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Wait No Longer! Dafabet Bonus Code & Promo Codes 2021

Latest Dafabet Sign Up Offer

We at Strafe.com understand that bonus offers are a huge attraction for many of you online bettors out there. If you have a great bonus offer, you already have something to help you along in your betting.

Well, look no further than the latest Dafabet bonus code. Dafabet has many different signup and bonus offers across their entire site that are great value. But, the latest Dafabet bonus code in their eSports section really is great value for any eSports connoisseur out there, and you can believe that if you play your cards right, you’ll get some profit.

Introduction to Dafabet promo code

A bonus offer is an incentive offered by an online casino that gives you an opportunity to win free money for anyone signing up to the casino, or someone who regularly uses the casino. Their main function is to create loyal and consistent customers to the online casino.

How To Use Dafabet first deposit bonus

Activating the latest Dafabet first deposit bonus for eSports is simple and easy to do. All you have to do is:

  1. Open an account with the Dafa sportsbook. Quick, and easy -  all you have to do is input your personal and payment details. It’s important you choose OW Sports, as the similar latest Dafabet signup offer for Dafa sports is exclusive for RM currencies.
  2. Make a deposit of at least $10. Once you make that first deposit, you’ll notice a field title ‘Bonus Code’. Put in the Dafabet Bonus Code DSFDB60MYR to avail of a 60% first deposit signup offer of up to $700.
  3. Once you hit the ‘Deposit’ button, you’ll instantly get credited with the Dafabet welcome offer.

Now you have the offer, it’s important you know everything you need to know on the finer details.

  •  The Dafabet first deposit bonus minimum can make is $10. After that, you will have 60% of that credited to your account, and the bonus offer will be active for 30 days.
  •  The wagering requirement for the bonus is twelve times the deposit. This means you have to turn over your deposit twelve times before you can withdraw your money.

The minimum odds you can bet on in both eSports and sports is 1.5, and anything that goes towards the online casino section will not have any effect on your wagering requirement.

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Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer – Play to your strengths, spread your bets

Similar to the tips we offered in our FansBet welcome bonus, you need to maximise your time when using this opportunity. So, when you get the bonus into your account, we recommend you:

1.Stick to your strengths

The most important thing you can do is stick to what you know. Having this latest Dafabet signup offer at your disposal can be exciting; you have such a huge package at your disposal. But, you need to bet on what you know.

If you’re a huge football fan, stick to the NFL, and use your knowledge to your advantage. If you’re a League of Legends fan, focus on upcoming games, and spread your bets on all your game knowledge. The worst thing you can do is bet on emotion and on impulse without any knowledge.

2.Small but spread

You’ve got a wagering requirement to meet, and even though the latest Dafabet signup offer has generous wagering requirements, all wagering requirements take hard work. But, the best thing you can do is spread out your bets, and bet small.

Whatever sport you are a fan of, we can guarantee that Dafabet has plenty of odds to choose from. Remember that the odds you have to bet on are 1.5+ too; so you are going to get a few big wins for smaller bets.

3.Terms and conditions

We’d always recommend you’d read over the terms and conditions in all our bonus reviews, like our Grosvenor signup offer. But, one thing it’s important to note with the latest Dafabet signup offer is that terms and conditions won’t all be the same.

Maybe, you’ll have to provide a valid ID before the signup offer would be unlocked. Don’t lose the latest Dafabet signup offer because of misreading the print!

4.Use your own deposits if necessary

Approved deposits can count towards your overall wagering requirement on this latest Dafabet signup offer. So, use that to your advantage. Deposit another $10 and put that towards a game of League of Legends.

At the moment, the tactical wins matter, so use all the resources at your disposal to make as much as you can to put towards the wagering requirement. However, we absolutely emphasize you should only spend what you afford.

5.Shop around

The latest Dafabet signup offer is one of the best on the eSports and sports market. But, if you’re unfamiliar with sportsbook offers, shop around and use a few more offers for some practice.

Check out the likes of the Gentingbet new customer offer, and familiarize yourself fully with everything that a sportsbook bonus offer entails. Experience with the best eSports betting offers will come in handy when it comes to making the most of this Dafabet promo code!

Frequently asked questions about the bonus

1.What payment methods can I use for the latest Dafabet signup offer?

Dafabet generally offers a great amount of payment offers, which you can confirm in our Dafabet review. But, when it comes to this specific offer, you may need to narrow down your options a little. Again, we emphasize that you choose the OW sports offer – the Dafa Sports offer is exclusive to the RM currency.

