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Esports Betting / Luckbox Review / Luckbox Bonus Code

Luckbox Bonus for December - Use our Top Promo Code & Sign Up Offer

Get lucky: Redeem your sensational Luckbox Welcome Bonus now!

Unfortunately, Luckbox is restricted in your area.
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Last Updated on 03/12/2022
Fact checked by: Sophie McCarthy

Find the perfect Luckbox sign up offers

The best thing about finding a new operator online is all the new exciting bonus offers that come with it. From bet credit to free spins - promo codes enhance you’re playing experience greatly.

Combining great bonus offers with exciting esports betting opportunities is the best way to get value out of your wagers, which is why we’ve put together a handy set of guides to help you pinpoint the very best offers on the internet today. Here we have the best Luckbox promo codes and Luckbox esports bonus and all the tips and tricks to making the most of it.

Intro to bonus offer

If you don’t know why operator’s give out bonus offers, then you need to go to school more often. Promo codes offered to punters are an incentive to keep betting with a certain operator, a good way to have customers multiply their bankroll and a great selling point for their brand.

How To Use The Bonus

First off, to activate the Luckbox esports bonus, you’ll need to set up an account (obviously). Readers should note however that this offer isn’t only open to new players: it can also be activated by veteran punters. Just a deposit of at least $10 is necessary,

Well, a deposit and the promo code, that is. Punters absolutely must enter the code “GLHF” when they make the qualifying deposit in order to activate the bonus. Failure to do so will probably forfeit the bonus, and we don’t want that, do we?

The bonus will then be credited immediately… but it’s not over yet.

You’ll no doubt want to spend your Luckbox esports bonus on a market straight away - it’s understandable. Before you do though, you should be aware that any winnings earned from placing the bonus deposit down is subject to a 10x wagering requirement. This means that if you deposit $10 and get $10 free as per the bonus, you’ll need to wager a total of $100 before you’re allowed to withdraw any winnings you make from that free $10 bonus.

As if this wasn’t enough, you only have 14 days to complete the wagering requirements after the bonus is activated, so don’t sit on your deposit winnings for very long.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer

Watch the wagering requirements closely:

Not all Luckbox promo codes are created equal, in fact some are clearly better than others. One of the key aspects of this bonus offer is that you must meet a fairly steep set of wagering requirements before you’re allowed to claim any winnings earned. This is a tricky one to navigate, but honestly, the best thing you can do is simply keep a record of how much you have wagered towards the bonus withdrawal. This way, you know how close you are to reaching that point of withdrawal, and can place bets appropriately.

Don’t go for too high a bonus:

100% bonus deposit is a great reward for a promo code, but you can’t forget about the wagering requirements when you’re putting money down. The temptation is to get as much of a bonus as possible by depositing a massive amount, but remember that to withdraw any winnings earned from wagering the bonus you must complete the 10x wagering requirements after, so a bigger deposit means a bigger amount you’ll have to bet later.

Wait for the right market:

It’s important to think about what you’re going to do with the bonus. Obviously we’ve already mentioned you don’t want to deposit too high a figure for your Luckbox sign up offers, but there are still choices to make after that. For new players, it might be tempting to slam that bonus on the highest odds you can find - don’t. Given that you’ll also want to be wagering a fair bit afterwards, you’ll want to wait for the right market before you start making your bets. Know that where you put this money will be your betting home for the foreseeable future, so wait for the right moment.

Don’t sit on the bonus though:

Although we have just told you to hold off on cashing your Luckbox esports bonus, you NEED to remember that you only have 14 days to make up the wagering requirements after the bonus is credited. Essentially, once you have that 100% deposit bonus, your time is ticking to make the requirements up. While we think you need to get a move on in general with this bonus, waiting for the right moment BEFORE ACTIVATING might be the best course of action. This way you can make sure the market you’re betting on is the place you want to be.

Take note of the odds:

Alongside this wagering requirement on the bonus withdrawal, the wagering requirements bets must be made on markets with odds of 1.5 or higher. This is ESSENTIAL to getting the most out of your bonus, as more often than not we think punters (especially relatively new ones) will activate the bonus and spend it without ever making up the wagering requirements in the 14 day period. Essentially, you’d be throwing your money down the drain doing that, so always remember that when betting with this bonus you want to be looking for odds of 1.5 or higher.

Frequently Asked Questions about the bonus

Can I use this offer multiple times?

