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Guess What! Bethard Reviews 2021

Is Bethard Legit or a Scam?

At, we value some good all round packages. Online casinos that excel in one area are good, but their flaws often will show past those great areas. When it comes to a casino like Bethard, they have all bases covered.

Our Bethard review will cover everything this online casino has to offer. From it’s great bonus offers, to the games it offers and to its functions as a whole, we’ll take an in depth on how it all operates. And, you’ll be glad to hear that when it comes to our Bethard review, we find nothing but quality.

Bethard Bonus offer – An offer worth working for

  • Brilliant welcome bonus signup offer.
  • Plenty of betting markets/casino games to choose from.
  • Some great odds across popular sports.
  • Smooth and beautiful website design.
  • Lack of live streaming is the only downfall in our Bethard review.

In our Bethard review, the first thing we sought out was the bonus offer. The first thing you see when you visit any online casino is their signup offer, so it has to be valuable and worth the players time. Well, Bethard certainly delivers.

The Bethard signup offer for their online casino is a 100% deposit offer of up to $100. This means that whatever you deposit, you will get doubled by Bethard.

This offer, comparatively, we find is pretty generous. To get it, all you have to do is create an account, input your Bethard promo code and make your first deposit. Then, the reward will be in your account within the day.

You have to make a minimum deposit of $20, and the wagering requirements are only 20 times the original amount! For an online casino signup offer, that’s almost half the average! You also have a good amount of time to meet the wagering requirement, with it being active for 60 days – two whole months.

We at Strafe think this is one of the most achievable bonus offers out there. A pretty sweet deal, and you could easily reap the rewards of your work!

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BetMGM Sports Bonus
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  • Live game stats
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Caesars Sports Bonus
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  • -No specific betting limits listed.
  • -Ability to bet in-play on most sports.

Usability, Look & Feel – Smooth, and easy to navigate

You take one look at Bethards website, and you can see why we enjoy their site design so much. We value simplicity in our reviews, with a touch of uniqueness. Just look at our Cbet rating to see what we mean. Well, in our Bethard review, they definitely got both of those down.

The home page is a unique layout where it shows many different videos of various sports events, and casino games scrolling up and down the screen. It’s such an unique and interesting touch; it grabs your attention right away.

Yet, click to any of the other pages – your account, the sports, casino or fantasy sports section. And, the background is a simple, nice dark grey background, overlaid by a yellow theme. This is perfect: as it shows Bethard doesn't overdo it with their look.

The functionality of the design is also as smooth as unused butter. You have no trouble navigating to wherever you need to go – and, when you’re opening a casino game, you won’t be left frustrated by any waiting times.

Same with sports betting – it’ll only take a moment, and your bet will be placed. Our Bethard review finds they really have mastered a well rounded site design.

Payments – Secure, and to the point

Bethard, like Betsafe do in our “is Betsafe legit?” article, has got their payments down to a tee. They have all the popular options securely available, which means you won’t have to ask ‘Is Bethard legit?’ For deposits, you have:

  •   MasterCard and Visa – debit card payments
  •   Neteller, Skrill, and Paysafecard – eWallet payments
  •   Much Better, Zimpler, and Trustly – alternative forms of online payments

All deposits have a minimum of $10, and are generally instantaneous, despite the amount. The maximum amount varies on the payment type, but the absolute maximum for this is $7500.

For withdrawals, there’s:

  •   Visa and MasterCard-  debit card payments
  •   Neteller and Skrill – eWallet payments
  •   Trustly – alternative form of payment

The minimum withdrawal amount is $20, and the maximum again, depends on the payment type. But, most eWallets won’t go over $7500. The payment type can take anywhere from 24 hours, to 3 business days – again, depending on the payment type.

Customer Support – Helpful, and fun to chat to

Customer service will always be something we value in our reviews, particularly our Bethard review. It’s important that any online casino builds up a good line of communication with the players.

Bethard, with their variety of service methods, certainly do provide that. You have two methods of contacting them: live chat, and a FAQ section.

