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Get the Upper Hand with the Fox Bet Reviews 2021

Is Fox Bet Legit?

Fox Company launched Fox Bet in 2019, offering a great place for you to place your bets on sports.

Available only in the US, Fox Bet operates in Colorado, Michigan, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Although Fox Bet doesn’t have an eSports betting section, The site has a cool partnership with Pokerstars, giving a casino and poker options for its users.

However, are the bonuses good? Is the usability great? How does the site work? Keep reading our Fox Bet review and let’s find out!

FoxBet Pros & Cons
  • Offers amazing bonuses and prize draws.
  • Has an excellent user experience for sports betting.
  • The site is popular, state-licensed, has a great reputation and great odds for it’s players.
  • Customer service only by FAQ or contact form.
  • Doesn’t have an eSports betting section.

Fox Bet Bonus Offers

Fox Bet has some interesting bonuses for its players. For new customers, the site gives a free risk bet, limited to $500! In other words, if you lose your first bet, Fox Bet will match a same value bonus, so you can try again.

Fans of basketball will like to know that the site is offering a bonus of $76 for new customers that bet $1, if the Sixers win round 1.

Another great bonus Fox Bet offers is the bet boost offers for some specific bets. At those selected bets, Fox Bet will increase your odds. That way, you may have a bigger payout, but with the same stake.

Fox Bet does offer a few prize draws, especially for casino bets. You also have a chance to win over $100 bonus in the Friday promotion by following Fox Bet on social media.

The site has a whole section with bonus offers for you to check out. Remember to read the rules of each promotion, so you don’t have any problems using your bonus.

You also can check our review on Unikrn, who also has some exciting bonus offers!

Usability, Look & Feel - How Good Is Fox Bet’s Site?

The Fox Bet sports betting section has a really good experience. The site is intuitive and easy to navigate. You will be able to find the sports you like and the information you need very easily.

Fox Bet makes placing sports bets super simple. All you need to do is select your bet from the selection on your screen and the odds will be automatically placed on your betting slip. After that, just write down the amount on the box, check the returns odds and place your bet.

The site has a live tab, but you won't be able to watch the games, only follow the results in real time. In the corner of the screen, the site has a column where you can follow your bets all the time while you are navigating.

The site has a few tabs that allow you to follow some of the most popular championships, like MLB, Champions League, Euro Elite, etc.

It’s important to say that a few users complain about little loading problems with the site. However, it’s not a big deal and doesn’t interfere much with the navigation on the platform.

The casino and poker section offer different experiences. They are both placed at the PokerStars site. The interface changes a lot if compared to the sports section. The navigation is ok, but has too much information, which can be a little tricky for the user. For other casino reviews, check our thoughts on Caesars Casino.

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How Does Fox Bet Payment Work?

At Fox Bet, the minimum deposit is $10. The site doesn’t have a limited value for it, but allows you to set one in the cashier settings.

There are a lot of deposit methods available on the site. You can go for Visa or Mastercard credit card, bank transfer, Paypal, Vanilla Direct, Pay Near Me or Skrill. 

The withdrawals, however, have fewer options. You can choose between bank transfers, PayPal or Skrill.

Fox Bet has a “fast deposit” option. This means that you won’t need to wait much, because you can instantly fund your account.

The withdrawal requests take over an hour to be processed, and between 3 to 10 days to be in your bank account.

It’s important to highlight that methods of deposit and withdrawals will change according to the state that you're in.

Customer Support At Fox Bet

The customer support at Fox Bet needs a few improvements. The site has a FAQ section that answers players' most popular questions. So if you have a minor problem, it will probably help you solve it.

However, the other only way to talk with Fox Bet customer service is through a contact form. There’s no chatbot, online chat or telephone contact.

On social media, like Twitter, Fox Bet tends to respond to the users really fast, but always directs them to the contact form.

Although Fox Bet doesn’t offer many options, your problems will probably be solved by the customer service team, even if it takes a few days to do it.

License & Security - Is Fox Bet Legit?

You are probably asking yourself: Is Fox Bet legit and safe? The answer is yes! Fox Bet is a licensed and regulated sports betting site, listed in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey gaming control board.

Fox Bet assures that it doesn't disclose the player’s information for any third-party, and also encrypts users data, so it can’t be accessed from anyone else.

It’s important to remember that Fox Bet is part of Fox Company. It means that the betting site is listed on the stock exchange.

The company has a commitment with age verification, checking the social security number after registration and never targeting underage customers with advertising campaigns.

Does Fox Bet Has Any Rewards or Loyalty Programs?

Yes! Fox Bet has a great referral program. If you bring a friend to the site, you and the referral will get a $50 free bet. Each player has 10 invites, which limits the program to $500.