Unfortunately, this offer is limited to one per household. Truth be told most Luckbox promo codes and Luckbox sign up offers will be limited to one per household, so you should never really get attached to the idea of using any kind of bonus more than once. 9 times out of 10: if you’ve managed to redeem the same Luckbox esports bonus twice, you’re probably breaking terms of service.

Is there a maximum bonus I can get?

Even great Luckbox promo codes like this one have their limits, and in this case, the limit for the bonus is $100. Since you get double your deposit as a bonus, that means the maximum amount you should even be thinking about depositing to qualify for this bonus is $50. Anything over that amount would largely go to waste.

When will the bonus be credited?

This Luckbox esports bonus will be credited to your account immediately after activation. No, seriously, there’s no catch (aside from the ones we’ve already mentioned, anyway). Once you’ve made a qualifying deposit and correctly used the Luckbox promo codes, your bonus deposit will be in your account. This is a massive bonus for this offer, as it allows punters to play with their bonus bet credit almost immediately after activating.

Where should I spend the bonus?

A broad question, but an important one. Luckbox have a massive speciality in esports gambling, and provide regular news updates and places to live stream esports on their website. If you’re into esports gambling, it’s an absolute no brainer - you should be using your Luckbox promo codes to be betting in live esports games. If you’re not into esports gambling, what are you even doing here?

Are there any other bonuses on Luckbox?

Although Luckbox always has one eye on the esports world, it’s not the only aspect of online gambling they’re interested in. On their website punters will be able to find traditional sports markets as well as promotions that cover all aspects of their website, not just esports. Watch this space.

Additional Rewards & Loyalty Programs

Unfortunately, there isn’t actually a Luckbox reward program in place. This is a real shame for punters who are into esports gambling, as a loyalty scheme would make Luckbox a serious contender in the esports betting world.

This is definitely an area where we think the Luckbox service could improve, but being relatively new to the online gambling world, we think it’s only a matter of time before the Luckbox VIP club is founded. Until then, you’ll get the most value out of Luckbox sign up offers if you check their website regularly. This way there’s no chance you’ll miss any of the bonus offers going, and you’ll definitely be one of the first members of the inevitable Luckbox rewards club (when they obviously make it).

Luckbox Casino Bonus

Introduction to the bonus - A typical 100% deposit offer

At Luckbox, you won’t have to worry about rifling through a lot of different bonuses to find the one you want to claim. There is just one bonus available on the site. It can be claimed by eSports, sports and casino fans alike.

This is a 100% deposit bonus up to a limit of $100 ($, € or £ - depending on your location). An extra $100 when you’re just starting out with a new provider is an amazing bump in your potential betting amount. Let’s take a look at how to make the most out of this great bonus!

Reality test - How does the bonus work for new players?

The most important thing to note here is that while this bonus can be claimed by all players at Luckbox, only certain casino games will count towards the wagering requirements. Follow these steps to make sure you claim the bonus correctly:

  • Open your free Luckbox account.
  • Make a deposit of at least $10.
  • Enter the bonus code “GLHF”.
  • Casino fans will need to wager both their initial deposit and the bonus amount 35x.
  • You must complete the wagering requirements within 14 days of making your first deposit.

This may seem a little tricky at first but don’t worry. Once you’re on the site, it’s very straightforward.

Bonus withdrawal - How to withdraw the bonus

Withdrawals at Luckbox are blissfully simple. Once you’ve completed the wagering requirements, you can simply request a withdrawal on your “payments” page.

From there, you can select a method of withdrawal. Usually, this will be the same as your deposit method. However, if two-way transactions aren’t supported, you can use a simple bank transfer to complete your withdrawal.

Pitfalls - Potential pitfalls when claiming this bonus

There are a couple of small things to note here. We know it can be boring to read through the terms and conditions of every bonus but it’s certainly worth it. The wagering requirements seem a little steep but rest assured they’re no higher (and are in fact lower!) than other bonuses in the market.

If you follow our guide above about how to claim the bonus in reality, you can’t go far wrong. Remember, however, that not every casino game counts 100% towards the bonus requirements. In fact, only slots games count 100%. Other table games such as blackjack count as little as 5%, meaning you’ll need to play a whole lot more.

Verdict on the bonus - A nice little offer from Luckbox casino

Overall, we found this bonus to be fairly standard when compared to others in the market. While the 100% up to $100 is a really great amount at face value, you may find yourself having to jump through a number of hoops to claim the bonus amount.