While this may seem limited, they really do well to make their live chat the absolute best it can be. It is 24/7 live chat, and they’ll reply within a few minutes in most cases.

All customers who have interacted with the live chat have found the service to be helpful, and even enjoyable to communicate with the customer service. In many cases, there mightn’t even be a need to visit the live chat.

They have a detailed FAQ, that serves to answer questions and provide resolutions about many common problems players face with the website. So, you won’t have to worry: any issue you have can be resolved, with minimum hassle and unnecessary phone calls!

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Unibet Bonus Code
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FanDuel Bonus Code
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License & Security – Any ‘Bethard scam’ is an urban myth

One of the most important aspects to any online casino is how secure the actual website is. You can see how seriously we take it with our ‘BetsSon scam’ article – your safety is something we want to protect. And, our Bethard review found they really want to protect you as well.

Bethard is fully registered by both the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), and the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). These are the two premier regulatory authorities in the world, so you can guarantee that Bethard is legit.

They also made the necessary steps to make sure the website itself is secure. Their website is fully encrypted, and certified by the Go Daddy Class 2 Certification Authority. You can check this yourself by clicking on that little lock on the top left corner of your desktop search bar.

They have a double authentication verification process, to make sure that minors cannot deposit or withdraw money on their site. They also have certificates for Gambling Aware, and allow you to place customisable limits on every aspect of your gameplay so that you know your own limits as well.

Rewards & Loyalty Program – Some brilliant bonuses

At the moment, our Bethard review found that Bethard currently does not have any kind of VIP program. However, they certainly make up for this with their great collection of regular bonuses for customers.

Bethard don’t just provide your classic signup offers – they have plenty of other bonuses for existing members to stick their fingers in. They have a daily jackpot for their casino games, an exclusive feature to watch Bethard eSports live while you bet on the games happening.

And, they even have a cash out bonus for their sportsbook – an offer that allows you to leave a bet at any time, with no consequences. Sounds like a steal, if we say so ourselves!

Bethard Sports Betting

Betting markets - What sports can I bet on?

We want quality for  each of the betting markets in a sportsbook. We talk about this a lot in our Betregal review, but each of the markets needs to have quality and variety.

Bethard has a huge scale of betting markets available to their customers, that ranges from the popular options like soccer, basketball and football. But, they also have some great niche sports like field hockey and cycling.

Where they really excel at their leagues. They provide you a detailed selection of all the leagues available to bet on in each of these sports, and allow you to focus in on the specific games in those leagues. That’s an extra step that makes the Bethard sportsbook stand out from the rest.

Odds – are the odds competitive?

Just like the eSports section, Bethard really knows how to bring you some great quality odds for little cost at all. Let’s just look at the latest games on the soccer section.

The English Premier league, for example, has a game between Manchester United and Leeds United. Man United, as the favorite, has odds of 1.54.

A draw has odds of 4.65, and for Leeds to win, there’s odds of 5.75. No matter the option you choose here, you throw down ten dollars, you’re winning a substantial amount.

It’s the same formula across the board – no matter the betting market you’re in. You’ll be very hard pressed to find odds under 1.2, even for dominant favourites in certain games.

And, sometimes you can run into some crazy odds – the ability to bet on odds on 10, or over depending on the game/match. The odds Bethard provide aren’t just competitive, their mind boggling.

Live betting and streaming – the only downfall

The Bethard sportsbook really falls down because it doesn’t offer any live streaming with its live betting. This can be a major turn off for many players, but that doesn’t mean you should dismiss their live betting section. The live betting section is still worth checking out for sure, due to the speed at which it operates.

The odds are changing from moment to moment, and to be frank, they can get quite crazy – in a good way. If one team is thrashing the other in soccer,  the odds are liable to go up to 100 for the losing team – I know, it’s insane!

Placing bets on these sections is as easy as pre betting – it’ll only take a moment to process, and you’re in the race. If odds are going that high, why wouldn’t you take advantage?

