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Think Cunningly With the Fox Bet Bonus Code & Welcome Bonus 2021

Fox Bet Bonus Code & Welcome Bonus 2021

Welcome to our awesome Fox Bet bonus review. We will get you through all you need to know to get started.

If you are a newbie or have experience betting on sports and casinos, you might want to check out Fox Bet offers. To make your job easy, the Strafe team selected the best bonuses at the Fox Bet site and some great tips, so you may take the best out of it.

Fox Bet promo codes offers

Launched in 2019, Fox Bet is a relatively new sports betting site fighting for a spot in a crowded market. And you know what that means, right? Exactly, great and competitive bonuses!

So far, Fox Bet operates in Michigan, Colorado, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for sports betting and multiple states with the casino and poker section offered by the PokerStars partnership.

Remember: the bonuses may vary according to the state that you’re in, so pay attention to our tips so you don’t miss anything.

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How to use Fox Bet bonus

Welcoming Bonuses at Fox Bet

Fox Bet offers a pretty good welcoming bonus, the first bet is risk free. This means that if you lose your first bet, the site will give you a 100% bonus, so you can try again. 

The rules are:

  1. The limit is $500 dollars and the minimum odds -200.
  2. This bonus only works for sports betting, so pay attention!
  3. You don’t need a promo code.
  4. All you have to do is register at the site and place your first bet within 30 days.

Bet Boost Offers

Fox Bet offers a lot of options to boost your bets. Basically, the site selects a group of bets that will have a better payout, even if the stakes don't change. 

You don’t have to do much, only go to the bet boost section, choose one and go for it.

You can bet on a boost offer any day of the week, but recently Fox Bet has been giving bigger chances through the Fox Bet Saturday Super Boost event.

Social media has a great relevance at Fox Bet campaigns. They also have a Tuesday fan decided super boost on Twitter.

Championships Bonuses

If you like to follow the main championships in the United States and Europe, you will be glad to know that Fox Bet frequently offers bonuses for those specifically.

When we’re in the MLB season, Fox Bet offers bonuses for the weekly parlays. If you are a fan of the NBA, Fox Bet also offers bonuses to bet on your favorite team once in a while.

Free Bet Friday

Back to Twitter, Fox Bet has the free bet Friday. Every week the site chooses 6 lucky players to win a $100 free bet each.

All you need to do is follow Fox Bet on social media, answer the promotional question and retweet the free bet Friday tweet.

Remember to check out other bonus offers and compare them with Fox Bet!

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Top 5 expert tips to properly use Fox Bet great bonus

Want to take advantage of Fox Bet bonuses? Here are some excellent tips so you can enjoy them at their best!

1. Be careful with how you use your bonus

Some bonuses might seem like a great catch and an awesome opportunity. However, you have to consider and choose wisely.

You don’t have to change your betting strategy, push your betting limits or take uncalculated risks just to take the bonus.

The betting market is full of options and I'm sure they will have some bonuses and promotions that will fit in what you are looking for.

Check our review on SugarHouse promo codes and see if one of them fits your strategy!

2. Pay attention to the fine print

Bonuses are excellent for users and for the betting site, bringing customers and giving them extra money, which is great. However, some bonuses can be too specific or might be not as attractive as they seem.

So be sure to read the fine print and check for any condition that you don’t fit in. Read the rules every time. Skipping this step can be bad for you.

3. Check all the offers before choose one

Sometimes the same site will offer you 2 different promo codes for the same conditions. For example: two kinds of welcome bonuses or 2 types of referral programs.

Be sure to know and research all offers before choosing one. That way, you will get the one that gives you the best advantage.

Also, don’t forget to look at other betting sites' reviews and the promotions that they offer. That way, you don’t spend your money on the wrong option.

4. Understand the rules of the site before choose your bonus

It’s very important to understand the rules of the site, especially for the sports or casino game that you want to bet on.

The site may have some poor odds, a small limit or a payout that might be different to  what you are expecting. Also check the deposit and withdrawal methods and see if they fit in what you need.

5. Be sure that you are following the rules

All bonuses will have rules and conditions. Some may be easy to follow, but others might be tricky. Take notes for the steps that you need to take to get your bonuses and make sure that you are following them. 

Check if you need a promo code or a specific payment method. Don’t let those little details get in the way of you and your bonuses.

Fox Bet bonuses frequently asked questions

Bonuses are a great way to improve your odds and expand your betting capital. However, it might be a little tricky to use them, especially because of the rules and conditions implied by the betting site.

Fox Bet usually offers bonuses that are easy to use, without hiding information from players. Either way, we selected a few frequently asked questions about Fox Bet bonuses. 

What is the best Fox Bet bonus available today?

The best bonus will depend on what  you’re  looking for. To new players, the risk free bet is very good and gives a great place to start.

