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Milky Way Bonus Review: Are These Bonuses Available for US Players?

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Milky Way is one of the many social casinos to offer players a wide range of games, such as fish table games, reel apps, slots, and keno. However, I’m not the biggest fan of this operator.

In this Milky Way promotions review, I will assess the legitimacy of Milky Way bonuses. Something to note is that Milky Way doesn’t offer bonuses directly to players. I have also laid down the reasons I do not recommend this platform or any casino that claims to have partnered with the gaming provider.

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Last Updated on 07/06/2024
Fact checked by: Mike McKean

Introduction to Milky Way promotions

Milky Way is an online gaming franchise that distributes slot titles and fish table games. According to the official Milky Way website, Online Skill Solutions is the original developer of Milky Way, and the site does not deal with players directly.

Typically, this means that the platform does not accept player accounts, and thus, Milky Way promotions are not offered by the developer. Interestingly, players can download the Milky Way app, but they need to contact a local distributor for login details and to inquire about any bonuses and promotions. This process is tedious and convoluted and there’s also a long line of safety concerns to address here. This is why I would caution against getting the Milky Way app and instead take a look at some great alternative bonus offers.

If you are in for a generous welcome bonus, consider signing up with alternative sweepstakes casinos such as WOW Vegas, McLuck, and When you create an account with McLuck, you receive 7,500 free Gold Coins and 2.5 free Sweepstakes Coins. WOW Vegas rewards new players with 250,000 free WOW Coins plus 5 free SC, while offers 260,000 free Gold Coins, 5 free SC, and a 5% Rakeback.

How to use the Milky Way promotions

Since Milky Way doesn’t work in the same way that other social casinos do, you should not expect bonuses directly from the site. That said, the gaming software developer claims that it has partnered with many casinos. While compiling this review, I didn’t find any sweepstakes casino that admits to using the Milky Way Software. This is not a surprise, considering that most casinos do not disclose the type of software they use.

Despite pointing out that the platform doesn’t deal with players directly, it still encourages players to join the Milky Way Club. Based on my research, it seems that the developer has partnered with a local store to sign up new players via the Milky Way website.

If you want to sign up with a local casino and perhaps inquire about the Milky Way welcome offers and bonuses, click on the “Join the Milky Way Club” link on the homepage. This link will take you to a registration page. Here, you will complete five tasks to register an account and hopefully claim some Milk Way promotions. Here’s how:

  • Complete the player registration form. Enter your name, email, phone number, and address to register with the site.
  • Download a Milky Way app of your choice. Browse through the various games offered on the site before choosing your ideal pick.
  • Login to the app or website using the credentials sent to your email. Once you have submitted your details, you will be contacted by one of the local casino’s customer support teams with your login credentials, i.e., username and password.
  • Purchase your first Game Credits. Now that you have your username and password, log in to the Milky Way app or web application and purchase your first Game Credits.
  • Begin playing. Browse the app to get used to the interface and then begin to play.

While the registration procedure above is well-documented, we followed it through but couldn’t get the login details. The customer support team was also not responsive. One of the contact channels listed on the site is Facebook, but I found that the account has been deleted. Similarly, the YouTube account linked to the platform was inactive, with recent posts being from over a year ago.

It became apparent that either the local casino recommended on the Milky Way platform was out of business or there was a problem with account creation and login. That said, if you are looking for a Milky Way bonus code or any form of bonus, I couldn’t find any mention of the same on the site.

Whether or not there are other casinos offering Milky Way bonuses is something I couldn’t confirm. Overall, the sign-up process was hectic and confusing and I couldn’t create an account. This raised my concerns even further about the legitimacy of the site.

Five tips to take advantage of the Milky Way bonuses

Assuming that you have done some in-depth research and found a casino that offers Milky Way sweepstakes games, you may be in a position to claim some bonuses and promotional offers. If this happens, here are a couple of tips that can help you maximize the bonus:

Confirm the authenticity of the bonus offer

While I couldn’t find a casino that uses the Milky Way software, the developer claims that several stores offer the Milky Way games to players. That said, I found several Milky Way promo codes on different casino review sites. Some of the links associated with these bonuses seemed dubious. It is, therefore, crucial to double-check if the bonuses mentioned are actually real and whether there’s a reputable social casino behind the promotions.

Pay attention to the deposit bonuses

In cases where the casino requires that you purchase Game Credits before claiming a bonus offer, you should always proceed with caution. Legitimate sweepstakes casinos always offer a way to play for free without making a purchase. Reputable sites like, WOW Vegas, and McLuck allow players to explore various games without purchasing Gold Coins. That said, most deposit bonuses have a minimum purchase requirement beyond which you qualify for the bonus. A rule of thumb is to avoid purchasing dodgy game credits in the hope of claiming a bonus and always double-check the bonus terms and conditions.

