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CSGO Betting Site Codes: They're flying off the shelves!

With the growing popularity of eSports, more bookmakers are looking to capitalise than ever, and so competition is tough. In order to establish themselves among fans and enthusiasts, a variety of online bookmakers offer incredible promotions with excellent odds.

In this article, we will reveal and analyse strategies you can employ to take advantage of “Counter Strikes: Global Assault” promo codes and CSGO betting offers. However, understanding the basics, such as your wagering terms, is essential if you wish to see any kind of success. Fortunately, we’ve got all that covered below too.

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A brief guide to CSGO betting 

Betting on Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be broken down into two main types of play: ‘pre-match betting’ and live ‘betting’. It's also worth checking out the pros and cons of CSGO handicap betting.

Pre-match betting

This is a comfortable and exciting way to enjoy CSGO betting offers and is generally favoured by newcomers and casual enthusiasts. The most common bet is a "single", in which participants aim to predict the outcome of a single event.

Live betting

This is generally preferred by veteran punters that are capable of reading the game as it unfolds. As professional play consists of thirty rounds, bets can be made right up until they start, however CSGO odds shift in favor of the game, so picking the right moment is key.

We recommend reading our CSGO betting guide if you would like a more intricate breakdown of game betting: XLINKX.

Although promotional bets are low risk, as they ordinarily do not make use of your real balance or otherwise affect your bank, if you’re just starting out, it’s recommended you research and grasp the basic concepts of CSGO betting first. This is because the majority of CSGO betting offers demand complex strategies due to their ‘wagering terms’ so remember to check for CSGO betting site codes!

Main factors of importance when placing CSGO betting tips 

CSGO betting offers are usually credited to accounts after an initial deposit as a ‘bonus balance’ that is best understood as ‘game money’ kept separately from your ‘real balance’. For example, if a promotion offers to match your £10 deposit, you will normally receive £10 real money (to bet with conventionally) as well as an additional bonus balance of equivalent value.

However, in order to withdraw bonus balances, you will need to ‘roll over’ the funds as stated in your ‘wagered terms’. This means you must earn above an agreed amount in the fashion dictated by the premise of the offer. It is not uncommon for the roll over figure to be 10x higher than your initial deposit. For example, if your initial deposit is £/€/$10, you may need to win your way to £/€/$100 before you can withdraw it.

Odds Limits with CSGO

Additionally, these bets usually have an ‘odds limits’ that mean you can exclusively choose unlikely odds. As such, in conjunction with CSGO betting promo offers, large Pre-match Single bets are unlikely to play in your favour and Live-betting is recommended.

A common strategy is percentage staking, a conservative but hands-on approach in which a multitude of smaller, safer bets are employed for gradual growth. We cover it’s basics in our betting guide article (XLINKX) if you would like to learn more.

Why trust our CSGO betting tips?

Bookmakers terms can often seem complicated, but our articles aim to educate users to ensure they can bet with confidence. Our goal is to break down the jargon and give every punter a fighting chance.

When researching bookmakers and CSGO betting site codes, we enlist a series of checks to safeguard users. We will only ever recommend establishments that hold the necessary licenses with UK, EU and CA based governmental bodies. In addition to these precautions, we only recommend bookmakers that are reputed for payouts and respected for their odds.

Our key to success: The tools we use to analyze the daily betting market

The eSports betting market, among others, has attracted a lot of attention from economists because they provide a particularly appealing environment to test particular strategies and theories. There are an array of resources and academic papers widely available on the subject for consumption online. If you have the time, we recommend searching for research relevant to your strategies in order to strengthen them. However, we understand that the average punter has a day job, so we aim to take their guidance and share their wisdom in a more relevant bite-sized fashion.

Our experts are concerned about analysing these databases in order to create CSGO betting tips and provide data-driven strategies that allow enthusiasts to participate in an informed and calculated fashion. Prior to recommending a bookmaker, we use a range of tools, such as historical market data, in order to fulfil this ambition and analyse their daily betting market.

Things you should think about before placing a CSGO bet 

Odds will usually reflect your chosen bookmaker’s extensive database. In order to rival their knowledge, you should study tournament competitors in the days prior to their matches as offers usually run in tandem. This can be especially fun as most professional gamers stream regularly and maintain social platforms such as Twitch, Twitter and YouTube.

First, make sure you’re consuming recent and up-to-date content. However, if time permits, it may be worth comparing older performances too in an attempt to recognise long-term vulnerabilities.

Get to Know the Teams and Coaches

Bear in mind, coaches and competitors will be doing similar research in an attempt to capitalise on this insight. Your goal is to interpret the teams decision making process and the conventions of their play style. Look for strengths and weaknesses on display that opposing teams may look to take advantage of, or themselves, fall victim to. As previously stated, a good place to start is their recent form, head-to-head history (H2H), weapon choice and map positioning.