For older customers, the bet boosters may upgrade your earnings up to 5 times. You can also get lucky thanks to the prize draws and the challenges sections. It will always go back to your game strategy.

Do Fox Bet bonuses work for PokerStars?

Even though Fox Bet and PokerStars are partner sites, the bonuses offered are different. 

The $600 welcome bonus at PokerStars does not work for Fox Bet Sports, in the same way that the risk free bet bonus only works for new sports betting customers.

However, bonuses for casino and poker will be announced at the Fox Bet sports promotion tab. So be careful to not get confused and check for which sections the bonuses will be granted.

Do I need a promo code to active the Fox Bet promotional offers?

Some offers you might need a promo code, others you won't. The welcome risk free bonus offer doesn’t need a code, but the referral bonus does.

Overall, Fox Bet sports usually tends to offer bonuses that don't require a promo code to activate  them. The casino and poker section tends to do otherwise. In fact, the casino offer for new users requires the bonus code “Starts600” so you can get the 100% bonus up to $600.

It’s really important that, before you finish your registration or your deposit request with the intention to get a bonus, always check if you followed the steps correctly according to the site instructions.

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There are any payment methods ineligble for Fox Bet bonuses?

So far, Fox Bet doesn’t have a bonus offer that requires or excludes a specific payment method. However, it is really important to always check the regulation section, so you can confirm it before you deposit your money.

What can I do if I forget to input my promo code offer?

Usually there is not much to do if you forget to input your Fox Bet promo code offer. We recommend that you try to talk with the customer success team through the Fox Bet form, and see if they can help you somehow.

Does Fox Bet have an eSports bonus?

Fox Bet so far doesn’t have an eSports betting section. However, you can enjoy the site betting on sports, playing poker or having fun in the PokerStars Fox Bet casino.

Check our review section and meet our best eSports bookmakers!

Does Fox Bet have any rewards or loyalty programs?

So if you’re wondering: does Fox Bet offers include a loyalty program? The answer is yes! The site will offer $50 for each friend you bring to the site. Any player can use this bonus, so check the step by step:

  1. Log in to your Fox Bet account and copy the referral code that was uniquely made for you and send it to your friends.
  2. Using your code, your friend needs to create their account and make his first deposit within 14 days. That’s very important.
  3. After that, both you and your friend will get a $50 free bet on your accounts.

Important reminder: the loyalty program has a $500 limit, which means that each player has only 10 invitations to send. 

If you’re  a new player, it might be interesting to find a friend who already has an account at Fox Bet and ask for their  promo code. That way, you still can earn $50. 

You can also earn reward bonuses betting on the customized challenges offered by Fox Bet. This is the closest thing the site has so far to a VIP section. 

All you need to do is to complete the challenges of the week to earn rewards like free bonuses for casino, poker and sports betting.

Fox Bet Sports Bonus

Fox Bet Sports Bonus

Fox Bet's great stars are the welcome bonus free risk bet and the boost bet offers. The first one is a great way to start betting on the site, while the second one is an incentive for you to keep betting.

But are the sports bonuses really good? Are there any catches? Let’s take a better look.

Fox Bet reality test

Fox Bet bonuses are very easy to use. The welcome bonus doesn’t require a promo code and the bet boosts also doesn’t. This is an interesting thing because they can be very interesting for some betting strategies, but without a tricky process to get them.

The bet booster section usually offers a short list of options. However, it always has popular games in it.

Bonus withdrawal at Fox Bet

Fox Bet bonuses are mostly bet boosters, so you probably won't  have  a problem with the withdrawals. Just pay attention to the bonus regiment to be sure that, if you win, the bonus will be applied.

Fox Bet has the most popular methods to cashout, like Paypal, Skrill, and bank transfers.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming bonus at FoxBet Sports betting

Fox Bet doesn’t ask for promo codes most of the time, so that isn’t  a major problem. However, dates are. You need to use the bonuses before they expire.

So if you created an account at Fox Bet last year, for example, you will not be able to use the welcome bonuses today, even if you haven't placed any bets so far. You need to do it within 30 days after your first login.

And don’t forget about limits and odds. A few users had problems using the welcome free risk bet because they aim odds under -200, which is not allowed according to the promotion regulation.

Verdict of Fox Bet sports bonuses

Fox Bet sports bonuses were made for you to upgrade your chances and your earnings. You will find many options to win free bet money so you can place more bets on the site.

It’s not a site that gives you free money so you can withdraw the bonus, but will scale your earnings with the bonuses, if you know how to bet right. So be careful with your strategy.

Fox Bet Casino Bonus

Fox Bet Casino Bonuses

The Fox Bet casino section is powered by its partnership with PokerStars. Most of the bonuses are instant, awarded to players while they are playing or prize draws, which actually fits with the experience of betting on a casino.