The payment methods you can use are online banking methods with EZ pay, and 88CashGo, a bank transfer, an eWallet with ecoPayz or Skrill. Remember you can use the Skrill eWallet to withdraw and deposit from your Visa, Mastercard or any bank card you use currently.

2.Will my original stake be included in my wagering requirements?

Your original stake won’t be included in the overall wagering requirements. So, if you’re noticing a reduced amount of winnings that are going towards your wagering requirement, it’s generally because your first bet will use up your original deposit first.

So, for example, if you place a bet with the latest Dafabet signup offer at odds to 3/1, and you deposited $15, you may only win $15, rather than the $30 you would win plus stake if you were fully using your wagering requirement. Just remember this won’t happen every single bet you make!

3.I’ve achieved my wagering requirements, why can’t I withdraw?

The latest Dafabet signup offer is smooth, and there should be absolutely no issues if you’ve fully met the wagering requirements. It’s important to note though, that Dafabet has been having plenty of issues with fake and knock off sites.

So, make absolutely sure you’re on the right Dafabet site, and that the Dafabet promo code you input looks identical to the one noted in this article. If you are on the legit Dafabet site, then contact customer service – they will get back to you quickly, and efficiently.

4.What happens if I fail to meet the wagering requirements in the 30 days?

If you fail to meet the wagering requirements, all your funds will be rendered void. Anything you have won with the bonus money will be cancelled. This is why it is essential you maximise all your betting time with the bonus, and make the absolute most of every single bet you make with the latest Dafabet signup offer.

Now, you know why it’s so important to come in prepared, and make the latest Dafabet signup offer succeed!

5.Can I qualify for the offer if I already have an account?

It depends when you have set up the account. Anyone who has signed up after the 1st December 2020 is fully able to avail of the latest Dafabet signup offer. So, if you’re already a Dafabet customer of a few months, get on this and make the most out of it! However, if you’re a long time customer and opened an account before that date, you will be ineligible to avail of the offer.

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Additional rewards and loyalty program – Plenty of variety and choice here

Across the sportsbook, Dafabet have a variety of regular bonus offers for their customers. One great eSports bonus that any regular eSports player will enjoy is their great cashback offer.

On any of the 2021 eSports tournaments that are going on, you can avail of 8.88% cashback of up to $65. And, depending on your VIP level, you could avail of a much higher cash back!

Another great offer that is available on the sportsbook side of things is the VIP bronze package. When you sign up and become a member, you start off on the Bronze level on the VIP scale.

You avail of some great offers being Bronze, with a Mix Parlay rebate on any of your bets, on 3% of up to $2400. Joining the VIP program in Dafabet is well worth the time.

dafabet Sports Bonus

Dafabet Sports Bonus

Bonus intro – What is this latest Dafabet signup offer?

The latest Dafabet signup offer for the sportsbook is the first deposit bonus of 160% up to $100. This means you will get your first deposit back, multiplied by 1.6 for a bonus package. It’s similar to the previous signup offer mentioned, only this one offers a lower deposit for higher stakes, and all the terms for this particular bonus offer are similar to the previous sportsbook offer.

Reality test – How does this latest Dafabet signup offer work in reality?

It has a fairly straightforward signup and access process. Once you sign up and establish yourself as a member, go to the deposits page and make your first deposit.

Once you make the deposit, you have to go back to the bonus code page. Just choose the deposit you are requesting, and submit your request. Generally, it takes 24 hours for your deposit to be processed, and you're good to go.

Bonus withdrawal – What does it take to withdraw my funds?

The wagering requirement for this bonus offer is ten times the offer. So, all you have to do is make ten times your original deposit. The only other conditions that you’re stuck to is that you can only focus on sports bets – so, any casino and eSports bets will not go towards your wagering requirement. Once you meet the wagering requirement, you’re good to withdraw and you’ll get your funds in under 24 hour.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming bonus – what are the common mistakes?

The one major pitfall we would warn you against is making too many deposits during the 30 day time period of your wagering requirements. Any deposit you make can be used towards your wagering requirement, but these deposits will also become void if you fail to meet the wagering requirement. So, do what you can, but don’t over-rely on deposits to meet the wagering requirement.

Conclusion/Verdict on bonus – Great quality for what you deposit

To wrap up, we believe this is a brilliant bonus for what you deposit, and what you will get in the long run. You get 160% on your first deposit to play with – across an entire sportsbook of varied sports. You only have wagering requirements of 10x to meet – which is easily achievable in the long run.

