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Ready to Play? CS:GO Lounge Esports Reviews & Ratings 2021

Is CS:GO Lounge legit?

If you have been on the search for the best eSports betting reviews regarding CS:GO then you’ve come to the right place. CS:GO Lounge was one of the first online betting platforms allowing you to wager skins.

We understand the frustrations of receiving a duplicate skin in that mystery crate. But have you ever wondered what you can do with them? In the year 2016, CS:GO Lounge estimated to have processed over 90 million skins, averaging around $10 each. Ready for a new eSports betting experience? Then CS:GO Lounge may just be the platform for you.

Bonuses and Promo Codes

  • Visually pleasing interface.
  • Reputable and trustworthy given its licensing and security measures.
  • Real-time CS:GO match schedules.
  • Allows skin trading.
  • Ability to flex rare skin to your friends.
  • Limited payment options with a fee.
  • Very few betting markets.
  • Poor customer services.

After checking out multiple CS:GO Lounge reviews, we decided to use the platform ourselves to see what kinds of promotions and bonuses are offered. Unfortunately, this platform only offers limited promotions and bonuses. This is because the platforms work primarily on trade offerings using skins and virtual coins.

However, CS:GO Lounge betting still remains the most popular eSports betting platform, regardless of bonuses. Most players are more than satisfied with the ability to trade skins and so are not concerned about the availability of bonuses.

With that being said, when first signing up to the platform, you are rewarded with 100 free virtual coins into your account. Although these are entirely virtual, they allow players to make multiple bets to get a feel of the platform and how the betting works. Or, if you wish, you can even use these free coins towards your next purchase from the CS:GO Lounge marketplace. A higher number of coins you possess allows you to purchase rarer skins!

Therefore, this is one of the CS:GO Lounge reviews that have concluded in saying that CS:GO Lounge does not work like the majority of other online betting platforms such as in the sense that it does not offer a large array of betting promotions, such as the Forbet bonus code. However, when you take into account the ability to trade skins, you can look past the lack of bonuses.

Usability, Look, and Feel

The interface of the CS:GO Lounge website is simple yet effective. Using a visually pleasing charcoal and orange color scheme helps immerse you into the website. The matches currently in-play and upcoming are presented to you as soon as you sign into the website.

Navigation menus can be found at the top right of the website, right next to the CS:GO logo. Various trading options are present on the left-hand side of the site. Clicking into an event or match of your choice brings up a list of possibilities and odds.

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Payment Options

One of the main things we look out for when conducting CS:GO Lounge reviews is to look at deposit and withdrawal options. Payment options are essential in determining the viability of an online betting platform as it shows us that the developers have understood the needs of their community and allowed them to deposit money using methods of their choice.

However, unlike the payment options discussed at our Forbet ratings, CS:GO lounge doesn’t actually provide a variety of deposit options. The payment options found on this platform are:

  • Visa Mastercard
  • Bitcoin
  • Yandex
  • Swap Lounge
  • Qiwi

As you can see, the majority of these are niche and relate mostly to the use of cryptocurrency. This is because betting on the CS:GO Lounge platform is primarily done by the use of virtual coins. When you win, you can use these coins to redeem or purchase rarer skins for your CS:GO profile.

Virtual coins are added to your account instantly. Virtual coins are also redeemable straight away for you to purchase the skin of your dreams.

However, if you do decide to bet using real money, then of course, you will be rewarded with real money which can be withdrawn using your selected payment option. CS:GO uses the Russian roubles as their main form of currency, and so you may be liable to conversion charges.

However, as the majority of these payment options are e-Wallets or cryptocurrency, you must take a few things into account:

  • Ensure you enter the correct wallet code for your transaction. An incorrect code can result in the permanent loss of money.
  • Withdrawal processing times vary depending on the payment option of your choice. These can take as little as one hour or last for up to 3 days.
  • Withdrawals to your bank card take up to 3 days to process.
  • The maximum withdrawal transaction is 15,000 Russian roubles

The last thing to note when it comes to CS:GO lounge payment option is the fee. Most online betting platforms allow you to process withdrawals without a fee. However, CS:GO Lounge adds a 5% fee to all withdrawals.

