Esports Betting Sites With Skrill 2021

Every seasoned punter who has been around in the esports betting scene for a while knows how difficult it was to finance your esports betting accounts some years back. At some point, the only means of funding and receiving your winnings was CS: GO skins.

However, with the developments witnessed in the industry in the past few years, many esports betting sites now have multiple payment options available for punters to choose from. This article seeks to discuss one of the popular payment options, Skrill, and how punters around the world use it.

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What is Skrill?

Skrill is one of the popular online payment platforms in the world today. The payment service is not a newbie and has been on top of the food chain in the online payment business. What’s more, Skrill also allows gambling, including esports betting. The payment service possesses some exciting features which make it suitable for esports betting. Examples of such features include reduced charges on transactions, fast payouts, and withdrawal, little or no restriction in many countries of the world, among others.

If you're looking to find more information about credit cards, or e-wallets such as PayPal and betting sites Paysafecard, you can find everything you need when you click on each payment method. You're welcome!

Esports Betting Sites with Skrill

Due to the popularity of the payment service, it should not be surprising to find Skrill on many esports betting sites. These esports betting sites are reputable and popular too. Thus, you are likely going to find Skrill as a payment option on your favorite esports betting platforms.

Here are some of the popular betting sites that allow you to use Skrill on their platforms;


There is no way you are an esports betting fan and have not heard of Betway. Betway is one of the leading names in sports betting generally and has created a name for itself in the esports betting scene. Since its introduction into the esports betting world, Betway has led other bookmakers in terms of enticing odds, customer support, and promotions and bonuses.

As if these offerings are not enough, Betway has added to its impressive feature by allowing punters to use Skrill as one of the payment options. Skrill is one of the ten payment options available on Betway. While it has to compete with payment methods such as Visa and Mastercard payments, it is the top e-wallets payment method available on Betway.

What’s more, you get charged zero fees on any transactions made with Skrill on Betway.


This is another reputable esports betting site that allows you to use Skrill on its betting platform. While the bookmaker doesn’t match up to Betway and other leading names in the industry when it comes to betting odds, it surely has other features on lock, and this includes impressive and effective payment methods.

One of these methods is Skrill. With Skrill on Arcanebet, there are loads of benefits and perks to enjoy as a punter. Some of these benefits include zero transaction fees, the opportunity to explore Arcanebet’s extensive esports titles, and also enjoy its incredible live betting odds.

Arcanebet offers a full esports betting package to punters, but with Skrill, you get more out of the full package. On top of that, you can also use Ecopayz bookmakers and Revolut on the bookie's betting site, which are also trusted methods of payment.


This is another relatively new esports betting site that has been taking the industry by storm. The bookmaker is making waves in the esports betting scene based on the impressive features that it has, one of which is its extensive deposit/funding options. GG.Bet has up to twenty different payment options, but the availability of these options vary from country to country.

One of the payment methods on GG.Bet that is general and available to all punters regardless of their location is Skrill. Apart from its operability in almost all countries, punters use Skrill on GG.Bet stand a chance to win welcome bonuses among other benefits from GG.Bet. These are some of the numerous perks of using Skrill on GG.Bet and many other reputable esports betting sites.

How to Use Skrill for esports betting

Skrill is one of the safest and most secure ways of sending and receiving money on the internet. Its use for esports betting is born out of the strong security measures put in place by the payment service, among other features. In this article, we will discuss the steps and processes involved in using Skrill for your esports betting activities.

Creating an account

The first step in using Skrill for esports betting is creating an account. Skrill is an e-wallet and as a result, you need to have an account before you can use the service, the same way you need to buy a physical wallet before you can store money in there. To create an account with Skrill, all you need to do is log on to the website.

Choose the “Sign Up” or” Create An Account” option, and proceed to provide all the required information. You need to verify your account and confirm the details provided. You will also need to create a strong password for your Skrill account, to safeguard and protect the account from the influence of a third party.

After doing all of these, your account gets created and you can start making payments and withdrawals through Skrill on your esports betting account.