Limits – A little generous

Bethard aren’t a sportsbook that are known for providing annoying limits, and they allow you high rollers to enjoy yourselves. You can go up to $25,000 dollars on certain bets, depending – only if you can afford it. However, they won’t let you go higher than that – and too many bets in the five figures aren’t allowed, either.

After all, how many $25,000 dollar bets would you have in your account! All in all, they aren’t known for quick, unfair limitations and all – but, do be aware that too many massive bets will draw attention to yourself.

Product Summary and conclusion

The sportsbook that Bethard provides really is top of the totem pole. They have the wide variety of betting markets that you’d expect any top provider to have – as well as an ability to pick the specific leagues and games that suit you.

They have highly competitive odds, unlike any we’ve ever seen on Their live betting experience is pretty crazy too, and they aren’t ones to limit your betting too much. However, their only downfall is a lack of live streaming. All in all, though, this sportsbook is one you’ll have a crazy good time in!

Bethard ESports

Games – what games does Bethard eSports have?

As we always say, a strong eSports section should have the best games in its arsenal. Our eSports betting reviews goes into this in more detail, but Bethard eSports really excels in having a brilliant collection of games at players' disposal.

They have the classic popular games all available, such as Dota 2, League of Legends, Valorant and CSGO. However, they also have a few more gems hidden in there, with the likes of Rainbow Six, Call of Duty and Warcraft 3 all available for players to bet on.

With these games all at players disposal, there’s also a variety of regions you can bet in. Bethard offers China, International, Brazil, South Korea, Spain and Turkey all available across all games. There’s nothing but a colourful choice in Bethard eSports!

Tournaments – Are there any big tournaments in play?

Arguably, the most appealing part of betting on eSports in Bethard is the tournaments. There are some great tournaments that Bethard provides, that see the absolute best of the best duke it out.

They provide leagues such as the League of Legends Prime league, Dota 2 Champions League and the CSGO Go Redzone pro league.

They also have many minor leagues that you can dip your toes into. You have the likes of the Call of Duty league, Dota 2 BTS Americas, and Rainbow Six GSA League.

All these completely varied leagues and tournaments offer a huge opportunity for many different betting opportunities – with some serious gain for you, the bettor!

Odds – Are the odds competitive compared to others?

Yes. Yes, our Bethard review definitely finds there are some fantastic odds in play for Bethard eSports. I mean, let’s just take a real time example. A current game that is being played live is the League of Legends China Pro League. And, a big time game is being played between Victory Five and Funplus Phoenix.

There’s decimal odds of 1.01 that Funplus Phoenix will win, but the underdogs Victory Five have a whopping odds of 14.00 that they’ll win. Talk about unbelievable! Most odds, even for favourites, will range from 1.3 to 2. 

Most competitive games will see a variant between 1.3 and 2.7 between the two opposing teams – so no matter your pick, it’s worth your while to start getting into Bethard eSports!

Live betting and streaming – An excellent feature

You’re in luck if you’re an eSports fan. The eSports section of Bethards website is the only section that provides any kind of live streaming. As a part of the eSports live play bonus offer, you can avail of eSports live streaming by just being a member. And, the live streaming is pretty difficult to find fault with.

It’s all smooth and easy to transition between teams – in our experience, we found no technical difficulties at all to note of. So, we’d absolutely recommend you try out the Bethard eSports live streaming, just for the excitement and spectacle of it. We’ll guarantee you’ll get sucked in!

Product summary and conclusion – A well rounded, immersive experience

We can’t say enough good things about Bethard eSports. For an operator that mostly covers real time sports and casino games, they really have a brilliant eSports section. They have all the best games, with the likes of League of Legends, Dota 2 and CSGO.

Every league imaginable is available to bet on, and there’s also some unbelievable odds that you can play on. Take into account the nice live streaming feature exclusive to eSports, there’s really little we can find to fault Bethard eSports.

So, if you’re someone who loves to bet on eSports, don’t wait around. This is the place to be!

Bethard Casino

Software – Who develops Bethards games?

Any great online casino needs to have games by trusted providers. Bethard not only understands that, but they go out on a limb and make sure all their games are created by the absolute best casino software developers out there.