However, the flexibility of being able to claim on whatever market takes your fancy is a big plus. The 14-day time limit might seem tight, but we all know how easy it is to get caught up in the fun of betting. We’re sure you won’t have a problem.

Luckbox Esports Bonus

Bonus Intro

The current Luckbox sign up offer gives new and existing customers a 100% deposit bonus when they make a qualifying deposit. This means that however much you put in, you’ll get the same out (on a one-time basis). All you have to do is enter code “GLHF” when making the deposit and you’ll be credited with bonus bet credit ready to be wagered.

This bonus can be spent anywhere on the Luckbox website - including on non-esports markets - so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.

Reality Test

In reality, you’ve got a lot of betting to do after you’ve claimed the bonus. Any winnings made from the bonus are subject to a 10x wagering requirement, meaning you need to bet 10x whatever your bonus was to be able to withdraw any winnings made off the back of it. Yes, this is bound to be a lot of wagering.

You’re caught between a rock and a hard place, because while you of course want to deposit a high amount in order to get it doubled by the bonus, the more you deposit the more you’ll have to spend later.

Bonus Withdrawal

The withdrawal of the bonus is the most problematic part of the whole offer. While a 100% deposit bonus is a fantastic figure to get for next to nothing, actually getting the bonus or any winnings out is the hardest part.

As we mentioned, there’s a 10x wagering requirement policy on this bonus, meaning you’ll have to do a lot of wagering before you can profit in cold hard cash from this bonus offer. It’s probably going to take a long time for you to be in a position where you can monetarily profit from this bonus, and you’ve only got 14 days to make up the requirements after the bonus is activated.

Pitfalls and What to Avoid when Claiming the Bonus

While a great offer in terms of value, this Luckbox esports bonus is rife with traps. For starters, the max amount you can deposit to get the 100% bonus is $50. Any more than that won’t have the bonus multiplier applied, and so will largely go to waste. Don’t forget to input the code when you make your deposit as well, that would be a massive mistake that could result in you losing the bonus altogether.

Once the bonus has been claimed, you’re on a two week timer to reach the wagering requirements to be able to do anything with your winnings, so don’t activate then just forget all about it. In those two weeks you’ll need to do a fair bit of wagering in order to claim the bonus, so you need to know what you’re getting yourself in for - it’s not a one-and-done job.

Also, qualifying bets must be made on markets with odds of 1.5 or higher, remember, so try to avoid placing wagers all over the place hoping they’ll add on to your wagering requirements - they won’t all the time.


Overall we think this bonus offer is good value. 100% bonus whatever you deposit is very nice, especially for new players. It gives you a nice bank to play with and adds some serious excitement to your initial bets, which is great.

There are just a lot of pitfalls to avoid here, and we think there’s a good chance less experienced punters might fall into these pitfalls and not get the exact value that they want out of the offer. It’s especially difficult to get your bonus winnings out of the online gambling abyss, so all in all, while we think this is a great bonus in terms of value, it’s going to be quite difficult for players of all experience to get the full whack out of it.

Overall Conclusion/Verdict

At the end of the day, Luckbox is primarily focused on esports gambling. They cover this area very well in fairness, clearly displaying all the latest odds, competitions and teams right on their homepage. This makes it easy for new punters in particular to find and bet on their favorite esports teams and games. The bonus on offer is good value, and although it’s quite difficult to meet all the requirements to take away the winnings, it’ll still make a good start to your esports gambling life if you redeem it.

It’s a shame about the rewards club - but you can’t win them all.

Luckbox FAQ

Is Luckbox legit?

Luckbox is a completely regulated esports betting website with a passion for giving their customers great ways to live stream and bet at once. For more info on esports betting offers, see our Betfair review and our Bet365 review here.

Can you use Paysafe on Luckbox?

Luckbox features many different payment methods that can be used for deposit and withdrawal. Customers in countries where Paysafe card is an option should jump onto their website and see if it’s available. For more info on international esports websites, see our Unikrn promo code review here.

🌛 Does Luckbox have bonus offers?

It’s not just about the offers we’ve mentioned in this piece: Luckbox has hundreds of promo’s going all year round, some specifically for esports and some not. Check it out, or alternatively read our Winners.Bet review and GG.BET reviews here for more esports betting goodness.

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