How to Make Deposits on Esports Betting Sites with Skrill

Making a payment or deposit with Skrill on any esports betting site is one of the easiest things to do. You can do this straight from your Skrill account or your esports betting site. To make the payment from your Skrill account, you need to log into your account, using your email address and your password.

You then select the amount of money you want to deposit and you will be taken to a page where you have to pass some security checks, which includes providing your 6-digit PIN code. After passing these checks, review the amount you entered and confirm the transaction. The money will get deposited into your esports betting account as fast as possible.

The steps involved in depositing through your esports betting account are also similar. However, for this method, you need to go through your esports betting account, rather than go through your Skrill account. Select the deposit option on your esports betting account, and choose Skrill as your preferred option.

You will need to provide your email address used to create your Skrill account and follow the steps highlighted in the previous method.

How to Withdraw From Esports Betting Sites with Skrill

There are several withdrawal options (totaling at two) for punters using Skrill as their preferred payment method on esports betting sites. Each of these options comes with different transaction fees. The first withdrawal method is withdrawing the money into your credit card linked with your Skrill account. This means that you must have linked the credit card to your Skrill account beforehand.

The second option involves withdrawing the Skrill funds into a prepaid Mastercard. These funds can then get shipped directly to your home address as provided or withdrawn in cash at any ATM all over the world. Lastly, you can also make instant payments from the prepaid Mastercard if you wish, rather than withdraw or have it shipped down to your home address.

Withdrawing and depositing funds using Skrill attracts some fees. However, these fees do not apply to all esports betting sites, as you will not be charged any transaction fees if you use Skrill with bookmakers such as Betway, GG. Bet and many other popular esports betting sites. While some esports betting sites charge only for withdrawals, some charge only for deposits, and others deduct transaction fees for both transactions.

However, for other esports betting sites, you need to pay 1% transaction fees on any deposits made through popular channels such as Bank Wire, Visa, Master Card, and Neteller. This fee is general for all users, even if they are not making deposits for esports gambling purposes. This fee should not be confused with the cash advance fee which a fee is charged especially on esports betting activities and other forms of gambling.

There are also three types of fees charged when you use Skrill to withdraw on some esports betting sites. These charges include;

  • Withdrawals to bank accounts attract a total of $5.50 fee
  • Withdrawal to VISA attracts 7.5% of the total amount of money withdrawn
  • Withdrawal through the ATM using a Skrill Prepaid MasterCard attracts a 1.75% fee on the total amount of money withdrawn.

Lastly, it is important to state that you can use Skrill in over 35 countries and it supports the currencies of these countries. However, due to government policies on gambling or/online payment service, you cannot use Skrill in some countries.

You cannot use Skrill in the following countries, regardless of the purpose; Afghanistan, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, North Korea, North Sudan, South Sudan, and Syria. While you can use Skrill in the following countries, you cannot use it for online gambling purposes; United States of America, Turkey, China, Israel, and Malaysia.

The +35 countries where you can use Skrill cuts across different continents and regions. They include countries such as Australia, Bahrain, Canada, Czech, Poland, Qatar, and Oman, among others.

Advantages of Using Skrill for Esports Betting

From the reviews done since the beginning of this article, it is easy to see that Skrill is a top payment platform with excellent features and services. As a result, it is a popular payment option for punters in different parts of the world.

However, one tends to ask how much of a useful payment option is Skrill and what are the advantages of using it for esports betting activities. The answer to this question is in this section. We will discuss some of the advantages and benefits of using Skrill in this section.

As well as all of that, you should definitely check out other payment methods, such as Klarna and Trustly.

Simple and Straightforward

One of the first advantages that you will enjoy while using Skrill is the ease with which you get to complete transactions. With Skrill, you need not go through any stress to send and transfer funds. You can do all of these from the comfort of your personal space, through your mobile phone.

The process of creating an account with Skrill is also as simple as it gets. Once you create the account, you can start receiving and sending money from anywhere in the world through its website or mobile application which is compatible with different mobile operating systems. You can use the payment service with your Android phone or an iPhone.

