonus or promo code offered by an online gambling platform is essentially online window shopping: it allows you a sneak peek at what more you can get inside.

What is a promo code exactly? A promo code is usually an encrypted code that will be required upon signing up to a website that allows you to obtain extra benefits and free money. To date, Novibet does not have such code but instead provides you with an instantaneous welcome offer whenever you place your first wager.

There are two parts to Novibet. The Novibet Sportsbook, and the Novibet Casino. Below, you’ll see a quick overview of what both of these sections can provide:

  • Novibet Sportsbook - up to a £10 free welcome offer that matches your first bet
  • Novibet Casino - 100% welcome bonus matched to your first bet of up to £150, as well as 15 free spins

Novibet reads all of its customer reviews. By doing so, Novibet has learned what the players want and have made it their sole purpose to captivate their customers by providing an outstanding £10 free bet for simply signing up!

Better yet, Novibet hosts a variety of offers for its Novibet Casino, similar to the PartyPoker promo code. This offer includes a whopping £150 welcome bonus as well as 15 free spins in their casino.

How Can You Take These Novibet Bonuses Into Play?

Before you use the Novibet new customer offer, you need to abide by the following steps and make a Novibet account to ensure that you will get your free bet. Please follow the list below:

  • Step one - Search for the Novibet website in your browser and click on the ‘Register’ tab found at the top of the homepage
  • Step two - You will be greeted by a pop-up window asking you to enter your email address, create a username that you will use to sign in, and create a password
  • Step three - Once you hit ‘next’, you will be directed to a second page that asks for your credentials: your name, gender, and date of birth. Then hit ‘next’.
  • Step four -  On the final page, you will be asked for your address. This is to verify that Novibet can operate within your region and verify your profile.
  • Step five -  Here you will be asked to agree to the Novibet terms and conditions before your account will be created. We recommend that you read through the terms and conditions prior to accepting so that you can understand how betting, playing casino games, and claiming the Novibet sign-up bonus works.

Once all of the above steps are complete, you will receive an SMS to confirm your account. And voila, there you have it. You have joined the Novibet community and you can get right on your way to place your first bet!

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100% up to $1250
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  • Offer of a free bet up to $1,000.
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Five Tips From Professional Betters That You NEED To Know

Before delving into the online gambling platforms and playing along with the veterans for the thrill of a chance to increase your bank balance, we believe you need to learn a few tips from the pros to ensure that your betting experience is like no other. So without further ado, here are the top tips given to us by professional bettors:

1.Take Your Time

The Novibet sign-up bonus is offered to all new accounts. This promo code is valid for up to 30 days before Novibet reserves the right to cancel any bonus on your account.

Now, this does not mean rush your first bet immediately.

No, what this means is that you should try and use up some of those days to learn about the best methods of betting. Take a look at the markets and what odds are being offered on various sports. If you are interested in the likes of football, why don’t you spend this time checking out the tables and see how each team is performing?

We believe that using your time well can help you place a more well-informed bet with a higher chance of success.

2.Don’t Bet Big

Now, we can’t lie and say betting big doesn’t give you a thrill, because, well, it may give us the biggest online gambling thrill of all. However, this does not mean you should bet big when you start out. In fact, we recommend the opposite. We recommend that you place smaller and more frequent wagers as opposed to placing one larger wager.

This way you are more likely to increase your odds of winning a bet and have that chance of making your winnings. Remember, no matter how small or large your winnings are, they are still winnings. You did not lose.

Once you get comfortable with making smaller bets and start performing under a betting algorithm that you have created in your mind, and only then, we recommend you bet as you wish!

3.Read The Terms and conditions

To be honest, we can confidently assume that 70% of players for any kind of game, whether that be gambling or recreational, do not read the terms and conditions. However, this is a huge mistake. Online gambling platforms such as Novibet have all of their rules and regulations in fine print in their terms and conditions.

These allow you to understand the playthrough requirements you need to make to claim your winnings.

4.Only Bet What You Can Afford To Lose

Betting big may be exhilarating and provide you with excitement as you have never felt. However, you need to remember that the money you are playing with is your own money. If you lose, then you lose your own money. Let that sink in.