It’s also easy to access and even easier to play with – you won’t be waiting much longer. So, if you’re a sportsbook fan, this is an offer you could avail of that will give you great quality for your time.

dafabet Esports Bonus

Dafabet eSports bonus

Bonus intro – What is this eSports bonus?

This bonus is slightly different, as it is exclusive to eSports. The latest Dafabet signup offer for eSports is the eSports cashback. This cashback offers a regular 8.88% cashback on all your bets across all Virtual sports, from V-Football, V-Soccer, V-Horseracing all the way to V-Cricket.

And, of course, it works across all the eSports primary games available on Dafabet - DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO, Overwatch and Starcraft. For every deposit you make, it will go towards every Virtual game you play.

Reality Test – How does this eSports bonus work in reality?

This latest Dafabet signup bonus is one of the easiest, and most feasible offers you can make the most out of. Once you login to your Dafabet account, all you have to do is make your deposit. Whether it’s $1, or $65, you can deposit any amount up to $65, and make the most out of it.

The limit, and cashback rises once you rise in the VIP levels too – Silver is 9.88%, and Gold is 10.88%. You do get the cashback on a regular weekly basis, every Monday, and it’s fairly consistent there. There’s no real issues, or complications here – just those little cashbacks will add up for you.

Bonus withdrawal – Are there any terms to withdrawing my bonus?

Due to this bonus being a cashback, it doesn’t have the same withdrawal conditions that a regular bonus offer would have. You also have to note that cashbacks are refunds – so the money is yours, so you can withdraw and get it whenever you want to.

Similar to what we mentioned in our EnergyBet promo code article, the one thing you have to note about cashbacks is that there’s not a direct conversion of currency. The maximum deposit is $65 and that can’t change, so the 8.88% cashback of two of these deposits will be fixed, they won’t change due to conversion or currency values.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus – What common mistakes are there?

One thing we need to establish from the get go is read the terms and conditions. They can provide all the clarity you need, and it’s always worth your time anyway to double check just to be certain. But, you need to remember that this cashback offer is exclusive to eSports tournaments. 

So, friendly eSports and virtual sports games are ineffective; you won’t get any cashback on these games. Focus on the tournaments, and you will see your losses be cushioned a fair bit if you like to put big money into eSports tournaments.

Conclusion/Verdict on bonus – You always have somewhere to go

All in all, we believe this is a great value cashback offer. Many cashback offers aren’t worthwhile for what you get refunded, but off the bat here, this Dafabet cashback offer gives you a whopping 8.88% cashback.

If you play regularly, that’s great value for what you spend, and you won’t find cashback offers that are more competitive. You also have somewhere to go – if you reach the Silver level in VIP, you have 9.88% cashback on up to $100, and the Gold Level is 10.88% on up to $125. With that wriggle room, regular players will find value here!

Overall Conclusion and Verdict – A brilliant offer well worth some hard work

All in all, we think the latest Dafabet signup offer is one of the best signup offers out in the market right now. When you make your first deposit, you get your bonus immediately. The wagering requirements are generous too.

You’re also able to put additional deposits towards your offer, and as long as you focus on what you know and spread your bets, you will meet that generous wagering requirement quickly. So, what are you waiting for? Get on Dafabet, and start earning massive rewards!

Dafabet bonus code and promo code FAQ

✅Why should I get a bonus from Dafabet?

When it comes to bonuses, the latest Dafabet signup offer is one of the best you can find out there. With easily achievable wagering requirements, and some great value for money, you will have plenty of fun with it, and you’ll also be able to achieve the right to withdraw your rewards funds within moments. That bonus is just one example of the great Dafabet signup offers that are on offer. For more information, check out our best eSports betting offers.

👌Can I get free bets with Dafabet sportsbook?

Free betting is a huge attraction to many novel sports bettors who are looking to join some online casinos and sportsbooks. Many online casinos and sportsbooks often due offer free betting, through free spins, free bets, or just a bonus amount of money that grants you a number of free bets. For more information on free bets, check out our Fansbet welcome bonus.

💰What payment option can I use to claim my Dafabet bonus?

A wide variety of payment options is important for any online casino and sportsbook to have available to them. In this digital age, payment options are getting more varied – the traditional bank transfer has been exchanged for eWallets like Skrill and ecoPayz, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Truly great casinos, like Dafabet, prioritize variety when it comes to a huge amount of payment options. For more information about payment options, check out our Dafabet review.

Further Bonuses

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