After researching competitors, and before placing your bets, you should analyse the data you have gathered. If you’re betting pre-match, you should have plenty of time for this process. However, if you are more experienced, CSGO live betting should be a priority with CSGO promotional betting offers due to the room for ‘upset’ (unexpected results). Making use of these offers is a relatively low-risk means of refining your skill set and testing strategies, but also this is the most efficient way to achieve exuberant odds and exceed wagering terms.

Our Top5 tips for finding your favorite bookie for CS:GO 

When searching for CSGO Betting Offers, your priority should be secure establishments with easy usability, great bonuses, and a variety of markets. Remember, if something sounds too good to be true - it usually is!

The variety of coverage that a bookmaker offers will give you a good indication as to whether or not they are likely to run a CSGO promotional betting offer in tandem with an upcoming tournament. Some eSports bookmakers specialise exclusively in CSGO betting, but if there is extensive coverage, chances are you are in the right place.

Study their promotional offers page

Study the promo offers page and see if anything is currently running. Usually, CSGO betting offers will run alongside a tournament, which means they will usually be posted in the weeks leading up to the event you have in mind.

Past promotions

These will give you a good idea as to whether or not a bookmaker is likely to run something similar again in the future. Pay attention to the games these offers have covered in the past and the wagering terms advertised. Different bookmakers have different specialties.

Monitor the Odds

Once you have found a handful of potential bookmakers, before your initial deposit, monitor the site's odds. Often, wagering terms of CSGO promotional betting offers dictate that challenging odds must be selected. Ensure these are available if not prevalent. Again, live betting is recommended here because odds will shift with the events that transpire in-game.

Our tips for wagering your CSGO bonuses 

In order for efficient play when taking advantage of CSGO betting offers, risk minimisation is key. As previously stated, percentage staking is a great way to proceed. However, the terms of your chosen offer will dictate the course of your play.

Your goal, ultimately, and dependent on the offer, is to ensure that - throughout the stated period of the offer - you are involved and monitoring the tournament in play. Usually these offers will run alongside tournaments and span their duration.

Breakdown the CSGO Offer

Begin by breaking down the offer you have accepted into a series of small, planned bets. Be careful and take your time with the maths. How many individual bets will you need to break down your game money into, and how many bets will you have to win in order to exceed your wagering terms and withdraw?

You should start out as safe as possible, unless you see the opportunity to capitalize on upset early on, which is often the case with eSports in competitive play. That said, as a general rule, you should only consider betting with higher stakes towards the end of the promotional offer’s stated period - when time on your game money is running out. Remember to have you CSGO betting site codes ready to go.

Useful CSGO betting tip vocabulary

Whilst, for the most part betting terminology is universal, CSGO promotional betting offers generally favour experienced players and enthusiasts. To ensure competency, we will break down some of the common vocabulary you may encounter whilst participating in CSGO betting offers or on.


Usually a single pre-match bet that aims to predict a specific outcome according to predetermined odds. For example, if you predict a specific team to win, and that’s the only bet on your slip, it would be regarded as a Single.


An accumulator bet involves a combination of Singles that are combined to offer longer odds and larger winnings. However, if any leg of your bet does not succeed, the entire bet will not pay out. Some sites may refer to Double or Triple bets as accumulators, but generally an accumulator demands a series of four or more predictions.


A leg refers to a particular component of a bet that consists of multiple outcomes. For example, in a triple, the “first leg” would refer to the initial event you are trying to predict. Whereas the “second leg” would refer to the following part of the bet.


Ultimately, when participating in CSGO promotional betting offers, the aim is to keep as informed as possible. Whether you are reading wagered terms or researching competitors, ensure that you have a firm understanding of the game at hand and your chosen bookmaker.

Do the groundwork. Spend time with all of your research and do the relevant calculations that you believe will inform your strategy. Going in blind is a reckless means of participation and often will not yield the desired results. Breakdown the offer at hand and ensure you have a plan of action in place to bet with confidence.

CSGO Promo Codes FAQ

🏆 Which online gambling site is the best for CSGO promo codes?

When your favourite eSports titles see tournament play, it’s worth checking all of your favourite bookmakers to see what’s on offer! Specialised eSports bookmakers  generally offer expansive tournament coverage and better eSports promo codes than local establishments. You can find the best ones here @

❓ How do Betting Promo Codes work in CSGO?

Promo codes with CSGO betting sites work similar to with other esports betting games and online gambling in general. For a more detailed explanation of CSGO promo codes and where to find the latest esports betting bonuses, head on over to - the number one esports betting companion.

📅 Do bookmakers offer CSGO betting and esports promos all year round?

You can find CSGO promo codes and other betting bonuses all year round. However bonus are always subject to change and do have expiration dates. There are also seaosnal bonuses and promotion to take into account. You can keep yourself up to date here at Strafe.

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