Customer Services

A hallmark of a great online betting platform is its customer service. Customer services can go a long way in keeping a player loyal and happy. After all, if you make a big win and have struggled to withdraw it, the last thing you want is to spend hours or days with back-and-forth communication with a poor customer service team.

Unfortunately, CS:GO Lounge is just that. They do not offer live chat or call options and are not available 24/7. Instead, players must raise a ticket regarding the issues they are facing. This ticket must be described in detail, and will only be responded to after 3 days if they deem it an acceptable issue.

Additionally, players can contact the site using its various social media accounts. However, this does not guarantee an instant reply.

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Is CS:GO Lounge legit?

CS:GO Lounge has been in the industry for a while and has a long-storied reputation for betting on competitive CS:GO matches. So, when asking yourself “Is CS:GO Lounge safe?”, taking a look at how long this platform has been in the industry can help give you an idea of its safety and legitimacy.

There are over a thousand users every hour making bets and trading skins on this platform. However, due to its history of fixed betting, there have been multiple CS:GO Lounge scam-bringers.

A CS:GO Lounge scam takes place between two players. You are not directly trading your skin with the website. Instead, you are trading or betting against other players, who may or may not scam you. It is therefore advised that you trade skins at your full discretion.

However, if you are asking, “Is CS:GO Lounge legit?”, then you’ll be happy to know that this platform uses some of the best security measures to ensure your privacy is safe. This encryption means that your information will not be shared, even if you are making a trade with another player.

Additionally, CS:GO Lounge answers your question of “Is CS:GO Lounge legit?” by carrying out regular reviews of your account, ensuring all accounts follow the legal rules and regulations of the platform. This helps reduce the possibility of a CS:GO Lounge scam.

A final way to confirm the answer to the questions “Is CS:GO Lounge legit?” or “Is CS:GO Lounge safe?” is by realizing that this platform is a holder of a gambling license issued by Curacao.

Brief History Of CS:GO Betting

Previously, CS:GO Lounge was predominantly a skin-trading website - a platform that allowed players to swap and sell skins they have received whilst playing CS:GO. The best part? The platform allowed complete monetization of the skins, and so you were able to trade your skins for real money.

However, as with the rise in popularity of Counter Strike: Global Offensive, a market was formed around betting on the sport. Competitive events and tournaments were streamed globally, and the suspense was unmatched. So why not add to the suspense by allowing players to bet on the game?

Unfortunately, CS:GO professionals were able to find a loop in the eSports betting industry, and started fixing games and matches. This violation of both CS:GO Lounge’s rules and the game’s rules resulted in professional players profiting in an unlawful manner. This resulted in CS:GO Lounge losing its reputation, which it has worked so hard on bringing back up to its current dominant position in the eSports betting industry.

CS:GO Lounge is an eSports betting website that is solely dedicated to providing betting markets for CS:GO. You can deposit real money and bet on real matches and tournaments between professionals. CS:GO Lounge offers a wonderful array of odds and betting markets so you can truly test your understanding of the game. The best part? You can use a CSGO Lounge code in order to boost your bet!

CSGO Lounge ESports

eSports Games and Markets

Unlike the majority of other online betting platforms currently out there, CS:GO Lounge does not offer multiple betting games such as roulette, poker, or any other casino games. As the name suggests, CS:GO Lounge is CS:GO-dominant, and only offers bets on ‘winner of the map’.

This is quite a downfall in our opinion, as this site does not allow true fans to bet on what they believe are fundamental aspects of a skill that can determine the outcome of a game. However, the odds offered on these markets are fair. They take into account the teams’ performances over the tournament and give you reasonable odds, similarly to those found on our eWinner reviews.

Unfortunately, CS:GO Lounge is not the same as it was back in 2016. As you are now not allowed to wager weapon skins, eSports betting on this platform is primarily done by cash or the use of virtual coins.