Fox Bet reality test

You can see a few casino bonuses at the Fox Bet promotion tab that can be applied at the casino. However, the promotion tab at the PokersStars site is a little hidden. Most offers are easy to use, but they have a lot of rules. So be careful.

Most of the bonuses at Fox Bet casino are awarded to online players. This means that while you are playing, you might get an instant bonus or a free spin. Even the daily free bonus will only be available to players that bet at least $1 that day.

Bonus withdrawal at Fox Bet

The bonus withdrawal at Fox Bet PokerStars will change according to the bonus regulation. Therefore, read the regiment and pay attention.

Free spins bonuses will turn into cash and can be withdrawn if you want to. No catches here. However, instant bonuses will turn money only by playing the games and winning. This works for the $50 welcome bonus too.

The daily blackjack insurance is not withdrawable either. You can use the 50% return to bet again.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming bonus at Fox Bet casino betting

So here are a few things that you need to consider while using the casino bonuses.

  • Don’t trust only in the name of the bonus. The daily free casino bonus, for example, is a prize draw that might give you a $500 bonus.
  • The blackjack insurance gives you 50% on your first 5 hands, but you need to play all 5 hands to get the bonus. If you play only four, it won't count.
  • Fox Bet login can be used at PokerStars, you won’t need a new one. The bonuses still are eligible.

Verdict of Fox Bet casino bonuses

The PokerStars Fox Bet casino bonuses are mainly fun. You will find free spins, daily prize draws and instant bonuses.

It might be a challenge to create a strategy considering them, because most of the bonuses will show up while you are playing. The only exception is the blackjack daily insurance, that will give you 50% back, up to $25.

Overall, it's a very interesting set of bonuses for players, you might want to check it out.

Fox Bet Poker Bonus

Fox Bet Poker Bonuses

Because of its partnership with PokerStars, Fox Bet has a section focused on Poker. The bonuses here are short. Players will find only 2 bonuses and both of them are for new users.

Other than that, you can make some money with the tournaments. It’s summer, so the Summer Stacks series is about to start.

Welcome bonuses at PokerStars

PokerStars has 2 welcome offers but you can only choose one of them. So be smart before taking one.

The most popular one is the 100% first deposit bonus, up to $600. To get the offer you need to use the code “STAR600”.

An important disclaimer. The bonus will be handed to you as you play through redemption points. That means that you won't be able to cash it free.

You will have 4 months to spend the deposit money and earn the redemption points, which will be converted into bonus.

The second welcome bonus is the $50 free play. All you need to do is create an account, opt-in to an offer within 5 days, play a cash game hand and there you go, you now can claim your $50 free play.

You won’t have to use a promo code, the bonus will be available after you create your registration, in the challenges section.

This is very important: you won’t get the full $50 bonuses at once. It will be given to you in the next five days, as spin and go tickets.

Bonus withdrawal at Fox Bet poker section

None of the bonuses that PokerStars offers to its players in the poker section can be withdrawn. They will be used to extend your money to bet on the site.

All the promotions have a due date and specific rules, so pay attention to them and see if they are worthed according to your betting style.

Final thoughts at Fox Bet poker bonuses

The PokerStars bonus could use some improvement. The welcoming bonuses aren’t so bad, but we know the site can do better.

On the other hand, PokerStars has other interesting attributes in its poker section. The user experience is really good and the tournament prizes are very appealing. Even if the bonuses list is short, it is still an excellent option to play poker online.

Final thoughts on Fox Bet bonuses

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Fox Bet bonuses are great and very competitive. New players can get some awesome welcome bonuses and current customers can get advantages with the loyalty program, prize draws and weekly challenges bonuses.

The bonuses offered for casino, poker and sports betting are good, easy to understand and without any catches. Most of them do not need a promo code, which decreases your chances to miss the promotion for a technicality.

The loyalty program has a limit, so remember that. But overall, Fox Bet bonuses can deliver a good experience and great opportunities for customers.

Fox Bet Bonus FAQ

⚽Are the Fox Bet bonuses the same for sports and casinos?

No. Fox Bet has some bonuses that will work for the sports section and others that will fit poker and casino sections. Take a look at the description of the promo code before using it.

🤩Does Fox Bet have a referral program?

Yes! With the Fox Bet referral program, you and your referral friend win $50 each for free betting. [\faq-item]

✨Can I bet on Fox Bet?

You can bet on Fox Bet if you live in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey or Colorado. So far, these are the only states Fox Bet sports betting attends.

💲How do I get free money on Fox Bet?

Fox Bet offers a risk free bet. This means you might gain up to $500 free bet if you lose your first bet. You will also win free money to bet through Fox Bet challenges or if you bet on parlays.

✅Are Fox Bet bonuses any good?

Fox Bet bonuses are very satisfactory. The site has good welcome bonuses, incentives for customers to keep betting, a referral program and weekly prize draws that are very interesting.

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