Don’t deposit or bet with money that you simply cannot afford to lose and instead bet small and try to enjoy one of the many promotional offers that Novibet provides. Use these offers as practice and experience!

5.Have Fun!

We cannot stress this enough. Betting may end up being a factor of stress in our lives, especially once you decide to wager some high stakes. Just remember, try to minimize your stress by enjoying the games.

Try playing the Novibet casino games or placing a sports bet alongside your friends during a match, for example, to heighten the sense of competition and make your winnings more pleasurable.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Novibet Bonuses

New online gambling platforms bring with them a host of questions that need to be answered, including those such as the Sportingbet promo codes. We here at Strafe.com have planned out the most common queries that we have seen asked across various online gambling platforms and summarised them for you below.

How Can I Place My First Bet?

Once you have finished your registration process, you will be eligible to deposit your first sum into your new account. In order to do this, you simply log into your account using the username and password you have created and hit the ‘my account’ section on the drop-down menu.

After which you will be prompted by one of Novibet’s many deposit options. Pick one that suits you and then place a deposit of your choice! Now, for the important part. Make sure to make your first deposit of at least £10 or greater in order to qualify for the maximum free matched bet that Novibet will give.

Once you’ve made this initial deposit, feel free to browse through all of the Novibet games available and place a bet on the game or event of your choosing! Although we said £10 deposit, you can deposit as much or as little as you like after your initial deposit as the Novibet welcome bonus is only offered once.

Which Payment Options Can I Use To Claim The Novibet Welcome Bonus?

Novibet offers a wide variety of payment options that suit many players. Do bear in mind that various payment options may have different terms and conditions in terms of deposits and withdrawals, and so the timings may not be the same for each one.

With Novibet, you can make deposits using Visa, Mastercard, Skrill,  PayPal and so many more! If you are interested to find out which other payment options are available, why not check out our comprehensive Novibet review!

Am I Entitled To The Welcome Bonus If I Already Have An Account?

Unfortunately, the Novibet welcome bonus is only valid for those who have newly made an account and for those who have made an account previously but have yet to place a deposit.

Therefore, if you have an existing account and have not placed a deposit, we recommend that you place at least a £10 initial bet so that you can receive the maximum free matched bet.

Novibet Casino Loyalty Program

You thought that was enough of a promotion for Novibet? Think again. Novibet casino also has a loyalty program which you are automatically enrolled in by playing their casino games. Each of these games gives you a certain amount of credits. These credits then add up to form cash prizes of up to £500!

Novibet Sports Bonus

Novibet Sports Bonus

The Novibet Cub is a type of loyalty program offered by Novibet. The Novibet Club makes claiming more and more free sports bets a simple process. For example, if you place more than 10 bets in one week worth £10 each, you will receive an extra £10 free bet on odds higher than 7/10!

The Reality Of Using The Novibet Sports Bonus

Furthermore, you can use the £10 free sports betting bonus on any of the thousands of sporting events that Novibet hosts every month, making it a fantastic offer for you to play around with! The best part? You will not limit yourself to one sport.

Once you place your initial deposit of up to £10 (to get the maximum free matched bet) you will be allowed to use your bonus. Remember, you need to bet at least 35x the matched free bonus before you can withdraw the winnings!

When Can I Withdraw My Sports Bet Winnings?

Novibet allows you to withdraw your winnings almost instantaneously by simply following the options on the drop-down menu. However, you need to remember that the bonuses offered by the free bets may only be withdrawn once you have completed the required play-throughs.

If you decide to withdraw winnings that do not match the required play-through, Novibet is liable to withdraw all bonus winnings from you. So do your best to bet responsibly and win the maximum cash you can!

Things To Note

Make sure to familiarise yourself with all terms and conditions that Novibet has on their website before making your bets. Why? Well, because you cannot redeem your free bonus if you take longer than 30 days before you use your free sports bonus bet! So make sure that you use your time wisely.