To invite your friends, all you need to do is send your referral link to them. The bonus will be granted after your friend places their first bet.

This referral program is a great match with the risk free bonus for news customers. That way, the new customer not only wins $50 to bet but also gets a second chance if he loses in the first one.

On the other hand, Fox Bet doesn’t have a loyalty program. However, the site has a few incentives for users, like bonuses, prize draws, bet boosters and personalized bets.

If you choose to place your bet on the Fox Bet customized challenges, you will earn some exclusive rewards, like a free bonus to bet, after completing them.

Fox Bet Sports Betting

Fox Bet Sports Betting

Fox Bet Sports Betting is relatively new on the market, but already gives users a hell of an experience. With a massive set of sports for you to bet on, it has a large range of games and championship covered.

The bookmaker also has excellent bonuses for news and currently users. The odds are pretty good, and get higher with the odds boosters, being a very good sports betting site for you.

Fox Bet Betting markets

Fox Bet covers basic all of the popular sports. At the site, you can bet on:

  • Basketball.
  • Soccer.
  • Baseball.
  • Handball.
  • Rugby.
  • Hockey and way more!

As we can see, the range is pretty good and the set of sports is very diverse. You can bet on basically any sports at Fox Bet, but we recommend giving special attention to basketball, baseball and soccer.

These sports are more popular, especially because of major tournaments, like the Euro League, NBA and MLB. It means that the odds will probably be better and the chance of having an odd booster higher.

How are the odds at Fox Bet Sports Betting?

The odds at Fox Bet are pretty good. The site has good reviews from users about the odds and for being a popular site, there will be many options for players to bet on.

The bet boost bonus that Fox Bet gives for sure deserves customer’s attention. Basically, the site will offer a special bonus for a specific group of matches, making the returns higher, even if the risks stay the same.

Fox Bet Live betting & streaming

At Fox Bet you can follow the results of the matches in the live tab and place your bet during the games.

You will find   all of the major and minor championships of the world at Fox Bet, having a good variety of games for you to follow.

How are the limits at Fox Bet?

Fox Bet ask for a minimum deposit of $10. However, it doesn’t set a limit for bets, deposits or withdrawals, except for those that are state-regulated.

On the other hand, Fox Bet does have maximum payout limits. The highest is for soccer, which allows $1,000,000, and the smallest one is for tennis, which is limited to $25,000.

The criteria will change a lot, depending mostly on the competition. For example, bet on soccer games from the Champions League will have a maximum payout of $1,000,000.

On the other hand, in soccer competitions that don't fit on the major list, like Brazilian Serie B, the maximum payout will be $200,000.

That being said, if you want to place high value bets, it’s very important to check the conditions for the maximum payout on the Fox Bet site, so you can avoid a frustrating betting experience.

Fox Bet Sports Final Thoughts

Fox Bet is a good choice for those who like sports betting and want great odds and excellent bonuses.

The sports betting section has room for improvement. It’s a Fox Company betting site and customers should be able to watch the matches, not only follow the results live. However, it doesn’t mean you will have a bad experience.

It might be some better options in the sports betting world, but overall it’s totally worth giving it a try and see what the site can offer to you.

Fox Bet Casino

Fox Bet Casino

Fox Bet Casino is actually the PokerStars casino. Many people get confused, but that was the way that Fox Company found out to offer for customers sports, casino and poker options.

The site is great and probably one of the most popular in the whole world. You will have access to excellent slots, good games and a great experience of a class A online casino.

How Good Is the Fox Bet Software?

Fox Bet uses PokerStars software to offer a casino experience for its users, a very familiar name for those who like to gamble online.

The site features are friendly to users and you can find the most popular slots very easily.

With a huge portfolio, it might be a little tricky to navigate with so much information. However, it's excellent software, being a favorite for customers around the world.

There are many types of games for users to have fun. You can choose between races, slots, card and table and instant win games.

You might notice when you enter the site that there are a lot of games tagged as new. This is one of the great things about this casino. The team always seems to be improving players' experience and providing new features.

Game portfolio at Fox Bet

The catalogue at PokerStart casino is massive. Those guys aren’t playing around. You’ll find games for everyone, and not only the most traditional , like BlackJack, Jackpot, American Roulette, Deuce Wild or Baccarat.

And even in the most traditional, you’ll find many variations, like: European Roulette, Atlantic City Premium BlackJack, Double Double Bonus, Triple Bonus, etc.

Besides the games that we mentioned above, you’ll also  find: Twin Spin, Stars of Olympus, Double Staks. Divine Fortune, Gorilla Kingdom, Frog Of Fortune, Jumanji, Mercy of the Gods, and a lot more other options.

How the Live Casino Works

The options for live Casino are smaller than the portfolio games, but still very satisfying for players. You’ll be able to play Blackjack, Baccarat, Auto Roulette, American Roulette and Infinite Roulette in this section.