Understand the play-through requirements

After claiming a bonus, you are required to play with the bonus a number of times before being able to redeem it for prizes. Most sweepstakes casinos require their users to play with the bonus credits at least once, but they must meet a certain redemption threshold. For instance, if the casino has a minimum redemption threshold of 100 Sweepstakes Coins, you will not be able to redeem the winnings until your account balance is above the threshold.

Check any bonus redemption limits

To ensure fair play and avoid misuse of the bonus offer, some sweepstakes casinos set a maximum bonus redemption amount. If a sweepstakes casino has a maximum redemption limit of $2,000 per day, it means that you can only redeem your winnings (i.e., Sweepstakes Coins or its equivalent) up to a maximum cash prize of $2,000. It is worth noting that some states, like Florida and New York, may impose a maximum prize redemption of $5,000 on any sweepstakes game.

Use your bonus on games you are familiar with

Whether you have claimed a Milky Way deposit offer or a no-deposit promotion, you should always work on maximizing the bonus. One way to make the most of the offer is to focus on the games you are familiar with. If you want to try out new games, you should use non-redeemable currencies such as Gold Coins.


Frequently asked questions about Milky Way bonuses

Since Milky Way is not a social casino as such, you will often find several bonuses offered by different operators. While reviewing the software, I found a wide range of bonuses listed on different casino review sites. Here are some of the top questions about Milky Way bonuses and promotions.

Are Milky Way bonuses available?

Whether or not Milky Way bonuses are available depends on the casinos using the Milky Way software or offering Milky Way games. If you do a quick search across the internet, you will find several Milky Way bonuses, but the issue often lies with the operator offering these bonuses. During my research, I found that most social casinos claiming to offer the Milky Way sign-up offers in the US were not reputable. So, while the bonuses are there, finding a genuine casino that is secure and trustworthy can be a bit challenging.

Where can I claim the Milky Way promotions?

Despite the many promo codes for Milky Way games, I found that most of them are either expired or outright click baits. The surest way to claim a Milky Way Promotion is to find reputable casinos that use the Milky Way software. In the recent DingDingDing promo code review, I found that signing up with the casino’s newsletter or following their social media pages ensures that you get the latest promotions and offers as soon as they are available.

Does Milky Way offer promo codes?

Milky Way is a gaming developer and doesn’t offer any promotions since it doesn’t deal directly with players. However, casinos that use the software may offer bonus codes to players. If you are in for some Milky Way no-deposit promo codes, you should look for reputable casinos that offer Milky Way games and roll out regular promotions.

Additional rewards and loyalty programs at Milky Way Casino

Besides the Milky Way no-deposit bonuses and sign-up offers, I also found that some casino review sites highlight free spins and a points-based loyalty system. However, I did not find a reputable social casino offering these promotional offers. In fact, some of the Milky Way bonus codes published on these casino review sites didn’t belong to any specific social casino and wouldn’t be of any benefit to players.

More on Milky Way Sweepstakes Casino Bonus

Introduction to Milky Way promotions

Milky Way is an online gaming developer that supplies games to various casinos. Based on my research, it is clear that some of the operators that use the Milky Way software are sweepstakes casinos. These casinos offer a wide range of bonuses and promotions to attract and retain players. Some of the popular bonuses include sign-up offers, no deposit bonuses, and free spins. That said, I did not find a credible sweepstakes casino that offers a Milky Way bonus for US players.

Reality Test: How to Claim the Milky Way deposit bonus

Like most online gaming developers, Milky Way doesn’t handle player accounts, and neither is it responsible for rolling out bonuses. As I reviewed this software developer, it became clear that Milky Way only deals with large distributors, who then sell to smaller distributors and then to individual stores or casinos. The casino app that players can download on the website only works once you have the login credentials.

If you have registered your account with Milky Way, a local store or social casino that has partnered with the distributor will send you the login details, which you can use to access the account and play your favorite games. As noted in my Milky Way review, the casino’s customer support isn’t responsive. I never got my login credentials after registering with the site. And since there was no feedback whatsoever, I couldn’t confirm whether there was a Milky Way deposit bonus, free spins, or any other promotion.

Redeeming Bonuses at Milky Way Casino

Due to the lack of information pertaining to the social casinos that have partnered with Milky Way, I could not find any reliable bonuses for players. Compared to other promotions, such as the one discussed in my Crown Coins promo code, Milky Way bonuses seemed unreliable and untrustworthy. However, if you can find a legitimate casino that offers Milky Way games or uses the Milky Way software, you can refer to their promotions page for any bonuses and the corresponding terms and conditions.