To Conclude

Similar to the Sportingindex welcome bonus, we believe that the Novibet bonus, although not colossal, is still substantial enough to help introduce you to the world of online gambling. The free bets give you a safe way of placing your first bet, along with an enhanced sensation of thrill when you hopefully make that winning choice and watch your Novibet credit balance rise!

Novibet Casino Bonus

Novibet Casino And Noviladies - Novelty Bonuses

Now, the Novibet casino is one of the most prestigious online casinos out there. Better yet, Novibet decided to attract more customers to their online casino by providing a hefty welcome bonus! This bonus is separate from the Novibet sportsbook bonus, and therefore you can claim both simultaneously!

As per our Novibet Review, the Novibet casino hosts a huge variety of games for all to enjoy. The games are tailored to suit most individual preferences and allow the casino to work as a community for all.

Better yet, Novibet is affiliated with over 70 different software programs that not only validate its safety but provide Novibet the privilege of being able to host over 70 casino games. This is a huge bonus in comparison to many of Novibet’s competitors as their casinos usually host 5-10 games maximum.

What Is The Novibet Casino Bonus?

Novibet offers its new players a huge welcome bonus of up to a £150 matched deposit, as well as 15 free spins. In order for players to receive this bonus, they must complete the KYC registration process to confirm their identity.

You can use this bonus on any of the casino games available and make the most of your free money! However, this welcome offer comes with a catch as described in their terms and conditions.

How Can I Claim The Novibet Casino Bonus?

In order for you to claim your free bet, you need to wager 35 times your bonus and first deposit amount. This means that if you were to place a £50 deposit, you will be credited with a £50 matched deposit which you will only be able to claim after wagering £3,500. Sounds pretty crazy right?

If you were to claim your bonus before meeting the required playthroughs that Novibet has stated, you will lose your bonus. For example, if you deposit £150, and obtain £150 as a free matched bet, then bet the £300 and win £600, you will only be able to withdraw £300 in winnings and the £300 equivalent in bonus winnings will be deducted.

Can I Use My Bonus On Novibet Live Casino?

Novibet does not only host a variety of slots but also has a live casino. This casino hosts some of the best and more popular casino games found in your typical Vegan-style casino from roulette and blackjack to less popular games such as baccarat.

In fact, the Novibet Live Casino has over 10 roulette games and over 24 blackjack games which makes it even more versatile. The best part is that you can use your 100% welcome matched bet bonus on this live casino and play alongside other players!


All in all, Novibet not only offers a platform with tens of thousands of casino games and sporting events to place your wager on, but they also provide you with an outstanding sign-up offer.

The Novibet sign up offer comes in parts:

  • £10 free bet when you deposit £10 or more
  • Up to £150 matched casino bonus and 15 free spins
  • Win a whopping £500 in the Novibet casino loyalty program

The best part is that if you complete the entire Novibet welcome bonus package of achieving 92,000 credits in their casino and winning their £500, you will be entitled to join an even more prestigious VIP Casino Cash. This allows you to keep accumulating credits for up to 1,000,000 credits a month which equates to a whopping £4000 prize money every month!

Although Novibet has been around for over a decade, it certainly knows how to keep up with trends and keep its player base excited and on the edge of its feet at all times, in the same way that the Spreadex sign-up bonus gives us the butterflies.


The Novibet promo codes are extraordinary and provide winnings like no other. However, the 35 x wagering requirement for the casino bonus is very high, and we recommend that you approach this bonus in increments to reduce your risk of losing more than you bargained for! So get started today and sign up at Novibet!

Novibet Promo Codes FAQ

✅Do I need a specific promo code to access the welcome bonus?

In short, no. You do not need a promo code to obtain the welcome bonus. This bonus will be automatically credited to your account once you make a deposit of £10 or more.

🔓Is Novibet Legit?

Novibet holds multiple licenses from various online gambling sites such as the UKGC and MGA which verify its safety. Furthermore, it is a Novigroup Ltd company and is affiliated with 70 software programs. Finally, Novibet has been around for over a decade, which should furthermore verify its legitimacy.

💰How many payment options are available?

Novibet hosts a plethora of payment options which include the most popular credit card providers, apps such as PayPal and Skrill, and others you can find on our Novibet review.

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