How To Sign Up

In order to register at CS:GO Lounge, you must first create a Steam account. Steam is the platform operated by Valve which is the host of the majority of PC games. Steam enables you to buy games, communicate with the community, check out various games’ marketplaces, and play with your friends.

Below you’ll find a step-by-step process of how to make a Steam account and a CS:GO Lounge account:

  1. Go onto the steam website and download the client.
  2. Hit the ‘create a new account’ button.
  3. Follow the steps by adding a legitimate email address and your credentials (don’t worry, you will not be asked for any payment methods).
  4. Read and agree with the terms and conditions.
  5. Verify your email address.
  6. Once verified and your log-in works, you can log into CS:GO Lounge!

Mobile Compatibility

If you have a fondness for gambling on the go, then CS:GO Lounge may be the online eSports gambling platform for you. Many CS:GO Lounge reviews such as this one have praised CS:GO Lounge’s efforts to cater to those who love using their handheld device.

CS:GO Lounge has been consistent with this feature, ensuring it is continually optimized for the best performance, allowing you to easily navigate between the browser and mobile without any confusion or limitation to your betting experience. Simply enter the website into your mobile browser and witness the fluid feel of the site.

Special Features - Live Betting

One of the best features of CS:GO Lounge is the ability to bet on matches whilst they go on. eSports tournaments, unlike traditional offline sports, have many variables. Teams can play significantly differently from game to game, and in-play betting is therefore essential in allowing you to place the best bet.

Live betting at CS:GO Lounge allows you to assess the current performance of your chosen team and place bets on various markets. Additionally, the majority of CS:GO tournaments are streamed completely for free on Twitch.Tv, meaning that you can not only make in-play bets but watch your team win you some money.

Is It Legal To Place Bets On CS:GO Lounge?

As CS:GO Lounge is not your typical online betting platform, many punters have questioned the legitimacy and legalities of betting on this platform. However, the first thing you need to understand is that there is no legal parameter on selling or trading skins online. However, with that being said, let’s take a look at the main reason you’re here - the wagers:

  • If you are betting on the CS:GO Lounge platform in a country where betting is legal, then you are entitled to legally use the global CS:GO market available at this platform.
  • CS:GO Lounge holds an accredited gambling license from Curacao, establishing its legitimacy.
  • Enhanced safety precautions used help confirm its legality.


In all honesty, given that CS:GO Lounge is unique, it makes it one of the best eSports betting platforms of its kind. There aren’t many websites out there that currently offer weapon skin trading for CS:GO, never mind giving you the opportunity to bet on CS:GO tournaments to win coins to redeem for rarer skins.

The 100 free virtual coins sign-up bonus is a wonderful welcome to the platform and allows players to test their CS:GO knowledge instantly, and win some funky skins in the process. If you feel you know what you’re doing, then try betting real money and see if you can make a passive income from your favorite eSports game.


💰Is there a maximum or minimum deposit for CS:GO Lounge?

There are various limits for making deposits on the CS:GO Lounge platform. However, these can be adjusted to your liking as you can set your own.

🔓Is CS:GO Lounge legit and legal?

Upon reading various CS:GO Lounge reviews and checking up on their user agreement, we can happily say that YES, CS:GO Lounge is a legal platform for you to bet with. CS:GO Lounge holds a gambling license, as well as has various privacy and safety measures in place to emphasize its legitimacy and safety.

💲Can I win real money on CS:GO Lounge?

As of recently, CS:GO Lounge has become a traditional eSports betting platform meaning that you can place bets using real money. If your bets win, then yes, you will be winning real money. 

🎮What games can I bet on at CS:GO Lounge?

Unfortunately, the only game offered for wagers on this platform is Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Other eSports betting platforms have a larger array of games and markets to bet on.

⏰Can I rely on the CS:GO Lounge customer support?

Although you can rely on the customer support offered by CS:GO Lounge, you just have to take into account along wait for a response.

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