Another way through which you enjoy the ease of using the payment service is through its multiple supported currencies. Skrill supports over thirty-five different currencies, each belonging to over thirty-five different countries. This means that you need not worry about converting your money into another currency and incurring conversion fees when using Skrill. As long as you can use Skrill in your country, you can also use your local currency.


One of the secured payment services at the moment is Skrill. The need for a strong and efficient security system for an online payment service is born out of the menace caused by cybercriminals and hackers who try to illegally access the database of these online payment services and obtain the financial details of their users.

Skrill makes this almost impossible by employing some of the best security measures ever used in the fintech industry. Apart from the security measures put in place, Skrill also prevents fraud by monitoring transactions carried out on the platform through an anti-fraud screening system that detects and prevents any fraudulent activities or transactions.

Finally, the payment service employs a verification strategy that ensures that all deposits and withdrawals made through Skrill originate from you. This is why you must verify your account before you start using it for transactions.

Bear in mind that your account is operational and fully effective even without verification. However, there will be a limit on your deposit and withdrawals until you verify your identity on Skrill. Apart from being a security measure against fraud, it is also a regulatory move that allows Skrill to know its customers.

Bonuses and Special Offers

When you use Skrill on some esports betting websites, you get to enjoy some special offers and promotional bonuses. One example of such offers is the zero transaction fees charged on deposits and withdrawals when you use Skrill with certain esports betting sites. Another special offer is the welcome bonus that some esports bookmakers give punters who make their first deposit with Skrill. This bonus increases their betting bankroll and, ultimately, their chances of winning bets.

VIP Offers

There are tier-based bonuses and offers available at Skrill. The idea behind this reward system is that once you get to a certain level of patronage, you get promoted to a VIP level which comes with some benefits. There are a total of four VIP levels which are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Each of these levels has the total amount of turnovers that qualifies you for each level.

For instance, you must have transacted a total of 6000 euros or its equivalent in your local currency to qualify for the Bronze stage. The Silver stage requires a total of 15,000 euros or its equivalent while the Gold stage requires a total turnover of 45,000 euros or its equivalent in local currency. The last and biggest stage, the Diamond stage, requires a total of 90,000 euros in turnover.

The benefits attached to the different VIP levels include getting a personal financial advisor, lower charges and no transfer fees, multi-currency accounts, and higher withdrawal limits for MasterCard, among many others.

Cryptocurrency Enabled

Skrill now allows punters to buy and sell cryptocurrency. This enables punters whose esports betting accounts allow deposit and withdrawal of cryptocurrency to place their wagers easily. Cryptocurrency has been touted as the future of the world’s finance and Skrill is on board with the new development.

Disadvantages of Using Skrill for Esports Betting

As impressive as the payment service is, Skrill is not a perfect payment service without its downsides. In this section, we will discuss some of the downsides to the use of Skrill for esports betting.

Transaction Fees

The primary problem that most punters have with Skrill is its transaction fees. Except you use esports betting sites such as Betway and GG.Bet, you will have to pay certain fees on deposits and/or withdrawals made through Skrill. There are also the cash advance fees charged for esports betting and other forms of gambling.

These charges cut into the funds of punters and affect their betting budgets.

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Skrill is an impressive and reputable payment service. With its features such as string security measures, ease of use, and many more, the payment service is perfect for esports betting and other forms of gambling. The only problem involved with the use of Skrill for esports betting is the fees charged on transactions, which is quite normal for most online payment platforms. Moreover, you can escape these fees if you use Skrill with esports betting sites such as Betway, GG.Bet and many others.

Skrill FAQs

📱 How do I create a Skrill account?

All you need to do is log on to the Skrill website or download the app. Click on create an account, follow the steps and provide all the pieces of information required.

👀 Which currencies can I use with Skrill?

As long as you reside within the +35 countries where Skrill is operational, you can use your local currency on Skrill.

Can I Use Skrill With Other Online Payment Methods?

Skrill allows you to transact with online payment services and e-wallets alike. You can also use credit cards with Skrill.

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