Many of the slot and table games found on Bethard are developed by the likes of:

  •   Quickspin
  •   NetEnt
  •   Microgaming
  •   Evolution Gaming
  •   NYX Gaming
  •   iSoftBet
  •   Yggdrasil
  •   Blueprint Gaming

All you have to do is scan over those developers, and you already know you’ve got the absolute best represented on Bethard.

Game portfolio – what games and game types are available on Bethard?

For a platform that is primarily a sportsbook, it knows how to craft a great online casino section. It has all the game types every online casino needs to be great: plenty of slots, the best table games (Baccarat, Blackjack, roulette), a nice collection of poker games, and some scratch/card games to top it off.

The actual games that Bethard have are just a nod to the great developers they got on board.

Most experienced bettors will be familiar with the likes of Dragon Chase,  Dreamcatcher, Gonzo’s Treasure Hunt, Starburst, Blaze of Ra and Lightning Roulette.

That’s because they’re the absolute best of both slots and table games, respectively. And, the sheer variety from game to game goes to show how much effort Bethard put into their portfolio.

Live casino – what’s in the live section?

The Bethard live casino is surprisingly well rounded. They have a great selection of games that almost rivals their main casino section – with the likes of Lightning roulette, Ultimate Texas Hold’Em and Dragon Tiger all represented in the live casino.

They also have plenty of Baccarat and blackjack variants at the players disposal too. With some great dealers on all the games, this live casino section is certainly a solid addition.

Limits – generous, but not ridiculous

Similar to the sportsbook, Bethard are quite generous with their betting limits. In the table section, your minimum bet is $1, and the maximum you can bet on some games is $10,000. For slots, it’ll be a bit lower.

Most games have a minimum bet of $1 or $2. However, the most you can bet on any slot game is $5,000. Again, there is no quick limitation we can find on the slots. However, multiple big bets in the live casino may lead to some restrictions being placed on your account.

Product summary and conclusion – A section made great by variety

To wrap up, we believe Bethard really put some effort into putting together a great casino section. For an operator that is primarily a sportsbook, they pulled out the stops getting some great software developers on board.

With the great collection of both table and slot games they have available, you’ll be lost in the variety of what you can play. They also have a really well-rounded live casino section, with plenty of special tables to dig into. With some pretty generous limits, any online casino fan can find some serious value here!

Is Bethard legit? - Our overall conclusion – Without a doubt

We definitely recommend Bethard to any budding bettors. Their website is reliable and it’s genuinely enjoyable to spend time clicking around. The bonuses they offer really will draw you in, with the rest of the site's features becoming overwhelming in their quality.

They have a brilliant layout of the website, popular but effective payment methods and a great customer service system. It’ll be easy as pie to pick it all up. Their security is top of the range, regulated by the best commissions and placing your safety above all else. This is a casino that provides quality in every area.

Bethard review FAQ

💲Does Bethard accept many different forms of currencies?

This really depends on where you’re located. Bethard is an online casino provider and sportsbook that is located in multiple areas, so knowing where you are is important to answer this question. There are many online casinos that won’t accept certain currencies because they’re not based in that area, or fully legislated in that area. It’s a grey area, but it’s good to know your stuff on it. For more information, check out our BetsSon legit article.

🚀How long is the average withdrawal time in Bethard?

Again, this is a difficult question to answer generally. Specifically, it really just does depend on the payment method you want to use. Bethard will normally ask you to choose a particular deposit and withdrawal method before you can start your payments, and each payment method has different terms attached to it. However, this really does depend on the payment operator, not the online casino itself. For more information about similar issues, check out our Cbet rating article.

📱Which is better: Bethard on desktop, or Bethard on mobile?

Well, that’s up to you. There’s no one platform that generally functions better than the other. It’s all down to specific taste, and what you want out of playing with Bethard. Take eSports, for example. eSports generally have a lot of live betting and betting that can take place whenever you want. If you add live streaming to the mix as well, you can see why eSports would be a specific type of playing that could suit only one platform. For more information, check out our eSports betting reviews.

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