Are The Limits at Fox Bet Casino high?

So Fox Bet PokerStars does not have a limit for the deposit, although you could set one at the cashier settings. However, when it comes to betting, the limits will differ based on the game that you are playing. Some will be very high, others won’t.

Fox Bet Casino - Final Conclusion

Fox Bet Casino has a great experience for users. With PokerStars' partnership, it provides many options for users, really good games and a lot of fun for its players.

The bonuses are very good, especially the ones on the Fox Bet promotions page. The site is intuitive and easy to use. Totally worthy of your attention.

Fox Bet Poker

Fox Bet Poker

Fox Bet has an exclusive section at the site for poker games, as a result of its partnership with PokerStars.

It has educational features, great bonuses for new players, tournaments and live poker. Totally worth checking it out.

How does the Poker section work at Fox Bet?

The customer will find interesting features at the Fox Bet Poker section. First, there are many variations of poker available, like Texas Hold’em, Omaha High, 5 Cards Omaha, Horse, Fusion, 8 game mix, and many others.

Beginners only have to gain by choosing PokerStars. The site has a “how to play” section, explaining the rules and specificities of all variations of poker out there.

You will also find the Poker Start School, which teaches techniques and strategies for people on different levels of knowledge.

You can play live poker games and attend tournaments, which usually happens on the weekends.

For new customers, the site offers a 100% bonus of the first deposit. All you need to do is use the code STARS600. If you like, you can also use the code THIRTY and win $30 to play for free.

Fox Bet Limits at Poker Betting

The site has a limit of 24 simultaneous games that a player can beat, which is pretty high.

The betting limit depends on the table that you’re at. Some tables will have a fixed value for a bet. Others will have a setup limit. But if you like high stakes, there will be tables with no limits for you.

You can also define your own limit for bet or period at the cashier settings.

The minimum withdrawal is $10, as the minimum for deposit. In both ways, you don’t have to pay for the transaction.

Meet SugarHouse with our review and find more about another casino.

Final Conclusion on Fox Bet Poker

As we mentioned on this Fox Bet review, it offers poker through its PokerStars partnership, which probably is one of the greatest sites to play poker online.

It has great features for newbies and experienced players, being an awesome spot to place your bets and have fun.

The site has bonuses for new users, and an educational section, perfect for those who like poker strategies and want to learn more about the game.

Is the Fox Bet App reliable?

Fox Bet has 2 apps. The first one is the Fox Bet App. It’s an excellent option for mobile sports betting and will offer you the same experience as the site, allowing you to bet wherever you want, whenever you want.

Fox Bet’s app’s ratings are good, and users affirm that it has great features and provides an awesome experience.

Fox Bet also has the Fox Bet Super 6 App. Here you won't be able to place money bets, but only bets for fun. Because of this, the Super 6 age-restriction is 13, allowing minors to play.

The fact that you can’t bet money doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to win some. Super 6 Fox Bet App offers prizes for those who predict the outcomes correctly, giving a chance for customers to win over $50,000 free.

Both apps are super legit and excellent options for those who like the universe of sports betting.

Our Final Thoughts on Fox Bet

Fox Bet is a really great site if you want to bet on sports. It offers great odds, excellent bonuses and has very good navigability.

The partnership with PokerStars brings versatility to the site and more options for the players. That way, you can bet on sports, and have access to the casino and poker in the same place.

The customer service may not be the strongest feature that Fox Bet has to offer, but you probably won't have a problem using it.

As a new site, Fox Bet still has a lot of news on the way and opportunities to grow, which will be very interesting to follow.

Fox Bet FAQ

🌈What states can use Fox Bet?

Currently, Fox Bet is available in Colorado, Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey. However, the site is expanding to other states, soon to debut in Virginia and Tennessee. Want to meet new bookmakers? Check our PointsBet review.

🤩Is the Fox Bet App Free?

Yes! Fox Bet has 2 apps: the mobile version of the betting site Fox Bet App and Fox Bet Super 6 App. In the second one, you can bet for free and still have a chance to win some money.

💲How long does Fox Bet take to pay out?

The withdrawal requests at Fox Bet take over an hour to be processed, and over 3 to 10 days to appear in your bank account.

📱Is the Fox Bet Super 6 App legit?

Yes, it is! The app simulates bets based on real games for free and offers a prize for the challenge winners. Players that correctly predict the outcomes of Naszcar, Stock Market, NBA, College Hoops and Pop Culture may win over $50,000.

🚀Is Fox Bet and Poker Stars the same?

Not exactly. In 2019, Fox Co. bought 5% of the Stars Group and launched the Fox Bet app. Although they are different brands, Fox Bet and Poker Stars are partners, owned by the same company.

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