Pitfalls to Avoid When Claiming the Milky Way Bonuses

Whether you are searching for or have found a legitimate social casino that offers Milky Way sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, or other promotions, there are a couple of mistakes you should avoid while claiming these offers. I have discussed them below.

1. Clicking on random links

Something you should be aware of about the many Milky Way free spins and no deposit bonuses is that most of them are not legitimate. Therefore, you should be cautious about clicking on random sign-up and registration links, as some sites are there to collect your sensitive data. If you are redirected to a page that doesn’t look like a genuine social casino, take your time to review the brand and confirm whether it is reputable or not. On its official website, Milky Way clearly states that it is not affiliated with individual stores and is not responsible for how those stores run their businesses.

2. Funding an imaginary Milky Way Casino account

While I believe there are some legitimate Milky Way casino no-deposit bonuses, what I found during my research is that deposit bonuses are dominant. Some of the review sites directed players to fund their accounts before receiving the login credentials. I found this to be a bit suspicious since the respective casinos lacked some critical information, and the site design was subpar, to say the least. If you must fund your account to receive a bonus, make sure the social casino is legitimate and has a good reputation in the sweepstakes market.

3. Using your bonus without a gaming strategy

Most people think of bonuses as free perks to be used as they wish. This is actually not the case. If you are to make the most of your Milky Way no-deposit or deposit bonuses, always have a plan on how you are going to use the bonus to secure some winnings.

Verdict on Bonus

Welcome bonuses are quite popular among players, and any sweepstakes casino that has generous sign-up offers often attracts many users. Since Milky Way is a gaming developer that doesn’t deal directly with players, Milky Way bonuses are supposed to be offered by sweepstakes casinos. And since I didn’t find a reputable sweepstakes casino offering these bonuses, it’s safe to conclude that they are not worth checking out. Players should instead go for alternative bonuses from popular and reputable sites such as, WOW vegas and McLuck.

Final Thoughts on Milky Way bonuses

Having come to the end of this review, Milky Way bonuses for USA players may be available, but finding them can be a lot of work. Throughout my research, I didn’t find any sweepstakes or social casinos offering Milky Way bonuses. However, I found several Milky Way promo codes on different third-party casino review sites.
Unfortunately, these bonuses did not belong to any specific casino. In fact, some sites feature content that is outright misleading since they reference Milky Way as a casino rather than a gaming software. To conclude, I do not recommend players looking for Milky Way bonuses when they can easily sign up with Sweepstakes Casinos like and WOW Vegas to enjoy generous welcome bonuses and a broad range of games.

Milky Way bonuses: Should you claim it?

If you are a sweepstakes casino player looking for the best bonuses and promotions, you want to consider the ease of accessing the bonus, the flexibility of the bonuses, and the reputation of the social casino offering the promotions. With Milky Way promotions, I couldn’t find a trustworthy operator. Most reviews referred to Milky Way as a casino, but this is clearly not the case. This means that the majority of the Milky Way promo codes available on the internet are not to be trusted.
I, therefore, do not recommend claiming the Milky Way bonus codes and promotions since there’s no known or reputable casino that has partnered with the software developer. Instead, you can check out popular sweepstakes casinos such as and WOW Vegas, which offer competitive bonuses, a wide variety of games, and incredible customer support.

Milky Way promotions FAQs

🤔 Which bonuses are offered by the casinos running the Milky Way Software?

Among the main bonuses you should expect from casinos offering Milky Way games or running the Milky Way software include sign-up offers, no deposit bonuses, and free spins. According to the Milky Way website, bonuses may also include community prizes, multipliers, and lasers, but this will largely depend on the social casino and not the gaming software developer.

❓ Are Milky Way promo codes in the USA worth it?

The question of whether the Milky Way bonuses and promotional offers are worth it depends on the particular social casino you are playing on. Some operators offer better bonuses than others and in such instances, claiming their bonuses could be worth the effort. Based on my research, however, I did not find such a platform. It is, therefore, fair to conclude that there are several reputable casinos with better bonuses and promotions.

📱 Does Milky Way offer mobile apps, and can you redeem the bonuses via the app?

Milky Way offers an Android and an iOS app, which you can download from the official website. There is also a detailed page with instructions on how to set up the app and verify it. However, players still need to receive some login credentials from a local store or operator since the software gaming developer doesn’t deal with players directly. That said, it is not clear whether you can redeem the Milky Way promo codes or other bonuses on the app.

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